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I’ll be the first one to admit, I didn’t much care for my stepfather. Although I had recently turned eighteen, I still had a few months before graduation, and then after that I was seriously considering entering into the service for the simple reason of moving out and getting away from a man I despised and had always disapproved of.

Ever since they had gotten married, he and I had been at odds over nearly everything, which had also included a great deal of favoritism over his daughter who was a year older than I was, but thankfully was living on campus at a dorm he was also paying for, so I didn’t have to put up with her crap as often as I did either.

And yes, I held some resentment against my own mother because of it, often taking advantage of that whenever I could because I knew deep down inside she too had thought this marriage a mistake, and had married Darrel “Dick” as I called him out of convenience and necessity even knowing that when she did.

But I’m not a total shithead either, though I know I often act like one carrying a grudge on my shoulder most of the time. I often found myself feeling sorry for my mother because she too put up with a lot of things she shouldn’t have, but I had once heard her telling a friend over the phone that she’d made her bed, and now she had to learn how to sleep in it. So as far as I was concerned, “so be it” if that’s what she wanted. But I certainly wasn’t married to the man, nor did I consider myself his son, or stepson either.

And that was something else that irritated me as well. Mom was still a very attractive looking woman, and for the life of me I could never reconcile the fact that she could marry a balding pot gutted beer drinking idiot like Darrel Dick even though he owned his own business and made a lot of money, none of which I really ever saw as he wasn’t very generous with his wealth when it came to me, though again, he could lavish his own daughter with a brand new car, informing mom that he had only done so because his ex-wife couldn’t afford to do so, and that Karen needed transportation when she went upstate to attend college, his further excuse being that he wanted her to drive a safe and reliable car so that she could come down often enough to visit with us.

And maybe she did. But a BMW? I don’t think so.

And as I said, mom really was an attractive looking woman, the one thing that “Darrel Dick” did admire and appreciate as she really was for him his trophy wife, so he saw to it that she always looked sexy, wore sexy clothes whenever he was around, bought her most everything, some of which she liked and did wear, others that she only wore around the house simply because she knew he’d go off on her if she didn’t.

But this too became problematic for me. I couldn’t help but look at and notice my own mother whenever I was around her, simply because of what she often wore, and worse, how damn good she looked whenever she did.

A year before, when I had started looking for a part time job in order to give me my own spending money, Darrel the dick had suggested I come to work for him, something my own mother even supported, once again adding to my resentment. The last thing I wanted to do was work for him. Bad enough that he bossed me around the house, telling me to do things that he was too damn lazy to do for himself was one thing, having to work for him, and getting paid at the bottom end of the scale was another. So mainly out of spite more than anything else, I took a job working for one of his competitors which added additional friction between us in the home, not to mention between he and my mother as well, but it was one of my few minor little victories and had a lot to do with what happened, and what suddenly became for me a way to get back at everyone, though I certainly hadn’t planned it or even thought about it until the situation simply presented itself.

Because of my job and responsibilities at home, which I did do even though I did so reluctantly and certainly not cheerfully either, I had no time for dating, nor could I really afford to. I rarely went out even with my friends, had only dated a few girls, none of which I had grown or gotten close to, and certainly never brought home either because the two instances in which I had, Darrel the dick had also proven himself to be somewhat of a letch, ogling and fawning over my female friends to the point that it became not only awkward, but actually quite disgusting, and had even made each one of them so uncomfortable afterwards that we never went out again, which was another reason that word got around, further hampering my date-ability, and gave me even more reason for despising the man.

I had gone into work after school at the copy shop where I worked only to learn that the schedule had been changed and that I actually had the night off. Maybe this shouldn’t have pissed me off, but it did. Had I of known, I would have made plans to do something, and now I actually found myself having to cancel plans which I’d made for the following Friday night fikirtepe escort as I’d be working now instead. Needless to say, I drove home once again irritated; my only consolation coming from the fact that Darrel Dick was out of town for a few days on business.

