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Again, for Heather, with love

Garrett Kray expected to be bored. He had flown across Canada on a whim, and had spent the weekend being having his every whim indulged by the Ferrari Formula One Team. He had recently bought an Italian Media Company, and discovered that he was now a sponsor and major contributor to the Ferrari Team. He had been given a magical laminated pass that he had to wear around his neck, and allowed him access to every part of the Montreal Race Track and its environs.

Unfortunately Garrett, like most North Americans, knew little to nothing about Formula One. He had some knowledge of NASCAR; but this European form of motor racing was far more complicated. Almost everywhere earnest men in coveralls wore frowns spoke about hundredths of a second in hushed tones. While pretty girls, like in NASCAR, seemed to wear swimwear and smiles, and sponsors like him were feted and their every need catered for.

With the race over, he had expected to be free of the circus that calls itself Formula One. He wanted to fly back over Canada to watch his Hockey team, the Utah Howlers play in Winnipeg against the Winnipeg Bears. He discovered that he would have to delay his escape from this motorsport monotony because he and other major sponsors were expected to join the team for an evening at the Casino de Montreal, where he was to host a table for the public who had literally paid thousands of Dollars to get up and personal with the Ferrari Team.

Barely an inch under average height, Garrett had wide shoulders and an athletic build. His brown hair was immaculately coiffed to compliment his good looks. His eyes were green and slightly hooded, as if he squinted at the world from down the barrel of a rifle. In an expensive Tuxedo he sat at a table with a pair exotic car salesmen who at first competed with one and other in trying to sell him a Ferrari, or something equally luxurious; and two empty chairs. When they realised he wasn’t going to buy anything from either of them, they began an intense and slightly drunken discussion on the day’s race and various Formula One intricacies that bored Garrett into a morose silence. He glanced at his Rolex, two hours of purgatory to go. According to the organisers, the empty chairs were to be filled by winners of a competition, a certain Ms Shaver and partner.

With the first hour gone Garrett stared in gloomy silence at the empty chairs in front of him and considered Ms Shaver and her partner to be two of the luckiest people in Montreal that evening; the party was lacklustre. The food was bland, music from an orchestra was boringly dull and old fashioned, the small talk stilted and irrelevant. Every women in the vicinity was either attached or for sale, neither of which appealed to Garrett who still single at thirty, who knew attached women seldom fulfilled the promise they invited without a whole lot of repercussions and the ones for sale were never worth the price they believed they set for themselves.

The boredom evaporated, when the empty chairs were filled by two very pretty young women. “Hi I’m Misty, this is Nex.” The shorter of the two introduced herself and her companion before continuing. “Boy are we ever late, what did we miss?” She asked.

Both girls were in their early to mid twenties and slightly tanned. Misty had long reddish brown hair. Her eyes were a warm chocolate brown, her nose was slightly freckled. Her mouth was wide and mobile. She was dressed in a yellow-gold off the shoulder evening gown of gossamer yellow-gold silk, so sheer if you concentrated on the low-cut bust, her nipples became clearly discernible through the diaphanous fabric, even in the ambient light of the ballroom.

Misty’s slightly taller companion was equally pretty, whose shoulder length platinum blond hair was worn in an identical style to her friend’s. Her green eyes were bold and her smile warm and friendly. She had poured herself into a red silk evening dress, again similar in design and cut to the one worn by Misty. Nex’s breasts were much larger than Misty’s and the low front of her dress somehow just managed to maintain decorum. Unlike Misty’s Nex’s nipples proudly izmir escort pressed themselves outward through the sheer silk containing them. Garrett expected them to pop out any second. Idly, Garrett wondered, because of the similarities and obvious familiarity if they were related or gay.

Both girls sat down without fuss, and smiled happily after the introductions had been made. The two car salesmen perked visibly, their boring discussion completely forgotten. A waiter sidled by and soon they had each girl held a glass of Champaign. After a while the car salesmen realised they had no chance of selling either girl a sports car since both feigned disinterest and starred pointedly at the wedding rings on both men’s fingers. Their next tactic was to ply the girls with liquor. Soon there was a line of still filled Champaign glasses in front of both the girls; it became obvious that the girls were not there for the booze either. They remained polite and friendly, and wet their lips occasionally rather than sipped, as the pair of hopefuls opposite them became increasingly intoxicated by the local excuse for French Champaign.

At first Garrett was amused by the car salesmen’s attempt to get laid. Soon however he realised he needed to step in and rescue the women from the two horny married guys who were becoming more and more annoying.

Finally the orchestra left the dais and was replaced by a four piece band with electrical instruments. As the music changed drastically so did Garrett’s demeanour. The room darkened and wild coloured strobes and lazerbeams filled the air. The music was loud and soon couples were gyrating and moving to heavy metal that the amplifiers pumped out. He leaned forward and managed to ask Nex to dance. She smiled and he led her to the now crowded dance floor.

