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Looking up at the clock she knew she only had a few minutes to prepare herself for His arrival home. Moving swiftly she finishes undressing and ties her hair above her head in a tight ponytail. Wearing only her bra, thong, cuffs, collar and leash she proceeds to the front door. Gathering up the leash she slips it into her mouth and kneels, her thighs spread slightly, palms upwards on her thighs and her head high with her eyes positioned slightly lower.

His key enters the lock and He opens the door, glancing down at her He passes by and hangs His coat up. Placing His hand next to her mouth He waits for her to release the coiled up leash into His hand. His eyes looking over her body and position as He waits.

Sensing His out stretched hand she releases the leash into it, then resuming her position and returns to waiting. Taking the leash He heads for the living room and knows she will be following behind like the good slut she is. Pulling slightly on the leash as He sits in His chair. Kneeling beside Him she positions her body as she had at the door but without the coiled up leash in her mouth.

“My slut please present yourself in front of me. ” He mutters.

Carefully without a word she stands and positions herself in front of Him. Lifting her arms so her hands are clasped behind her head as she parts her thighs slightly, her head high and her eyes set on feet.

He stands and drops the leash between her breasts, slowly walking round her body. He slides a finger against each of her breasts and then her nipples. Letting out a snicker as He watches how they react to His touch. Sliding His finger down over her stomach and waist, then down over her pussy lips. Pushing His finger tip inside them and letting it glide over her clit.

Moving His finger down inside her pussy lips to her wet hole, entering just the finger tip briefly and then out again up along her pussy lips. Moving to behind her He trails His finger from her pussy to the small of her back. With both hands He glides His fingers over both her ass cheeks, letting His finger tips slip in between each cheek. Using one hand to spread her ass cheeks He slides the other down to her tight asshole. Letting His index finger tip rub over the tight hole, He snickers as He watches it pucker up at His touch.

Standing with His body pushed up against hers He reaches round and pinches both nipples.

“Who do these belong to slut?” He asks.

“They belong to You my Master.” she replies

“MMMM and this?” He moves His fingers down to her wet pussy. “Who does this belong to slut?”

“It belongs to You my Master.” she again replies.

Moving His hands to her ass cheeks He slaps each ass cheek. Listening to her soft moans.

“And these slut, Who do these belong sex hikayeleri to?” He asks.

“You my Master they belong to You as does all of me Master. You Own all of me.” she replies proud in the knowledge of it being true.

He moves in front of her and lifts her chin up, kissing her hard on her lips.

Gathering up the leash He watches as she drops onto her hands and knees. He heads for the bedroom, just as He’s about to enter the doorbell goes. He walks her into the bedroom and ties the leash to the bedpost and heads of to answer the door. Moving quickly she kneels and awaits His return.

He returns a few minutes later but not alone, with Him is a young female that T/they both know as Leah. He tells her to undress and kneel next to His slut, moving quickly she does so taking off her clothes and then kneeling. He looks over both of them and grins, untying His sluts leash from the post He unclips it and slips it into His pocket.

“On the bed slut and lie in the middle in the spread eagle position.” He commands.

Moving swiftly she climbs onto the bed she positions her body as instructed, her arms and legs spread wide. He moves alternatively to each bedpost and straps her feet and ankles to them her body spread wide. Looking down at Leah He smiles at her and leaves the room, on His return He brings back His flogger and some candles.

Lighting the candles He places them on the dresser and stands at His slut’s side, He instructs Leah to climb between His sluts spread legs and kneel. Slowly He trails the flogger over His sluts breasts and down her stomach, hearing the moans escaping from her lips He slides it over her spread pussy lips and up and down each thigh.

“Kiss the leather that is going to give this slut the pain she craves.” He orders Leah as He lifts the flogger to her mouth.

Leaning her head forward slightly Leah kisses the flogger, her eyes looking over the spread body before her. Licking her lips she sits back on her heels and watches as He lifts His hand up and brings it and the flogger down on the erect nipples and breasts of His slut.

“OOHHHHH Thank You Master, please may i have another? ” His slut begged as her body writhed slightly.

Lifting the flogger again He brings it down slightly harder over her breasts and nipples, rubbing His fingers over them as the red welts appear. Repeating this a further twenty times and each time He brings the flogger down a little harder, each time she thanks Him and begs for more. Placing the flogger on the bed next to her He turns and grabs hold of a candle, turning back He holds it over her left breast and tilts it slightly letting the warm wax trickle onto it.

Hearing her cries as it hits her skin He moves the candle over her right porno hikayeleri breast and does the same again, watching as she writhes and listening to her cries. Moving the tilted candle down her stomach and watching her reaction as the wax hits her flesh. Reaching for the other candle He tips the wax from both over her stomach and breasts.

“I think my slut’s pussy needs some attention.” He looks down at Leah and nods His head.