When I pulled into our street, I saw that one of my mother’s friends cars was parked in the drive, once again adding to my ever worsening mood as that meant I’d have to find another place to park myself, somewhere along the street, which I soon did, but then forced to walk half a block back towards the house fully intending to give mom as well as her friend Michelle a very unfriendly stare when I entered.

Little did I know what awaited me when I started heading around the side of the house towards the back door. It just so happened that my room was downstairs in the finished basement area, as was one other guest room that Karen occasionally used whenever she came for a visit. The odd thing was, the light to that room was on as I glanced down and over towards it. Now being that the windows were below the level of the driveway, I actually had to get down on my hands and knees in order to look in. Though there were blinds on both my bedroom window as well as the guest room, the way they were hung allowed you to see in over the top of them. Curious, I dropped down to the ground peering in, and got the surprise of my life!

On the bed, there in the guest room lay my own mother and her best friend Michelle, they were both naked, and at the moment, had their heads buried between one another’s legs.

Stunned, I could only sit there, my mind suddenly a blur full of surprise along with many mixed emotions. The fact that mom was actually laying there licking another woman’s pussy was surprising enough, never in a million years would I have ever thought her capable, or even wanting in doing such a thing. I mean obviously she wasn’t any sort of prude, or she’d never allowed herself to go out in public wearing some of the semi-revealing outfits that she had, but if she was going to fool around on my stepfather, which I certainly wouldn’t find her at fault for doing, I hadn’t even considered the possibility that she might do so with another woman, and Michelle no less, one of the few friends of hers I actually liked, and found very sexually attractive.

“Holy fucking shit!” I said softly to myself, struggling with the notion of charging into the house, surprising them, and demanding some sort of an explanation. Neither of which would have bought me anything, which is when I suddenly realized there was an entirely different option here.

I quickly ran back to my car, opened the trunk, and took out my camera’s, one with a telephoto lens. One of my hobbies and one of the few things I enjoyed doing and was reasonably good at, was taking photos, and had been doing so for the school paper for throughout high school. Racing back to the window I was relieved to find the two of them still at it, though by now they had changed positions slightly with mom now laying on her back, comfortably positioned while Michelle snuggled up between her legs, still going down on her.

It was perhaps the first time that I could remember seeing my mother’s breasts, though I vaguely recalled having done so when I was a kid, but long before they held any sort of interest for me. Now, seeing her laying there the way that she was, they certainly did. Like I said, mom was actually very attractive with dark shoulder length hair, which she always wore down at Darrell’s insistence, which did make her look considerably younger than she was. But her breasts were also youthful in their appearance, even for as large as they were, flattened out against her ribcage only a little as she lay on her back, nipples wonderfully full, dark, and at the moment incredibly hard.

I quickly zoomed in on them with my camera, and began taking photos one right after the other, catching every detail, every movement, and every new position as they teased and played with one another for the next half an hour.

I sat there, fully erect, though I struggled with that only for a moment. For one, I was also getting a nice wicked little view of Michelle, a woman also married, though I knew very little about her husband. Two, I wasn’t exactly innocent when it came to harboring inappropriate thoughts towards my own mother. Years of her dressing sexily, and provocatively around me had seen to that. And Three, I was watching the two of them together, two women who were obviously enjoying one another in ways I could only begin to imagine…until now.

Having shot quite a bit of film and comfortably sure that I would have more than what I would need for my purposes, I sat back stroking myself, though doing so only for the pleasure of it, purposely refraining from allowing myself to orgasm. That would come later, though even the thought of that, and what I was even considering still held an edge of excited nervousness to it, this was after all my own mother, and how she gebze escort would initially react just before, as well as afterwards was anyone’s guess. But I knew once I had committed myself, there was no backing off. And even the thought of that excited me to no end!

