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Big Ass

My brother and I have always shared a special relationship. He is two years older then me, yet we have been more like friends than family. We grew up in a single parent home, relied on each other and grew closer than I think most siblings would.

When it came to relationships we both acted as the screener for each other – he would interrogate would -be suitors and let me know his thoughts on the guy and I would do the same with his dates. I think I had higher standards for my brother as I love him dearly and wish only the best for him, and most of his dates were a little on the trashy side for my liking. This was until he met Clair who on a physical level looks amazingly like me. I am average looking, blonde/ blue, shorter then most but make up for it with great legs and bum. Clair is taller and has larger breasts but for the most part we could pass as sisters.

On the personality side we click, we are into the same fashion, music, movies – you name it, so Clair was a blessing for both Mike and me. We would all hang out every other weekend; go to movies, concerts and other entertainment venues.

During this time I started to wonder what Mike saw in Clair. Did he see the similarities between her and me or not, did he think of me when he was in bed with her? Now these questions should have disgusted me, yet they had the opposite effect. I would play with myself thinking of how Mike would fuck Clair while thinking of me, I would suck the juices off my fingers and pretend that it was Clair’s juice; it would make me hot and sweaty and over time my fantasies became more and more graphic.

I never acted on these fantasies and never even brought them up because the three of us were getting along so famously, but the thoughts were there.

When Mike invited me to his holiday home I thought nothing of it. It was a regular occurrence when the three of us would go together or I would invite a boyfriend or a girlfriend at the time (non sexual).

We sat around drinking and talking most of the night when Clair became a little more loosely lipped than usual and she told us about a lesbian relationship that she had experienced prior to meeting Mike.

Mike was çekmeköy escort shocked yet I think he was proud that he had managed to ‘turn’ one even though Clair then admitted that she was bi-sexual.

I was excited. I had never talked openly about bisexuality with anyone and I was interested in hearing her thoughts and opinions. After about five or six questions Mike asked if I was bisexual.

I told both of them that I had never kissed a female but the thought was alluring.

When Clair asked if I wanted to try it, Mike’s eyes almost exploded. I did not have to think about it for more then a second. ‘Yes I would,’ was my response.

Clair came in closer and moved in for a kiss. I was excited and I closed my eyes. We kissed! It was the best feeling I have ever had! Our tongues danced around; her lips were soft and pouty. It felt like an eternity. I could have orgasmed from that kiss when it was broken by the sound of Mike asking how it felt. All I could muster was a whisper…. that felt good!

Nothing else happened that night expect we continued to drink and talk and Clair filled in more details of the previous relationship, about which Mike was becoming more concerned.

Clair set his mind at rest by saying that he satisfied her in everyway and grabbed at his crotch. This was my cue to go to bed.

Once in bed I frigged myself like crazy thinking of that kiss and imagining the hot sex going on less then fifteen feet from me in the other bedroom.

The next day Clair and I went to the shops to pick up food and alcohol. On the way there it was quite evident that both of us were a little sore-headed and sorry from the previous night’s alcohol intake. Also I did not know how to bring up the events that occurred so we were quiet.

At the shops the cashier commented at seeing two such beautiful sisters before we both laughed it off.

On the way home I brought it up with Clair. We laughed again and Clair commented that sisters wouldn’t kiss like last night. I again told her that it had been amazing and she replied to the effect that I was a good kisser too. We both fell silent.

After a minute or so I broke the cevizli escort silence by asking Clair if she though Mike had seen the similarities between the two of us. To my surprise Clair stated that she knew he had. I asked what she was talking about and she told me that Mike has called my name out once or twice during sex! Clair did not mind because she likes kink sometimes and she played along. I was wet at this point when Clair asked if I felt that way towards Mike.

“Well I fantasize about it but that is all; I would never act on it,” I said.

Clair just nodded and then asked what I would do if the situation came up….. and smiled.

I responded to the effect that I didn’t know and then went into a trance thinking while Clair drove.

Later that night we were drinking, talking and playing cards when Clair brought up the previous night again and complemented me on my kissing skills.

“Mike, she is the best kisser out side of you,” Clair said.

Mike responded by saying that Clair would still be by far the best kisser.

To this Clair responded by asking how he would know and she winked at me.

I then jumped in, stating that this is one person whom he will never kiss.

“Well, what if Mike kissed each of us just once as the impartial judge and then he could state who is the best kisser,” was Clair’s remark.

“Well I don’t know…” both Mike and I responded at the same time.

Clair was persistent until I buckled and said, “Alright, one kiss that is all!”

Clair went first. She gave him a kiss like no other kiss.

Then it was my turn. I was nervous but pretended he was just another boy and I kissed him accordingly. It felt great! We kissed very passionately.

When we broke apart Mike announced that I was better. Clair wanted a rematch and kissed him before he could respond. She rubbed his crotch and broke when Mike declared her the winner.

I protested saying that Clair had won by more then a kiss and before he could reconsider I kissed him again but this time I rubbed his growing cock though his shorts.

We continued to kiss and I rubbed his cock until Clair announced that erenköy escort I was the winner. I broke the kiss and Mike was in agreement.

Clair then moved in and kissed Mike while motioning for me to join in. I came closer and Clair broke the kiss to kiss me over Mike’s face. Mike joined in on the kiss and the three of us shared a kiss like no other. When Clair moved off Mike, I continued to kiss him while Clair removed his shorts exposing a rock hard cock.

I instinctively placed my hand on his cock and started to rub it.

Clair then pushed Mike down and broke our kiss. She instructed me to suck Mike’s cock while he licked her out. I did not need to be told twice. I moved down and licked his shaft from base to tip and cupped his balls while Clair removed her pants to reveal a bald pussy. She sat on his face and his tongue was off. I continued to lick his cock whilst looking up at her pussy being eaten out. I wanted some of that; my pussy ached.

I continued to lick and suck and Mike continued to eat Clair until she orgasmed. It was amazing!

Clair then hopped off Mike and came around to me. I was on my knees working his cock. Clair removed my shorts and instantly I was wet; my pussy was shaved exposing my swollen lips and clit. Clair started to eat me out; I could not believe how good this felt.

I continued to suck Mike to the rhythm and was in ecstasy when Mike said, “I am going to cum. Where do you want it?” and he started to withdraw his cock from my mouth.

I sucked harder and pulled him deeper. With that Mike moaned and shot four thick ropes of cum down my throat. That was all I needed. I orgasmed; the biggest ever! I withdrew his cock and screamed and Mike shot more cum. It landed on my face and chin. Clair then came over and licked every last drop of cum from my face. We kissed and the saltiness from Mike as well as my own cum mixed in both of our mouths.

Clair then said, “It is late and we had better go to bed as we need to leave early in the morning.”

We went to our beds and I frigged again. This time I was so wet I was able to fit four fingers. I did not hold back my orgasm – I screamed as I came. I could hear Clair and Mike fucking as I came. I fell asleep to this sound.

The next morning we drove back home as normal except we all had that after sex glow about us.

From this point on we would explore this relationship further; I will leave it for a later story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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