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Bikini Babes

Chapter Two: Experimentation

Part 1

Mom and I showered together that morning, but didn’t end up doing the kind of sexual things I wanted. Despite what you may read or see in movies, the shower can be a pretty poor place for sexual activity (at least if you’re in the shower with the water running.) Mom confessed an eagerness to feel my cock in her mouth, but she wouldn’t blow me there because she knew from her married years that the flow of water makes it extremely difficult to breathe. The spray tended to make most positions slightly annoying, usually ending up in someone’s face, or else only covering one person, so that the other gets cold.

So, even though our bodies fit together like a perfect 3D puzzle – a flowing sculpture of sex and ecstasy – the shower was not well designed for our play. Maybe we’d get around to redesigning it one day.

As we dressed, we talked quietly about the day ahead. Mom was running late for her dance lesson, and I was going to have to hustle to make it to my class on time. I mentioned that I was going to try to meet up with Kimberly at her usual lunch spot to finally break up with her for real.

“Let her down easy, Kevin,” Mom said, stroking my cheek and looking serious. “From what I know of Kim and what you told me last night, I think she deserves to be treated with respect and care. I always liked her, and it seems to me that you’ve both still got a lot to learn.”

I stepped closer to my mother, and cupped her perky little ass in my palms; pulling her against my hard on. “And you’re just the woman to teach me, aren’t you?” I smirked. Our tongues met in her willing mouth, and Mom’s pelvis ground slowly against me.

“Mmmm. I just might be.” she said. “I hope so!” she added, giving my ass a squeeze. But for now…” This time she gave it a good slap. “We’ve got to go! Don’t get home too late, I’ve planned a little surprise for you.”

“Really?” I said, heading towards the front door with her. “My lessons are already beginning?”

“Mmnnoo. This surprise isn’t a lesson. It’s just a…well…you’ll see.”

“I trust you,” I said, and I hugged her once more behind our closed front door, and kissed her softly; with love. Damn! I wanted to tear her clothes off, and fuck her right there and then on the floor. Instead, I released her, and we headed out to our respective days.

I suppose it’s easy to understand that I had trouble following the lectures and discussions in my classes that morning (as a senior, I’d found ways to schedule all my classes in the morning.) My mind drifted over and over to my mother’s sleek thighs, her hard little mid-section, her soft and firm rear end, those delicious tits, her graceful neck, sharp jaw, gorgeous green eyes over high round cheeks and framed by her long raven hair.

I thought of her touch, her kiss, the wet heat inside her. I thought of how she smiled when I squeezed her breasts and how she sighed and laughed as I shoved my hard member into her over and over. I was confounded by her overall graceful shape, the sharp sexy details I’d discovered on close inspection and her strength: It thrilled and amazed me that my mother, a forty year old woman, could have such a delicate looking frame and yet could support my weight crushing down onto it; could open up to my 23-year-old body’s most powerful thrusts, and could arc up and beg for more. How could she be so sexy? How could fucking her be so perfect? How could this be my own mother?

So, yes, the morning classes were a blur. I forced myself to snap out of it for lunch time. I went to the coffee shop that Kim went to every afternoon. It was a local business (which was important to Kim,) the coffee was good and they didn’t mind if she brought a bag lunch to eat with her coffee. Kim was already three years out of college, and was working for a middle sized PR firm. She was making decent money, but still bagged her lunches and lived in a small apartment “until I’ve paid off my credit cards and college loans” she insisted.

We’d first met at this coffee shop. She was an ambitious young woman, graduated at twenty two, and was already climbing the ladder at her firm. I wasn’t exactly a slacker, but I’d taken on my mother’s easy going attitude, and was scheduled to graduate only this year before my twenty fourth birthday. But we’d clicked. We had fun together, and the relationship had worked…

…Except for the sex. Kimberly simply radiated sex appeal; even this day I’d come to break up with her. Sharply defined musculature on the thighs were revealed by her short tan business skirt. She had flawless skin and a perfect handful of breasts on a lovely athletic frame. But in bed, she often had to stop me because the size of my dick hurt her. Over time this made her slower and slower to start, and she was less and less able to last. And, finally, a few days ago I’d given up on the whole deal.

When we first met we were both surprised at how readily we’d gotten along, how instant the attraction had been. Now, Kim was surprised to see me in the coffee shop at all. I apologized kaynarca escort for being out of contact, but she’d been neither surprised nor offended. She knew that it was over, and was glad that I’d shown up to tell her to her face. Despite the sexual conflict, we still liked each other.

