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It had been several months since the night Ashley and Tiffany accidentally discovered the strange connection they shared, and a lot had happened! They had moved in with each other. They had started their professional careers, and between the two of them, they were finally pulling in a solid income. They were girlfriend and girlfriend, and their relationship was only growing stronger as time went on. They couldn’t have been more in love! Life was amazing!

But as to that strange connection of theirs, that mysterious, inexplicable thing that brought them together in the first place, as it turned out, it happened again. In fact, it they could get it to happen somewhat regularly if they wanted it to. Sometimes, when the two female lovers touched their nipples together, and if they were sufficiently aroused, their nipples would cling tightly together like magic! It didn’t happen every time, but the hornier they were, the more likely it was to happen. And once they were stuck, they were stuck FAST! Nothing could pull their nipples apart once they had stuck together. Absolutely nothing! The lesbian lovers could pull and tug and yank to their hearts’ content, but they would be stuck to each other like Siamese twins. The only thing in the world that could unstick their nipples was for them both to have an orgasm. Once they got stuck together, the only thing they could do about it was to fuck themselves apart.

As unsettling as it had been the first time it had happened, despite how frighteningly inexplicable that phenomenon was, they eventually came to normalize it. They even enjoyed it. It became a core part of their sex life. Of course, their acceptance of it didn’t mean they weren’t curious about it. They searched the internet a few times to see if nipples sticking together was a known thing, and Tiffany even looked though medical publications for unusual conditions of the breasts and nipples, but all of their efforts came up empty-handed. They could find a single mention of anything remotely similar. Lacking any other terms, they named this strange phenomenon “stuck.” So far as they knew, they might have been the only two people in the world to have this happen to them. The fact that they couldn’t even begin to explain it just added to the excitement and eroticism of it. Stuck was their special, little secret!


It was the Friday afternoon before Valentine’s Day weekend. Tiffany was supposed to have worked late today, however work had ended early due to circumstances out of their control. Enough of the bacterial cultures had been contaminated that the PCR run they had been planning would have been pointless. The lab supervisor hadn’t been mad, saying these things happen and it wasn’t worth pointing fingers. Tiffany had a very good feeling, however, that the culprit was Jodie, who couldn’t seem to stop touching her own face even with gloves on. Well, he had sent his lab techs home early, saying they would start over on Monday.

And so, with a couple extra hours to spare, Tiffany figured she would kick off Valentine’s Day weekend by surprising her dearest with a horny, naked girl sprawled on the sofa upon her return home.

Currently, Tiffany was in the bathroom cleaning herself up. She had just finished her shower and was wearing nothing but a towel over her still damp hair. Ashley would be home from work in a little over an hour, and she wanted to make sure she looked as breathtakingly gorgeous as her true love deserved. She had moisturized her skin baby-soft, and everything below the neck was freshly shaven.

She looked at herself in the full-length mirror and admired her sleek, athletic body. She was just muscular enough to show a nice bulge in all the right places, and she had just the right amount of body fat that she still had a soft, sensuous appearance. She looked at her slender waist she had been working on. Her stomach had just a hint of abs showing through. She though her breasts were definitely her best feature, though. They were nice and large, though the truly impressive thing about them were her nipples. Her nipples were HUGE! The wide disks of her areolas were eye-catching enough, though the nipples themselves were well over half in inch wide and stuck out almost an inch! They were something all right! She used to be embarrassed about them, but Ashley had convinced her to be proud of her most impressive features.

Yes, she looked amazing! What could be improved? She decided on only one last finishing touch: just the slightest amount of blush added to her cheeks. Ashley said she preferred her with nothing: no clothes, no body hair, and no makeup whatsoever, but Tiffany took a few small liberties.

At last, the pulled the towel off her head and let her beautiful, mid-length black hair flow freely. Yes! This was her look, this was perfection! She was the very vision of a goddess! And this would be her attire for the rest of the night and through the next morning, for sure, possibly until Monday morning if she could avoid needing to leave the apartment. Betturkey Her and Ashley didn’t always bother with pesky things like clothes when they were at home.

