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– Over the years did some contracting jobs for a couple of ladies, always partying with them, and they told me a tale. I’ve changed the names and times, but it is the basic story I was told. Rather it is true or not, I would only be guessing.

1- The Plan

by Wizard

My mother, Janice Jones, was barely thirteen when she got pregnant by Bob Morton, my father, who was seventeen. Her father threw a fit, charged my father to the fullest extent of the law, forbid them from seeing each other, and barely restrained himself from shooting him.

Needless to say things didn’t get better after I was born. My father was still in jail when I was born, he served eighteen months, after signing away his rights to my grandfather, under the single restriction his baby girl’s name was to be Jamie Ann Morton. Once out he worked two jobs and sent nearly all the money to my mother, but grandpa Jim wasn’t about to budge on the issue. Still, they snuck off constantly, and planned on running away when mom turned eighteen.

Mom was so young she was more of a big sister to me, for the longest time even called her Janice, and I can’t remember seeing my dad more than twenty times. It was my grandparents who raised me. I was my grandpa’s pride and joy, the reason he let my mother and father sneak around, but he was never going to allow them to marry. Grandma Betty and mom loved me too, but grandpa Jim doted on me, teaching me to play baseball and football, we watched all the games together. I was his boy he never had. Grandpa found out about the plan and told mom she could go now, and not come back. But, I was staying, and he had legal custody of me, nothing she could do about it. Because of this my mother and father never got together.

After mom finished school she went to community college, then became grandpa Jim=s bookkeeper at his hardware store. Dad kept sending us money, which mom put in a college fund for me, but when I was ten he died in a work accident. Grandpa Jim pitched a fit, but mom took me to the funeral. It was sad the only family there for my dad was mom and me, but he had a lot of friends show up. I said good-by to a man I never knew, although everyone there talked as if he was a very nice man.

A few months later mom received a three hundred thousand dollar insurance check my father had in her name. She now had the money to take grandpa to court and win me, as well as her freedom. Only problem, she had been cut off and sheltered far too long and didn’t have the heart. Grandpa Jim had broken her spirit. I wanted so bad to help her and I fell deeply in love with her, or the notion of being her savior and protector.

I was seventeen when grandpa Jim had a heart attack and died, a month before graduation. He was so proud I was going to finish high school not pregnant. I couldn’t tell him I liked girls, and was in love with my mother. Just before I headed off for my sophomore year of college grandma Betty died, probably of a broken heart. Right or wrong she loved grandpa Jim. These deaths hit me much harder than my father’s, and it was even rougher on mom. She was in such bad shape I suggested skipping a year of school, but she wouldn’t hear of it, promising she’d be fine.

Had chosen an out of state college, trying to fight these feelings for mom, and hoping she might find her independence, only wanting the best for her. Wishing to graduate in three years I was taking extra classes. It was hard, and being an art major I kept busy with my artwork on weekends. My hope was to become a sculptor and my hobby was photography, still had time to experiment.

After the fourth miserable attempt at having a boyfriend I gave it up and stuck with girls, which there were plenty of. Most the guys wanted to get drunk, then laid, most of the girls just wanted to find a great lay, which is tough to do with a drunk dude. Because of this fact, girls on girls were no big deal, with most not even considering themselves lesbians. I was blessed with a tongue long enough to touch the top of my nose, not just the tip, and every girl I had loved it.

On my eighteenth birthday I received my first big dividend of my trust fund, and spent a portion on a little cosmetic surgery. Wasn’t a nose job or bigger boobs, both I might have needed. No, it was splitting the fold under my tongue, which acts as an anchor. This procedure didn’t add any real length to my tongue, but gave me more range of motion. I also vigorously brush my tongue twice a day, making it a tad rougher than most. All these little things combined made me the most talented tongue in the college.

Had a Saturday class, so me getting home on the weekends was out, but I called at least every other day and went home holidays. Every time I went home I could see mom was getting worse, even hear her crying at night. And every time I tried to comfort her or talk to her she would withdraw from me, swearing she was fine.

Thinking the work was too much mom sold the family business and I thought Onwin she might travel, or something. But she didn’t do anything, except exercise and paint, which she had done both faithfully her whole life. Bored and lacking any social contact she finally took a part-time job.

It wasn’t much better for me, my infatuation wasn’t about to go away, and pining over mom was seriously cutting in to my social calendar. Worse yet my sexual conquests weren’t doing anything for me, I was no longer thrilled at taking some supposed hetero girl’s sapphic cherry. I used to be able to get off just thinking about the last young lady I tenderly introduced girl love too.

