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It was another hot humid summer day in Alabama. My best friend, Jim, and I, were doing what we had been doing ever since graduation, lying out by the pool trying to keep cool. We had been friends since elementary school and each summer he spent most of his time at our house. He lived in town and didn’t have room for a pool. Out here we had plenty of open spaces with no neighbors within shouting distance. The summers where spent around the pool. In the fall and winters we rode the horses and hunted. This next fall we would be together in college.

Both of us had our share of girlfriends and they were often part of the crew hanging around the pool. We had both lost our virginity to an older girl that put out to a lot of boys. From that point on we didn’t have much trouble making time with girls that weren’t as friendly with all the boys.

I am sure that my Mom knew what was going on but when we asked about the girls coming over she agreed to call their mothers and invite them. All the girls thought Mom was a really super Mom. She would be there when the girls came and would hang around for a while to make sure there were plenty of drinks and snacks before retiring back in the house and leaving us to our fun and games.

Mom and I had been really close all my life. She was the one that took me every where I needed to go. Dad was ten years older than Mom and he was a workaholic. His joy in life was to see how much money he could make. At least this provided Mom and me with all we needed in the way of spending money. Mom had never shown any resentment with him working so much and I didn’t realize that she was missing out on so much, namely sex.

Mom was beautiful, a fact that Jim often mentioned. I knew she was pretty but it never occurred to me just how beautiful she really was until that summer.

Mom had been a model when she was still in High School. She was almost 5 feet 10 inches tall and still just as slim as she had been then. Only her breasts growing during her senior year, and meeting Dad stopped her from continuing to model. Her breasts weren’t huge but to large for the slim model look the photographers were looking for. Her hair was a dark red that she wore just short of her shoulders. Combined that with deep blue eyes and she was really eye catching. She married my father at eighteen.

I think the main reason Jim came out so much was because of her. When it was just the three of us she would stay out by the pool with us. Mom wasn’t shy about showing off her beautiful body to us. The bikini she wore only highlighted the rest of her. When there were others around, she wore a much more conservative swim suit.

Summer had just started for us and Jim was over as usual. Mom and I both slept late after dad left for work. It was after lunch before we put on out suits and headed to the pool. Mom as usual looked extra hot in the skimpy suit she wore. I had seen her in it many times when all of us were in the pool. With Dad always around back then I never thought anything about the amount of skin she was showing and he didn’t seem to mind.

We had been in the water and climbed out and lay on the deck getting a start on our summer tan. Mom had rubbed oil on my back and I did hers for her. Since we always did this it didn’t bother me to touch her warm body. Her hands always felt good on my body as she rubbed the oil in.

Jim came up later and joined us. Mom put oil on his back and I could see that she had a lot more effect on him than she had on me. After all she is my mother.

Later she left to go get drinks and sandwiches. Jim’s eyes never left her body as he watched her until the door closed behind her. “I don’t see how you stand it.” He said.


“How can you just lie there when such a hot woman is walking all around you all the time?”

“Jim, that is my mother you are talking about.”

“I don’t care whose mother she is, she could be my mother and I would want to take her to bed.”

It wasn’t the first time I had heard him rant on about how hot Mom is. Normally I didn’t pay a lot of attention to him but today was different. I had seen his cock getting hard when she rubbed the oil on his back. It was happing more and more often these days with him. Jim’s mother was a nice looking lady. In her younger day she was very pretty with a nice figure. Over the years she had put on a little weight. Jim was right, Mom did look much better.

When Mom came back I took more notice of her than before. It wasn’t hard to see what Jim found so easy to look at. I put myself in his shoes and thought about what she would look like to me if I wasn’t her son. For the first time I found myself comparing her to the other mothers I knew, they didn’t even come close. Even the girls that we had been with couldn’t hold a candle to her.

