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In many ways, Patricia was your typical Connecticut housewife. Two kids, two dogs, and a husband who was addicted to both golf and porn.

At 51, Patricia had definitely hit something of a rut in life. And this fact was true more in the bedroom than anywhere else.

Truth be told, she and her husband barely touched one another these days. And this sad fact has been true for over five years. Greg got by on porn and some very stressful “scheduled sex” that their sex therapist prescribed.

The scheduled sex was supposed to encourage them to rekindle their passion, but it ended up being such a chore for both of them. Each week on “Sex Day,” Trisha would virtually pray for a genuine headache or a cold. Nothing could beat a clear case of the sniffles, in fact. Anything to get out of Sex Day with Greg.

And when she couldn’t get out of it, she tried to get it done with as fast as possible. She’d grab his hard cock and jerk it as quickly as her hand could go, thinking to herself “Please, just come already. Get it over with. You don’t care about me. You only want to get off. Let’s just get on with it so I can read my book already!” After Greg would come, he would make some noises to the effect that he loved her. Sure, whatever. Now she could breathe for another week until “Sex Day” showed up again … Sex Day had, in Trisha’s mind, morphed fully into a total joke in her life.

By this point, she’d come to find Greg somewhere between unattractive and all-out disgusting. It wasn’t that he was bad looking. In fact, for a man of 55, he looked great—and many women seemed to think so. The problem, as she thought about it, was largely how he treated her. After more than two decades of marriage, he really seemed to take her for granted, paying little attention to the details of her world. And barely looking at her during the day.

How could he come to expect her to give herself to him sexually in this context when he showed no signs of caring about her whatsoever? It made no sense to her. She was, simply, utterly turned off by him at this point and was happy that he had his porn as an outlet. And happy that every now and then she truly got a headache on Sex Day.

To compound the problem, note this: When it came to their sexual world, Greg seemed to make the same erroneous attribution that so many middle-aged men in this situation made. He chalked the problem up 100% to his wife.

She’d older now. Post-menopausal. Women don’t really like sex, especially at that age. Not much can be done …

Trisha knew that Greg saw the situation this way based on their conversations with the sex therapist whom they’d seen for a few sessions some months back. Honestly, she was so not into him at this point that she made no attempt to correct this gross misperception.

And make no mistake: Greg’s take on the problems in their bedroom was, unequivocally, a gross misperception. Below the surface, Trisha, in fact, yearned to be loved.

On the down low, when Greg and the kids were out, and the mood was right, Trisha would grab her Kindle and look up sexy stories on her favorite erotic site. With her vibrator plugged in and ready to go. Immediately, she’d click straight on the latest BDSM stories and would look for a story that had what she wanted so desperately in her own world.

The ingredients were as follows:

1. She wanted a man who was a true gentleman. And she wanted the whole package. Tall, muscular, handsome, intelligent, witty, powerful, successful, and kind. A girl can dream, right? Trisha gave extra points for a black man or a tall, handsome Brit.

2. She wanted the main woman in the story to be swept away by this hunky man. He would pay her extraordinary attention, caring about her inner world, commenting on her hair and her eyes, buying her sexy clothing and jewelry. In short, he would make her feel special and loved.

3. She wanted the man to be an all-out Dom, taking full control in the bedroom.

4. And the woman needed to be an all out Submissive—a Betturkey slave to her master, willing to fully surrender to his every desire and wish.

5. She got so turned on by thinking about being tied up. And blindfolded. And violated in both her mouth and ass. And she wanted these themes to show up in spades in the stories that she chose.

While Greg was getting off to his lesbian porn videos, thinking that she was “over the hill,” Trisha was, unbeknownst to him, basking just as passionately in the little fictional world found buried in her Kindle.

Her fire wasn’t out. Not by any stretch. It’s just that Greg wasn’t even close to lighting it these days. He was clueless.

“Trisha, look it here,” Greg said over breakfast one morning. He pointed to a story in the Times Magazine section.

“This guy in Toronto is a total gigolo! Check him out!”

Trisha looked over the article that Greg had found so amusing. There he was. His name was James Hamilton. He was a large, attractive, muscular black man who looked amazing in a suit. This news story was all about how Mr. Hamilton runs a highly lucrative business by providing “sexual guidance” to middle-aged women who have lost their paths.

Greg laughed. “That’s a scream, right?! This guy is nothing more than a gigolo and everyone knows it!” Greg laughed again. Trisha smiled. And continued reading.

