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The rest of the weekend went smoothly with nothing much happening out of the ordinary for a change. Monday at work was a different story. At least I was settled and had my first cup of coffee. Nothing much going on but testing of the faulty boards. As I had guessed would happen, Kathy came in with a soured look on her face.

I had a long chat with Kathy, most of it ancient history but there were quite a few surprising facts I didn’t know. Her problem of skirting the real issues bothering her then making incomprehensible statements that need extensive questioning to garner the true meaning makes it difficult. It is like pulling teeth sometimes.

First off, Kathy had already acquired her present job due to seniority and not what I had heard via the rumor mill. She wished she had made her move at the party mixer to be my dance partner instead of me being on the auction block that night. She was conflicted in doing so because of the rumor mill. I understood as I could hear the rumors, she slept her way into the job to put it mildly. Most rumors go in one ear and out the other for me and I don’t start any either. Just like Meg at the last party, I wonder what the rumors were and whether anybody put two and two together like I guessed.

Kathy had found out something about my ex and confronted her with it before Valentines Day. She said my ex would have turned me down if I did propose. The ex was just biding her time to move out after that and maybe before that. She wouldn’t or couldn’t tell me what it was about. I didn’t push the issue on this item, I’ll let it be her secret and felt it was inconsequential now anyway.

Kathy was in love with me from the moment we met and still is. The love is more like the bond between brother and sister or BFF/FWB but not as a real couple. I was sure I knew what she was driving at and I felt the same way now. Puppy was the driving force in me understanding this issue. I am not sure there is an actual word to describe it. Storge is the only close conceptual possibility I know.

Her biggest fantasy about me is corny as well, her words not mine. She has tried it several times but always with the same outcome with me, she gets drunk and sick. Without me in the picture, she doesn’t drink as much and wears her toys out when she gets home. I thought it was all funny myself. At my birthday party, her getting drunk was triggered by a sudden bad memory then aided by the pool drinking game.

Her original idea was to drag me out the door before the pool idea came up. At the time it probably wouldn’t have happened, I have a different perspective now.

She was hoping for another chance Friday night the way things started and was loving it. Her little problem and the fact she did get sick started the downhill slide. She wasn’t exactly sure why she got sick but thought it was either nerves or possibly all the action with her bouncing stomach, maybe a combination. Add that in with me fucking Jenifer which is what she wanted and me yelling at her was the final straw that caused her emotional breakdown. She just had that odd rush of total failure again. She was just looking for some sign of praise from me after that, a touch, anything, while sucking my cock. When I told her to go take care of Mike, she wanted to prove to me she could do the job and felt better afterward. Mainly because Mike praised her for a job well done.

I had to think hard about the exact order I gave her, if I had phrased the order differently all would have been well. At the time, her look told me she didn’t really want to perform the task I gave her. Something I definitely had to keep in mind for future reference and ask Puppy about.

She told me she didn’t agree completely with the lifestyle but some of it looked like a fun diversion if kept mild. Both of them had already agreed to do it again so I could teach them more. She also wanted me to fulfill her fantasy next time. I told her we could set up a weekend date every now and then. I told her I wouldn’t play with her without Mike and Jenifer present or consent. She was ecstatically happy about that.

She also told me she thought about calling the company shrink at one time. We were doing the cost and budget analysis back in late march or early April. Lilly was the accountant that was sent to help. A very cute and petite Asian woman, half Japanese I think. Kathy went on a coffee run and when she returned, Lilly was actually naked from the waist down for several minutes and I didn’t even notice and was standing beside her almost touching. She said it wasn’t an accident either and maybe felt she had run out of time from making her advances more obvious. My life was in a shambles and nearly the lowest point of my life at that time. Could of had a gaggle of strippers in the room and I wouldn’t have noticed or paid attention.

Kathy told me there was an old rumor that Lilly is like Jenifer and Sarah but couldn’t substantiate that. Kathy did tell me that Lilly liked me a lot and wanted me. It took me by surprise on two counts, it was well before I even met Jenifer and Betturkey other than the three days spent working together, I haven’t seen her since. Not even in passing to say hello. I didn’t even remember seeing her at the company party. If someone was interested, you would think they would make it a point to say hello at least. Kathy secretly shielding me again I wondered but didn’t press the issue with her.