Misty watched as Garrett and Nex were swallowed up by the dancers. The two guys were still trying to hold a conversation with her over the music. She pitied them but at the same time she was grateful for the change in tempo and volume.

Garrett watched Nex as they danced, she had rhythm and style, and her moves were practiced and happy. She was proud of her body and moved with ease and grace on the dance floor, she gyrated in time with the beat, smiling when their eyes met. Her unfettered breasts bobbed but somehow managed to stay contained no matter how wildly she moved. Garrett wished for them to spill but they bobbed and bounced nicely below her smile. The first tune blended into a second, and a third, Nex showed no sign of tiring. In the back of his mind he didn’t envy Misty who he noticed still sat at their table, being crowded now, by two drunks who had moved into chairs either side of her. Her smile was no longer one of amusement and now resembled one of distain. Nex must have noticed her friend’s predicament, and she steered Garrett back towards their table.

It was possibly an accident, but one of the drunks managed to spill his drink down Misty’s front. The fabric of her dress was instantly translucent, and her breasts were on display with nipples stark and clearly visible through the thin saturated material that was moulded wetly to her body.

The two men leered at Misty’s chest, their hands dabbing her ineffectually with paper napkins. She pushed their groping hands away angrily by the time Garrett had time to remove his jacket and offered it to her. The two drunks were escorted from the ballroom by a pair of huge men in tuxedos and frowns. After which she sat dwarfed in the jacket of his Hugo Boss, smiling gratefully, he raised his glass in mock salute, Nex punched his arm, smiling.

The music was overpowering. Garrett danced with both girls. Misty, he discovered moved with lithe elegance but her movements were far from the animal grace Nex displayed on the dance floor. Eventually he had both girls on the floor simultaneously. They moved well together, in harmony with the beat. The evening wore on they danced as a threesome, oblivious of people around them and the time. Eventually the lights became bright again and the music stopped.

During the time they had danced together antalya escort he had learned that the girls had in fact met that afternoon and were not related but due to some untold circumstance, were sharing a hotel room. Nex was a software designer in Houston while Misty was an associate attorney at a Toronto law firm. Garrett looked at his watch; it was 1:00AM. He noted the doors were all open; groups were making their way through discrete doorways into private lounges.

With an arm around each girl he made his way to one of the red doors furtherest away from everyone else’s. The room had a wooden bar, complete with bartender and a couple of sofas strategically placed in front of a raised stage. He and the girls settled on a sofa. The lights were low and primal music thumped from invisible speakers. A pair of girls became visible through a hazy veil of coloured smoke; they were both young and attractive, in each other’s arms and scantily dressed. Garrett was instantly embarrassed and tried to rise but Nex held his arm, he remained sitting between Misty and Nex. This must be the girl-on-girl action that the private lounges of the Casino were famous for.

The girls on the stage kissed and moved in time with the music, obviously well rehearsed and choreographed, they began to artfully take off each other’s clothes. Garrett became aware of Nex’s hand in his lap, stroking him softly through his trousers. Misty had taken off the tuxedo jacket and leaned back on the sofa, watching him and Nex, and the two girls on the stage, as their hands moved over each other’s naked breasts and one girl leaned down to kiss her companion’s breast.

Garrett felt himself harden; his cock was beginning to stir. Both girls sat close to him. He was aware of their fragrance, the scent he guessed came from the same bottle originally but their bodies reacted differently to the perfume on their skins. During the time they spent together on the dance floor both girls had begun to perspire, as had he. Misty’s odour over her failing perfume was slightly earthy but the tang of Nex skin was intoxicatingly sexual. The hand in his lap no stroked him lightly, Nex demanded more, and she grasped his erect penis through his pants and moved in time with the music. Misty leaned over and began to kiss Nex as she leaned over and drew down his zipper pulling his cock through his fly.

Garrett’s eight inch cock stood up stiffly the shaft arcing towards his taunt belly. He shifted, moving his ass forward, and leaned back, Nex’s hand moved up and down his shaft, fluffing him with languid strokes expertly hardening him to full erectness. Misty leaned over and kissed the soft skin behind Nex’s neck. Her tongue dragged across her sensitive skin and flicked inquisitively into her ear. None of the occupants of the couch noticed the couple on the stage. Garrett closed his eyes as Nex bent forward and her platinum blond hair fell across his lap, there was no discolouration at the roots, her hair colour obviously natural.

Nex’s mouth touched the tip of his cock. Her lips were soft and moist, her mouth incredibly warm. She sucked softly. Garrett groaned. Misty had shifted and was on her knees next to Garrett, her hands fluttering over both of them her lips still softly kissing Nex’s ear, her tongue teasingly wet and warm in Nex’s ear. She began to breath softly into her ear, her free hand had bunched back the hem of Nex’s dress and had snaked itself up till she was touching Nex very intimately.

