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Gloria and I continued to meet and fuck over the next few days. I enjoyed fucking that sweet black pussy with my hard white cock. The contrast really turned me on. Things were going good at work also. I don’t know if it was my imagination or not, but it seemed as though several of the other African-American women I worked with seemed to showing more interest in me. It seemed as though they were talking and getting closer to me than they had in the past.

That night after I had pounded Gloria’s pussy and we lay in bed cuddling, I asked her if she had been talking with the ‘girls’ at work.

“Well us gurls talk about our sex partners just like you guys.” She told me. “In fact several of them were very interested when I told them how well you ate pussy and used that hard white cock of yours. Most of them have never been fucked by a white dude and it seemed like several of them have a fantasy of getting fucked by a white guy.”

“OH, is that so? I guess I may just have to help some of them live out their fantasy. Do you think that they would like that?”

“Of course, several of them would love that. But I don’t think all that expressed interest would actually fuck you.”

“You wouldn’t get jealous if I did fuck some of the other gurls, would you?”

“No, I think it would be great as long as you told me all about it. Who knows maybe I could even watch or help out.” Gloria said with an evil grin.

“Sounds good to me. So which of the gurls do you think would actually fuck me?

“Well I think Janet, Denise, and Linda are the best prospects.”

I rolled over and gave Gloria a passionate kiss and then fucked her madly as I thought about fucking these other co-workers.

The next day at work I took a closer interest in the three co-workers Gloria mentioned and made sure that I talked with each of them. As I talked with each of them I stood extremely close and did actually rub up against them. None of them backed off, in fact it seemed as though they rubbed back. After talking with each of them I made my decision that Janet would be the next one that I fucked.

Janet could be considered an ‘Amazon.’ She is 6 feet tall and I guess she weighs a little over 200 lbs, but she wears it well. Her skin tone is pecan and I would say that her measurements are 40C-40-44. That is right she had a big ole ass and wore the tightest fitting pants she could. It seemed every time she bent over, her pants seams would split open. She also had some big thighs that if she got your head between them she could probably smother you with them if she closed them tightly. Her and I were union stewards and were already kinda close, but I wanted to get closer and spank that big ole ass of hers.

The union was holding a weekend training session for all the stewards the following weekend. It was being held in a central location of the state for all the stewards in the state, so we would be out of town and spending a weekend in a hotel. So I started making plans to fuck Janet during this training session.

“Janet, you ready for that training session this coming weekend?

“Yeah Zeke, I am looking forward to it. This will be your first one won’t it?”

“Yes, seeing how I was just made a steward. I am excited about it. Meeting all the other stewards. I just hope that it doesn’t get too boring.”

“Don’t worry it won’t be boring. I will make sure of that.”

“OH, sounds good to me.”

We both then went to work and I spent the rest of the day thinking about Janet’s ass and my face buried between those big thighs of hers. I also spent some time thinking gaziantep escort about how I was going to get there. I could hardly wait and spent the rest of the week just thinking about fucking Janet. I did fuck Gloria a couple of times during the week and told her about trying to fuck Janet this weekend.

“Don’t worry Zeke you are going to get that big ole ass. I just wish I could see that.” Gloria told me.

“Don’t worry sexy, I will tell you all about it.”

Friday morning finally arrived and I drove to the training location. Training was scheduled to start until 1 pm, so I got to the hotel early and checked in. I spent the time before training started checking out the hotel. It had a nice restaurant and bar. It was one of the better bars in town and there was a live band playing that night. So I decided that I would ask Janet to come down and have a few drinks with me that night.

Just as I was getting ready to go back to my room, I saw Janet come in the hotel. She was wearing some tight fitting jeans showing off that fine ass and a tight fitting shirt, showing off some cleavage. Even though she had a little tummy she still looked hot. I went over and greeted her.

“Hey there sexy, see you made it ok.”