After the talk I knew exactly what to get Mike for a birthday present, Kathy would love it just as much. I looked it up, end of the month and made a note to that fact on my phone.

I called Puppy to tell her the news about Kathy. She was still out doing the Monday shopping run and rather pleased with my findings. I did ask her about praise and why she never mentioned it because I remembered reading about it. She said I had an uncanny way of showing praise to her and Sarah all the time. Generally praise is used while training neophytes to know they are doing things right or getting better at something. A trained slave knows but likes to hear praise once in a while. Under the situation, she wouldn’t have thought of that either. What I should have done, stop and ask what the problem was.

I thought about what Puppy told me after getting off the phone with her. The last part I should have accomplished, I should have recognized there was a problem to begin with. Was I so caught up trying to teach her that I lost sight? I felt bad all of a sudden and promised myself I would do better. I am sure I wasn’t the only one that made a mistake every now and then. This one had a happy ending at least.


Fast forward a couple weeks or so after the sightseeing trip to Boston. The trip to Boston was a fun time even though Mother Nature stuck her ugly head into the fray. Puppy continued teaching me much about the intricacies of our life together with the three of us. Mostly boring and repetitive for the most part if you ask me but drilling the concepts into my head. I would toss something different in to make things interesting.

Teddy did propose to Patrice and was giddy as a strutting pony. I did put a bit of a damper on things with her. I was still worried about their different type of lives though I am pretty sure she figured that part out. I was more concerned now about his job more than anything. Being the wife of a cop can be harrowing if the movies and shows are true. Of course that is all I had to go by and logic tells me they can’t be that far off. He was in line for detective and I wasn’t sure that was any better.

The hiring Sarah did with my help went through without a hitch. Matter of fact Mr Sleaze Ball, as I call him, was rather pleased with the outcome. It probably made him look better with the head office. If they only knew the truth behind the whole affair it might be a different story.

Work was going great as the team figured out the cause of the board breakdown accidentally. They didn’t understand how or why it happened, but dealt with dirty power. It was a power outage that led to the breakthrough. Surge, outage followed by another surge fried the reconfigured boards. They played hell duplicating the problem. It was finally traced back to the power supply and a weak battery that became damaged unknowingly but still passed tests. We sent a tech notice out to replace the battery with a new model and upgrade the surge suppressor chip with an upgraded replacement.

Mike and Kathy were getting along like a very happy couple, more like newlyweds. They made sure everything was kosher at work. We hadn’t had a chance to get together again either. His birthday party was coming up on Friday and I had his gifts already wrapped. Well, one for each of them in all reality. Kathy would get hers a little earlier than Mike I decided. That way he could play with his gift at the party. I was singing the entire time I wrapped the little boxes.

I opened the door from a surprising uneventful Thursday at work. Puppy was naked at the door on her yoga mat with the crop in her mouth. I was a bit surprised at this new little endeavor.

“My puppy wants to play does she?” I said but knew there wouldn’t be a response.

I picked up her leash and pulled her up and she went immediately to inspection mode like always. I did my usual playful tactics trying to get the better of her which seldom works unless she wants to fail. Then I saw Tinkle stretched to the ceiling out of the corner of my eye in nothing but five inch heels and the ball gag in her mouth. My goodness she looked so beautiful that way. I had thought about doing this earlier but we hadn’t bought a break in timing. Evidently, this was the day.

“Relax Puppy.” I said giving her the new command I came up with.

“I think I am going to like this game. Shall we eat first so I can view my beauty?” I said.

“Yes Sir. At the table or would you rather eat in the living room?” Puppy asked smiling.

“Depends, what is for desert other than the very tasty after dinner appetizer?” I asked.

“Cinnamon roll with Betturkey Giriş extra icing.” Puppy chuckled.

“Table, desert at the couch?” I said licking my lips excitedly.

“Perfect Sir.” Puppy snickered.