Sue’s Story

I grew up fast, maybe to fast. At sixteen I was already modeling for a clothing manufacture. As tall as I was I got lots of offers to model. I didn’t have much acıbadem escort time for the things other girls took for granted like dates and boyfriends. I guess that is why I fell for Jerry so hard when I first met him.

He was older than me by ten years and he was so much more sophisticated than the few boys I had been around. He swept me off my feet and before I knew it I was eighteen and pregnant. Mark always thought I had matured to fast and that is why I gave up modeling. The truth is no one wants to hire a pregnant model. Jerry and I married as soon as I knew for sure I was going to have a baby.

Jerry and I didn’t have much time alone. Mark was born and took up most of my time. Jerry changed jobs and started his own company. Even from the first I could tell that he was good at what he did. He was making a lot of money which at that time seemed like the most important thing in our lives.

The first ten years were ok. Nothing fabulous like the novels you read, but I guess like most young marriages. The sex at first was good, I though it was excellent but I had nothing to compare it to. Mark was taking up a lot of my time. I loved my son even more than I loved his father and did all I could do to give him everything.

After about ten years Jerry was spending more and more time at work leaving Mark and I to fend for ourselves. I was a stay at home Mom. Jerry insisted that I not work and see about Mark. He loved Mark as much as I do but his business was what he really lived for. We had sex only when I started it.

I watched Mark and his friend Jim grow up to be handsome young men. Mark was over six feet tall and was mostly a string bean until his senior year in school. Jim was shorter but built like a football player. I knew that someday they were going to have their choices of the young girls that were already hanging around. To be on the safe side I let the girls come out to our place and swim. I figured I could keep an eye on them better here.

Mark and I were close, mostly because it was me that did everything with him. The birds and bees talk with him came from me; Jerry never saw the need to have a talk with him. Without telling him how I ended up married I cautioned him about getting the young girls pregnant. I didn’t tell him not to have sex. When is the last time you ever heard a young man listen when you just told him not to have sex? I just wanted to make sure he was careful and was with the right girl.

This summer started just like all the ones before. Only this year the two boys were young men, graduated from school and ready to go off to college in the fall. They had also filled out and were really an eye catching pair. I even found my self paying a lot of attention to Jim. I fail to notice that Mark had also filled out and was no longer the string bean he had been the summer before.

I have been around both boys all their lives. I spent every summer at the pool with them. Jim’s parents both worked and they would drop him off in the morning and pick him up after work. He spent more time with us than at home.

I mentioned that I was once a model and had paid extra attention to keeping my shape. I liked to sun and keep a tan all summer. The suit I wore was a bikini that didn’t cover much but I didn’t think much about it being with two young boys. Year after year when it was just us three I wore the same type suit, showed a lot of skin and got my golden tan. They got older but I never change from the skimpy bikini suits I wore.

I had noticed the summer they were going into the 12th grade that Jim was paying a lot of attention to me. I was flattered that I could still capture the stares of a young man. Mark didn’t seem to notice anything at all.

This summer had barely started when I knew it was going to be different. Jim wasn’t nearly as shy about watching me around the pool. His eyes followed me everywhere I went. I thought about changing the type of swim suit I wore but I really like the freedom the suit give me. Truthfully I liked the idea of teasing the young man.

That first day of summer found Mark and I by the pool. He put oil on me as he had for years. He covered my back and I would do my legs and then oil him down. Nothing between us had changed from the year before.

Jim was a different story. Like mark I had always oil him down to prevent sunburn but this time it was a new experience for me. His cock got hard while I was touching him. I almost joked about it but didn’t want to embarrass him. Later as I went in the house for drinks and snacks I could feel his eyes burning a hole in my ass. Unconsciously I put a little more move in my walk than normal.

Mark’s Story

That afternoon started a change in my relationship with my Mom. For some reason when I looked at her after then I saw a beautiful sexy woman, not some ones mother, especially not mine.

