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Ass Play

Hi! I wrote this in my brother’s point of view to make it a little bit different. I wrote this because this is the first time I had sex with my brother and I thought it deserved to be written about. Please tell me what you think about the story, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

Yours truly, Melanie


“Eddie! Get the drinks and come downstairs!”

“Uggh…” I thought to myself. I walked over to the fridge and picked up the twelve case of Coca-Cola. I walked downstairs and then put six cans in the cooler that was full of ice. I was supposed to watch a movie with my two younger sisters tonight but the last one they picked wasn’t that great and I thought they would do the same tonight. I started walking away to the stairs.

“Eddie! Come on! Watch the movie! Please? I’ll pick a good one! I promise!” My baby sister Melanie pleaded.

“Fine…” I muttered.

I sat down on the couch next to my other sister, Katelynn. I don’t really put up an argument when it comes to my sisters. I find them both really charming and really nice. I’ve never been mean to them because really, who would they look up to if I were a prick to them? Melanie’s a sweet eighteen-year-old girl. She was wearing a blue nightgown that extended down to the middle of her thighs. Melanie’s a small girl, she’s about 5’5″ tall and weighs around a hundred pounds. She does have an athletic body from daily exercise. Her dark brown hair is about eight inches long and looks very silky. She has a fleshy peach-coloured skin, beautiful lips, brown eyes, and most of all, a very seducing smile. It’s really hard to say no to her because of her eyes. It makes someone feel like they’ve kicked a poor dog for no reason if they disagree with her.

“Hey! How would you guys like to watch ‘Speed’?” Melanie asked.

“That’s a good one, that’ll be very enjoyable.” I said.

“Oh! Put it in!” Kate said.

Melanie threw the movie over at me and plunked her self onto the two-seater couch to my left. She grabbed everyone a drink and covered herself up with a few blankets and waited for the movie to start. The television was angled so that both couches could see it at a very good angle. I got up and put the movie in the DVD player and grabbed the remote. I flicked off the lights so it was very dark. I sat back down next to Kate. Melanie fell asleep through movies sometimes so that’s probably why she likes to lay down on the couch by herself. Even though I might have better things to do, I’m spending time with my two sisters which means a lot to me and it’s the beginning of summer so I guess they might need some company. There are times though where I’m really not in the mood for a movie but they always make me watch one with them.

I pressed play on the remote and stared at the television. Katelynn snuggled a bit closer to me. She sipped on her drink really fast. Kate is nineteen years old. She has long brown hair, sweet green eyes, and cute looking lips. Kate has an average weight and she’s about 5’8″ tall. I remember how small Kate used to be when she was a young child, it’s amazing how much she grew. She has a hint of pale in her peach skin. She was wearing gym shorts and a tank top. Kate can basically convince anyone to do something she wants, she really good that way.

Kate put her drink on the coffee table. She was curled up against me and had her head on my shoulder. I pulled a blanket off the top of the couch and put it on both of us. I was wearing long shorts and a t-shirt. She moved closer to me. I decided to move lower so that it would be more comfortable and our body parts wouldn’t fall asleep. Kate was now lying partially on top of me and on the back of the couch. She wasn’t heavy at all and I could tell she was very comfortable. I was quite comfortable too.

I looked over at her for a quick second to see if she could see the screen okay. For that quick second, it wasn’t focused on her face, I was looking down her top. Her breasts were extremely cute. They were maybe a 34C and fit nicely in her shirt and from this angle, I could almost see her nipples because she wasn’t wearing a bra. I looked away almost instantly because if I ended up staring at her rack for too long, she’ll be able to see me having an erection and I really didn’t need that. I didn’t like the thought of me looking down my younger sister’s shirt because, well, she’s my sister.

I watched the movie but the thought remained in my head that I could look down her shirt for countless minutes and focus on every little detail. I put my arm on Kate’s bare shoulder and rubbed lightly. Kate snuggled a little closer to me. Kate and I usually sit really close during movie, like how some brothers and sisters do. Melanie and I do that a lot as well. Next, Kate put her arm around me and put her head down on my upper body. I really liked that because it seemed like we were both really safe and nothing could pull us apart.

