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This is part 2 of the story with the same name. It can be found in Loving Wives, and while it is not necessary to read it first, I think it would help make this a better read.

About a week after our “walk on the wild side” with Candy and Paul, we had an interesting surprise. My 21 year old sister called me and asked if she could stay with us during her 10 day Spring Break from college. Our folks were in the Chicago area here until about 3 months ago, when they had to move to Denver because my Dad got transferred.

My sister Ronnie had lived here all her life, and her roots were here as well as her friends. Her college was not that far away. I told her “Sure, come on out,” as we had two empty bedrooms in our 3 bedroom house. One was furnished as a guest room, while the other served as my ‘office’.

Though I am 3 years older than Ronnie, we had always gotten along well, and her and my wife Laura were fairly close too. She has short brown hair and big blue eyes. Ronnie is a frisky little girl, emphasis on “little”. She stands 5 feet tall, and weighs about 95 pounds soaking wet. She has a great figure in my book, with a slender waist, great ass, and small tits. Definitely a member of the “itty bitty tittie” club.

Though I realize I should not look at my sister that way, it is hard not to. Not when she is so damn appealing, and terminally flirtatious. I often think that she may be a closet exhibitionist with the way she struts her stuff. We had many “close calls” as kids, with her walking in on me when I was getting out of the shower, and vice-versa. She also had a knack for leaving her bedroom door open, and I would get juicy glimpses of her while dressing or undressing. I also had fun with some of her dirty panties. After years of these close calls, I started to think she intended for that to happen, which drove me nuts. What’s a horny American male to do?

Her school is about 150 miles from our house, and she has a car that my folks bought for her after graduating high school with a 3.82 GPA. She is no dummy. She drove in on a Saturday, and I unloaded her car for her while her and Laura gabbed and got caught up.

We told Ronnie to make herself at home. She had been to our house many times, but never as a guest for an extended period. I knew she would settle right in though, as we have all the creature comforts she was accustomed to at our folks’ house.

After getting her things unpacked, Ronnie came downstairs and we talked about what we would do on her first night of her Spring Break. She said that she didn’t necessarily have her heart set on anything, and that she would probably be happy with anything we wanted to do. Laura agreed and it was decided that it would be up to me to decide what we would do that night. I decided to treat the girls to something nice, so I made a reservation for us at a local Cantonese restaurant that Laura and I loved, but rarely went to.

Laura and I dressed semi-casual, me in Dockers and a Polo shirt, and Laura in dress jeans with a nice tank top. Ronnie wore a short skirt and a tank top. Both girls looked very nice, and I got a few envious looks from men at the restaurant who were probably jealous that I had these two lovelies with me. Dinner went well, we all had excellent dishes, and we also all had a lot to drink. I can never resist having a few Zombies when I go there, and both girls had Navy Grogs, all of which are known for their potency.

After dinner we elected to go to Morrison’s for a couple more drinks. The band was the same as the week before, which was fine with me. They were good. We weren’t there for more than 10 minutes before a guy asked Laura to dance with him, obviously unaware that she was my wife. She looked at me and I nodded ‘ok’, so off she went out to the dance floor.

It was nice to be alone with Ronnie for the first time. I asked her all of the perfunctory questions about school, and she filled me in on how she was doing. I told her to be sure to keep in touch with the folks, and she said she would, and we continued the drill for a couple more minutes until the next tune started. Laura was still on the dance floor with whoever that guy was, so Ronnie grabbed me by the arm and said, “You’re dancing with me now, buster!” She kiddingly dragged me out to the dance floor, but I didn’t give much resistance, as anyone would want to dance with a hottie like Ronnie.

She was wearing a white skirt and a yellow tank top, and it contrasted with her skin well. She was pretty tan from going to tanning salons at school. Now, Ronnie is a seriously good dancer, of which I was not aware before tonight. She moved it around the dance floor really well, and she treated me like a boyfriend, with her closeness and style. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t help but notice her figure. Great ass, great hips, and those little tits of hers were just as jiggly as they could be. She also had a suggestive way of getting up and down, and I saw down the front of her tank top quite a few times.

For sure she was braless, suadiye escort as you pretty much have to be to wear a tank top like hers and have it look good. A bra would have ruined her look. We finished a couple of dances, and went back to our table. Laura was there, and she asked Ronnie how I had done out there on the dance floor. Ronnie said I did ok.