Janet looked a little shocked at me. “Yes, it wasn’t that bad of a drive. Have you got your room already?”

“Yes, let me help you with your bags.” I said as I grabbed her bag.

“Thanks Zeke.”

We went to the registration desk and Janet got her room. What she did not know was that I talked to the guy when I checked in and got him to make sure that Janet was put in a room next to mine. I was lucky when I checked out the room and found out that there was a connecting door between the two rooms. After she checked in, I carried her bag to her room.

“Well what do you know, we are neighbors.” I said.

“That is cool. Look there is even a door that connects our rooms.”

“That is good, that way we can make sure we make the training sessions. Speaking of the first one starts in a 10 minutes, we better get going.”

We went down to the training session and sat next to each other. Whenever I could I would glance over and check out that cleavage Janet was showing. My cock was getting hard just thinking about fucking Janet.

The training session ended at 5 pm. I asked Janet if she wanted to go get some dinner before heading up to her room. She agreed and we went to the restaurant and ate dinner. During the dinner we chatted about the training and other small talk. After dinner we went up to our rooms. Just before Janet entered her room I asked her to get together a little later on for a few drinks in the bar.

“That sounds great.” She said. “How about we get together at 9?”

“Sounds like a plan to me. I will just knock on the door that joins our rooms together.”

“Ok, see you then.” She said as she went into her room.

I went into my room and turned on the TV but my mind was on what hopefully was going to happen later on that evening with Janet. I stripped off my clothes and lay down on the bed and thought about Janet. My cock started getting hard, so I started to stroke it a little. As I was stroking I thought I heard what sounded like moaning coming from Janet’s room. I listened closely and heard muffled sexual moaning and Janet say fuck my black pussy Zeke with that hard white cock just like you fucked Gloria. Her moaning continued for a while until she reached a climax. Of course my cock was rock hard knowing that I was going to fuck that konya escort black Amazon. I jacked off just thinking about it and fell asleep.

I woke up about 8:30 and took a shower and got dressed. I decided not to wear any underwear because I knew that it would be coming off later on that evening. At 9:00 I went to the door that joined our rooms and could smell perfume wafting in from Janet’s room. I thought to myself she must have gone all out, just to make sure that I would fuck her later. I knocked on the door and heard Janet say come in. I opened the door, somewhat surprised that her side was not locked. As I stepped into her room she was standing there ready to go. She was wearing a tight fitting short white dress that contrasted beautifully with her skin. The dress plunged in the front showing off a lot of cleavage and I could tell she was wearing no bra as I could see her nipples were semi-hard. She turned around to face the mirror to finish putting on her makeup and I checked out that big ole ass of hers. The tight dress showed off her ass beautifully and I could tell that she was wearing a thong underneath. The dress also showed off her big thighs that looked so good I was ready to bury my face between them right then.

“DAMN!!! You look fine Janet.”

“Thank-you, I try.” She said giving me a sexy smile. “Lets go get those drinks and do some dancing.”

We left her room and went down to the bar. It was nearly packed, but we found a small table in a back corner. We were somewhat by ourselves and the only real light came from the candle on the table. That is good because my cock was almost rock hard by this time.

We ordered some drinks and sat and had some small talk. The band was pretty good and a lot of people were dancing. After a couple of drinks I asked Janet to dance. She said sure and we got up to dance. It was a fast number and we danced apart. During one part of the song Janet turned her back to me and started shaking that big ole ass at me. I stepped closer to her and grab her hips and got in rhythm with her. I know she could feel my semi-hard cock rubbing against her ass. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me and ground her ass into my crotch.

We danced to a couple of more songs and then a slow one started. I looked at her and she motioned to stay on the dance floor. I grabbed her and pulled her close. The song started and we were dancing close. She started to grind her pelvis into my crotch, so I grabbed her ass and pulled her close grinding back at her. She placed one of her legs between mine and started to grind her pussy against my thigh. I grabbed her face and pulled it close and started kissing her passionately. My tongue exploring her mouth and her tongue exploring mine. This continued though the song. When the song was over I asked if she was ready to go back to the room.