Not needing to be told twice Leah moves onto her elbows and knees and trails her tongue over the spread wet pussy lips before her. Nibbling and licking her way down, letting her tongue tip enter slightly and then making her way back up to the clit.

Flicking her tongue tip at the hard nub, taking it between her teeth and nibbling on it, sucking it. Hearing the moans as her tongue and mouth move over the sweet wet pussy before her. Lifting her own ass up high as she slips her tongue deep inside the wet hole, letting out a moan as she feels Him slide His hands over her ass cheeks, His fingers probing at her tight asshole. Without warning feeling Him shove His cock tip into her ass she moans loudly, her lips vibrating against the pussy walls as her tongue delves deeper.

Slowly He thrusts His cock tip in and out Leah’s tight ass, pushing it deeper each time and watching as it disappears fully inside her. Looking up He watches as His slut writhes with pleasure, He starts to fuck Leah’s ass. Pounding her tight ass hard and fast He grabs hold of her hips pushing her face against His slut’s pussy.

“Masterrrrrrrr, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk im cummmminggggggggggggggggggg” His slut cries out as she cums on the tongue deep inside her. Leah lapping up eagerly the cum on her tongue, knowing her own orgasm won’t be long coming. He thrusts faster and deeper in Leah’s ass, feeling her push back on it and its tightness over His cock as she cums. Moaning loudly against the pussy lips as she continues to lick and suck.

“MMMMMM now I think its time My slut tasted pussy. ” He said as He withdraws His cock “Leah straddle her face and let her taste you.”

He watches as Leah moved up beside His slut and then straddle her face, her pussy inches away from His sluts lips. He watches as her tongue darts out over Leah’s wet pussy lips, hearing both of them moan. He moves between His sluts thighs and pushes His cock deep into her pussy. Thrusting it in and out as He watches her tongue dart all over the pussy above her face.

Matching each of His thrusts she slides her tongue inside Leah’s pussy, moaning against it as Leah pushes down on her tongue. Feeling Leah’s pussy quiver on her lips as she flicks her tongue tip over Leah’s clit, nibbling and licking it. Hearing her Masters growl she knows He’s ready to cum as seks hikayeleri she is to.

With a loud moan Leah cums on the inserted tongue, lapping at the cum slut cums herself on her Masters cock. He feels her pussy tighten on His cock and her body writhe as she cums, He explodes deep inside her filling her with His cum. He withdraws His cock and moves up the bed, slipping His cock between His slut’s lips and Leah’s pussy lips. Watching as His slut licks and sucks His cock clean, then at Leah’s pussy.

Kissing Masters cock tip after cleaning it she then kisses Leah’s pussy lips.

“Thank You Master,” she gasps “thank you Leah.”

Master whispers in Leah’s ear and she lets out a soft laugh, moving of the bed she goes and sits in the chair in the corner. Spreading her legs wide she starts to rub her finger over her own pussy lips, letting her index finger rub over her clit.

He positions His semi hard cock against His slut’s mouth, watching Leah as He starts to push His cock in and out. Feeling His slut’s mouth tight over His cock, pushing it deeper into her throat each time. Feeling His cock tip hitting the back of her throat her tongue tip flicking away at His cock base. His cock hardening in her mouth as she starts to suck slightly faster.

Moaning against His cock as she tastes His precum, swallowing it down wanting Him to fill her mouth with His salty nectar. Gagging slightly as He starts to fuck her mouth faster and deeper, her lips vibrating against His shaft.

Thrusting His cock deeper into His slut’s throat as He watches Leah cum on her fingers. His own orgasm close, He glances down to watch His slut’s talented mouth. Jerking forward slightly as He feels Leah’s tongue licking at His ass cheeks. His moans loud as she licks down His ass crack, her fingers spreading His ass cheeks.

Bending slightly He feels Leah’s tongue tip brush against His asshole, making Him push His cock deeper into His sluts mouth. Leah’s tongue tip entering just as He cums in His sluts mouth, hearing His slut gag slightly as He fills her mouth and throat.

As quick as she was there then she was gone, Leah moved back over to the chair. Watching as He slips His cock out of His sluts mouth. Reaching down He slowly starts to peel the wax of His slut’s body, her moans loud as each one pulls on her flesh. He orders Leah to dress as He removes the wax, watching as His slut writhes her slutty body.

He undoes the ankle and wrist cuffs from the bedposts and helps His slut to sit up. Moving in behind her so she is sat upright between His thighs, Leah comes over kisses T/them both and thanks T/them for a wonderful afternoon and leaves. Pulling His slut into His warm body He glides His fingers over her arms and shoulders.

“Did My slut enjoy her first taste of pussy? “He asks as He dips His head and nips her neck.

” Yes i did thank You Master…mmmm yes i did” letting out a soft contented purr as she relaxes against Him knowing it is the first of many times she will taste pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32