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My university required that all freshmen live in the dorms unless they were from that city. That first year of school wasn’t so bad. Yeah, my roommate, Travis, was a disgusting pig who snored too loud but he had a rather attractive girlfriend, Melissa, who he had over frequently. He was friendly enough though. There were several nights I had to put up with those two fucking two meters from me. This was the first time they had both lived away from their parents and they were going to take advantage of that no matter what I thought.

Travis had the decency to warn me that he and his girlfriend would be fucking regardless of whether I was in the room, so at least I was prepared. We were only a couple of weeks into the first semester when the first fucking occurred. It was about 11:00pm on a Friday night and Travis and I were hanging out playing MarioKart on my Nintendo64 when Melissa came over. She sat down on his bed while we continued to play, but after a while she was obviously getting horny.

It was a pretty hot late summer Wisconsin night and so she decided to go ahead and strip down to her bra and panties. Melissa was attractive, but is wasn’t as though I hadn’t ever seen a college girl in her underwear before. This was a coed dorm and people walked to and from the communal bathrooms all the time in various states of undress. I would be lying, however, if I said I wasn’t at least a bit distracted by her and that definitely affected my performance in our MarioKart race.

Melissa is a petite Korean-American. Her mother is Korean and her father is American with his ancestry being French. Despite being just five feet in height, Melissa has an impressive set of tits at a nice C-cup. Big enough that they bounce and juggle with every move, but not so big that gravity takes over and makes them sag too much. A beautiful perky set that just begs to be stared at and squeezed. To top that off, Melissa has a sexy flat tummy, just the right size hips for her height, and beautiful light tan skin thanks to her Korean and Mediterranean lineage.

Anyway, so there we were playing MarioKart with me losing since my attention was now divided. After a few more minutes I lost and decided it was time to hit the showers before an early night. Tomorrow I had to get up early to head out rock climbing with some friends.

I had never had any problem stripping off with my roommate there or in locker rooms with other guys, but with a nearly naked Melissa there I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I fumbled around with my shower supplies, my towel, and clothes to change into after the shower when Travis asked what the hell I’m doing. I just responded my saying, “Dude, Melissa…”

“I don’t see what the problem is,” Melissa said. “I’m sitting here almost naked and I’ve definitely seen my share of naked dudes in my life.”

“OK,” I responded.

With that I proceeded to strip off my pants and underwear while my back was to both of them. I noticed, out of the corner of my eye in the mirror, that both Melissa and Travis were watching me strip. They really made no effort to hide the fact they were watching, but I didn’t call them out on it because I just wanted to be out of there and on my way to the showers.

As soon as my pants came off I remembered I was wearing my thong but it was too late to quickly pull it down together with my pants. Melissa and Travis had both seen it.

“Wow!” Melissa screamed. “I had no idea you were into such kinky undies, Brad (that’s me).

“Yeah, dude,” Travis added. “Where have you been hiding those?”

Knowing that I had been caught I tried to just blow it off as nothing.

“Ya, ya…very funny,” I said. “Look, I just am not that into underwear, but I still need some support if you know what I mean.”

After that I wrapped a towel around my waist, threw off my shirt, grabbed my shampoo, soap, shaving gel, and razor and headed off to the bathroom.

I tend to take long showers partly because I just love the feeling of the hot water running through my hair and down my body and partly because I keep things shaved smooth. For that I don’t like to rush things.

When I finally returned to my room the scene had changed. Melissa had seemingly lost her bra and panties and Travis had gotten naked as well.

My towel was wrapped around my waist when I opened the door and stopped dead in my tracks.

Melissa ordered me to come in and shut the door quickly.

“Whats going on?” I asked.

“Well, this is where Travis and I will be doing most of our fucking, and since this is your room we figured we all might as well start getting comfortable with being naked around each other,” Melissa responded in a cool logical tone.

“Um, OK,” I said suriyeli porno uncertainly.

“So, lose the towel, dude,” Travis said with a laugh.