“Kevin,” she said. “Y’know how when you break up your ex sometimes says, ‘We can still be friends’?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m still kinda friends with one or two exes. Well, we’re on friendly terms, at least.” I smiled.

“Every guy I’ve ever dated begged to stay friends. I always said, ‘Okay,’ because I didn’t know what else to say.”

“Right.” I said, nodding.

“I was never really interested in staying friends with any of them.” She looked down at her sandwich, and then up at me. “But I’d really like it if we could stay friends; but I really mean it this time.”

“Sure,” I said finding that I really meant it too. “That sounds great.”

“But we’re really going to hang out and stuff like we have in the past, right?”

“Yeah. Definitely.” She smiled, and I found myself smiling with her.

“Cool. Then you’ll have to get together with me and Doobey and Brian and the rest of those guys for a few beers. We’re all still friends.”

“Ehhh,” I wasn’t crazy about seeing Kim’s oldest friend Doobey, but I wasn’t about to let that dumb ass effect my plans. Kim read my tone and my face, and shot me a don’t-be-a-weak-little-punk look. “Look…Yes. Okay. Even Doobey, but not this week. I’ve got some things to…um…” I saw in my mind that little black strip of hair that ran down my mother’s pubic bone. I could almost smell her sex. “…settle into before I can meet up with you guys.”

Kim sighed with suspicion, her breasts rising and falling. She took the plastic spoon out of her coffee, put it between her strawberry lips and sucked the cream off of it. She wasn’t doing it in any kind of sexy way, but I couldn’t help remembering how sweet those lips could taste. “Alright. Next week. But don’t even try to blow me off, Kevin. I said I wanted to stay friends, because I figure you can be a good friend to have.”

I promised, and we were agreed.

She didn’t ask if there was already another woman, and I didn’t say.

I had three more classes to go before I could rush home, and see just how wide Mom’s sinewy legs could be spread. I couldn’t wait to see. I couldn’t wait to hear her laugh and shout.

During my remaining classes I wasn’t completely distracted by thoughts of incestuous joys with my mother. Kim’s lips and thighs flitted through my mind on occasion too. I was able to go from there to concentrating on the lessons being taught by my professors…at least until I would break down and silently rejoice in the memory of Mom’s tongue in my mouth while she squeezed the breath out of me with her arms and legs that morning.

I had to get home. I had to taste her skin again!

Her car was parked in the garage, but I didn’t even bother to bring mine through the gate. I came home, thinking of sneaking up on her and ravaging her. I wondered if I was spoiling her surprise. I couldn’t get myself to care about some surprise. I couldn’t wait to see her narrow torso twist and squirm under and/or over me.

I burst through the front door, and was stunned yet again by my mother. The only sound in the house was my keys falling to the floor.

Mom stood smiling at me, perfectly still. She was decked out in a complete French maid outfit, including black high heels and thin black stockings held up by garters, which led up into a frilly, lacy and extremely short skirt. On top she wore an armless bustier; even one of those maid hats on her black crown.

She held a small silver platter with a frosty beer standing in the center; not unlike the erection in my pants. ” ‘Allo, master!” she said in a corny French accent, and then she began to walk slowly towards me; bringing each leg straight in front of the other, making her hips sway as if the front hall of our house was a cat walk. And she owned the catwalk.

“Master?” I said rooted to the floor.

“Just for this evening.” she said, grinning and speaking out of character for a moment. Her green eyes danced over my face, and she took in the shock and delighted awe that her surprise had put in me. She stopped with the salver and bottle between us. “Maybe later tonight too. We’ll see.”

She winked and held up the beer.

I took it, too stunned to do anything else. This sort of semi-submissive role-play was a shocking jolt. Everything about it was completely contrary to the woman I’d known all my life. How many times had I, as a child, heard, “I’m not your maid, you know!” She was always eager to get me nice Halloween costumes, but I’d never seen her dress up in anything more exotic than a cocktail dress. She’s always been proud – almost defiant – in her insistence that her womanliness be accepted on her terms. A few days earlier I’d stumbled upon her sunbathing nude, and it was this same proud defiance that prevented her from covering up.

And küçükyalı escort now she was waiting for me in a French maid outfit, calling me master and offering me a beer. I was amazed that I had enough blood in my brain and arm to take the beer she’d proffered.

And next she was slowly lowering herself to her knees and unbuckling my belt; all the while smiling up at me like a dream.

