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After her hair was rinsed, Travis squeezed the water from her hair. Then he wrapped a towel around her head and sat her back up. Before Travis unwrapped the towel from around her head, Mavis reached over and began to massage his crotch.

“We have company, darling,” Travis said, as Mavis continued to massage his dick through his pants.

“Don’t let me stop you! I enjoy watching you stroking his dick,” Malibu said, making Travis and Mavis laugh.

After a few minutes, Mavis stopped touching his dick, and Travis removed the towel from around her head. After he gently toweled Mavis’ hair, Travis combed it. Then he got a can of mousse and squirted a glob, about the size of a golf ball, into the palm of his hand. He began to work it through her damp hair. After he was finished, he combed her hair. Travis picked up a blow dryer, then began to dry her hair as he combed it. When her hair was dry, he combed it again. Then he let Mavis see her hair.

“You’ve worked your magic on my hair once again, my magic man,” she said when she saw her hair. Travis grinned.

“May I touch your hair?” Malibu asked.

“Sure. It’s softer now than it’s ever been before,” Mavis answered.

“Your hair is so soft and silky! If Travis got my hair as soft as yours, I’d screw him to death before you had a chance to!” Malibu said as she stroked her hair. Mavis giggled, and Travis grinned.

“If you screw Travis after he’s done your hair, don’t wear his ass out too bad. I want to wear it out more than it’s ever been worn out before,” Mavis said as she got dressed, causing Malibu and Travis to laugh.

“I’ll save some for you, Mavis,” Malibu said, making Mavis grin.

After Mavis had finished dressing, she gave Travis a kiss and a hug, rubbing her pussy against his crotch hard.

“I love you, Travis,” Mavis said.

“I love you more,” Travis said, as she stroked her hair.

“It was nice meeting you Malibu. Thanks for the pussy rub,” Mavis said, then she kissed and hugged her.

“It was nice to meet you too, and you’re more than welcome, babe,” Malibu said as she stroked her hair.

“See ya later, my sexy hunk,” Mavis said.

“See ya later, my sexy ass babe,” Travis said, as she left.

“I think you liked that kiss and hug from Mavis,” Malibu accused.

“What makes you say that?” he asked.

“You’re pointing without using your finger,” Malibu answered, as she reached down and rubbed the bulge in the front of his pants, causing him to moan.

“She always does this to me, even if she doesn’t touch me,” he said. Malibu grinned. “So … what would you like done to your hair?” Travis asked.

“Before you start on my hair, there’s something that I need to tell you.” Malibu said

“What’s wrong?” Travis asked, concerned.

“Have you ever heard of a shemale?”

“Yeah. It’s a man who has a dick, balls and breasts.”

“I’m a shemale.”

“You are?”

“Yes. I’m …a chick with a dick.”

“Cool” Travis said, as he began to stroke her hair.

“It doesn’t bother you that I have breasts as well as a dick and balls?” Malibu asked.

“Nope.” Travis answered.

When Malibu looked up at Travis, he saw tears on her cheek.

“What’s wrong, Malibu?”

“You’re the first hairstylist who has accepted me the way that I am. Every other hairstylist, male or female, that I’ve gone to has turned me away when I told them that I was a shemale,”

“Those hairstylists are the ones who give the good hairstylists a bad reputation,” Travis said as he stroked Malibu’s hair.

“Now I know why Mavis loves you like she does,” Malibu said as she lay her head against his leg.

“What do you mean, babe?” Travis asked as he continued to stroke her hair.

“As kind, loving and caring as you are, it wouldn’t be hard to fall in love with you,” Malibu answered.

Travis stroked Malibu’s hair for a few more minutes, then he kissed the top of her head.

“What would you like done to your hair, darling?” Travis asked eventually.

“I want you to cut my hair so that it hangs to the middle of my back and dye my hair back to it’s original color – Golden honey-blonde.”

“I’d be more than happy to do that for you,” Travis said as he stroked her hair causing Malibu to smile. “is there anything else you want me to do for you?” he asked.

“I hate to ask, but there’s something I’d like you to do before you do my hair,” Malibu replied.

“You can ask me,” Travis said.

