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It was my freshman year of college, the first class of the first day and the professor was late. Other than me there was only one guy in the room with the rest being chicks. Other than the one fat and ugly chick, they were all smoking hot. Being surrounded by these chicks, I couldn’t help but get a bit of a hard on. I tried to conceal it as best I could but I know the chick sitting next to me saw the initial tent.

I glanced over at her and noticed that she was staring directly at my crotch. She saw me looking at her and gave me a sexy little smile. I could feel my face start to blush and quickly turned away from her. A minute later, a note slipped onto my desk. It was from her and it said she wanted to see it. That ‘it’, I knew was my cock but I didn’t want to pull it out right now in front of everyone. I wrote below her note that we should talk after class then gave it back to her.

She read the note then crumbled it up and threw it at me as she reached towards my crotch. She whispered to me that if I wasn’t going to take it out than she would for me. I wasn’t going to argue, this extremely hot chick was pulling my cock out of my pants and who knows what she had planned.

There was Sheri in the desk behind me and Shelby in the desk in front of me. To my left was the wall of the classroom and directly to my right was, the girl with my cock in her hands, Laura. In front of her was Clark, the other guy in the room. To his right was Brooke and to her right was Sonya. Sitting behind Sonya was the ugly chick, Greta. In front of Sonya was the door of the classroom. The classroom was in the basement of the oldest building on campus and was the only room being used in the basement. It was probably the best situation for a group of horny college freshmen.

Laura fished my cock out and began stroking it for all she was worth. Sheri saw what was occurring and stuck her hand into her pants to rub her pussy. Clark noticed it next and just started laughing but I could tell he was getting hard. Shelby turned around and immediately became jealous. Brooke and Sonya eventually realized what was happening and Brooke started rubbing her pussy while Sonya stood up. She said she would watch for the professor so we didn’t get caught. I couldn’t believe all that was happening at this point. It was like there was some sort of unspoken understanding between us all.

Laura told me to stand up and I did. She then moved the desk out of the way and got on her knees. I stepped up to her and she took me in her mouth. She started off slow by taking only half my cock but then began bobbing bursa escort her head and eventually reached the base with her lips. She began swirling her tongue on the underside of my shaft and pulled away just enough to lick the head. She coated the head with plenty of saliva before again taking my entire length between her lips.

I was becoming very weak at the knees as her mouth was doing wonders on my cock. She started sucking on the head again while pumping my shaft with her hand. I could feel my balls start to tingle as I was close to cumming and finally reached my boiling point when Sonya announced that someone was coming. Laura sucked harder and pumped faster until I unleashed my load into her mouth. I sent rope after hot rope of sperm into her mouth and she collected it all. When I finally pulled out, her mouth was still full as she didn’t swallow any of my cum. I pulled my pants back on as quickly as I could and put my desk back just as the professor waltzed in.

As casually as possible, I walked to the trash can and threw away the note that Laura threw at me. When I turned back towards my desk I looked at Laura and noticed her mouth was still full of my cum. She looked back at me and, in one giant gulp, swallowed every last drop. She then opened her mouth wide in a fake yawn to show all who were watching that my cum was indeed gone. Watching her do that, I got another hard on and slipped back to my desk to conceal it. The rest of class went by relatively well and without any sexual innuendos.

After the professor’s long and boring lecture, he told us we had no homework due next week as it was only the first class. He then left as everyone was putting away their notes. Sonya got up first and told us he was officially gone as he went up the stairs. Greta got up next and practically stormed out of the room as we could all tell she was extremely horny as well but ashamed of her body. Laura said she was probably going to finger herself in the bathroom and everyone laughed. Shelby stood up from her desk and asked Sonya if she could be the lookout again. Then she told me that it was her turn to suck my dick. As soon as she said that, I pulled down my pants and revealed my cock to everyone again. I also couldn’t help but realize that this had become some sort of competition between Laura and Shelby and I wasn’t going to stop it.

Shelby was on her knees when I released my cock from my pants. She grabbed it with her hand and started jerking me off. I looked around the room and noticed Stacy had her hand down malatya escort her pants again and Laura was now the jealous one. She had fire in her eyes as she saw Shelby pumping my cock. I could tell that she didn’t really want to share. Luckily though, she got over it and started pulling her skirt down.