She was very, very warm. I slowly rubbed her arm and moved down to her stomach. I felt very cold though for some strange reason, maybe it was çekmeköy escort the fact that I was actually starting to have sexual thoughts about my younger sister. The only major problem is that I started to look at Melanie in a different way as well but I really pushed those thoughts off for the time being. Eventually I started to shake in a bit of fear because I know these feelings were going to stay with me for the rest of my life and that these fantasies I was having were very close to becoming reality if I made it happen.

I pushed that thought off as well but I also had a thought in mind that told me they might fantasize about me as well. To be honest, I really didn’t know what to think at the time because I still had my desires but I also kept them in line. I pushed it all away and enjoyed the rest of the movie. For a few parts in the movie, Kate laughed and giggled. The movie had ended. Kate’s eyes were closed and Melanie was breathing heavy so I just turned off the DVD player along with the television because I didn’t want to wake them up. I closed my eyes and waited for the next day to come.

I woke up to the sunlight gleaming in through the small curtain. It was morning now. Kate and Melanie were still in their same positions from last night. Kate felt very warm, it felt like her bum was pressed against the middle of my right thigh. Her head was resting on my neck. I kissed the top of her head. It turns out she was awake and she looked up at me and smiled while blushing.

“Did you just kiss me?”

“I might have…” I said while giving a little smile.

“Aww! That’s cute! “She said while blushing even more.

I inched over off of the couch and I let Kate slip onto the couch. I walked past the couch Melanie was laying on and I patted her hair. In my opinion, there’s nothing more fun than spending the night with your siblings, whether it’s watching movies or talking. Kate got up off the couch and walked towards the washroom. I walked upstairs to the kitchen. Mom and dad were already at work. It was 7:41am. I waited for the girls to come upstairs before I started making anything in the kitchen. I looked out the back door and seen all the trees in the back yard.


I looked over and seen Melanie in her nightshirt again. Her hair had been all screwed up throughout her sleep but it sure did make her look cute.

“Yes, Melanie?” I said.

“That was a good movie, don’t you think?” She said.

“Yeah, it’s an excellent movie, I loved it.”

“Well, next time, I want to lay with you, I was so cold last night and the air conditioning was on so high! The blanket didn’t help one bit! Plus, you and Kate looked so warm together, I was jealous.” She said and then laughed.

The thought of that made me think about Melanie naked. I glimpsed down at her sexy looking thighs. I was grateful to be sitting down because she really made me excited by just standing there, I wondered if she was wearing any panties. I know she wasn’t wearing a bra because her or Kate never wears bras when they’re at home.

“Oh okay…that’s fine. What do you and Katie want for breakfast?” I asked.

“Let’s have toaster strudels! I love those!” I heard her say very loud.

I smiled at her and I got up. I angled my crotch away as I walked towards the fridge. I opened up the top door of the fridge (the freezer) and pulled out the package. Next I felt arms come up and wrap around my chest. It was Katelynn, she kissed me on the cheek.

“Thanks for watching the movie with us.”

I blushed a little bit and then smiled at her. I unwrapped the package and put two toaster strudels in the toaster. I then pulled out a few plates and put them on the counter. Next I sat back down at the table right next to Kate. I looked at Kate’s lips. They looked very soft. Melanie looked very cute as well, she had one leg over the other as she was sitting down. It showed a little bit of the back of her thigh and that was a turn on for me. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, I was fantasizing about my two younger sisters!

“I have to go use the washroom, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I heard Melanie say.

She got up and walked to the bathroom. I got a glimpse of her cute bum, it was small but very, very cute looking.

“Eddie…I don’t know how to say this to you…I don’t know if I should say it…” Kate said.

“You can go ahead and say whatever you like, it won’t offend me and it won’t make me stop loving you.” I said back.

“Well…I love you so much…I know we’re siblings but I would be willing to break those rules to be with you. It’s…just that you’re so nice, caring, and gentle…Please don’t be mad at me…” She said in a very soft tone.

Those words seemed to come to me like bullets. They shocked me, I didn’t know what to think. What are the chances of her talking to me about this the day after I started getting sexual feelings for her? I sat there in silence for a few seconds.

“Kate…” I finally managed to say. “I love you very, very much too…I…”

I bit the cevizli escort bullet and I leaned over, closed my eyes, and put my lips on Kate’s. She backed away and looked at my eyes. She put her arms around my neck and sucked on my lips very softly. I put my arms under hers and grasped her bare shoulders. The most insane pleasure shot through me. Her skin was very soft and I sure loved rubbing her skin, I don’t know why. She pulled her lips off of mine and took her arms off of my neck. She was a very, very good kisser.