“I’d like for you to play with my dick until I cum” Malibu said. Travis smiled.

“Should we undress first?” Malibu asked.

“Sure,” Travis answered, then he began to undress. When he was finally naked, Malibu reached bursa escort down and rubbed her hand over his dick, making him moan.

“It’s your turn,” Travis said, and Malibu removed her silk blouse and her bra, revealing her breasts. “Firm, but still soft,” Travis said as he played with them. After he kissed each breast, Malibu continued to undress. She turned her back to Travis as she removed her underwear.

“Ready?” she asked.

“Yeah. Let me see your dick,” Travis answered.

She turned around, and he reached down and took Malibu’s dick into his hand. “What do you think?” She asked.

“Nice,” he answered, as he began to slowly stroke it. Malibu moaned softly.

“Want me to wash your dick while I play with it? Or maybe use some lotion on it?” Travis asked, as he continued to stroke Malibu’s dick.

“Lotion. I love the way a greasy hand feels on my dick,” Malibu answered.

Travis went over to the cabinet and got a large tube of moisturizing lotion, then he came back over to her. “If you’ll sit in the shampoo/styling chair, I’ll lean you back so you’ll be laying flat. Then I can work the lotion into the skin of your hairless pubic area,” Travis said.

After Malibu sat down, Travis raised the foot rest up, so her feet were sticking straight out, then leaned her back until she was laying flat. As Malibu lay there, Travis began to lick the head of her dick like a lollipop, making her moan loudly.

“I like the feel of your tongue on the head of my dick,” she said as she moaned.

After a few minutes, he wiped the head of her dick off with a towel, then opened the tube of moisturizing lotion. Travis squeezed the whole tube onto her dick, balls and pubic area. Malibu moaned louder when Travis began to rub the lotion, and moaned even louder when he began to play with her greasy dick. As Travis played with her dick, he gave her balls a squeeze, causing her to yelp as she moaned.

Malibu moaned as loud as she could as she covered Travis’ face with her cum. By the time Travis was finished playing with her greasy dick, her cum dripped off his chin.

“I’m sorry Travis. I tried to hold back, but your hand felt so good on my greasy dick that I just couldn’t!” she said, when she saw his cum covered face.

“I wanted your cum on my face,” he said, licking his lips, “You taste better than I thought you would.”

Travis picked up the same towel that he had used to dry the head of her dick with, then placed it over her greasy crotch. He began to rub the towel over it, removing the lotion. When she was wiped clean, he sat her back up.

As Malibu sat there, she licked her cum from his face. “You’re right! I do taste good,” she said, smiling.

Travis got a clean towel, handed it to Malibu, and she wiped her cum from his face. Travis removed the elastic band that was holding her hair back, then leaned her back. As Travis wet her hair, he ran his fingers through. Once her hair was wet, Travis poured some shampoo over her head, then began to slowly wash her hair, causing her to moan softly. Travis noticed that her dick was getting hard again.

“I think someone likes to have their hair washed,” Travis said

“I love having you wash my hair.”

“I can tell you like it, because you’re hard again.”

“I know I am.”

She reached down and started to stroke it, and while Travis rinsed her hair, she began to cum. Travis squeezed the water from her hair, then wrapped a towel around her head and sat her back up.

As she licked the Cum from her fingers, Travis wiped her dick with a wet washcloth. He then unwrapped the towel from around her head, then combed and sectioned her hair. He began to cut her hair, softly humming. When he was finished, her hair hung just below the middle of her back.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“I love it! Travis, it’s exactly the way I wanted it cut,” she answered as she looked at it .

“Ready to go back to your natural hair color?”

“Yeah! So … do you have to strip the old color from my hair before you dye it?” Malibu asked.

“If you want the color to look natural, then yeah, I have to strip your hair,” he answered.

“I hate putting harsh chemicals in my hair.”

“What I use won’t harm your hair. As a matter of fact, it has conditioners in it, so it will actually help your hair,” Travis said.

Malibu looked at Travis, then at her hair.

“If you don’t want your hair stripped, I won’t do it,” Travis said.

“I trust you, Travis. Strip the old color from my hair,” she replied, as she looked at him.