Although Travis was not a particularly attractive guy, his cock certainly made up for it. I estimate it to be seven inches and quite thick. It stands perfectly straight when hard and is topped with a well-proportioned head. His balls hang down just the right amount so that, I imagine, when he fucks Melissa, they make a great slapping sound. Like me, he keeps everything hair-free too.

With Melissa and Travis both naked and baring it all. I really had no room to argue. So, off came the towel. My partial erection meant that my cock pointed out ninety degrees from my body and since I was facing Melissa it pointed straight at her face.

“Hello!” Melissa said jokingly.

I felt the need to explain myself.

“Sorry, it’s just that you are so freakin’ hot and I haven’t gotten laid since this summer so I guess things react pretty quick right now.” “You have some amazing tits and I’m liking what I see downstairs too.”

“Don’t worry about it, Brad,” Travis assured me. “Just don’t try to mess around with her when I’m not around.”

Things were getting a bit more comfortable. They were fine with the fact that Melissa’s body was the cause of my now raging hard-on. I was fine seeing Travis naked, and most certainly OK with Melissa showing off her stellar body in our room.

Melissa said, “Brad, with your cock and body you shouldn’t have any trouble finding fuck-friends on campus.”

Travis’ cock was bigger than mine. Hard I am about six and a half inches and pretty thick. My balls hang pretty much like Travis’, but because I keep in good shape swimming, cycling, and rock climbing I don’t have much body fat and my muscles are toned. That makes my cock look bigger than it is and it makes my balls look like fabulous low-hangers without looking like old sang balls. Like Travis’ cock it also stands straight up at attention when hard. And, my cock head is slightly larger than the width of my cock so it caps everything off nicely.

“Thanks, Melissa,” I responded. “Right now my focus is on my studies. Maybe once I get into my classes and figure out my study schedule I will be able to work on the whole getting laid regularly thing.”

“Well, you’re gonna need to do something about those full balls in the meantime!” Melissa joked.

“Don’t you worry about my balls, Melissa,” I shot back friendly enough.

I proceed to finish drying off and started going for my sweatpants and a T-shirt when Melissa jumped up from the bed and grabbed them from me. I didn’t even have time to tighten my grip as I was immediately distracted by her bouncing tits.

“As long as we’re naked you are too!” she laughed. “Look, what do you think of chilling here while Trav and I fuck?” “Of course you’re welcome to stroke that cock of yours if you want to enjoy the show.”

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Sure!” Melissa responded. “No need for you to suffer completely over there while we get off.”

I was hesitant to jerk myself with someone else watching, especially two people that I wasn’t going to fuck. Of course I had masturbated in front of past girlfriends. They loved watching me pleasure myself and I loved being watched knowing that they were staring at me doing just about the most private of things someone can do. But, since we were all naked and Travis and I were both hard I figured why not. So, I grabbed my cock with my right hand and started stroking. I then proceeded to grab my balls with my left hand to squeeze them, roll them around, and pinch them a bit.

“Sweet!” Melissa said. “I love your technique…it even looks like you’re into a bit of torture the way you’re playing with your balls there, Brad.”

I didn’t respond to that. I just stood speechless while I focused on this new experience of edging myself with an audience of two.

Travis got up and headed over to Melissa while saying, “Hey babe, lets give Brad something to focus on and help him along.”

Travis grabbed Melissa and gently forced her into a blowjob position. It was obvious that she loved his cock the way that she took hold of it and guided it into her mouth. Melissa started off by slowly bobbing her head taking in all of Travis’ cock and then coming off of it a few times. She licked his cock head expertly with her tongue and even played with his cock hole some with her tongue. Then, unexpectedly, Melissa grabbed Travis’ balls and gave them such a tight squeeze that he let out a bit of a yelp.

“Holy shit! I said under my breath.

“Yeah, I knew you’d like that, Brad,” Melissa said slyly.

“Fine, I’ll admit I’ve got my fantasies,” I submitted.

