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So there I stood on the edge of fulfilling an urge I had never dared to explore before. Aaron stood in front of me so close I could feel the stubble from his face graze my cheek as he whispered into my ear “Have you ever kissed a guy before?”

Before getting too hot and heavy into the details I should probably explain how I, a straight married man, found myself in this intensely erotic scenario with another man.

It all started, as I am sure most unexplored sexual fantasies do, back when I was younger. Being the hormonal shy guy that I was, finding a girlfriend seemed impossible. So I was mostly left to satisfy my sexual urges on my own. I would scour every corner of the internet for porn clips and as my solo sessions became more frequent with my hormones switching into overdrive, I began to notice something about my desires that intrigued me. When watching the videos of women getting fucked I began to notice that it was not just the woman I was watching. In fact if the guy wasn’t hot I would find myself disappointed and even turned off. I found that I wanted to see a young chiseled stud doing the pounding began to look for videos with hot muscular guys involved. After a prolonged period of time my curiosity got the best of me and I started looking at guy on guy porn thinking if one is good, two must be even better.

I really didn’t know what this meant or what to do about it. I was a young guy in the late 90s growing up in Tennessee. I had no gay influences in my life and didn’t know who to turn to for advice so, I kept the feelings to myself afraid of what they meant. Over the years I found my interest split between straight and gay porn. Physically I never strayed from my straight lifestyle. I was always turned on by the beauty of a woman but I always felt there was another part of me that I did not understand. One that was longing for something more.

Flash forward to current day, I am 33 and married to an insanely hot woman with two beautiful kids. Over the past year or so my urge evolved from a curiosity to watch two men on video into a desire to be one of those two men. I reached the conclusion that I am most likely bi with a preference for women but I knew I wouldn’t know for sure until I had the chance to be with another man.

This past week finally presented me with the opportunity to explore my sexuality that I was thirsting for.

Last weekend, my wife and I were traveling with some friends for a college football game. It was late and my wife had indulged in several drinks. After running out for some late night food I returned to find my wife and her closest friend half naked and locked in a passionate kiss. Not knowing how to react I ducked out of the room to give the privacy but not before catching my wife’s eye and giving her a wink. She had never done anything like that before but who was I to judge? It was exactly what I wanted to do with another man.

The next morning as the effect of the alcohol had worn off she was incredibly embarrassed about what had happened. We had a long conversation about how this was something she always wanted to try. She didn’t know how to go about it and then let things get out of hand after a long night of partying. I stopped her before she got too upset and confided in her that I had the same feelings about men but had never explored them. Taking comfort in the fact that we were both curious she told me that should the opportunity present itself I needed to be with another man. It was a weight lifted from my shoulders. Now the only question was with who and when…

This evening, less than a week from that conversation I found myself stuck in St. Louis after a connecting flight to Nashville was canceled. When I saw the cancelled status on the screen at the crowded gate I felt my cock stir as if to remind me, this could be my chance. I left the gate, found a room online at a nice airport hotel and headed to my room.

I am not familiar with the area so I decided to hit the hotel bar and see if i could get some tips on local nightlife. Getting ready, I felt like a teenager, my heart was racing just knowing there was a chance tonight I would experience my first cock. I checked the mirror before leaving my room to make sure I was looking hot enough attract the attention I desired. My 6’1 frame isn’t the sculpted figure from my college days but at 205lbs it still looked pretty damn good, at least that was the pep talk I gave myself before leaving my room.

After finally reaching the hotel bar I ordered a bourbon on the rocks to calm my nerves. As the bartender passed me my drink I found myself looking into his eyes a little bit longer than usual. What the hell I figured, I have never picked up a guy before so practicing a little eye contact couldn’t hurt my odds. My deep blue eyes found no inkling of interest and I turned my focus on enjoying my drink before heading out on the town.

I was halfway through my drink, trying to find a subtle way to ask the bartender where I should go to find a hot guy to shack up with edirne escort when my thoughts were interrupted.

“Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?” A deep voice asked motioning to the seat next to me at the bar.

“Uhh no, feel free.” I stammered as I tried to return to my strategy for the evening.

“Hey weren’t you at the gate for the Nashville flight earlier? You look familiar.” The stranger asked.