Nex moaned as Misty’s finger found her slit. She was half bent over Garrett, her lips closed around his shaft, her tongue tracing the glands beneath the head until she half gagged when Garrett shimmied his hips and half slid into her throat, her breathing became intense snorts through her nose. Garrett leaned back, oblivious to everything but what he was experiencing.

The entertainers on the stage became the audience, as Misty, slid off the sofa and pulled the hem of Nex’s dress up higher, exposing her soft, warm ass. She eased Nex’s knees wider first; she slipped onto her knees between Nex’s ankles and her hands reached up kayseri escort and spread Nex’s cheeks and her pussy opened like a rosebud becoming an open flower exposed to sunlight for the first time. Soft, warm, fragrant and inviting. Misty leaned forward and her mouth covered the open petals. Nex began to writhe as Misty’s tongue rolled itself into a tiny penis and probed her soft wet folds before flicking noisily at her rubbery clit that freed itself from beneath its hood. Nex’s back arched but her head continued to move up and down her teeth grazing the skin at the base of his cock, her tongue lashing noisily. His cock was buried deep in her throat and began to twitch. Garrett’s hands were bunched into Nex’s hair his breathing came in gasps, he tried to lift Nex’s head from him; tugging her hair as the twitches along his thighs became more regular and intense, and his breathing was ragged. Nex stubbornly refused to lift her face from his lap, she suckled noisily. Garrett erupted. Hot lava surged from the twitching tip flooding Nex’s mouth. She drew back slightly keeping the tip of Garret’s cock between her lips.

Nex mind left her, all decorum forgotten as Misty’s mouth worked noisily between her legs; tiny electrical tics accelerated into spasms that threatened to overtake her as her mouth filled with Garrett’s cum. Her back arched, she swallowed noisily trying to suppress a contented moan, knowing her orgasm was close, making her shudder, ecstatically. Garrett’s cock popped free of her mouth with a soft plop! The final spurts of Garret’s orgasm squirted and splattered into her hair and onto her forehead and began to dribble down into her eye, while his heart beat in time with his pumping cock. Nex’s spasms stiffened her body, the electrical tickles exploded in her belly radiating out her in waves of rapturous delicious pleasure. She stiffened, her head laying still in Garrett’s lap. Her eyes closed as the dripping liquid cooled on her face.

Misty sighed feeling slightly left out as her companions climaxed. The pulsing of Nex’s pussy subsiding and a drizzle of clear liquid oozing from the still swollen lips. Misty began to lick the fragrant dew. She had to lower herself down as Nex slumped. Since she was on her knees she had to lift her ass high in the air to keep her balance.

Garrett rose from the sofa, he unclipped his waistband and his trousers slipped to his ankles. He deftly stepped out of his pants and pulled off his underpants. He positioned himself behind Misty as she knelt with her head still kissing Nex’s pussy. He steadied himself with one hand on Misty’s back and his other hand lifted Misty’s dress. He aimed his cock below her cute little asshole and pressed forward. The tip of his cock was instantly enveloped by her cloying lubricated warmth. He thrust deeply forcing Misty to mash her face onto Nex’s pussy. Her tongue slid back into Nex’s waiting slit, she groaned and Nex responded by pressing herself back and thrusting upwards with delight, her arousal instantaneously back and she was ravenous for more.

Garrett bent his knees slightly and his full length penetrated Misty. His thrusts were measured, she responded by thrusting her lower body upward meeting him as he moved down, their union was wet and noisy, she groaned inside Nex’s pussy, filling her with a mouthful of air, which escaped with a lazy burble as Misty’s curled tongue flicked crazily across Nex’s clit.

Misty felt Nex coiling, she was close herself, Garrett was deep inside her, stretching her inwards, her clit was grazed by the length of Garret’s cock with every stroke they made together. Misty held her breath, her face was wet with Nex’s sweet nectar and she was past control, her need to climax overriding everything. Nex began tremble and spasm, copious clear liquid gushed from Nex’s pussy, pushing Misty over the edge, she whined and her body jerked as the pleasure overtook her senses in an earth shattering orgasm.

Misty’s spasms beneath him urged Garrett closer, Misty’s cloying pussy gripped and released his cock as her orgasm shook her to her very core. His control was lost, he was deep inside Misty. The tickle in his spine became an electrical current; he needed both hands to steady himself, hold himself from falling over. Release was instant bliss. His knees buckled and his cock spurted a second load of his seed into Misty’s waiting pussy in time with his beating heart.

The naked girls on the stage began to clap their hands enthusiastically.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32