“I’ll dry your hair, then strip it.”

“Before you start on my hair, I want to suck malatya escort your dick.”

“I was hoping you’d want to suck it,” Travis said, making her smile.

Travis stood in front of Malibu, and she began to kiss and lick the tip of his dick, causing him to moan. When she opened her mouth to take his dick in, Travis placed his hands on the sides of her damp head and shoved his dick inside her mouth, and down her throat. Malibu gagged and tried to push Travis away, but he began to deep throat her roughly. He deep throated Malibu, and then he rubbed the back of her head, ready to cum. Travis shoved his dick farther down her throat, and let his cum flow down it. Malibu gagged harder, as she had swallow fast to keep from choking on his cum. Travis deep throated Malibu for a few moments longer, then he removed his dick from her mouth.

“What the hell were you trying to do? Choke me with your dick? Or drown me with your cum?” she asked, looking at him.

“I wasn’t trying to do either to you. I deep throated you,” Travis answered.

“I’ve been deep throated before, but not the way you did it to me,” she said.

“I’m sorry that you didn’t like it, Malibu,” Travis said as he stroked her hair.

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I said I’ve never been deep throated the way you did it to me.”

“So … you liked it?”

“Hell no. I loved it, babe!” Malibu stood up and wrapped her arms around Travis. She began to kiss him passionately as she played with his ass. After a few minutes, she sat down, and Travis blow dried her hair. He then went over to another cabinet, and got a bottle of stripper.

“This stripper works in half the time as the other ones,” he said, leaning down and kissing Malibu again, before starting to work the stripper through her hair. When he was finished, he wrapped some plastic wrap around her head, then set the time for fifteen minutes.

“Why did you decide to become half-man half-woman?” Travis asked, as they waited for the time to be up.

“I was married for a time, but she decided she wanted pussy instead of dick, so she divorced me. In the settlement, she got almost everything I had, and I was bitter about it, so I swore off women and began to date and have sex with men. I soon found out that men like other men who were half and half. That’s why I began to be half and half,” she answered.

“what do you do for a living?” Travis asked.

“I’m a trauma nurse at the Med Center, and everyone who I work with knows that I’m half-man and half-woman,” she replied.

“How do they feel about it where you work?”

“There are a few there who don’t like me because of what I am, but I have a lot of friends, and I’ve dated some of my male and female coworkers.”

“Are you dating anyone now?”

“Nope. I’m playing the field for a while. What about you? Are you dating anyone now?”

“No, I just screw Mavis every night.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Mavis is working on a major case for my firm, and she’s not going to be having sex for a while.” “Looks like you’ll have blue balls until you have sex with her.”

“If I have sex with you, I won’t have blue balls,” he said. She smiled.

“Have you ever had anal sex?” she asked.

“Nope, but I have played with, and sucked, some of my gay male friends’ dicks,” he answered.

“Maybe someday you’ll have anal sex with me,” she said.

“That could happen tonight, if things go well for us,” he said, making her smile again.

As they talked, the timer went off. Since she was already sitting in the shampoo/styling chair, Travis simply removed the plastic wrap from around her head, and tossed it into the trash. Then he leaned her back, and began to rinse her hair with warm water. Malibu began to play with his dick, causing him to moan. When her hair was rinsed, Travis squeezed the water from it, then he wrapped a towel around her head and sat her back up.

“I’m nervous about how my hair will look after you’ve stripped the color from it,” she said, as Travis began to unwrap the towel from around her hair. After Travis combed her hair, he turned Malibu around so she was facing the mirror.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“Oh shit,” she said, when she saw that her hair was snow white.

“What’s wrong?” Travis asked.

“Nothing. I was just surprised by how white it turned out. Oh, my hair feels a lot softer since you stripped it,” she said in surprise, as she ran her fingers through her damp hair.

“I told you that your hair wouldn’t be hurt by the stripper!” Travis said, grinning.”Do you want me to leave your hair as is or dye it?”

“As much as I like the snow white color, I want you to çanakkale escort dye it,” she answered.

After Travis blow dried her hair, he went over to a cabinet and got a box of golden honey-blonde hair color, then came back over to her.