She took one more look at the reflection of the second most beautiful woman in the entire world. She had been kind of horny all day at work, but now that she was home and awaiting her sweetie, it made her wet just thinking about the things they would do. She pinched and played with her enormous nipples, thinking about how amazing stuck feels: that painless yet infinitely strong bond linking her bodily to her soul-mate. Would their nipples stick together tonight when they touched them to each other? She had a good feeling they would. She was hornier than she had been in a while!

She winked playfully at her reflection, then bent over and blew a kiss. Oh, there was no way Ashley wouldn’t wet her pants at the first sight of her! She was an angel! She raised her arms above her head to emphasize her breasts and make them stick out even more than they normally did. She played around in the mirror, trying out a few more sexy poses for herself.

Finally, she turned to the side and leaned against the wall, cocking one foot up behind her. She pressed her bare breasts against the tiled bathroom wall, which was still damp from her steamy shower, and admired how those huge globes of hers squished against it.

She backed up to try one more pose, but then…


“Oh!” she squealed in surprise! The sensation was actually quite familiar to her by now. It was just the context that was new.

She pulled away from the wall again, and again felt that tug on her nipples. Her nipples were yanked outward, away from her tits, stretching and tugging at the front of her wide areolas. All the while, the wide, penny-sized tips of her nipples stayed pressed flat against the wall, refusing to let go of it.

“This is new…” she muttered in awe. Her nipples had only ever gotten stuck to Ashley’s nipples before now, nothing else. Had she gotten herself so horny thinking about touching nipples with Ashley that they had stuck themselves to the next thing they touched?

She wanted to test the strength of this new bond. Was it as unbreakably strong as when they were stuck nipple to nipple? She put her hands back against the wall and slowly pushed off. Tiffany immediately felt that sensuous tug on her tits grow stronger. The supple, rosy-pink nipple flesh continued to stretch like taffy, pulling her areolas out into the shape of cones. Soon, the breasts themselves started to stretch and elongate. She kept pulling until she could feel some real tension building up in her breasts. They were stretched out a good distance now, really testing the elastic limits of her breast flesh.

Oh, yes, they were good and stuck! But Tiffany could pull harder. Now it was time to see if they were truly stuck beyond all hope!

She took a deep breath, reset her stance, and pushed off hard! Her muscles strained, and her tits miraculously stretched even farther! That was another strange thing that happened when their nipples got stuck. Both Tiffany’s and Ashley’s tits were pretty tough to begin with, and they could take some considerable punishment. But when their nipples got stuck like this, they could pull about as hard as they wanted, seemingly without injury. Oh, it could hurt, but even pulling with all their strength combined, ideally hard enough to rip their nipples clean off the front of their tits, pain was the worst they could ever seem to do to themselves.

This time was no different. As she struggled to pull herself away from the wall, her tits were stretched to extremes no human flesh should have been able to withstand! Yet her boobs somehow managed to stay intact, continuing to stretch farther and farther as she strained against the physical limits of her flesh.

“ERRRRRRRR!!” Tiffany grunted through clenched teeth, straining her muscles for all they were worth! She did her best to ignore the pain and pull even harder. Her nipples stretched a fraction of an inch farther. It was such excruciating ecstasy: that perfect balance of pain on the edge of her tolerance and indescribable erotic pleasure! Finally, her arms started to shake.

She turned her head to the right to look at her reflection in the mirror. The side view was even more impressive! She watched herself struggle in the mirror, getting oddly turned on looking at herself in this impossible situation. Could she stretch even farther? She returned all of her attention to the task of pulling as hard as she could, and redoubled her efforts.

“GGGGGAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!” she screamed as she gave it her all, but she couldn’t pull herself any farther back from the wall. In fact, she felt herself be pulled half an inch back toward the wall as her arms began to lose strength. That seemed to have been the farthest her tits could stretch by her strength alone.

Finally, she let up and eased herself back toward the wall. “Oh my god, yes… They’re stuck Betturkey Giriş so hard… So fucking strong…” she whispered as she tried to catch her breath.

Once she caught her breath, she started struggling again, pulling to her heart’s content. She yanked, tugged, and stretched, fighting like an animal caught in a trap! But it was all futile, and she knew it perfectly well. That was the fun of stuck.