Beef stroganoff by Puppy and Tinkle is always a great dinner. I had a chance to change before the meal was ready as she was waiting for my direction where to eat. Sarah had already eaten so I didn’t get a chance to tease her. I didn’t hurry the process either and even took time to relax after eating, letting my food settle while enjoying the view. Sitting at a different spot at the table was new to me, uncomfortable is the best way to describe the feeling. Sounds silly, but when you are used to repetitiveness, it just doesn’t feel right somehow.

I sat at the couch finally while puppy prepared my desert, warming my roll in the microwave. Puppy had gotten extra icing and brought it along with my heavenly roll. I already figured out what she was up to. Pulling my silk lounging shorts off first, then icing my hard cock before handing me the delicious roll. That must have been the toughest desert I have ever tried to eat in my life. Puppy and her talented tongue, lips and mouth at work while I tried to eat.

Easy at the beginning but suddenly I am like a volcano building to its demanding crescendo, one that Puppy kept leaving in its smoldering, fuming desire for eruption. Puppy kept worming her head away from my attempted grabs of fulfillment.

“Not yet Sir.” Puppy smiled fastidiously licking her lips.

Sarah had a ring side seat at our display though suspended from the ceiling. She was wiggling away, wanting loose from her restraints and in on the action. The desire in her wide open eyes evident along with her heavy breathing, heaving breasts and drooling moans around the ball gag. Her wide open pussy clenching as her hips moved, her desire running down the insides of her thighs. She was wanting her fingers in her anticipating snatch and couldn’t as she pulled at the cuffs. I put the remainder of my roll down long ago, only half eaten before it became a messy floor casualty.

“Restraint from the inevitable my loving Master. How does it feel to be teased to the point of no return and no release?” Puppy chastised mockingly.

In a blink of recognition I understood what she was trying to teach me. The same teasing I put them through, she wanted me to feel the same thing they did when I teased them unmercifully, unbearable self control. There is a point the brain loses control and only wants satisfaction. I was at that point but Puppy held me painfully off, holding me back.

“Take your frustration out on Sarah.” Puppy commanded, handing me the crop.

I had to focus and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I rose and stood wobbly in front of Tinkle, standing on the covered coffee table with the yoga mat in place. Her legs stretched wide attached to the rings we put in the table, her arms held high above her, almost taut. Her tits jutting out and nipples in full bloom for her. My cock dripping as Puppy made sure not a drop was wasted with a lick or a suck that drove me onward and still closer but out of reach.

I was afraid and tentative, not by anger but lust. Anger can be controlled unless consumed by rage. What about lust consumed by unrelenting rage lust? I couldn’t feel the power of my strokes once I started tapping her breasts, my mind focused on my own release. I think they were taps as I couldn’t tell how much power I put in the little swats.

I steeled my resolve thinking only of Tinkle suddenly, putting myself in my own little world. Carefully taking aim on her nipples with a swat to each. Her gagged scream rang out, her tits jutted forward for more, her hips bucking wildly forward and back, side to side, fucking air.

Again, I swatted each a little harder, maybe harder than I really wanted, I wasn’t sure. She jutted them froward again, shoulders back and bucked her hips forward. She was cumming, from the gagged oomph she let out. I snapped her exposed clit. She screamed and squirted, soaking her thighs, the yoga mat and Puppy in the process.

I also jettisoned onto the yoga mat mixing in my pleasure to the soaking mess as Puppy had turned to see what had happened, overcome with desire from the reaction from Tinkle. Puppy unable to hold me off and make sure Tinkle was safe at the same time. Tumbling backwards onto the couch nearly exhausted and breathing heavy, dropping the crop in the process. The remaining half of my roll and the paper plate taking the brunt of the action, though I didn’t know it til later.

I watched Puppy as she slowly untied the limp form of Tinkle and helping her sit next to me. Tinkle lovingly laying her head on my shoulder, holding and stroking my arm. Still gagged, with drool covering her chin and chest. She would have been kissing instead of rubbing me with her head like a cat. Both of us sated from our desirous endeavor. My somewhat limp cock satisfied for the moment. Our racing hearts Betturkey Güncel Giriş and breath slowly calming, the sweat cooling our hot bodies.

