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Faye burst through the door in the arms of her friend Harry, giggling and kissing as they made their way to the sofa. They’d been friends since school, and now that both had finished their studies had moved down to London to sample life in the big city. This was not their first time together – they had fucked once or twice as horny teenagers, at parties or in her parents’ bedroom, and had made it a Christmas tradition when they’d both returned home, a secret only they had known, regardless of their boyfriends and girlfriends. She didn’t love him, and it had somehow never spoiled their friendship.

Now they found themselves new to a strange place and had met for drinks and found each other irresistible. After her fourth glass of wine she’d laid a hand on his forearm and the deal was done, and now they were pulling desperately at each others clothes in a tipsy heap on the couch. She wore jeans, and a blue shirt, which Harry pulled over her short cropped blonde hair, savouring her kisses while her arms struggled to shake free from the fabric. His lips made her sigh and grind her panty clad snatch against his rock hard cock all the harder as she shrugged the t-shirt onto the floor. He unhooked her bra with ease and soon he was sacking on her nipples, squeezing and nuzzling her small pert tits and urging her on. His hands darted down the back of her low slung jeans to caress the tight arse within – and more: he dug deeper to find her pussy, feeling its wetness through her knickers.

They resumed their kissing, and soon she was fumbling at his zipper and panting with arousal. She pulled down his jeans and boxers as he tore off his shirt, exposing his shaft. Harry lay on his back as Faye dropped to her knees before the couch, caressing his dick with a contented sigh. It had been too long since she’d been fucked, and her needs were at their peak. She was desperate to feel a man between her thighs, to take him inside her and ride him to bliss. Harry was a good man, and their bond was too deep to be more than a fling, but his hard body and stiff cock would do for an evening. She planted kisses up and down him, noting with pleasure how his breath caught with each new sensation. Drawing her tongue out, she began to lick, slowly running the tip from base to the head as he moaned happily. Then she took it into her mouth lightly, sucking gently upon it.

Harry was in a mischievous mood however, and would not wait for her to build to a slow orgasm. He ran his fingers through her blonde hair lightly, and suddenly clenched his fist, yanking her head back sharply – Faye looked up in shock and surprise, his tool falling from her open mouth. Harry smiled, leaned down and kissed her full on her lips, wolfishly, bending over her and squeezing her breasts hard – and then brought her back down on his cock with force. She gagged at the intrusion as he began to fuck her throat with wild glee, until she accepted the cock, timing her breaths between the violating thrusts. He was being rough tonight, she thought with shame, for she knew that despite herself, her prudish and innocent demeanour, she came harder when a man had his way with her than she ever could through tenderness. It was her secret, one that her lovers came to know and her fuck-buddy took advantage of. When he wanted her, he took her, and she loved to be taken. Her pussy, already wet with excitement, was now on fire, melting and slick with juices as she revelled in being subjugated. Faye’s hand began to wander – one was planted firmly on Harry’s tight abdomen, steadying her as he fucked her face harder and harder – but the other began to snake its way down her own tummy, down between her thighs to the wetness she found there. She began to touch herself, letting out sweet small moans as she played with her dripping pussy.

Harry grinned in the near-dark flat as the little slut that was his friend began to finger her own pussy. He’d been gentle with her at first, tender and sensitive – and their lovemaking had been good. But one evening while very drunk indeed he’d let loose his aggression, arriving at her flat for a booty call and simply taking what he’d wanted. She met him at her door and invited him in, but no sooner had he crossed the threshold than he’d pounced, pushing her to the sofa and bending her over, lifting her dress and yanking down her panties to find her wet and ready. He’d taken advantage of her, deaf to her protests and plunging deep inside her. And yet as he worked up a rhythm, mad with passion, her protests died and she’d began to come, hard, and he knew he’d made a slave of her. He’d picked up the pace and fucked her harder, and harder, and harder still, and he’d lost count of her mewling orgasms. Eventually he’d come himself, shooting his load off deep within her, and reality came crashing back. She’d avoided him for weeks after that, dodging his calls and texts until finally she arrived at his flat, begging him to do it again.