Brooke was ripping off her pants as I thought that she was going to go after Clark. I was right. Clark was watching Shelby jerk me off until he heard Brooke taking off her pants. He turned to look at her and she jumped onto the desk with her now bare legs spread and pussy ready for action. His cock pointed the way when he walked over to her. He leaned in and gave her a passionate kiss with, I’m sure, a little tongue involved. He then broke the kiss and moved down between her legs. He started by just licking the outside of her pussy lips but Brooke wanted more. She told him to fuck her with his tongue and play with her clit. Clark wasn’t going to argue so that’s exactly what he did.

I looked back at Laura, who was basically naked. One hand was massaging and pinching her nipples while the other was playing with her pussy. I watched as she looked back at me with desire in her eyes and she began moving her hand faster about her pussy. I then looked down at Shelby who was now deep throating me like a champ. I reached out and set my hands on the back of her head as I was getting close towards explosion.

She reached up to cup my balls and felt the supply of cum that was ready to be released. She stopped sucking me and pulled my dick from her mouth. I was going to ask what the problem was but she interrupted me by saying she wanted a facial. Hearing that, I practically came then. I started jerking my cock and prepared to blast her face with my sperm.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer and the first shot landed across Shelby’s left eye. I came another shot that landed on her mouth. As I finished squeezing the final drops of cum from my cock, I looked her over and her face was just drenched in semen. She stood up as my cum was dripping from her face and onto her shirt. She walked over to Laura who smiled back at Shelby.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Clark had finished eating Brooke and was now fucking her. I looked at Brooke’s face and saw that she was loving Clark’s cock. She was moaning silently with her eyes closed and her hands cupping her tits. I then looked back at Stacy, who until now I had forgotten about. Stacy caught my attention now because she had her lips wrapped around my cock.

Watching çanakkale escort Clark fuck Brooke apparently got me hard again and unattended. That must have been enough to entice Stacy to stop fingering herself and give me a blowjob. I looked down at her as she slowly bobbed her head up and down my shaft, licking the underside with reckless abandonment. I was beginning to feel my balls start to churn already for this would be my third load in just over an hour. Stacy sensed this as well and picked up her speed on my cock. I asked her if she was ready and she moaned into my dick, indicating a yes.

I released my cum into her mouth, her eyes bulging as she tried to contain my cock and my sperm inside of her mouth. She tried to pull away but I grabbed the back of her head and held her there until I was finished. I came surprisingly more than I thought possible and then released Stacy’s head. She let my now softening dick stay in her mouth and began to swallow my cum in the process. She finally let my dick fall from her mouth as she swallowed the last of my cum.

I sat down on my desk, spent. I looked back over to Laura and Shelby and noticed that Shelby’s face was now cum free and that Laura had her face buried in Shelby’s cunt. I asked Shelby where my cum went and Laura looked back at me with a devious smile. She then rubbed her stomach indicating that she had ate my cum from Shelby’s face. I looked back at Shelby as Laura went back to work on her pussy and Shelby confirmed my suspicion. I knew then that Laura truly was a cum whore and she was my cum whore.

I looked at the clock on the wall and realized I only had five minutes to get to my next class. I quickly put my clothes back on and wrote my number down on a piece of paper, leaving it on Laura’s desk. I then grabbed my book bag and sprinted out of the room so I wasn’t late.

Laura felt Shelby’s body start to convulse as an orgasm was running through her body. She lapped up the juices then leaned over Shelby and gave her a kiss. Shelby loved the taste of her own juices and thanked Laura as they broke their kiss. Laura put her clothes back on as did Shelby and Shelby pointed out the number on Laura’s desk. Laura picked it up as her and Shelby left the classroom.

Clark had since came in Brooke’s pussy who informed him that she was not on the pill. Clark freaked out, dressed hurriedly and left the classroom pissed at himself. Brooke just smiled as she got dressed, knowing that she was indeed on the pill but for some reason wanted to freak Clark out. She left as Stacy did and they conversed on whose cock may have been better.

As for Sonya, she being the watch for us decided her job was not done. She walked the entire classroom making sure there wasn’t as much as an ounce of cum anywhere. Satisfied, she left horny as ever and called Laura to find out when to meet.

Oh yeah, Greta did end up masturbating in the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32