After my sophomore year I knew I had to do something, so I formed a plan of seduction. I was going to have my mother.

* * *

Mom is waiting for me at the airport, I kiss her quickly on the lips and give her a huge hug. “This year was tough, and I missed you so much.”

She kisses me, on the lips and a lot longer than I kissed her, which set my pussy off. “I missed you too, baby girl.”

God, she’s so hot looking, even in her overly-conservative attire. Five-six, athletic, shapely build, shoulder length brown hair and ‘c’ cup titties. Far as I’m concerned Janice is the pure essence of womanhood.

Once in the car I slide over next to mom, and she runs her hand through my shortly cropped hair. “What’s this?”

“New hair cut.” I smile. “You can’t believe how much time it saves me. Lather it up, rinse it off, BAM! I’m done. No make-up saves even more time.” Giggling I whisper in her ear. “Quit shaving too, hope I don’t gross you out when we’re by the pool.”

“Um-m, I’ll try to keep an open mind, after all you’re of legal age.” She sighs, then leans over and kisses me on the cheek. “I’m just glad to have you home.” Wrapping her arm around my shoulders she holds me close. “Honey, I missed you and haven’t been this excited in years. What do you want to do first?”

“Well, my mind has been in overdrive the last month, so rest for a bit.” I laugh. “But, Friday we have a date, I=m taking you to dinner.”

“A date?” She fans herself. “Oh god, it’s been ages.” Smiling she shrugs. “Don’t expect much, but I’ll go on a date with you.”

“Great.” I kiss her on the cheek. “I’ll take care of everything, and I’m going to make it the best time of your life.”

“Goodness baby girl, you’re getting me so excited maybe we should go out tonight.”

“Unh-unh, too tired and way too much to do to get ready.” I run my hand down her cheek, and I think she gets a little flushed. “You only have two days to wait, and it’ll be worth it, guaranteed.”

When we get home I=m going for a swim and change into my trunks, which is what they are, kind of short shorts, called a hipster not a bikini bottom, and no top. It’s how all my clothes were, boyish looking, but with a girl’s cut. Only owned two dresses, the black one I had worn to my grandparent’s funerals and a white one, in case we were going somewhere a little fancy for dinner. Most of the time it was shorts or jeans with a t-shirt. As for pajamas, forget it, I slept nude, or occasionally in my undies.

Mom takes one look, and shakes her head. “Jamie, you’re not a tomboy any more, we’re going to need to get you a proper swimsuit, with a top.”

Five-eleven, reed thin, freckled and just under cute I’m tomboy looking. “Why? I love this suit, and I’m practically flat chested with boy nipples.” Put my arms over my head, showing off my furry pits. “What do you think, now? Do I look like a boy?”

Mom giggles. “I think you’ve got a great body, and look like a girl.”

“How about some piercings?” Stick my tongue fully out, and I wiggle it. “Was thinking I could get two barbell studs in this bad boy. I’ll look like a punk rocker, cool huh?”

“No, they’re gross.” Shaking her head mom sighs. “Well, at least you’ve got your father’s strawberry blond hair and not mine. Good thing you’re not as furry as Aunt Clara, or no doubt you’d be growing a moustache.” She runs her hand over my pit hairs, then strokes my thigh. “It’s a lot softer than mine too, which is good.”

I’m speechless and can smell pussy, but not sure whose it is. Know I’m soaked and I want to take my mom right then and there. Takes every ounce of my willpower to resist, but didn’t want to scare her off, and I have to stick with the plan.

Go swimming and cool off. Mom comes out, in a two piece, and I splash water at her. “This is my turf, no tops allowed in the pool. You come in I’m taking it off.”

“Jamie, stop being silly.” Mom covers her boobs with her hands. “They’ll burn.”

“Sunscreen will take care of that.” I hold up the tube. “I’ll put it on for you.” Mom giggles and gets in the pool, with her top on. I swim over. “I mean it, I’ve claimed this backyard as my turf for the summer, no tops in the pool.”

She tries to swim away, but I easily catch her, and we wrestle. She holds her own for a bit, but is laughing too hard Onwin Giriş and I get her top off, slinging it out of the pool. “There that’s more like it. You can’t tell me it doesn’t feel better than being all confined.”