Travis and Melissa were getting into rhythm at that point. Melissa was laying with her back on the bed and legs spread. Travis was pounding away Melissa’s pussy and her tits were bouncing nicely. The slapping of Travis’s balls was just as I had imagined. Any self consciousness I had about masturbating in the presence of others had vanished and I was was massaging my cock and balls while focusing mostly on Melissa’s jiggling boobs.

Both Melissa and Travis would look over at me occasionally and smile knowingly. Melissa even gave me a slutty wink. A few times I brought myself to the edge and almost blew my load. As I was getting into this I decided I wanted to finish after Melissa and Travis did. So, I just kept myself on the edge for the next few minutes.

Travis started picking up the pace with his pounding. Melissa’s moaning got louder and louder until Travis collapsed onto Melissa and quivered as his cock spurted cum into her pussy at least half a dozen times. Melissa didn’t seem to have orgasmed. Travis blew his load just before she reached her climax.

“Fuck, Travis!” Melissa shouted.

“Shit! Travis said. “I thought you came, babe.”

“Nope…start eating,” Melissa ordered.

Travis got down on his knees and started eating Melissa’s hairless pussy as it oozed his own cum. Travis was eating her out good but Melissa was focused on me as I kept myself on edge. Because Melissa was already almost at the point of climax when Travis blew his load, it didn’t take long for her to cum while being eaten. As soon as she finished shaking and moaning from orgasm she ordered me to stop edging and not to cum yet.

Travis and Melissa whispered something and then both looked at me. Travis got up off his knees and started walking toward me.

“What’re you doing, dude?” I asked with a voice that expressed part joking and part fear.

“Relax, Brad,” Travis said. “Just enjoy what is about to happen.”

As soon as Travis spoke those words he pounced on me. He pinned me down. Although I was pretty strong, Travis was a big guy and there was no way I was getting out from that pin.

Once pinned Melissa got up. Travis’s cum was still dripping a bit from her wet pussy lips. She didn’t even seem to notice or care, I’m not sure which it was, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Melissa then walked over to me and took hold of my balls.

“Well, Trav,” Melissa said in a conniving tone. “Looks like we got ourselves a little plaything here.” “We saw the way you grab and squeeze your balls.” “I heard you when I squeezed Trav’s balls.” “You love being abused, don’t you?”

“That thong you had on makes sense now,” Travis remarked. “You’ve got a submissive side, don’t you?”

I didn’t deny it. I just looked back at Melissa to try to anticipate what she might do next.

When Melissa had made her way over she took hold of my balls and gave them such a hard squeeze that I let out a little squeal. It felt like my balls were being crushed into each other. Melissa Kept squeezing until the pain was pretty bad and I was about to scream. Then she released.

“That’s what you like, isn’t it?” Melissa said with evil undertones.

Again, I didn’t respond. Travis and Melissa took my lack of response as permission to continue.

Travis kept me pinned down because, although I wasn’t responding to Melissa’s questions, I was squirming. He had now moved to straddling my face so his knees kept my arms pinned down. The side effect of that position was that his big cock hung directly in my face. And, it had dripped a couple drops of cum onto my lips and chin. No one noticed except for myself.

Melissa asked Travis what they ought to do next. Travis just responded by telling her that now was the chance to live out all those ball busting fantasies she had talked about before.

My eyes grew wide as I yelled softly, “Excuse me!?!?”

“Yeah!” Melissa said cheerily. “I love to beat up on a guy’s cock and balls from time to time but Travis won’t let me because he says he will affect his chances to have kids.” “So, here we are.” “You clearly are into it and so am I!”

After than short explanation Melissa lifted my semi-hard cock with her left hand and just as she let it go smacked it with full strength with her right hand.

“Fuck!” I yelled. This time I didn’t even try to soften my scream. Chances are that half my dorm floor heard me scream.

Travis muffled that scream of mine pretty quickly by covering my mouth with his hand. As he did that he leaned down just enough that his cock head came into contact with my lips.