My brains must have scrambled because I asked, “Didn’t you go to work today? When did you get that outfit?”

She kept smiling at the lump in my pants as she manipulated the buckle, button and zipper. “Actually, I got it back on Saturday.” Today was Tuesday. “I’d planned this to be my last ditch effort when we were ‘trying’ to ‘desensitize’ you.” She reached into my shorts, and pulled out my rod like a triumphant fisher-woman who’d caught the fish she’d been looking for. “Ooh-la-la!” and she gave it a nice long lick from root to tip.

I shuddered, nearly spilling beer on Mom’s head.

“But by yesterday I could see that the fun and games was just stressing you out, so…well…you know what happened last night.” She was stroking my shaft as she talked, staring only at the meat. “And what happened this morning.” She gave it another hearty pass of her tongue, and then placed my cock head gently between her teeth in order to free up her hands. I tried sipping the beer, but it was no use. She reached down to the front of her bustier (I carefully put the beer into a loose change bowl we kept near the front door) and unfastened a few hooks. Her tits positively sprang free, and she hummed in relief around the tip of my manhood.

The words, the view, the humming. I shuddered again as a drop of pre-cum must have escaped. She reached back up to hold her prize, and her eyes lit up for a moment. She sucked and then opened her mouth to release me with an excruciating popping sound. “I tasted that!” she said with a huge grin. Then she swallowed, and pouted up at me. I hadn’t noticed the cherry red lipstick until that moment. “‘Ave you more for moi’, Master?” she said, returning to the fake French accent.

My blood was beginning to boil. My face turned red.

She popped my dick back into her mouth, and swabbed her tonsils with the head.

“Uh! Oh gah!!” escaped my lips.

Thus encouraged, her head bobbed, her mouth slurped and her throat hummed. I was totally out of my league here. My whole body was rigid. The most I could manage was to gently trace the crown of her head with my fingertips.

What was that?

She was using her throat in a way; it felt like she was actually trying to swallow the head my dick!

“Ohhhhh!” My voice began to escalate in the single drawn out word.

And just as fast as that, she withdrew my member from her face, and looked up at me with an innocent expression. “Jour day was good, oui?” She punctuated her question with a loving, sucking kiss to the side of my now-bright-red pole, and then blinked those huge green eyes up at me. I could feel her bare tits pressing warmth into my thighs. She gently squeezed at my dick with her left hand while keeping balance with her right.

“Uhh. Not bad I guess.”

“Not bad?” she said in mock concern, and gave me an extra tight squeeze of support and interest.

“Uhhhhh. Yeah, no. I had trouble concentrating. I couldn’t pay attention in my classes.”

“But I ‘ave your attention now, oui?”

“Ohh, oui! You sure do,” I said, and I lovingly cupped her cheek in my hand. She tilted her face into my gesture with a soothed smile. “I couldn’t concentrate in class because I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

This got me the smile I’d hoped for. “Ahh,” she said, still in character. She gave my head a tiny nibble, then continued. “Zis I can understand. I too had troubles at my work and at ballet.” She absently rubbed my penis against her cheek, as she spoke to me in her pretend serious tone. “I was late coming to ballet, and I had to leave early.” She sucked gently at the tip, looking as if she were pondering a difficult thought.

“Early? Wh-wh-why did you have to leave early?” I could barely keep my balance standing straight on my feet.

She rolled her eyes theatrically, “Ah, I was too wet, you see? I was afraid that the other girls in the class would see a big. Wet. Spot. On my leotard. I was afraid they would see ‘ow wet my pussy ‘as become.

“Because you were thinking of me?”

Her face turned serious as she dropped the act. “Of course I was wet thinking about you, Kevin. I couldn’t wait to see you, to touch you. I couldn’t wait dress like this for you, to see your handsome face when you saw me. I got so wet thinking about what you might do; about what you’ve already done with me. I had to run out of class to keep everyone from seeing how hot and eager my son was making my pussy. That wet spot would’ve given me away, how desperate I was to touch your cock again, to stroke it, to kiss it! To have you push it inside me.” She blinked rapidly, and nuzzled up against my penis. Finally with a husky voice I’d never sancaktepe escort heard from her before, she said, “I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love having your pipe at the back of my throat, your balls on my chin.”

This, finally, was too much. Mom bare-ass under the backyard tree and in her bed. Mom in slutty outfits. Mom dressed and playing like my sexual servant. It all pushed me to my limits. But this – Mom talking this grateful and desperate dirty talk – pushed me over the edge.