Holding her boobies mom looks around the yard, as if the neighbors might see. But the house is on the crest of a hill, and sits in the middle of a two acre parcel, no one could see even if they had a telescope. She giggles. “Does feel nice, and it’s kind of naughty.”

I pull her towards the side. “Come on, you’re pretty boobies aren’t going to feel good if they burn. Lets get some sunscreen on them, it’s waterproof.”

Her milky white titties are so nice and round, with those pink nipples sticking up so beautifully. Can’t help myself and I stare at them, which mom notices and in response her nipples get even harder. They are mouth watering, an inch tall and near that across, sitting on three inch areolas. I picture me running my long tongue over those babies, making my little nipples hard. They are only a quarter inch tall, a bit wider and her nipple could nearly cover my areola. I think what it might be like rubbing our nipples together and I cream in my shorts.

Pour some sunscreen in my hand, cup the underside of her breast. She doesn’t protest, tell me no, or even help, just lets me rub the sunscreen on, getting a low, sexy moan to escape her lips. Do the same with the other hand and start massaging mom’s titties. She tilts her head back and softly hums. I do a good, thorough job and if the stuff didn’t taste so nasty I would’ve sucked those hard nipples. Instead we swim a bit, then get out to sun dry, and mom doesn’t make a move for her top or a towel. The two of us sit there, side-by-side, topless, it’s so sexy hot, I want to finger myself.

We go in and change, both coming out in t-shirts, but neither wearing a bra, which I rarely did, but mom always wore hers. We have a great evening, but mom and me don=t flirt any more.

With my plan in action and this day, I’m so excited I can’t get to sleep til after I enjoy three climaxes, the third imagining mom is doing the same thing in her bed.

* * *

While mom is at work I take care of the reservations, buy us new outfits, and pick up some decent groceries, meaning mostly junk food. Mom likes ‘hippie food’ I call it, grains, vegetables, a little meat, all organically grown, if possible. But, she did have a bit of a ‘sweet tooth’ never overdoing it, just a little something around nine, usually involving chocolate.

Had told mom the truth, I’d been busy this semester and it was fun shopping. I’m not a rich trust fund baby, but I do get twelve hundred a month allowance, with benefits of the trust paying my college expenses and me a car. Actually, a truck, baby blue 4by4 Ford ranger, pink pin stripes, big V-6, four inch lift kit and over-sized tires, it was a hot ride. My allowance isn’t much, but enough I won’t be waiting tables over the summer.

When I get home it’s too late to go swimming, and I wasn’t sure mom would come out again. This day was nowhere near as titillating as yesterday, but I still have to masturbate three times before falling asleep.

It is the big day, Friday morning, and after breakfast I give mom her presents. Wrinkling her nose she smiles, her green eyes livelier than I’ve seen in ages. “Baby girl, what’s all this?”

She’s looking so cute I nearly cum in my undies. “A little something for my lady, you’re new outfit for tonight. Promise to wear them?” Hearing this she looks at me suspiciously, but nods. I wiggle my eyebrows, and wink, taking out my camera. “I want to capture all of this for us to remember always, so act natural. Now open them just like they sit, top to bottom.”

Mom blushes a bit, fussing with her hair. “Shouldn’t I go put on a bit more make-up?”

“My girl is gorgeous.” I lean over and give her a kiss. “I’m starting off shooting black and white, soft, a tad fuzzy even, then we’ll graduate from there til we end with full color, should make a great scrapbook.”

With a sigh she nods her head, then opens the top box. It’s a sleeveless black blouse with thin blue stripes, very conservative. Holding it up she gives me a cute look and I click away. Next there is a matching skirt, then shoes. I get cute looks for each, then she shakes the one now on top. “I’m guessing new underwear.” Package holds a black half-bra with matching lace string bikini panties, very sexy. I get a great snap of her surprise expression, then one with a lively twinkle in her eyes. “Oh my, honey, I’ve never worn anything like this.”

“I know mom, you prefer super, ultra-conservative.” I gently stroke her arm. “A sexy woman should be wearing a little something sexy, even if no one can see it.”

“Okay dear, thank you, I’ll give it a go.” She opens the last, and lets out a gasp. I get a shot of her in absolute shock, looking into the box. It’s still on her face as she holds up a sexy black garter belt Onwin Güncel Giriş and stockings.

I giggle and give her a kiss. “Doesn’t hurt to have a little something naughty on, to make a woman feel extra special. Mom, I definitely want you to feel extra special, because that’s what you are to me.” Give her another quick kiss. “That’s what this date is for, celebrating you being extra special, my extra special lady.”