Was this actually legitimate, Trisha thought? Mr. Hamilton runs this business in Toronto, a place that Trisha visits for her work regularly. In fact, she was set to visit there for a conference next week.

Look at him, she thought. He is delicious. He’s over six feet tall, eloquent, and he specializes in providing the kinds of sexual experiences that women like her yearn for so deeply. Apparently, BDSM is his specialty, in fact.

Throughout the article, Mr. Hamilton comes across as kind and funny. And as a true gentlemen. She turned the page and gulped. The rate for one night of “sexual coaching” was $1,000 (Canadian).

“What do you think, Trisha? Maybe you can pay Mr. Hamilton a visit when you’re at the conference next week!” Greg quipped. He seemed to think that this was hysterical.

Trisha had a different take altogether …

Later that day, Trisha found herself distracted in her office. She was a professor of international relations at a local university and she had been working on a specific exchange program with the University of Toronto over the past several years. She could not get James Hamilton out of her mind. The fact that he was based in Toronto surely seemed like a sign. She found herself in Toronto all the time …

With the door only slightly ajar, Trish ran a quick Google search, immediately pulling up Mr. Hamilton’s website. His website was amazing. He described his program in detail. And he included many photos of himself as well as some photos that also included some clients (with their identities blurred via Photoshop).

Some of these photos were so incredibly hot.

A woman about her age tied up on her back to a leather bench, blindfolded.

Another woman in her middle years, with her mouth suggestively next to Mr. Hamilton’s crotch.

Another woman whose face is full of ecstasy as Mr. Hamilton wields a paddle toward her backside.

This was so unbelievably hot that Trisha found herself getting up, gently closing and locking her door, sitting back down, and rubbing her thighs together until she had a full-out orgasm right then and there.

At this point, Trisha realized that she owed it to herself. She could turn up $1,000 Canadian. She would do this once, and once only, she resolved. After so many years of living in a sexual void, she truly needed this.

She clicked on the scheduling button on the website and looked for availability for next week. A single night was open. Tuesday. Tuesday, then, it would be. She got out her credit credit card, created an account and password for the website, typed in all the necessary information, Betturkey Giriş including her cell phone number, and then she hit “submit.”

She would submit in more ways than one, Trisha thought. She could not wait to go to Toronto.

Trisha ditched the conference early on Tuesday. She was set to meet Mr. Hamilton at 7pm and she was going to look her best. At 3:00, she had her hair done. Some subtle red and blonde highlights were blended into her silky brown hair. She loved the job that they did. She had recently gotten both pedicures and manicures and her nails all showed as a beautiful, suggestive dark magenta. By 5:30, she was back in her room where she got dressed for the night. She had recently purchased a long, sexy, low-cult magenta silk dress with a highly suggestive slit just for the occasion. It fit her curvy body like a glove.

Her sexiest black panties and lacy bra served as the foundation. Silky black stockings next. Followed by her sexy new dress. She wore a necklace with a diamond pendant that sunk deep into her cleavage. She took off her wedding ring and placed it on the dresser. She looked in the mirror, and found herself stunned by what she saw. Unlike how Greg made her feel, she was voluptuous. And worthy of Mr. Hamilton. She quickly downed a glass of chardonnay and headed toward the lobby. Ready for anything.

Mr. Hamilton stood out in the hotel bar. He looked even better in person. And he stood up immediately to greet her. He actually kissed the back of her hand, something that no man had ever done to her before. His eyes were magnetic and his face was like the face of an angel.

“Take a seat. It’s so wonderful to finally meet in person. You look ravishing. Absolutely ravishing,” he said.

Trisha was immediately impressed with how very genuine he seemed. He actually seemed to have paid attention to their brief email exchanges. He truly seemed to think that she looked beautiful. And his gorgeous dark eyes showered her with attention. Being in his presence was amazing, and she could immediately see how he is able to make a living at this.

After a few cocktails, James (as Trisha came to call him) suggested, quite bluntly, that they head upstairs for some “extra-curricular activities.”

She loved how forthright James was. And, of course, she would be more than glad to accompany her date.

James had booked a separate room in the same hotel. Entering it was magical. The scent of fresh-cut flowers filled the air. The view of Lake Ontario was priceless. And everything was simply put together right. James clearly had a sense for how to make a woman feel special.