She let my dick slide out of her hand – her face lit like a girl getting her Christmas present – as I bent down to grab her under her arms. I lifted her 120 pounds of muscle, skin and sex appeal into the air and tipped her towards me so she could grab onto me. She laughed – literally, “Tee hee heeee!!!” – put her hands on my shoulders and wrapped her stocking covered legs around my waist. This allowed me to free one arm to reach it around her waist, and to turn us so her back was against a full length mirror mounted to the entrance hall wall. When I pressed her to the wall, she gasped out a breathy, “Yeah!”

Thanks to Mom’s earlier attention, my jeans simply fell around my ankles. I took my other hand out from under her arm, and slid it along her glorious thigh up the short bushy maid’s skirt. Her eyes flashed, and I could feel the garters. Further along the smooth path to my greatest desire, and I felt the rough textures of lacy underwear. I was disappointed for a moment to find any underwear at all, until – almost with a mind of its own – my fingers groped their way to the crotch of the panties…only to find the crotch missing!

My mother’s bare tits were in my face, thanks to her elevation, but I knew I was going to lower her. I put two fingers in; damp to the second knuckles with her desire. I could hear her taking short gasps as I swirled my fingers around inside her cunt and my tongue over her erect nipples.

I let gravity slide her down down the mirror towards my swelling cock. I looked up to her face to see her smiling maniacally down into my face. I got her down just far enough that the tip of my cock was moistened by her wide open pussy. Both of my hands were squeezing her sweet little ass. The thrill of anticipation was all over mom’s face, and I could feel it likewise in my balls. But I held her there for a second to tease us both.

Mom bent her neck down to kiss me gently on the lips. “Why Master,” she said in her pseudo-French accent. “What are you do-eeng?”

My cock head swelled at her pink entrance. “Can’t you guess, my dear?” It was the best I could come up with, with so little blood between my ears.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, and my dick could feel her bounce slightly as she feigned surprise. “Sure-lee you do not mean to put such a biiiig and ‘ard cock in my leettle pussee!”

She giggled then. I dropped her straight down onto it, and the giggle exploded into a roaring laughter. “Oho FUCK YES!” she shrieked, the bullshit French accent forgotten. She shoved her tongue into my mouth, and fucked me for all she was worth. She bucked. She twisted, rubbing her gorgeous tits against me. She squeezed with her pussy muscles and with her legs. She nearly knocked me over!

And then the dirty talk just began to flow. “Oh fuck oh yes oh FUCK yes, Kevin. There it is! There’s your amazing DICK! Deep in my pussy! Right where it belongs! I’ve been so wet and starving for it, baby. Oh! OH! Oh Fuck! OOH! Right back inside me! Guh! UUUHH! Yes! I’m so full! EE-YESSS! You’re so hard and deep in me, baby! FUCK! I wanted it so bad! I needed your cock in me so FUCKING bad! Yes yes yes yes! Yeeeeesssssss!”

I’d like to say that we went at it for another hour, changing up positions, and ripping her costume to shreds in the process. But we’d both gotten so hugely overstimulated in anticipation of seeing each other that Mom’s last long “Yeeeeesssssss!” included her cunt muscles squeezing my dick with a force that could have broken bones. This made me erupt so hard I feared I might propel her, head first into the ceiling. I wouldn’t say simultaneous orgasm so much as an orgasmic domino effect.

We slid down the wall mirror, and crumpled onto the floor; forming a small puddle of joy goo beneath us. I was on my knees. She was on my lap facing me, and my head was resting on her shoulder. We were both gasping for breath. We rolled together onto our sides, Mom twitching in tiny aftershocks.

She began to giggle again, and I looked up at her with my own deeply satisfied smile. “What’s so funny now?”

“Ohhh!” she exhaled, looking up at the ceiling with a luxury that seemed to dismiss the desperation we’d both just shared. “I just realized, hee-hee.” She turned to kiss my nose. “I forgot to say…” She kissed my lips softly, sucking gently on my lower lip as she pulled back, smiling into my eyes. “Welcome home.”

Part 2

The morning’s revelatory sex, the breakup with Kim, the day’s anticipation of seeing each other again and the early evening’s athletic return to sex left my mother and me in an exhausted euphoric daze. We stumbled through a diner of reheated leftovers, and lingered in the living room – and then in the bedroom – in our underwear (she’d changed out of the crotchless pair we’d used so well in favor of a simple silky peach colored pair and a matching spaghetti strap top.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32