“Thank you, baby girl, it’s the best present I’ve had in ages.” She fans herself, and I capture it on film. “And I can truly say, I’ve never had anything like them before.” Get a long hug, then she dabs at her eyes. “Extra special, that’s how you always make me feel. Thank you, baby girl.”

“Good, after lunch we can start getting you ready for your date. We have a six o’clock—”

“If we’re not leaving until six, why start at noon?” Her nose is wrinkled, brow furrowed, and I get a picture.

“Was going to send you to a spa, where you don’t have to lift a finger.” I roll my eyes. “But, I know how you are, so I’ll do the best I can. You=re going to need bathed, shaved, oiled, massaged, hair done, make-up, then dressed. And I’ve probably missed a thing or two.” Take her hand, and I kiss it, then pull mom towards me and kiss her on the lips. “I want to spoil you, enjoy it.”

“Alright, I’ll fix us a nice lunch, then I’m all yours, and promise I won’t lift a finger.”

God, I want to pound my pussy, while eating her’s, right there, instead I watch the minutes slowly tick by. I must’ve been just sitting there staring at the clock, because mom comes up behind me, putting her hands on my shoulders and kisses the top of my head. “Doesn’t make it go any faster, baby girl, why not go take a quick dip?”

With a big sigh I go and put on my trunks. I’m not out there two minutes when mom comes out, and she doesn’t have her top on, but has her hands on her titties. She gives me a big shrug and a little head bob. “Never picked my top up yesterday, guess it’s a little late to worry about it now.”

“Yep,” I break into a big grin, “I’ll get the sunscreen.” She’s on the steps, pussy level with my chin, and I run a finger down the front of her bikini. “Maybe I’ll outlaw all suits on my turf.”

Mom swats my hand, then with both hands pins her suit to her hips, but exposes her delightful titties. “Jamie, stop that! What would the neighbors say?”

I giggle. “Besides, take it off?” I kiss her tummy. “It’s okay, we’ll take it in a little steps,” I rub her bottom, and she leans into me, pressing her belly into my face, “starting Monday, no suits.”

Take a step back, pulling mom with me. She slides down my face, coming to rest with my head between her boobies. She giggles. “When did my shy baby girl become such a flirt?”

Back away a bit and let her get in the pool, then shrug. “Have to learn something in college.” I pull her to me and kiss her. “So, what do you think of my technique?”

“Um-m,” mom stays in my arms and lets out a long sigh, “I=m sold.”

Oil up her titties, but she heads back in the house shortly after.

Mom must’ve been nearly as excited, seeing as she had a chicken salad ready by eleven. A quarter hour later she is pulling me to the back bath, leaving the dishes on the table, something which is never done, and her bikini top is still by the pool.

Run her bath, sprinkling it liberally with oils, salts, bubbles and such, things I know little about. I turn to find mom standing there not even starting to get undressed. Can’t believe my luck, and I take a picture, then with trembling hands I undress her. She’s standing there in bra and panties, making my pussy drool, and I have at least one picture of each stage.

I stick my finger under her leg band, as high as I can go, then shaking my head slowly run it down to her pussy. “See this won’t do, we=re going to get rid of your three for five dollars, blue light special, white cotton panties.”

She giggles and thrusts into me enough to get my finger to slide in to her wetness, up to the first knuckle. “Um-m, no one sees them, why bother?”

I’m thrilled to death at such a reaction, but worried I’m rushing it, and she is at such a fragile state. “It’s not for others mom, well, it’s for your special person, but that’s not even half of it.” I kiss her thigh, and she gasps, causing me to back away. “Lingerie is to make you feel special, to make you feel good about yourself. Wait and see.” Pull my finger away, then take her panties down. She steps out of them, in to me, sticking her bush in my nose. I almost play tug-of-war with her barely exposed clit.

Take a deep breath, filling my lungs with the scent of sweet pussy, counted to five before standing. Mom sighs, as if disappointed I’m not eating her pussy. Haven’t figured any of this into my plan, and I can’t trust my judgment at reading the signs, something I’m very good at with my other girlfriends, and my girl friends.

Get the camera and mom covers her pussy. “Oh no, nothing pornographic. Jamie, I mean it! What if they got out, like on the web?”

“It isn’t porn, they are for us to enjoy.” I reposition her hands at her sides. “You look sexy, very beautiful, and will want to remember this, okay?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32