“Melanie’s going to be out at any moment.” She said.

“Oh yeah…okay.”

I pulled my hands away from her smooth shoulders. I’ve had many girlfriends before and I’ve had sex with one of them but this kiss right here was the most intense pleasure I’ve felt in my life. It was all because she was my sister, one of the girls I’ve taken care of for most of my life. Kate got up to go towards the toaster, I assumed she knew I had an erection. I still couldn’t get over how intense that was. Melanie came back and sat in her chair. She had her elbows on the table with her hands supporting her jaw. Kate walked over to the table with a plate. She put it in front of Melanie.

“Thank you so much!” Melanie said and then shot a happy smile.

Kate sat down at the table. She looked over at me and smiled.

“So what do you guys want to do today?” I asked.

“Do you want to go in the hot tub and just chill for today? I don’t feel like going anywhere.” Kate asked.

Melanie smiled as she swallowed a bit of her food and nodded. I nodded as well. We had a hot tub on the deck, we had just got it last year. Every couple years or so, something like that comes into the household, whether it’s a television or a computer or something. We all ate breakfast and stepped outside. It was a beautiful summer day outside. It was very warm. Melanie was still in her nightshirt, I was hoping she would bend over so I could see her bum. I really had an urge to kiss Melanie for some reason…maybe it was because I kissed Kate. I put my arm around her and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled and kissed me back. Her face turned really red as she looked over at Kate.

I looked away like I never noticed but I kept my arm around her. I had no clue what I should’ve done next, I had absolutely no clue if Melanie was interested in me like Kate was but I really, really wanted to find out. I caressed Melanie’s arm and looked up at the very few clouds in the sky. I then ran my hand through her black hair and straightened it out of her face from the slight breeze of wind that screwed it up. Melanie let out a little laugh and walked back inside of the house. I was wondering if she thought I was some sort of freak after that.

“Eddie…I love you so much…” I heard Kate say again.

“I love you too, sweetie.” I said back, I know she wanted something else because whenever she pauses like that, she wants something but doesn’t build up the courage to tell me.

She turned on the hot tub and then climbed into the hot tub with all her clothes on (shorts and tank top). She soaked her hair. I took off my shirt and climbed in. I sat right next to her. I got a glimpse of her breasts again and they sure did look nice with water on them. Melanie came out of the house with black panties and a tank top. I looked at Melanie’s thighs again, I loved how they looked. She let herself in the hot tub. She put her head under the water and came back up. She swam over and sat next to me. I felt her arm go around my neck.

“Love you, Eddie!” She said.

I looked into her eyes and were they ever so cute! The look that she gave me in the hot tub is one I will never forget, it was the most begging and wanting look that no one could ever turn down. I don’t know what she wanted but it was something and I dare don’t kiss her on the lips.

“I love you as well, Melanie.”

“Do you think…we could…watch a couple more movies later?” She asked.

“Of course, sweetheart.” I said back.

She blushed after I said ‘sweetheart’. I put my arm around her.

“So Melanie,” Kate said. “Would you like to go get some ice cream later?”

Melanie’s eyes opened wide.

“Oh please?! I would love to!” She exclaimed.

Melanie loved ice cream so much. She loved almost every flavour of it. If she could live off of one thing, it would be ice cream, Kate knew that ice cream made Melanie really happy. Next, Kate decided to tell us both a story.

“Okay, so earlier this year, dad was in the kitchen and he was unloading the dishwasher. He was unloading dishes with one of his hands and he was holding a bag of chips in the other. He would sometimes grab a couple chips and eat them but I never knew he was holding them when I walked into the kitchen. I said ‘Hi dad!’ and then he looked over at me all startled. A few plates were in his hand and he dropped the bag of chips. So there he goes, trying to save the chips and drops all three plates but saves the bag of chips. I was laughing so hard because aren’t plates more important then a simple erenköy escort bag of chips? The funny thing was he stumbled to go save the chips and almost fell.”

Melanie was laughing. “Typical dad! He always does things like that.”

I was laughing as well. “Oh good old dad, been doing things like that from as far as I can remember.”

“Tell us one from a while ago, Eddie!” Kate said.