“Ooops…sorry, travesti porno dude,” he said with a chuckle. “Hey babe, check this out.” Looks like he’s into my cock and cum too.” “Here Brad, kiss my cock head.”

With that Travis then repeatedly touched his cock head to my lips and then forced it into my mouth. Not his entire cock. Just the head and then he pulled it out.

Melissa laughed a bit and then refocused her attention to my cock and balls. She grabbed my ball sack with her left hand and squeezed so that the skin stretched tight around my balls. Then, with her right hand in a tight fist, gave a little punch. Just enough to make me feel a bit of pain, but not hard enough to make me scream. Melissa was testing me. Feeling confident I could take this punishment, she punched again. This time with much more force. It felt like I had been punched in the gut after that one.

After that last hit by Melissa Travis felt comfortable releasing me from the pin. As he did so he said, “Now don’t go running off there, Brad…we’re not finished!”

Melissa ordered me to get on all fours. She got behind me and used my balls as a speed punching bag for a while. This is actually something I had fantasised about. Now that it was actually happening I was beside myself. Part of me wanted to get out of there because the pain was so much, but part of me wanted this to continue. I had fantasised about this for so long that it would seem a waste to give up so soon on this actually being real. Obviously that side of me won out. I stayed.

When Melissa finished that workout she declared that she needed a break as her arms were tired. I turned over and sat spread eagle on the floor. That was the first time I had a look at my cock and balls since the ball busting started. I had imagined this before, but I guess never really expected it to become a reality. My balls were red and purple and totally swollen.

Travis then suggested to Melissa that we let up on me for the day as I was looking pretty beaten. She said that she had one more thing to try before that happens.

I was nervous but asked anyway, “What’s that, Melissa?”

She didn’t respond. She didn’t even look at me. She just stood up and and in one swift motion brought her right leg back and forward until her bare foot made direct contact with my tender balls.

I screamed louder than before. Travis wasn’t even expecting that one so he wasn’t there to cover my mouth as I let out that scream.

That brought several neighbours to my door knocking to see if everything was alright. Melissa answered the door without worrying about trying to cover up.

She told the guys at the door everything was fine. “Just having some fun in here.”

Then she invited them in. She said, “Brad was just finishing up here.” “Go on, Brad, finish playing with yourself.”

With three more guys in the room watching I slowly moved my hand back to my cock and started stroking. I had lost my raging hard-on a bit, but as I stroked it quickly returned and the precum started leaking again. I avoided playing with my balls because they were so sore and swollen, but I loved how they bounced even more now as I masturbated.

“Come on, Brad…Let’s see how much cum you’ve got in there!” Melissa said to encourage me.

She came over to me and shoved her tits in my face. “Here…I guess you deserve this after being such a good sport.”

That took me over the edge. I blew my load all over myself, the floor, my bed, and even got a couple drops on Travis who hadn’t moved far away enough to avoid the friendly fire. My neighbours gave me an applause and Travis complemented me on the volume of cum that came spurting out of my cock.

I just sat there totally depleted.

It was way past the time I had hoped to go to sleep by. So, I went back to the showers. I walked down there in a daze. Covered in cum and didn’t even bother to wrap the towel around my waist. Several others in the dorm saw me and asked what’s up and then noticed that I was covered in cum.

“Wow, Brad,” they said. “Looks like you’ve been having a fun time in there!”

Melissa and Travis both followed me down the hall to the showers where they joined me in getting cleaned up. We all agreed this was a great time and that it was going to be a fun year.

the next day I still rose early enough to get out for some rock climbing. Having discovered my desire to be naked around others and the fact that my balls were still sore and swollen from the night before I ran it by my friends if they minded if I climbed nude today. They giggled a bit, but all thought it would make for an interesting experience.

With that I stripped while two guys and three girls kept their eyes on me.

“Whoa, Brad!…what happened to your balls!?!?” Lisa asked.

After I explained the events of the night before we had a day of climbing that continued to develop my exhibitionist and ball busting side. But, that is a story for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32