I must admit I tend to get so caught up in my thoughts sometimes I barely notice the world around me. I hadn’t really even paid any attention on the guy next to me yet. I was so caught up in the rest of the evening I had stopped paying attention to what was right in front of me.

“Yeah, looks like I am stranded here for the night.” I quickly replied, wanting to finish my drink and get out to a place where I had a chance to find my guy.

But then I finally looked over. I was met with the green eyed gaze of a 6’2″ stud. His arms bulged slightly against his sleeves and the rest of his shirt clung tight to his athletic frame. His jeans were tight and if I could get him to turn around I knew I would see them squeezing a tight ass. I instantly snapped out of my daze and into a panic over ignoring this guy for so long. What do I do next I thought? Is he gay? If so is he interested? How do I tell? Shit, how long have I been looking at him not saying anything?

“Uh, How about you?” I stammered trying to say something.

“Yep, stuck. I figured I would grab some drinks, dinner, and then see what kind of trouble I could get into.” he replied with a grin.

“Same here, except I forgot about dinner” I laughed just realizing I hadn’t eaten since breakfast.

He was making me overthink everything, what did he mean by trouble? Should I stay for another drink and see where this goes?

“Well, my name is Aaron. You are more than welcome to join me if your interested. No one wants to be alone in a strange town”. He replied with a wink and an extended hand.

Everything he said seemed to hint at more than just dinner at the bar and I was really getting excited. As my thoughts raced I started to feel pressure growing in my jeans.

I shook his hand, feeling his strength while looking him in the eye with the same wanting gaze I tried on the bartender earlier. “I’m Matt. Sounds like this night just got more interesting” I said with thinly veiled excitement.

Dinner was amazing, not necessarily the food but everything else. I couldn’t even tell you what we ordered. There were a few beers, great conversation, and I remember this feeling that a tension was continuing to build between us. It was somewhere around that point that I realized I really had a shot but had no idea how to transition the evening from sucking down beer to sucking dick.

Aaron must have read my mind or already had a plan of his own. He finished his beer, slid his hand on my knee and looked me straight in the eye. “I have more beer in my room, care to join me?”

I froze, this is it! “S-sure” I stammered still not really believing he invited me up to his room.

The elevator ride was uneventful but the sexual tension was obvious. At this point the bulge in my pants was also obvious. More than once I caught him staring at my crotch and I knew I had been caught glancing his way more than once as well. Add to that, on our way to his room more than once we would find a reason to bump into each other. It was as if our hands were drawn to each others bodies and if we moved close they would overpower all restraint to get a quick feel.

We finally got into his room. Aaron switched on the tv to a music channel and grabbed a couple beers from the mini fridge. As he walked over to me I could see something new in his eyes, a hunger that I have never seen in a man. A hunger than seemed to match mine.

Rather than hand me a beer he set them on a table and walked right up to me. He stood so close I swear I could feel his heart beat though we were not touching. The heat radiating off his muscular body was intoxicating and I could feel his breath on my lips. It was in this gaze at that moment we both knew what was going to happen. I also felt a bit of fear creep up. This was my first time, do I need to tell him? What happens if he finds out I don’t really know what I am doing?

It was then that he slid his face alongside my cheek so close it sent shivers down my spine. I was frozen in anticipation.

So there I stood on the edge of fulfilling an urge I had never dared to explore before. Aaron stood so close I could feel the stubble from his face graze my cheek as he whispered into my ear “Have you ever kissed a guy before?”

“No” I gulped trying to work up the courage to tell him what I wanted.

“Is that what you want?” he breathed into my ear.

I nodded and replied hungrily “I want to try everything with you”.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to pressure you and if you change your mind just tell me. No hard feelings.” His voice turned slightly concerned.

I knew I needed to show him how bad I wanted this so he knew I was comfortable. I leaned back and looked him straight in the eye.

“Yes, I have thought about this moment for a long time and you are the guy I want. I have never been with a man but I want to try everything, help me experience it all!”

At that moment the sexual tension finally shattered. Without any other words he pushed his lips to mine and we were locked into a spiral of passion.