After watching, and even hearing my mother orgasm through the closed window, they soon after dressed, re-straightening and remaking the bed. Even before they had turned off the light and left the room, I was already making my way back to my car where I sat and waited for a short time, finally seeing Michelle backing out of the drive heading home. I gave it a few minutes, and then drove home myself, though I shut off the engine as well as the lights as I coasted into the drive way.

Still not sure of what to expect, or even what I was going to do myself for that matter, armed with what I had, though I had nothing as yet to show her until I could develop the film secretly and safely at school, I entered the house through the back door, doing so quietly, and then stood there in the kitchen listening. The sounds of water running through the pipes in the house alerted me to the fact that mom was no doubt upstairs preparing a bath. Once again I slowly ascended the stairs leading up to their bedroom as well as the bath and stood just outside the closed door listening. I could hear my mother inside happily humming a melodic tune to herself as she fidgeted about, though I nearly jumped as a moment later the bathroom light was turned off, the brightness that had shown beneath the door suddenly growing considerably darker, though immediately replaced with an entirely different light, this one wavering, flickering, so I knew she had lit several candles, which I also now smelled as they began to give off a gentle scent of cinnamon and apples as I stood there outside the door.

I could hear the water still running in the tub, so I tried the handle on the door, though finding it locked which I had expected and anticipated. But this was certainly no deterrent to me, as I’d picked the lock before when Karen had spent far too much time in the bathroom, and I had done so, purposely surprising her, not to mention embarrassing her as she’d hogged the bathroom to herself for far too long than what was necessary, especially since it was the only other bathroom at the time.

It took only a moment, the water still running, masking the tiny click that I more felt than heard as the knob turned in my hand. I eased the door only partially, cracking it, peering in, and once again found myself being surprised.

I saw mom lying in the tub, she’d positioned herself beneath the faucet so that the running water fell, beating against her wide open split. She was far enough down inside the tub that I couldn’t even see her head, it was obvious she hadn’t plugged it, or she’d have been drowning herself by now, content to just lay there and pleasure herself this way, though I could and did see her hands and fingers holding herself open, her pussy lips parted decadently so as the water splashed, beating against her cunt.

My heart was beating a thousand miles an hour, but I stepped in, quickly taking a seat on the toilet across from her, grateful she hadn’t as yet noticed my entry, content for the moment to continue to watch her, not quite wanting to alert her as yet to my presence, waiting for what I hoped would be the perfect moment when I did.

And that moment, came but a few moments later when she started to moan and groan deeply, hovering on the edge of what I now knew to be yet another orgasm.

“Still horny are we?” I asked breaking the silence and revealing my presence to her.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone move so fast in all my life. For as little water as there actually was in the tub, as she suddenly shot back, sitting up, the water went with her, splashing over the back of the tub spilling out onto the floor, the look on her face wild-eyed, shocked, bewildered.

It was perfect, even better than anything I could have hoped for as she scrambled to find a way to cover herself with her hands, though even that for a moment was almost hilarious as there weren’t enough arms and hands to cover everything at once as I stood up and made my way over to sit down on the edge of the tub looking directly down at her as she finally found her voice.

“Jake? What the fuck are you doing in here?” she now demanded, though she sounded far more scared, far more embarrassed than mad. The fact that she’d used the word fuck was interesting as well, as I honestly don’t think I’d ever recalled hearing her use it before, until now.

“Didn’t have to work tonight after all,” I informed her, though even that at the moment didn’t make any sense, or explain my reason for even being here, not at home maybe, but certainly not inside what had once been a locked bathroom, something I would never have done before, until now.

“What?” she said looking at me, still very confused, still very unsure of herself, though gradually she began içerenköy escort to collect her senses as I continued to sit there on the edge of the tub looking at her, enjoying the fact that I was now making her extremely uncomfortable as she tried to hide herself, still failing with the shifting of her arms and hands.

“Got off early,” I now added, and then smiled. “But obviously, so did you.”