“Just ok?” Laura asked Ronnie.

“Yeah, I think he needs to loosen up, Laura.” Ronnie replied.

“Let’s show him how it’s done, Ronnie.” and Ronnie agreed. They got up and went out on the dance floor together, and I sat to watch. There are few things that look finer to me than 2 great looking women dancing with each other, especially when they know how to dance. These two looked great, moving their asses and shaking their tits around the dance floor. I think Laura was braless too.

We kept drinking and dancing and got fairly plowed, and left the bar at about midnight. Both girls dozed off in the car on the ride home. When we got to my house, I buzzed the garage door up and pulled it in, with 2 sleeping beauties in my car! They were probably more smashed than I realized. I clumsily helped Laura upstairs to our bedroom, and laid her down on the bed. When I went back for Ronnie, she was sort of waking up, and I didn’t have to carry her, but I stayed with her in case she was unsteady.

After I got Ronnie settled in her room, I went to tend to my wife. She was still out cold. Laura can’t really hold her liquor. I had her on her back on the bed and got her out of her jeans, then tucked her in, wearing just her tank top and panties.

Ronnie had been kind of semi-out-of-it when I left her a few minutes ago, so I decided to see if she was ok. The door to the bedroom I had her in was still opened the way I left it when I brought her in, and I peeked in. Good grief. Ronnie had gotten her skirt off just after I left, and had evidently dozed off. Her skirt was on the floor, and she was sprawled on the bed in her panties and tank top. Worse yet, the head of the bed was on the far wall, meaning her head was farthest from me, and her legs were pointing at me. And her crotch.

Ronnie had these cute little white cotton panties on, and what a sight that was! Her legs were not spread wide apart, but they weren’t exactly closed either. I could clearly see the outline of her pussy through the crotch of her panties. Either she shaved, or trimmed. Short. Whew! I went up to her and nudged her on the shoulder, in an effort to get her up at least enough to tuck her in under the covers. She didn’t budge. Didn’t respond at all. Well well well. Here lies a perfectly hot little lady, and she is tempting my voyeuristic tendencies with a form-fitting tank top with no bra, and white cotton panties that outline her pussy. What’s a man to do?

I tried again to jostle her awake. No go. I tried to drag the covers out from under her so I could put the blanket down, covering her and keeping her warm. She moved, and kind of twisted, but didn’t seem to want to cooperate, which was not surprising considering how buzzed she was. I stood there looking down at her, and I felt that old familiar stirring in my loins. ‘Look at those nipples!’ I thought. ‘Look at that yummy looking snatch!” I continued, to my inner audience.

I rubbed my cock through my pants. It was getting insistent. I leaned way over, and got my face down by her crotch, and inhaled deeply. Ahhh the smell of hot young pussy. I imagined that Ronnie’s pussy was probably more than fragrant, with all the flirting she had been doing all night, with me, and other men at the bar. I got down a little closer. Another deep inhalation. Oh boy. And now that I am that close, is that a small wet spot on the gusset of her panties? I think so.

I hadn’t had as much to drink at the bar that night, knowing I would be driving, so I had my act together for the most part. I mean, I was buzzed, but not bombed. All kinds of thoughts were swirling around in my head as I gazed down at my hot little sister, laying there the way she was. My cock was becoming pretty insistent, and was taking control of the wheel. I unzipped my jeans and slipped my cock out, and started stroking it slowly. I then knelt on the floor, and got my nose right up to her crotch. It was heaven. Then I focused on her tits, and her nipples seemed to be calling out to me.

I had a full blown hard-on by now, and was stroking in earnest. My balls were a little full anyway, as Laura and I hadn’t had sex in 3 or 4 days, so I was itching to blow a load. Ronnie just laid there, quiet as a mouse, and here I was, her perverted brother, jerking off over the smell of her pussy and the look of her tits, while kneeling down next to her bed while she slept. I couldn’t hold back anymore, and I felt my balls about to blow. I reached down with my left hand to try to catch as much of my goo as I could, and I let it fly. Unreal. One of the more intense climaxes I’d had in recent memory, ranking right up there with the mutual masturbation yakacık escort thing with Candy the weekend before.