“Okay, well about 6 years ago, dad was playing with the dog on the carpet. But what dad didn’t know is that the dog pissed on the carpet. I knew about it because I stepped in it earlier in the day but I didn’t do anything about it. So dad is bugging the dog when he’s on his knees and he’s laughing and having all sorts of fun. Secretly, the dog and I know that there’s piss on the carpet. So the moment finally hit. Dad yelled as soon as his knee hit the puddle. I was in the kitchen and I seen the dog run towards me followed by dad with a huge wet spot on his knee.”

Kate was laughing so hard, her face turned red. Melanie was laughing really hard too. Dad always did really funny things unintentionally but we all always got a kick out what happened to him. After a short while, both of the girls stopped laughing. I was laughing quite a bit too.

“So what do you guys think of Jason out of the house?” Melanie asked.

“It doesn’t matter to me, he doesn’t really talk to me unless I talk to him.” Kate said.

“Same with me…” Melanie said.

“Well he’s a good brother and everything but it doesn’t really matter with me, he’s getting married and is moving onto another life, it’s his choice.” I said.

“Yeah…I suppose. Well it’s good for him at least.” Kate responded.

We talked for about another hour about little things like which movies we liked best, our favourite foods, how mom and dad aren’t fair. The thought still remained in my head that I wanted to kiss, hug, and have sex with both of my sisters. We all got out of the hot tub. I looked down Melanie’s top and seen her cute little breasts along with her hard nipples. They were maybe a size smaller than Kate’s but they were so pretty. I looked away as I seen that. I picked up my shirt and walked downstairs to my room. I was so into seeing Melanie’s breasts that I didn’t get a towel from the washroom.

I walked out of my room and then upstairs into the washroom and my god…I got the quickest glimpse of Melanie’s bare backside. She was combing her hair.

“Shit…Melanie, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were in there.”

“Hahn! Don’t worry about it! Come in.”

I opened up the door slowly and found her standing in the same position but with a towel covering her private parts. However, it didn’t cover the bottom of her bum. I opened up the closet door to get my towel except there were no towels left. I let out a disappointing sigh.

“Eddie…I…” Melanie tried to say.

“Yes, sweetheart?” I said back.

“Nothing…” She said.

I looked back at her in the reflection of the mirror and her head was down.

“Tell me, Melanie, it’s alright.”

“No…it’s nothing, it’s just me…I’m sorry.” She said.

I wrapped my arms around Melanie’s stomach and put my cheek on hers.

“Remember, sweetie, you can talk to me about anything you want, I’m here for you.” I said as I kissed her on the cheek.

I thought she was really bothered by something because she usually is whenever she has her head down, she has really sensitive feelings. She nodded and smiled at me.

“Here, take my towel, I’m finished using it.” She said.

She unwrapped her towel and gave it to me. She was completely naked again. She then moved closer to me.

“I love you so much…” She whispered in me ear, then kissed my mouth.

I shot into pleasure again. I looked into her eyes, they were so cute. I hugged her bare naked body. She was really, warm. As I hugged her, I put my hand on her head and rubbed it gently. My upper body was in heaven as hers was pressed against mine. I didn’t look at her naked body except for her butt when I hugged her. I kept my eyes mainly focused on her eyes.

“I love you very, very much too, Melanie…”

I left the towel in the room because I soaked Melanie by hugging her. Kate was standing outside of the washroom with jeans and a tank top.

“Do you need a towel? I locked the back door already.” She asked.

“Yeah I do…”

“Here, take mine.”

“Thank you, Kate.” I said and then smiled.

“Eddie…you mean a lot to me…” She smiled.

“Kate, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you. I love everything about you, sweetheart.”

Kate blushed and smiled. She walked to her room as I walked downstairs to mine. I dried myself off and put on new clothes. I wore jeans and a t-shirt. It was 9:30am now. I walked upstairs. Kate was sitting on the couch looking out the window. Melanie came out of the washroom and stood near us. She was wearing bell-bottom jeans. They were tight around her thighs and butt, and I really liked that. She also wore a tight t-shirt. I grabbed my car keys and put my shoes on. Both the girls put on their sandals and walked out of the front door. I locked the door. We all went into my mother’s car. Kate sat in the front seat with me and Melanie sat right behind me. I drove us to an ice cream parlor called ‘Sergeant Sundae’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32