I started paying more attention to her. I was surprised to see that Mom didn’t really have that good of atalar escort a marriage to my father. I guess that I figured that he brought home plenty of money that she was happy with her marriage. Then I noticed that she spent much more time with me than she did with him. She seemed to only smile when she was around us young people. Around Dad she acted like his wife but the smiles never seemed to reach her eyes as it did with me.

A little investigating and late night discovered that they very seldom had sex and when they did it was usually over quickly. I would listen at their door or outside their window until I would hear him climax as she cried for him to last a little longer, he seldom did.

I would hear her go to the bathroom and be in there a long time before going back to bed. I wondered if she was finishing off her self. Some nights she would slip on her robe and go out and set by the pool in the moon light. I could see her from my bedroom window and it looked like she was unhappy.

Sue’s Story

Being noticed by even a young boy was good for my moral. The looks I got from all Mark’s friends and other men I met let me know I still looked good. I couldn’t understand why Jerry didn’t make love any more than he did. I liked sex and always tried to do what would make him feel good. When we did have sex he didn’t last long and would be asleep before I got back from the bathroom.

I finished myself off more times that I like to think about. Actually I can’t remember the last time I climaxed while making love.

Some nights when I couldn’t get to sleep I would go out and set by the pool in the moon light. I did a lot of thinking about Jerry and me and our life together. Mark was leaving home in a few months and I would be alone. I even found myself thinking about Jim and how he was looking at me. I had never even though of cheating on Jerry and I sure wouldn’t with a friend of Mark’s, but it made me feel good to just think of being loved.

Mark’s Story

Jim was still making comments about her each time he was over until it started me thinking about what Mom might be like in bed. Once the thought process started it stayed on my mind all the time.

Some nights Jim would spend at my house and we would watch movies on the DVD. One night he came over with an adult movie. The movie was about a guy and his Sister. I later found out there was a whole series of Taboo movies. Jim and I got the whole set but the one I loved was the guy and his mother. The mother in the movie didn’t look nearly as good as mine. It was that night I made up my mind to seduce my own mother. I didn’t share this secret with Jim.

I know she had to wonder what I was up to when I began showing more interest in her. I volunteered to help her around the house. I got up earlier to spend more time with her each day. I hugged her more than normal though hugging was a big thing around our house. I even hated to have Jim come around so much. Thankfully he met another girl about then and she was occupying a lot of his time.

Sunning by the pool was an every day thing. So was the putting on the sun tan oil. Only now I spent more time touching her and working the oil into her body. I was also venturing a little farther each time until I could touch the edge of her breast with my finger tips as I did her back. I was a little surprised that she didn’t stop me as I knew she knew what I was doing. Before she would do her legs after I did her back but I began to work the oil down the back of her legs to her feet and back up the inside and outside to where I started.

The first time I ventured below her suit to her legs she told me she could reach them herself. “I can do the rest.”

“Let me, I like to make you feel good.”

She looked over her shoulder at me with a strange look on her face. “You have been acting a little strange the last few days. What are you up to?”

“Nothing, I just realized that this summer will be the last time you and I will be together with me going away to college. I just want us to be as close as we can be before I have to leave.”

She still had a questioning look on her face but she lay back down and let me continue to work her legs.

For a few days this was the mode of operation. I kept pushing the envelope and each day managed to reach a new pleaute. Once reached I made sure I went at least that for each time.

Sue’s story

I don’t know how long it had been going on, I hadn’t noticed Mark paying me much more attention than before, but it suddenly dawned on me that he was always around. He found an excuse to hug me and kiss me. Nothing was strange about this; we have always hugged and even kissed on the lips. Only now he was doing it much more often. I started noticing other things as well.

He was taking a lot more time putting the sun tan oil on me. I wasn’t objecting because his hands on my body felt good. I also felt the tip of his fingers touch the edge of my breasts as he aydınlı escort worked my back. Only after he did it several times did it dawn on me he was doing it on purpose. I didn’t know whether to mention it and make him stop or just let him have his fun. It didn’t feel at all bad to me either.