Faye was his slut, and he liked to push her boundaries. He grinned in the near dark flat as gaziantep escort she debased herself with her hands, and now he leaned over her on her hands and knees, reaching around to her dripping cunt to finger her himself. She moaned around his cock, which he released from her mouth, bringing with it a long line of drool as she gasped for air. Fingers still clenched in her hair, he pulled her upright as she wiped the slobber from her lips, and led her to bend over the couch. The sofa was an L-shape, and he had her knees straddle the corner so that he could bend her over fully, and stand between her thighs: her perfect arse, small and tight and nubile, jutted wantonly up in the air as she spread herself for him.

“Fuck me…” she moaned, arching her back and presenting her sopping wet cunt for him. Harry reached out and slipped two fingers into her, stroking her back and reaching around to cup her tits with his other hand. She was soaking wet, and gagging for a cock, and she repeated her pleas for him, knowing it turned him on to see her so feverish for a fuck. “Please…I’m ready…fuck me…” she looked over her shoulder at him, her bright blue eyes begging him for release.

Harry would not be bought so easily. He lined his long shaft against her lips, and began to trace the head up and down her slit, coating it in her juices. She moaned like a whore and tried to buck back and take him in but he held her firmly.

“You slut…” he said menacingly, easing the head up and down. “You love it don’t you?” she moaned at the verbal abuse but said nothing until he pressed the tip against her clit.

“Ohhhhh I’m a slut!” she cried as he tortured her with his cock. “Fuck your slut! Fuck me!”

Smiling broadly, he plunged into her, balls deep and filling her. She screamed in pleasure and discomfort both as he pinned her down on the sofa and withdrew. “Slut,” he grinned down at her as she looked up at him through heavy lidded eyes, before ramming it in all the way again to make her wince in pain and bite the pillows of the sofa. He began to pick up a rhythm, savouring the feel of her slick wet tunnel as he dominated her. Harry was soon rewarded for his efforts as Faye began to tremble and shake, her pussy squeezing his cock hard inside her.

“Ohhhhfuck I’m coming!” she cried in excitement, her fingers gripping the cushions of the sofa tight as she shuddered out a hard orgasm. Harry ceased his assault for a moment for her to ride it out before continuing, quickening the pace to go even harder at it. She was wailing continuously now, giving herself over completely, animal noises and slutty talk while he made her his willing whore.

Movement caught his eye however – from the corner of the room, a figure emerged. Kevin, one of his housemates, slinking out of the bedroom in his boxers. Harry paused, and Faye began to buck and come once more, oblivious to the reason he’d stopped fucking. Kevin stood silently, meeting Harry’s eyes, and for a heartbeat they communicated silently with a look.

Kevin viewed the conquest his friend had brought home, his fuck-buddy who he’d talked up during their nights together. She was game, he’d said, she’d do anything for me, she was a slut. He’d met her a few times and been gentlemanly, but he’d made no secret that he wanted her. She was pretty and petite, with blue eyes and blonde hair, but she had an innocence about her and a tomboyish manner which belied the filthy stories Harry had told them about how she liked to be taken hard and rough, how he came on her and made her do things that made her blush in shame the next morning. Now she was on their sofa, naked and getting a good fuck, and he was hard.

Harry had thought they were alone. The other three flatmates were still out partying, and would be back soon, but they’d had time for a drunken quickie in the living room; now they were caught however.

Or were they?

Harry brought his fingers to his lips to be quiet, and then slapped Faye’s buttocks, a stinging ‘clap!’ that made her wail. “Take it!” he growled, then pushed her head down into the pillows of the sofa and resumed his assault; for her part, she moaned “Oh fuck! Harder!” as he ploughed her deep and hard, her voice muffled by the pillows. Kevin took the sign and pulled down his boxer shorts, creeping silently over to the sofa. The couch was L-shaped, positioned in the centre of the living room far from the walls: Kevin now stood at the back of the sofa, inches from where Faye’s head was buried in the pillows, facing his friend who was holding her down. The two exchanged a glance and a nod and a grin – are we really doing this?

Faye was getting fucked hard, and she loved it. This was when she could truly let go, she knew; when Harry or whoever she’d picked had taken everything from her, when she trembled with pleasure at being dominated. She’d often wondered how low she’d go for a man, and found herself turning over situations in her mind, each more degrading konya escort and filthy than the last. He’d come on her face and made her wear it – she’d masturbated silly while he recovered. He’d fucked her arsehole without warning, squirting her with lube while in her pussy and alerting her to his true intentions only when he’d began to push it slowly up her tight hole. Now though he was giving her what she needed, which was to feel like a dirty whore, a slave to a man’s desires.