I blew a large load, and caught as much of it as I could. I then staggered to the bathroom to clean up a bit, and followed that with a trip to my bedroom for a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt. I went downstairs to smoke a few hits off a joint, and made myself a nice stiff Scotch-rocks. Life is good, and this is only day 1 of Ronnie’s visit.

After one drink, I went upstairs to turn in. I got into bed and Laura stirred when I was getting situated in bed. She looked at me sort of groggy-eyed, and leaned over for a smooch. I kissed her lovingly, and we had a nice embrace. Laura seemed to be coming around, and who was I to argue? I love my wife, and love being close to her. We made out for a few minutes, and Laura groped at my crotch, as she often does…..we are a very sexually tuned in couple. One thing led to another, and before I know it, Laura has my dick in her mouth. Laura seems to love sucking my cock. She says it makes her feel “naughty” and there is no way I’m going to balk at that.

She had my balls in her hand, and my cock in her mouth. She was pumping my cock up and down while she was sucking. Then Laura came off my cock and leaned up for another deep soul kiss. As she backed away, she said softly, “Smells like you’ve been busy down there mister.” Without waiting for a reply, she got back to work on my cock. There was no issue with her detecting some sweaty smells or whatever; she knows I jerk off, and has no problem with it. She was blowing me in earnest now, jacking my shaft up and back. I started to get agitated, and Laura could feel my tension rise, knowing that I was getting close.

Again she pulled away from my cock, and whispered those words I love to hear; “Want to cum on my tits, or in my mouth?” Laura really knows me, and loves to see me enjoy my sex play, the same as I like to see to it that she always gets satisfaction.

“Oh on your tits baby…” I said to her softly.

“Ok Jimmy, assume the position.” She said. This is our fun little way of saying to each other that it is time for her to lay back, and for me to get over her so I can jerk my load off onto her yummy tits. I got into a kneeling position, grabbed my rod, and started stroking. My climax was on me in mere seconds, as she really knows how to get me going. I groaned, and started blowing cum all over her tits and up onto her face, in an effort to give her a few globs to swallow……….success! A great tit blast, and a perfect follow up mouth shot. I was spent.

After catching my breath, I sort of leaned over to our nightstand for a Kleenex to wipe her tits off with. I didn’t feel like licking up my own goo tonight. As I leaned over, I swore I saw a shadow in the hallway move. There is a small nightlight in the hall, and I made sure to see that it was working earlier tonight, especially with a guest sleeping over. Could my sister Ronnie have seen me getting my dick sucked? I had neglected to shut our door when I came in, as that is not something I usually do. Force of habit; leave the door open. But I cleaned Laura’s chest off, dropped the Kleenex in the trash can next to the nightstand, and kind of cuddled up to her. I didn’t want to get up right then to close the door, for whatever reason. As I laid in bed, I couldn’t help continuing to wonder if Ronnie had watched Laura giving me head.


The next morning, Saturday, Laura and I were up bright and early. Well, I was bright, and she was early and none too pleased about it. Ronnie came downstairs a few minutes after we had the coffee brewing, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of short shorts. It made me wonder if she changed last night, or this morning? Hmm. I couldn’t dwell on that issue, because I was too busy dwelling on Ronnie’s outfit for this morning! The shorts were super tight, and the t-shirt left almost nothing to the imagination. I was getting an up close and personal education on her tiny titties. They were small, probably a small B, and her nipples seemed to be very prominent. They were on high alert at the moment. My head was spinning.

We all showered and cleaned up. Ronnie was giving me jolts every time she changed clothes. Now she had a very short jeans skirt on, and a very revealing halter top. Laura looked good as always. The girls decided that they wanted to cruise a mall or two. I told them to have fun, and not to spend too much of my money. They jumped in Laura’s car and off they went……to where, I had no idea.

Now, what do naughty brothers do when their hot sisters who are staying over decide to go out? They snoop. So, with Little Jim leading the way, I went off in search of things that I had no business finding. In Ronnie’s room, I spotted her luggage right away. Easy target. I got into it, and hit pay-dirt immediately. Lots of undies, and some of them were pretty racy. Yes, her bras were 33B, and her panties were beautiful. I sniffed around among them, but they were şerifali escort all recently laundered. Did that stop me? Nope…..I went looking for the panties she wore the night before. I know my fussy sister, and she wouldn’t wear the same knickers 2 days in a row.