Upon entering the space, James gently put his hands around Trisha’s mid section, grabbed her hips toward him, and leaned down to kiss her on the mouth. This was so beautiful and Trisha felt her world spinning around in this moment. James was so incredibly sexy that she nearly orgasmed right then and there.

What did he have planned? What was next? She was so excited and could not wait.

“Trisha, I’ve got a little note for you in the bedroom. Why don’t you take a look?” James said.

Trisha smiled at him with her eyes. Of course, she thought. She made her way into the bedroom and found a red envelope on the king-size bed. She opened it. And was stunned with what it said.

Trisha, you are beautiful tonight. And tonight, you will be mine. All mine. You will be my slave. And you will refer to me only as Master. And I will bring you to new heights. Lay on your belly, close your eyes, and relax.

Oh my goodness, Trisha thought. It is really going to happen. She was all in now—no getting out of it.

Trisha took off her shoes and made her way onto the bed. Waiting in extreme anticipation. This was amazing and she felt a pang of an orgasm building near her crotch. She could not wait for what was next.

After laying like this for about 10 minutes, James entered the room. She kept her eyes closed, but was Betturkey Güncel Giriş simply thrilled that he was with her. He caressed her body with his strong hands. Her back. Her neck. Her arms. Her hands. Trisha found herself panting with excitement.

Without saying a word, James started to prepare Trisha for the activities. He gently put a blindfold on her, a fact that she found so incredibly hot, she gasped at the thought of it.

He tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts with some kind of ropes. So tight. It hurt a little, but she knew that she could handle it. She started breathing heavily, awaiting whatever was next.

“Slave, you will start by sucking my cock. Making love to it. I want you to do everything in your power to try to make me come with only your mouth.”

This was so forthright that it made Trisha hesitate. The reality of the situation had just sunk in. Was Trisha really going to go through with this? She started to have second thoughts. When all of a sudden, James’ cock was up against her full lips.

At that moment, any hesitancies she’d had disappeared fully. His large cock was absolutely delicious and she wanted it all.

Slave followed Master’s commands completely. She gently kissed the head and then took it fully into her lips. She took the entire cock into her mouth, feeling it up against her cheeks, her tongue, her teeth. She loved having her mouth full of this beautiful cock and she did everything in her power to make it come. She found herself wanting nothing more than to have this giant, gorgeous cock unload right in her mouth. And she made every possible effort to make that happen.

When Master removed his cock from Slave’s mouth, she was deeply disappointed. She wanted it more. But it was out of reach. She yearned for it. And, in fact, she found herself begging for it.

“Master, bring it back. Let me finish the job. Make me suck it. Please. Please!”

Sucking it was so sinful for Slave that she found herself in a state of near orgasm simply by having it in her mouth. She wanted nothing more than to have his cock back in her mouth.

“Slave, I will let you suck it more, but only on one condition. I absolutely love your shapely ass and I must have it.

So if I let you suck my cock again tonight, then we will schedule another meeting so that I can own your ass then. Is that clear?”

Slave had a hard time processing this information. The moment was simply so heated she could barely think. Of course she would want Master to make love to her ass. But she simply had to have his cock back in her mouth.

She nodded and found herself saying this:

“Yes, Master. Anything that you want.”

With these magical words, James gently put his cock back in her face. She put her mouth on it so tightly, moving back and forth with a mission. She was going to make him come and she was going to climax at the same time. Slave found herself rocking her body back and forth, with each rock getting his cock more and more excited. It started to pulse and she worked even harder. She started to moan in pure ecstasy. She could not hold it any longer. And Master unleashed his cum right in her mouth right on cue.

The amount of cum that Master released was beyond any volume that Slave had ever experienced from a man before. She found herself struggling to swallow it all and, in fact, it required several swallows. Her climax was unbelievable and it had her nearly hyperventilating. She had never experienced such sexual passion before in her entire life.

When it was over, James gently removed the blindfold and untied Trisha. He kissed her on the mouth firmly as the two gazed into one another’s eyes. Trisha found herself falling in love. For the first time in a long time.

The next morning, Trisha and James kissed gently goodbye as Trisha headed to her own room to prepare for her day’s conference activities. Her mind was spinning in all directions.

The final thing that James said to her was this: “Don’t forget our deal. I look forward to seeing you next time, Beautiful.”

Oh my goodness, Trisha thought. That’s right. The deal! Well, a deal’s a deal, she figured. She smiled and started thinking about her plans to get back with James. Sooner rather than later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32