She felt another orgasm building, and moaned through gritted teeth into the pillow she’d been biting. His hands were around her neck and shoulders and she was bent almost double, her thighs and hips and tits shaking with each hard thrust as he pounded mercilessly away. She struggled for air as he pushed her face down, but she didn’t care.

Suddenly he coiled his fingers in her hair, and yanked her further upright – her eyes screwed up in pain and pleasure as he pushed her further over the back of the couch, so that her face was now upright. He yanked again and she let out a yelp of pain, real pain, and she opened her eyes to look back at him –

A figure stood before her, completely naked. She looked up at him in shock and terror, and at the positively massive cock he was presenting to her. Realising too late what was happening, she tried to scream –

Kevin laughed at the sight of the girl yanked upright, at her look of confusion as he gave her his shaft. She tried to back away, tried to turn her head but he pressed on, pushing his thick cock past her lips and into her mouth while Harry rocked forward on his heels from behind. Faye began to moan in surprise around the cock in her mouth, eyes looking up to see the stranger who was fucking her mouth.

“Mmmmm…hi Faye,” Kevin said with a smile, running his own fingers through her hair as Harry shifted his hands to steady her hips. She looked up at him, pleading, but before she could reply, he slid his shaft into her, pushing it down her shocked throat. She gagged and raised her fists to beat upon his belly, flailing at him as he began to fuck her mouth.

The cock between her lips began to slide down her throat, and she saw Harry’s flatmate, Kevin, looking down on her with a cruel grin. He held her face in place and began to thrust, oblivious to her struggles and easily overcoming her weak attempts at resistance. From behind, Harry renewed his strokes, and soon they’d built up a slow, deliberate tempo – Harry pulled out as Kevin pulled in, and Faye heard them begin to moan and groan in pleasure as they used her for their sport.

She struggled, she pushed and fought, she really did – and she would tell herself this again and again as she remembered this moment. But soon she accepted the inevitable, and concentrated on timing her breathes around the huge cock being forced past her lips as she realised she was theirs for the night. And with that realisation came shame, for without meaning to, she began to give in to one more humiliation.

She began to like it.

It couldn’t be helped. What Harry did to her always felt so good, she’d come a half a dozen times already, and now a near stranger – Kevin, handsome Kevin who she’d finger-fucked herself over after their first meeting – was sliding his firm cock into her mouth. She began to let go, to enjoy the feeling of being dominated now deeper and with more certainty than ever before. A moan escaped her lips, which she closed around the strange cock, and began to tongue all the more. She closed her eyes, not daring to look at her tormentors, focusing instead on the sensations of her warm wet pussy being fucked, and the cock that she was giving everything to suck.

She came.

Harry was more pleased with himself than ever. He’d not planned for any of this, and if he’d had a moment’s thought he’d have realised how much trouble they were in, but to his surprise his fuck buddy had eased into it. The feeling was incredible as she began to rock back and forth between them, throwing herself back onto his soaking wet cock and then urging forward to suck on Jason. To his amazement, she came, shuddering and moaning, pushing back hard to take all of him in. Kevin stopped moving and looked down in surprise at the slut, who pulled away, dropping her head down to let out a powerful cry as she came once more.

No words came, just a deep, filthy, noisy orgasm, shaking and shuddering as she came. Her hand was around Kevin’s dick and her pussy squeezed him even as she pushed back on him, urging him to fill her to his fullest. Everything stopped for a moment while she milked him, and she collapsed onto her hands and knees.

“You…fucking…bastards…” she said weakly, without raising her head, and for a moment Kevin looked at Harry with panic.

Suddenly she looked up without saying anything further, opened her mouth to begin to suck on him some more. They needed no further encouragement than that, and soon they were back in their rhythm, kayseri escort the three of them moving in perfect unison. Harry, hands ranging her back and hips and arse, pulling her back as she rocked back to meet his thrusts, Kevin, a twisted smile on his face as he released her head and stroked her hair. And Faye, now lost to passion, hands roaming Kevin’s abs and squeezing his arse, pulling his hips and his cock into her hungry mouth.