Then he moved down on my legs. Any fool knows that you can reach your own legs to put on oil. His explanation of wanting to be as close as possible since this was his last summer home was as good a reason as any to let him go farther.

Each day he was going a little farther and I let him. I knew by now that none of this was an accident. My baby was trying to see what his mother had under her suit. I should have stopped him then but I was enjoying all the touching and was interested in just how far he would go.

I soon found out when he told me to roll over on my back. I first refused but he insisted in a way that made me seem cruel for refusing him. I did as he said and rolled over on my back. The sun was in my eyes and I put on my shades. With them on I could watch as he oil me down and he wouldn’t know.

It wasn’t just my legs but my stomach and arms that he massaged for the longest time. I also noticed a big difference in Mark. His cock was rock hard and huge! It was such a shock that I set up and told him I would finish. He lay back next to me and his cock was sticking up high and hard. Not only that but he was plainly letting me see what he had in his suit. I looked.

Mark’s Story

It was a major day the day I got her to roll over and let me do her front. I had worked her back and touched the edge of her breasts and knew she knew what I was doing but didn’t stop me. By now I was giving her legs a big workout each time. She opened them without me pushing as my hands worked all over them. It had been several days since she had protested when I might go too far.

I decided to see if she could be coached into turning over on her back. “Turn over.”

“What? Why? Her eyes opened as she looked over her shoulder at me.”

“I want to do the front of your legs.”

“I can do that myself.”

“I bet it would be more fun if I did it for you.” I don’t know where I got the nerve to push forward. This was a side of me neither Mom nor I had ever seen.

“Fun for whom? Mark, I am your mother, there is a limit to the amount of fun we can have together.”

I didn’t answer, just waited for her to make the next move. Then she let out a huge sigh and rolled over on her back. She didn’t say anything else, just reached up and pulled her sun shades over her eyes. I couldn’t tell if she was looking at me are not.

I picked up the oil and lifted her arm. I know I had said her legs but I had to start somewhere and her arms seemed like the safest place.

I worked one arm and moved around to the other. She wasn’t stopping me and I soon finished that arm and moved below the top that held her breast hidden from my eyes. As the oil touched her stomach she jumped and took a deep breath but still didn’t stop me as my hands worked her bare stomach from the edge of her bikini bottoms to the underside of her breasts.

I could tell her breathing was deeper and her nipples were poking through the thin top. I knew I was doing something right as she let me continue. I didn’t make any attempt to touch her breasts or go below the edge of her suit. Even I knew that would be pushing her to fast.

I moved lower until I was working her legs completely with the oil. Not only was I covering them with oil but I was working it deep in her pores. As I move up her legs each time I was tempted to slip and touch her crotch but knew better than to try that just yet.

I don’t know how long I worked on her. To me it seemed such a short time but it must have been a lot longer than that. “I think you have oiled me up enough for now.” I knew that for today it was over. I lay down next to her, my cock standing hard above my body. I don’t know if she was looking under the dark shades or not but I wanted her to see what I had to offer if I ever made it that far.

Mom never objected anymore when I would oil her down. Only when Jim was around was I not allowed to touch her.

Each night I still watched her and Dad when I could and listen when I couldn’t see them. I knew Mom wasn’t getting nearly as much from him as she wanted.

That night when he rolled over and went to sleep she went out by the pool. Even in the moon light I could see that she only had on a short robe that barely came below her hips. I had seen her in it a few times before when I would get up early and she would be in the kitchen. I had seen her panties under it then, now I was sure she didn’t have on anything else.

The last week I had grown braver each day where Mom was concerned. I made up my mind to join her by the pool. I slept in my jockey shorts and Mom had seen me in just them many times before so it didn’t bother me to go out to her dressed this way.

I stopped at Dad’s door and looked inside. He was snoring and was out for the night. I pulled the door closed and went out to the pool to Mom.

She heard the back door close and looked up to see me coming towards her. “I thought you were sound asleep.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32