“Ready to be a blonde?” Travis asked.

“Yep,” she answered.

After Travis mixed the dye with the developer, he combed and sectioned her hair. He kissed her deeply, then began to work the dye through her hair. After her hair was saturated with the dye, Travis rinsed his gloved hands off, then placed a plastic cap over her head, followed by a heat cap. He set the timer for thirty minutes. As they waited for the time to be up, Malibu stood up and moved forwards.

“Suck me,” she said.

Travis took her dick into his hand, and began to play with it. She moaned, and when her dick was hard, he kissed and licked the tip of it, making her moan louder.

After a few minutes, Travis took her dick into his mouth, and began to suck it. Malibu moaned loudly as Travis licked the underside of her dick.

As Travis continued to suck her dick, Malibu placed her hands on sides of his head. Then she shoved her hard dick down his throat. Travis gagged as she began to deep throat him roughly. She shoved her balls into his mouth, and made him suck on them. As Travis sucked her dick and balls, he reached around her and shoved his finger up her ass, causing her to yelp.

After a few minutes, Malibu removed her balls from his mouth as she continued to deep throat him roughly. She shoved her dick as far down his throat as she could, as she began to cum. Travis gagged harder, and after a few moments, she removed her dick from his throat.

Travis coughed and gagged for a few minutes, then he smiled

“This wasn’t your first time being deep throated?” Malibu asked.

“Nope, I have a few male friends who are bisexual and I’ve sucked a couple of them, and let them deep throat me,” Travis answered.

“How many times have you been deep throated?” she asked.

“I’ve sucked three men’s dicks twice, and they have deep throated me as I sucked them, so it’s six times. It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve been deep throated,” Travis answered.

“Have you ever had anal sex with the three guys?” she asked.

“No, just sucked them as they deep throated me,” he answered.

“Well maybe you’ll have anal sex with me tonight,” she winked.

“Anything is possible.”

As they talked the timer went off. Before he leaned Malibu back, he kissed her passionately, and then he removed both the heat and plastic caps from her head, throwing them into the trash.

He sprayed some water onto her head, and began to work the dye into a lather. After a few more minutes he began to rinse her hair as he ran his fingers through it. When the water ran clear from her hair, he squeezed the water from it, then wrapped a towel around her head and sat her back up.

Travis unwrapped the towel from around her head, then gently toweled her hair. He combed her hair to remove any tangles that was in it.

“Mousse or gel?” he asked, as he stroked her hair.

“Light holding mousse,” she answered.

He went over to the cabinet, got a can of light holding mousse and came back over to her. He squirted a glob of mousse into the palm of his hand, then began to work the mousse through her damp hair.

Travis picked up a blow dryer and began to dry her hair as he scrunched it in his hand. When Malibu’s hair was dry Travis put the blow dryer down and used both hands to scrunch and fluff up her hair. When he was finished, he kissed the top of her head.

“Close your eyes, doll,” he said. When her eyes were closed, he turned her around so she could see her hair. “You can open your eyes now,” he said, and when Malibu opened her eyes and saw her hair, she squealed.

“I didn’t think my hair would look this great,” she said as she touched her hair. “I look sexy as hell with golden, honey-blonde hair.”

“You looked sexy as hell when your hair was light auburn,” Travis said, causing her to smile.

When Malibu stood up, she wrapped her arms around Travis, then kissed him passionately as their dicks rubbed together.

“Where would you like to have dinner?” Travis asked as they began to get dressed.

“I’d like to go to your place before we eat,” Malibu answered.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Travis said, causing her to smile. I need to stop at the sex hut to get some toys for us.”

“You shop there?” she asked.

“Yes. Why?”

“I get all my toys there,” she answered. He smiled, and after he made sure that everything was turned off, he kissed Malibu deeply. Then they left.

“Is that your car?” Malibu asked, as they walked towards a silver Jaguar convertible.

“Yep! I got it the day before yesterday,” Travis answered. “Want to drive it?”

“No, I’ll let you drive while I watch,” she grinned.

When Malibu started to get into his car, Travis playfully slapped her on the ass, making her yelp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32