Laura had a laundry hamper in the bathroom, and I was sure she had told Ronnie to put her soiled laundry there. I immediately went to the hamper in pursuit of my sister’s delicate underthings. Instant paydirt! Skirt, tank top, and panties, all from last night. I picked the panties up and held them to my nose. Oh my God, they were the same scent as last night, but WAY stronger. And there were little crusties in the gusset. I am so perverted sometimes! I took the gusset into my mouth and sucked on it so I could taste it. Delicious! My cock was like granite. I whipped it out and started stroking. This was too good to be true!

Unbeknownst to me, the girls had been about 2 miles away when they realized that Ronnie had forgotten her sunglasses. Laura had pulled into the driveway, not lifting the garage door, and Ronnie had gotten out and was on her way back in to get the shades from her room. I was obviously pre-occupied, and our doors are quiet to open. She had made it all the way upstairs on her way to her room when she passed the bathroom in the hallway, only to see me with my cock in my hand, and her pretty white cotton panties up to my nose. She stopped cold.

“Jim?” she said, as surprised to see me there as I was to see her there. Crap! I dropped her panties into the open hamper, and fumbled with my cock and zipper, then realizing that I was fooling nobody.

“Oh!! Ronnie!” What could I say? Nothing. So I didn’t say anything more. I just sort of casually tried to stuff my dick back into my shorts, as I stood there with my face beet red.

Ronnie grinned. She has a really foxy grin that could melt many men anyway, and I was speechless. “Like whatcha found?” she asked, knowing damn well I liked what I had found.

“Uh….well, yeah, as a matter of fact, I do. I like these a lot!” I sort of fumbled the words out.

“Oh….ok. Why don’t ya finish what you were doing, brother dear?” she said. “Go ahead, I love to see a guy beat off.”

I was unsure about where to take this. I was caught red-handed by my sister, smelling and tasting her dirty panties. I wanted in the worst way to finish what I started. But what about Laura in the car?

“Here, Jim. How about this?” She pulled her skirt up far enough to give her access to her panties, which I noticed with relish were yellow cotton, and had little pink hearts on them, and put her hand down into her panties. She rooted around in there for a minute, then drew her hand out and held it up to my nose.

“Like that?” She was still grinning.

“You have no idea.” I replied.

“Hold on Jimmy. I’ll be right back.”

With that, she turned and scurried back downstairs and out the front door. I stood there with a major woodie, and waited for my world to come crashing in.

About 2 minutes later, the door downstairs opened again, and I heard giggles. Robbie and Laura hurried upstairs, and there I was with my cock in my fist.

“My my my Jim.” Laura said as she saw my situation. “Maybe the shopping will have to wait.”

The girls knew they were torturing me. I decided to just get on with it, since they weren’t showing anger, and I had the fragrant panties right in front of me and my dick in my hand.

“Robbie saw us last night Jim.” Laura said. “We weren’t even around the block before she asked me about it. Apparently she has some of the same tendencies we have, and has known that you have been getting into her things since she was in junior high and you were in high school.”

Boy that conversation developed rapidly, I thought. “Err…really?” I mumbled.

“Yes. She also told me that she spied on you too, as kids. You were a real ‘Master-Bator’ according to her. She loved watching you blow loads all over your belly. And sometimes she planted dirty panties for you to ‘find’.”

Ronnie piped up, “Yeah Jim, so now it’s time for the real deal. You can taste me if I can taste you. Laura is ok with it. C’mon.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me into our bedroom. “Oh, Jim, and yes, I saw you two last night. Laura and I had that planned out. You do ok for an ‘old man’.”

Ronnie sat down on our bed and had me face her. She fumbled with my pants, then got them undone. She dragged them down to my ankles, then yanked my underwear down. My cock leaped forward. Ronnie leaned back and said, “Ok Jimmy. Start stroking. We still have shopping to do.” She grinned and winked at Laura.

What was I going to do? I started stroking, of course. “Uhm Ronnie, I’m going to need a target, ok? And maybe some fresh ‘incentive’.”

Ronnie knew exactly where I was headed, and she pulled her tank top up above her tits, then thought better of that and pulled it all the way off. She then leaned back and raised her feet so she could slide her panties all the way down her legs. This was heaven! My first unobstructed look at Ronnie’s tits and pussy. I didn’t know what to look at – I wanted to see both of them. I did the only thing I could do. I slowed my stroking down so I could drink everything in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32