After a few minutes of that, her pussy was dripping! She was so aroused! She let one hand fall downward, and she stroked her eager clit with one finger. One gentle stroke was enough to make her gasp with pleasure! She could probably climax in less than five if she wanted to!

But then she reconsidered. It was the hardest thing in the world for her to do, but she stopped what she was doing and tried to calm down. She knew once she had an orgasm her nipples would come unstuck. Ashley would be due home in half an hour at the most, and she would love to show her what had happened to her. How hot would it be for Ashley to find her like this, hopelessly stuck to the wall, horny, and at her disposal? Her nipples had never stuck themselves to an inanimate object before, and she wasn’t sure if she could get this to happen again. Yes, she really wanted to show this to Ashley, and she wasn’t sure if she could get this to happen again.

Her pussy was throbbing, so ready to orgasm. She did her best to turn her mind away from it. She leaned against the wall and pressed her breasts into it. That way, the constant pulling on her nipples wouldn’t arouse her even further. She took a few breaths, trying to come back down off her sexual high, trying to calm her excited body.

Yes, Ashley would be home soon. And so, Tiffany waited.


Time passed.

She kept herself occupied by playing with her stuck nipples, gently tugging at them and enjoying the feeling of them clinging to the wall. She kept herself at a moderate level of arousal. She didn’t want to accidentally make herself cum. Also, she didn’t want to tire her tits out. As impressively tough as they were, there was a limit to how much punishment they could take before they got too sore for it to be enjoyable. She had to save the real abuse for when Ashley could see.

At about the time she figured her lover would be home, she heard her phone ringing. She recalled it was still in the front pocket of her work pants, in the pile with the rest of her clothes in the bedroom where she had undressed for her shower. There was a very good change it was Ashley calling. Usually Ashley texted her when she was on her way home. She only called when there was something special to say. She hoped it wasn’t anything important, but there wasn’t a single thing she could do about it right now. Yes, she was just going to have to let it ring.

The voicemail notification chimed. She considered masturbating so she could go check it. From how horny she was right now, it might take her twenty minutes to climax if she hurried. She considered for a minute before deciding that, no, she would wait. If something bad had come up Ashley would call again. It would be okay. And maybe the fact that she hadn’t picked up or responded would prompt her to hurry home.

More time passed. There were no more calls. Everything was probably fine. But where was Ashley? There were no clocks for her to check in the bathroom, and the frosted window didn’t tell her much, only that it was still mid-evening. She guessed that Ashley was maybe an hour late at this point. What to do? She would continue waiting for now.

And so, she kept edging, keeping herself constantly aroused, but not so much to torture herself or tempt her to orgasm. Enough for her to not get bored just standing there against the wall, enough to keep her eagerly anticipating her lover’s return.

At long last she heard a key slide in the lock on the front door. The front door opened, and Tiffany heard soft footsteps across the carpet.

“Oh, lover girl!” called the most beautiful voice in creation. “Are you home? I have a special Valentines Day surprise for you!”

“I’m in the bathroom,” she yelled back.

“Very well, I’ll be waiting in the bedroom. If you’re doing you-know-what in there, you’d better shower first.”

“No, I’m not doing that. I’m…” Tiffany paused, and then continued in her sultry voice. “I’m having a little situation here! I think I’m going to need your help!”

“You didn’t call back. What are you up to, sexy-pie? Is everything all right?”

Ashley finally appeared in the doorway to the bathroom. She was still dressed in her professional attire, looking like the sexiest legal assistant ever! She wore a skirt that went down to mid-thigh, and a blouse that showed off only as much cleavage as would be professional. Topping it off was a snazzy, custom tailored jacket that accentuated her form in the classiest way possible. Her long blonde hair was tied behind her in a ponytail, giving her a cute but conservative look.

Tiffany Betturkey Güncel Giriş had seen her professional look plenty of times, but what was new and intriguing was the unmarked shopping bag in her left hand, probably the “Valentines Day surprise” she had promised.

Ashley entered the bathroom and turned and looked at Tiffany. She raised one eyebrow in a quizzical look as she saw her standing with her tits pressed against the wall next to her.