Our tongues darted back and forth. Aaron kissed me harder and we fell backwards onto the bed. His strength was something new for me and I loved it. The power and hunger in his kiss seemed to fuel the fire.

“You okay?” He asked straddling me on the bed.

“You are amazing, it’s going to take more than that to scare me off” I growled as I reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head.

His chest and arms were well defined and I quickly explored them hungrily, moving my hands all over him.

“Good, it’s only gonna get better.” he said with a grin as he pulled my shirt off.

Aaron slid down my body grabbing my jeans and pulling them to the floor. Leaving my dick pushing hard against the fabric of my boxer briefs.

I returned the favor and then we spent the next several minutes tangled up kissing, grinding, and exploring each other. Only the thin fabric of our boxer briefs separated us. At one point I could not take it anymore. Straddling Aaron i looked into his eyes.

“I want to taste your cock!” I demanded.

“I thought you would never ask, take your time and enjoy.” he grinned.

“Oh I will, and once I get used to it your going to fuck my face” I said as i slid down his body looking up into his eyes.

I was so beyond ready that there was no hesitation. With one move I slid down his body, pulled out his dick, and slid it into my hungry mouth. His six and a half inch cock was gorgeous and covered in pre cum.

Aaron gasped and moaned loudly, expecting more hesitation.

I started with the head, sucking and slurping as i bobbed my head. Occasionally I would stop to run my tongue down his shaft. The feeling amd taste was amazing and I loved everything about it. Next, I focused on taking more and more of him into my mouth. Slowly I would go down further, raise back up, and then take a little more. I was so close to taking the whole thing but Aaron’s hands on my head interrupted me.

He pulled me up to him for another kiss, the taste of his cock still lingering on my lips.

“You had me on the edge, now it’s my turn” he said as he slid down my body removing the last shred of clothing restraining my raging hard cock.

Aaron took his time more than I did. He kissed and licked and teased driving me wild. Finally I felt the head of my cock sliding into his mouth. Laying back I enjoyed the sensation as a man sucked me for the first time. The sensation was better than any woman had ever given me. He hit all the tight spots, swirling his tongue around the head of my cock.

Stopping abruptly Aaron stood up at the edge of the bed. “Come over here for another taste, I want to fuck that mouth of yours” he said.

I quickly obliged. The feeling of being told what to do in bed was exhilarating,. As I knelt in front of Aaron he slid his dick into my mouth putting his hand on the back of my head. I gave up all control as he pumped his dick into my mouth over and over.

“Fuck yeah, take that cock. I am going to cum down your throat” Aaron grunted.

I knelt there taking his hot cock. Suddenly i felt his head swell just before rope after rope of hot cum shot into the back of my throat. I tried to swallow everything but some of his salty cum leaked from the corner of my mouth and down my chin. As I gasped to catch my breath Aaron once again pulled me up to meet his gaze.

“You did good stud, but you missed some” he said with a smile before licking the cu from my chin and shoving his tongue in my mouth.

I was in heaven but I wasn’t done yet. I hoped Aaron wasn’t done either. There was another hole I needed him to fill.

We once again wrestled through ten minutes of kissing, licking, and grinding. My question was answered as I felt Aaron’s cock start to harden as we thrusted our dicks together.

“I need you in my ass!” Aaron pleaded as he looked into my eyes and grabbed my cock, pumping it with his muscular hand. “Grab the lube in the top drawer of the nightstand”.

I couldn’t believe it, I was going to fuck my first man. I crawled across the bed and opened the top drawer. As I grabbed the bottle I felt Aaron’s firm grip latch on to my ass from behind. What is he doing? I thought.

“Not so fast, I am gonna need a taste of that sweet ass if you are gonna wave it in front of me” Aaron said as he spread my ass.

Suddenly I felt the warm sensation of a tongue teasing my ass. The feeling was incredible, I clenched the bottle of lube in my hand as a deep moan escaped. I needed more and dropped to my elbows, raising my ass to his embrace and pushing back onto his tongue. My dick was throbbing at this point, I needed release.

Aaron pulled back smacking my right ass cheek and then squeezing tightly. “I love this ass” Aaron growled.

“Oh my god Aaron, that was insane,” I gasped.