After what seemed like years, Faye withdrew, holding the shaft of Kevin’s cock in her hand as she backed off. “Mmm…I want you to fuck me,” she said as she looked up at him with lust in her eyes. She placed a hand behind her on Harry’s chest and pushed him off, and stood suddenly. When he looked at her he saw conflict – lust and hate, gratitude and rage. She shoved him away again, this time with force, and beckoned Harry to come round the sofa.

Kevin could barely contain his excitement as Faye took him by the hand and led her around the L-shaped sofa. She was panting and out of breath as he reached her, wrapping his arms around her in an embrace and kissing her deeply, disregarding the taste of his own cock in her mouth as their tongues danced and played. She felt his biceps and shoulders and practically purred with pleasure, before breaking off and pushing him down until he was laying back into the corner of the sofa. She stood over him, and mounted his lap with her legs wide and he pulled her down onto him, kissing her pert and girlish breasts as she reached down between her thighs to guide her cock to her slippery wet cunt.

“Mmmm…” she moaned as she sank down. Kevin grimaced with lust as he entered her, feeling her well-fucked tunnel open for him, welcoming in his thick cock. He proceeded slowly, her warm embrace tight and slippery as he dipped in and out, gaining more depth with each thrust. Faye’s stared down at her new lover with glee and felt a second pair of hands fondling and caressing her tits. Harry, unnoticed, had joined them on the sofa and, watching as his friend began to plough into her harder.

Faye glanced over her shoulder at him, her eyes full of lust as she began to grind her hips on Kevin’s thick cock. Another orgasm began to take hold, and she began to ride and buck with abandon, drawing kevin’s face into her tits for him to suck on her nipples. Harry stood on the sofa, his rigid cock standing proud just inches from her face, and without thinking or opening her eyes, she took him in her mouth and began to suck him off, hard.

Faye sensed that Kevin was close, and began to slam herself down onto him with a vengeance, still sucking on the cock in her mouth before the near stranger began to raise his hips to meet her, fucking her harder, stronger, faster, until she could take no more and felt her orgasm take over. Harry’s tool fell from her open mouth as she began to moan wildly, shaking her head from side to side wordlessly as she began to come, hard whimpers of “oh…oh…oh…” escaping her lips as she rode on Kevin’s crotch.

After an eternity, she began to rock gently onto Kevin’s shaft, but he was impatient, and soon he was holding her in place while he fucked up into her savagely. Harry too wanted his cock sucked, and shoved it deep and mercilessly down her throat while she struggled to handle the fucking she was given.

“Oh fuck…” moaned Kevin from under her, squeezing her arse painfully as he hammered away, “I’m gonna come!” he cried, and then he pulled her off of his cock like she weighed nothing, dumping her unceremoniously at his feet. She knelt before him eagerly as he brought his cock up to the slut’s mouth. Faye opened her mouth to receive his gift, and replaced his cock in her pussy with her fingers, frigging her clit desperately. Kevin groaned out loud and jerked his shaft twice –

Sperm erupted from the tip, aimed inaccurately at her open mouth. Ropes of spunk flew over her face, streaking her from chin to forehead and spattering into her ear. Undaunted, she opened up and began to suck his cock, trying to take the rest into her lips as he continued shooting off. Kevin moaned in pleasure, and buried his cock in her mouth, giving her more and more semen in a gush of ecstasy.

Harry watched in amazement as his friend fucked his slut’s mouth, and wanted his turn. As soon as Kevin subsided, collapsing onto the sofa in a satisfied heap, he reached down and scooped Faye up, laying her on her back and spreading her legs wide. She looked up at him with a wicked grin, daring him to let loose.

“Fucking slut,” he muttered, staring down with hunger at her beautiful face, now dripping with his friend’s come, before slipping his aching cock into her wet slit once more and driving into her with renewed vigour.

Faye lay on her back, eyes screwed shut and fingers playing with her clit as her lover worked feverishly between her thighs. She felt his tight body dreamily, caressing his biceps and abs and loving the deep fimucking he was giving her. She looked up at him in an erotic haze, saw the scowl of pent up aggression. Her hands drifted to his hips and his arse, and she felt the urge to pull him in deeper, as deep as he would go, and she spread her legs wide to give herself to him. She was moaning now, and only vaguely aware of the outside world as he brought her closer to yet another climax.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32