“Oh, I’m all right,” Tiffany responded. “It’s just that…” She took one step back, letting her tits stretch out as she pulled away from the wall. “I’m kind of stuck to the wall. My nipples got stuck to it two or three hours ago, and it’s been making me terribly aroused! And to make matters worse, you were late getting home and I had nobody to satisfy me!”

Ashely’s mouth dropped open! “That’s new! I’ve never seen your nipples do THAT before! I thought stuck only worked nipple to nipple. How did you get them to stick to a wall?”

“I honestly wasn’t trying to. I just poked them against the wall for a second, and they stuck to it, just like that. I think I got my nipples so unbearably horny that they couldn’t wait anymore for you to get home, so they latched onto the first thing they could!”

“This is interesting! My nipples have never done anything like this! Maybe this ‘stuck’ thing has been your doing all along. Maybe I’ve just been along for the ride every time. Do you think?”

“But you have to orgasm, too! We never come unstuck until we’ve both been satisfied at least once. I’m pretty sure it’s something between both of us.”

“Uh-oh!” Ashley said with a sly grin. “So if both parties need to have an orgasm to get unstuck… that mean the wall will have to have an orgasm, too? You might be stuck there for a looooong time. Maybe… FOREVER!”

“Oh jeez, I hope not! But I’m pretty sure me cumming will be enough this time. Well if not, if there’s anyone in the world hot enough to make a wall have an orgasm, I think it’s you! You’ll help me out, right?”

Ashley laughed. Then, there was a brief pause. Ashley looked down at Tiffany’s still stretched-out nipples, and then up into her eyes. She put on a cross face and cocked one fist against her hip. It looked like some role-playing was about to begin! Tiffany’s eyes lit up in anticipation!

“Tiffany, I am affronted!” Ashley said in mock disgust. “You’ve been enjoying stuck without me! And your nipples are cheating on mine with… a wall?”

“Oh, you caught me! I hope you can forgive me! I was so horny, but you were late coming home. I couldn’t wait! What was I supposed to do?”

“You will EARN your forgiveness for this! Oh, this is so appropriate! My little surprise for you… What I caught you doing… This is a coincidence I couldn’t have PLANNED better! I’m going to go get ready. When I come back, I will deal with you and your misbehavior!”

Ashley left the bathroom, shopping bag in hand, and turned toward the bedroom. Tiffany heard Ashley drop the bag down on the bed, and then a few rustles of fabric that sounded like her getting undressed. The closet door slid open on its rollers, an empty hanger was pulled from the rod, then replaced with something hanging from it. The sound of the lid to the hamper opening, the soft swish of some clothing items being tossed in, then the lid closing. Lastly, she heard a long, satisfied grunt and a popping joint as she presumably did her ‘naked stretch.’ Tiffany had noticed Ashley usually did a stretch after she had removed the last of her clothes, probably to savor the newfound freedom of having rid herself of the restrictive trappings of societal norms.

Despite how frequently she saw Ashley without a shred of clothing on, it was a sight she would never tire of! She tried to poke her head into the hallway to sneak a peek into their bedroom, but she was stuck too far from the doorway and couldn’t get her head anywhere near the hallway. It was all right. She had a feeling she would be seeing some skin very soon.

Next, Tiffany heard Ashley unpacking the mysterious shopping bag. Several items were removed. A paper lid slid off a box and tissue paper was moved aside. Some rustling and a few strange clinks. Several drawers opened and closed, with some rummaging through each one, followed by hurried footsteps coming towards her down the hallway. Ashley’s fully nude form whisked past the doorway to the bathroom just long enough for her to get a tempting glance: her large, jiggling breasts and her round, soft buttocks, her long, blond hair still in a ponytail swaying behind her.

One drawer opened and closed in the kitchen, and Ashley strode purposefully back into the bedroom carrying a pair of scissors in one hand. She used them to open a plastic package or two, then threw a what sounded like a heavy, metallic object onto the bed that clinked curiously. What could that be?

Next were the sounds of Ashley dressing herself, but it was somehow different from her putting on her normal clothes. What she was putting on sounded heavy and stiff, and there was more than a little struggling, as if whatever it was was difficult to put on. Tiffany heard three very heavy zippers zip up, followed by what sounded like metal clips being fastened into place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32