I struggled unbuckling the gag that held Tinkle, finally removing the apparatus. Tinkle flexed her jaw and whispered a thank you as she swiped some of the drool off her face that had dried and irritating her, licking her dry lips seductively.

Puppy had laid down on the messy mat not caring and began coating herself in the extra icing she had brought. Leaving globs on her nipples as she massaged herself. I got the idea quickly as did Tinkle. I waited til she used up the entire container before snacking on the sweet treat that laid before us. She was glassy eyed and wanting as she looked at us, begging us to begin.

An easy task at hand as Tinkle and I each took a side and began licking the sweet icing off she had smeared all over herself. Her moaning, ticklish giggles and writhing wiggles kept us going. Even her gasps from a sudden licking kiss between Tinkle and I had an effect.

The coffee table suddenly presented a problem as it was wider than most. Just not wide enough to comfortably straddle as Tinkle tried to position herself over Puppy. Tinkle couldn’t hold with one leg bent on the coffee table and the other half bent on the floor and gave up. I moved down, licking the sopping wetness from Puppy, the icing overriding her honey taste.

Tinkle got behind me and I heard her start laughing uncontrollably though I didn’t know why. Then I felt her removing something from my ass and the licks that followed. I didn’t have a clue what had happened but her little kisses and nibbles turned me on. This was something new to me and Tinkle knew what she was doing. Her hand fondling my cock and balls while her tongue teased my ass. I was on edge soon after but still administering my full attention on Puppy’s desire.

I knew Puppy couldn’t hold off much longer either. Even for all her control there comes a point she can no longer hold off. For her, that point was bridging her back continuously, she was at the point I was waiting for. Clumsily getting in position, jamming my cock balls deep inside her wet hole. Her cunt clamping around my cock in a death grip, her legs wrapped around me in kind. Trying to fuck my cock with everything she had. I couldn’t move much as she slid some on the coffee table toward me then away. Her scream of pleasure erupting from deep within before she went limp like a rag.

I pulled out deciding to finish my wanton desire with Tinkle. I turned looking at Tinkle and started laughing. Her face covered in a sticky mess with crumbs from my roll all over her face and hair. It was such a sight but still my demanding need still wanted fulfilled. It was going to take them a while to clean the mess up, maybe tomorrow.

I had Tinkle lay on the couch and between her thighs, balls deep in an instant. I had fun cleaning her up while we were humping away to her delight. It didn’t take long as both of us erupted in euphoria once again. We laid with her legs tightly wrapped and her arms around my neck for several minutes, cuddling. Her soft blue eyes so full of love and the satisfaction etched on her face.

I looked over at Puppy who had turned watching us, the exhausted satisfied knowing smile on her face. Tinkle and I disentangled, we all needed a shower. Everything was a mess and we were all laughing at what had happened to my roll. Too tired to clean up anything other than ourselves as we trekked to the shower sluggishly. The shower did revive us and the three of us cleaned up the mess the best we could.

Sarah had to work tomorrow during the after work party for Mike and his birthday. She couldn’t get off because it was the mid season audit and had to be there. Why a Friday and saved their store for last made me wonder but I didn’t question it. Sarah said it was a boon to her because she found out things the other stores were being shot down about and easily fixed.

Puppy would meet me at work before going. I decided she would wear jeans at least and let her be comfortable with whatever else she wanted to wear. I was worried that it would bring back bad memories. She said she had to face her fears and get over it for my sake as well as hers.

Friday went well, the team was brainstorming on the feasibility of a new idea after the nerf basketball game. I swear they have been watching too much TV in their spare time. It seemed like a good idea to me however, especially after I made a few phone calls. If they could make it a reality was another story. It would take some serious computer upgrades and that just wasn’t in the budget. However, another department had just what we were looking for and they weren’t using it. The problem now was rearranging the work area to make it all fit.

Since we didn’t have a project at the time, it would keep them busy. They had about two weeks before upper management came down with a load. That is about how it works after a big job was finished. Basically they gave about a month of busy rest time before the next proposal came in. Sometimes an easy upgrade or something totally new like the last one. If they worked hard on their idea they could propose it themselves if it was feasible. Of course I get stuck with the final cost analysis and layout if approved. No big deal, it is my job after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32