I truly have never seen my mother quite so flustered before. At the moment, I truly don’t think she knew which end was up, and so I used that to my advantage, once again speaking to her, confusing her even more.

“That was pretty fucking hot mom,” I said staring directly at her near-shaved pussy, the image already forming itself inside my head once again of her laying there, spreading herself beneath the spray of the water. “But not nearly as hot as watching you and Michelle licking one another, now that…was really hot. Really…really hot!”

“You…you what?”

I could hear the edge of uncertainty and fear quivering in her tone of voice, so much so that she actually dropped her hands, now gripping the side of the tub in order to support herself as she sat there, no longer concerned with the fact that I could now see her entirely, unprotected of herself as she sat there looking like a deer staring into the headlights of a car as she did so.

“You really do have gorgeous tits!” I now added, not letting up, keeping her off balance. “Watching Michelle suck them sure made me horny too,” I now told her admitting it openly. “And watching you sucking hers was damn fucking hot too, though I think what made me nearly blow my load was when you masturbated her hard little clit with your breast, now that’s something I’ve never even heard of, let alone imagined two women doing before!”

I honestly think mom was on the verge of passing out.

“What is it that you want Jake?” Mom said finally collecting herself, though I could tell she was no where’s near willing to gamble on trying to take control of the situation yet either, not until she knew more about what I knew at least.

“Oh, not much really, nothing to get too horribly upset over, unless you allow yourself to,” I added, though I reached over simultaneously, touching the tip of her still hard nipple with my finger, causing her to flinch, which I’d half expected, though I’d also expected her to perhaps slap my hand away, or even take a swing at me, neither of which she did.

All she did was stare at me however.

“You can’t be serious!”

“Oh but mother…I am! Very serious, and very horny! Watching you and Michelle doing one another, and then coming in here and seeing you getting yourself off beneath the faucet? You bet I am!”

Once again she just sat there looking at me.

“I can’t, and you know we can’t,” she said weakly, “It’s wrong and you know it!”

“Oh, and what you and Michelle were doing is different?” I shot back at her. She melted somewhat hearing that, her shoulders slumping, her grip not nearly as firm now on the edge of the tub as it had once been, but she wasn’t about to give up…or give in for that matter yet either.

“Maybe it was,” she admittedly softly. “But that would be worse…far worse!” she said once again steeling herself, raising her voice.

“Oh well, too bad,” I said standing up, once again seeing the look of confusion in her face, though there was also a look of hopefulness that I was perhaps giving in, giving up and about to leave the room. “Wasn’t asking for much, just a little relief, that’s all,” I said unzipping my fly, reaching in and boldly removing my hard stiff cock, which she now stared at with eyes as big around as saucers. Even I was surprised at my own boldness, though my heart was still beating a thousand miles an hour here, I had reached the point of no return, and there was no going back, not even now. So whatever happened from this moment on would have consequences associated with it, one way or the other.

“Jake,” she said though her tone had softened considerably, her eyes still glued to my cock. I could tell she was trying to reason with me, though she was still struggling with how all this had even come to pass in the first place.

“No mother, you need to listen,” I said interrupting her, shocking her with the sternness of my tone of voice, which she did, once again just sitting there looking at me, listening.

“Dickhead has all but ruined my social life, not to mention my love-life.” I had never called Darrel ‘Dick Head’ in front of my mother before now, so hearing me do so once again put her on the defensive by the look on her face, though I continued on anyway. “But obviously, you have one, and one I am willing to bet he knows absolutely nothing about!” Which is when I told her about the pictures, that I had sat outside the window and took picture after picture of she and Michelle having such a wonderful time together downstairs there in the guest room.

This time I saw a look of pure fear crossing her face, once again calming her defiance, shaking her to her very core. She knew Darrel’s temper, and she also knew because of their prenuptial agreement that he’d insisted on prior to their getting married, that should they divorce, he’d leave her without a damn dime to her name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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