“And do what?” She asked.

“Fuck our brains out.” I replied.

“I was hoping you were ready to fuck me.” I grabbed her ass and said let’s go. We went to the elevator to go up to the room, while in the elevator we were exploring each other mouths with our tongues. I was kneading her ass and she was rubbing my hard cock through my pants. I reached up under her dress and began to rub her pussy through her thong. By the time we got to the room we were both ready to fuck.

As soon as the door closed to the room I grabbed her and started to kiss her and fondle her tits through her dress. Her nipples got rock hard as I played with them through the dress.

I pulled a chair out to the center kayseri escort of the room and sat down. I want you to do a strip tease for me as I sit here and watch. She turned on some music and started to dance around the room running her hands up and down her body. She slowly pulled her dress off over her head showing off her body with only a white thong on. Her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was wet, as the thong was plastered between her thighs. She began to play with her tits and nipples as she danced around. She came over to me and bent over and swung her tits in my face.

As I bent forward and took one nipple into my mouth and started licking, kissing, and gently biting on it she was slowly unbuttoning my shirt. She moved her other tit into my mouth and I began to lick, kiss, and gently bite on it as she removed my shirt. She bent down and began to lick, kiss and bite on my nipples. She slowly kissed down to my stomach and dropped down to her knees. She began to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. I raised my hips up so she could pull my pants off, and when she did my hard cock sprang up at attention. She gave the head of my cock a quick kiss and then stood up.

She started to dance some more in front of me and rub her pussy through her thong. She pulled her thong off and turned around showing me that big fine ass. She shook her ass in front of my face and bent forward and gave it a kiss. She bent over and spread her legs and showed me her pussy. She reached up and spread her pussy lips and stuck a finger in her pussy. When she pulled it out she placed in on my lips and I licked it clean.

While she was still bent over and her pussy wide open I bent forward and buried my face in her ass and began to lick and suck on her pussy and clit. She began to grind her ass into my face. After awhile I sat back and she started dancing again. She began to give me a lap dance.

With her back to me, she rubbed her ass all over my face and chest then sat on my lap. She rubbed her ass and pussy up and down my hard cock, while I reached around and started playing with her tits and nipples.

“Are you ready for this hard white cock to fuck that black pussy of yours?”

“YES, give me that white cock.”

With that she stood up and took my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. She then sat down on my cock and started riding my cock forcing it deep in her pussy. Up and down she went on my cock as I sat there enjoying every minute. After a few minutes I grabbed her hips and keeping my cock buried in her pussy I stood up and bent her over the bed with her ass up in the air. I began to ram my cock in and out of her pussy doggy style. Slapping her ass as I fucked her. She reached up and started playing with her clit and my balls as my cock rammed in and out of her pussy. As my cock slammed in and out of her pussy, she got in rhythm with me and forced my cock deeper into her pussy.

“OH GOD, I’M CUMMING,” she yelled out as she collapsed on the bed my cock still slamming in and out of her pussy. I rolled her over onto her back and slid my cock back into her pussy. I placed her legs over my shoulders and got up and my feet and started slamming my cock in and out of her pussy, forcing it in as deep as it would go. Her legs and hips were shaking as my cock rammed in and out of the pussy.

“OH GOD, Zeke stop. I can’t take anymore of that cock.” She begged as I continued to slam my cock in and out of her pussy. I could feel my balls begin to tighten, as I was getting ready to cum. I pulled my cock out of her pussy as I began to cum and started shooting cum onto her tits. As I was still coming I place my cock in her mouth and shot some cum into her mouth, which she swallowed.

After I finished cumming, we laid in bed holding on to each other.

“Gloria was right, you have a great cock and know how to use it.”

With that we both fell asleep in each other arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32