“Your turn stud, come pound this ass” Aaron told me.

Aaron had already turned around on all fours waving his hot ass at me. I felt the same urge he did and practically dove into his ass. I kissed and licked my way to his hole. At the same time I reached around and started massaging his once again raging hard cock.

I loved the way Aaorn moaned and pushed into my embrace on his ass. I relented momentarily only to replace my tongue with one and then two fingers.

“Matt, just fuck me already!” Asron pleaded.

I pulled back grabbing the bottle of lube and coated my dick. I was almost shaking with nervous excitement. I positioned the head of my cock on Aaron’s hot ass. As I slowly entered a man for the first time I am not sure who moaned louder me or Aaron.

“Fuck yes! You hot stud give me more!” Arron commanded.

Wanting to take my time I slowly pushed further into Aaron’s ass until I felt my balls resting on his ass. I put my hands firmly on his hips as i pulled back out. I added another round of lube on my cock and then shoved it in harder and faster this time.

“Oh my god I love your dick! I need more, harder” Aaron gasped

I picked up the pace. Pounding harder and harder into his ass with each thrust. Aaron was moaning and gasping. At this point there were no words between us just grunts and gasps of pure passion. Sweat would occasionally drip from my forehead and onto the small of his back.

The sensation of his ass on my cock. The first man’s ass I had ever had, became too much. I pounded his ass hard and held my cock deep inside him as spurts of hot cum filled his ass.

As I pulled out I dropped on the bed next to Aaron, a huge grin on my face.

“That was amazing, did you enjoy fucking your first guy?” Aaron asked as he crawled on top of me.

“Best piece of ass I have ever had” I said between kisses, grabbing a handful of his freshly fucked ass.

“Glad to hear! Now, are you ready to have your ass pounded for the first time?” He asked playfully before gently biting my lip.

“Show me what you got, just start slow” I challenged just catching my breath.

I went to roll over on my hands and knees but Aaron shoved my shoulders into the bed.

“Nope, I want to look into your eyes while you take your first dick” he told me.

By this point, knowing what was about to happeb, my dick was starting to get hard again showing my excitement.

“Put your legs on my shoulders” Aaron said grabbing the lube.

He started probing my ass with his lubed up fingers. I had done it myself in the shower countless times but this was different. It was incredible.

“I’m ready, I need you now” I pleaded reaching for Aaron.

Aaron leaned in for one more kiss before my first pounding. He firmly kissed my lips licking them playfully before leaning in to whisper in my ear.

“Lay back and enjoy, this is going to be a fucking your never going to forget”

He moved down my body and stood at the edge of the bed. My ass on the edge, legs resting on his shoulders. I could hardly contain my excitement while he lubed up his cock.

I laid my head back enjoying the moment just before I felt it. The warm sensation of the head of Aaron’s dick on my wanting hole. I bit my lip in anticipation as he slowly pushed himself inside me.

I gasped as I could feel every part of the first inch of his cock stretching me. Then I felt Aaron slowly pull out before slowly sliding further into me. I had experimented with a dildo once or twice so I was familiar with the pain. Not having control, I would squeeze the bed sheets as if to slow the entry. Each time Aaron would stop shortly after, pull out and then start his assault on my ass again. After several rounds of this, I finally felt the sensation I craved, that I had fantasized about. Aaron’s balls were resting on my ass, his full weight was on top of me and his 6.5 inches had penetrated and stretched me as far as much as it could. The pain gave way to an incredible feeling of pleasure.

“God your ass is tight, you took it all stud” Aaron reassured me.

“I fucking love your cock inside me” I said between gasps.

“If you like that, just wait. I am going to pound this hot ass” Aaron promised.

He slowly pulled out prompting a long drawn out moan from me. The void left in my hole made me squirm as he added more lube to his throbbing cock. Then he started thrusting into me slowly bit by bit. My moans became louder as he penetrated me deeper and faster than before.

“Ahhh, give it to me Aaron. fuck me!” I gasped.

This time he didn’t hold back he pulled all the way out and then slammed all the way into my ass his balls smacking my ass.

“That what you want?” Aaron asked with a smile looking into my eyes. He already knew the answer and pulled out quickly as I tried to answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32