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Summer holidays were finally here and usually the whole family went away together for a vacation. But this year my father had to stay home, because he had to work. Anyway, during our vacation we usually just start driving and see were it takes us.

So this year it was just my mother Julia, my younger brother Max and me. After about eight hours of driving we stopped at a small bed-and-breakfast. Since it was just the three of us, we quickly decided that we just took one room. Our family has always been very tight, so it wasn’t unusual that the three of us shared a room. The room we got at the bed-and-breakfast had one king-size bed, a single bed and a small bathroom. Since we didn’t spend much time in the room during the day, it was not a problem that the room didn’t offer more.

Anyway, the first three days went by. We explored the area around the bed-and-breakfast. There was a forest with a small lake, it was really beautiful. We had a great time. But that’s not what I wanna talk about… The really strange thing happened during our third night at the bed and breakfast…

I woke up in the middle of the night. It was really dark in the room. I tried to look around, because I heard a strange noise. For your information my mother slept with my little brother in the king-size bed and I slept in the bed on the other side of the room.

After some time my eyes got used to the dark room and I could see a bit better. And what I saw really shocked me!! My mother and my brother lay next to each other, both on their back, but my brother’s pj trousers was pulled down to his knees. His cock was hard and my mother’s hand was wrapped around it and stroking it. Both had their eyes closed. I was shocked. I didn’t know what was going on. Is my brother sleeping and not knowing what’s going on? Is my mother sleeping and not knowing what she’s doing? Betturkey Are they both sleeping? Are they both awake and do they know what they are doing? I couldn’t look away. I watched my mother’s hand stroking my brother’s cock. Then my brother came.

I fell asleep a few minutes after that. When I woke up in the morning, both, my mother and my brother acted like nothing happened. They day went by like the one’s before. But I thought about what happened the whole day. When it was time to sleep again, I lay in my bed and pretended to be sleeping. I wanted to know what was going on. Soon they both looked like they were sleeping. I thought maybe it was just an accident and I wouldn’t get to see anything that night. But I couldn’t sleep.

After another hour suddenly it happened. My brother pulled his blanket away and his pj pants down to his knees. Then he grabbed his dick and started to play with it. A few minutes later it was hard. I was curious what would happen next. And then I saw my brother grab my mother’s right hand at her wrist and put it around his hard cock. Only seconds later my mother began to stroke his hard cock again. It really looked like she was sleeping, maybe dreaming or something, but my brother was definitely enjoying it. Obviously my mother did a great job, even though she was sleeping, my brother came a few minutes later.

It was really strange seeing my mother giving a hand job to my brother. It was strange. It was sick. But it did turn me on. So on the following day I talked to my brother. I told him that I saw what he was doing. He was really scared that I might tell our mother about it. So we made a deal: I didn’t tell my mother, but from that moment on, I slept in the king-size bed with my mother. So we told our mother, that my back hurt and that we wanna try switching the bed.

So that day Betturkey Giriş I slept next to my mother. I waited two hours so that I could be sure, she was asleep. I pulled the blanket away. My dick was already hard as a rock. I thought two days about my mother’s hand on my cock. I pulled the pj pants to my knees. I knew my brother was watching me. My cock sprung free and pointed to the ceiling. I was really nervous. But then I grabbed my mother’s hand and guided it to my hard cock. She obviously tried to feel what’s in her hand. After a few seconds she obviously got it and grabbed my dick. She started to stroke it. Her hand felt so soft and warm. She was really good at that. I couldn’t believe I was getting a hand job from my mother. I watched her hand around my dick and I came.

On the next day my mother acted like nothing happened. So I thought I about taking it to the next level that night. I didn’t tell my brother about what I had in mind. Again I waited for my mother to drift off. I watched my mother sleep. My cock got hard again. I pulled the blanket away and my pj pants to my knees. But then I pulled my mother’s pj pants to her knees. I looked at her pussy for a few minutes. She didn’t shave it, but it looked like she trimmed it. It was so hot. She had her legs spread a little bit. So I took one quick look to be sure she was sleeping. Then I carefully climbed on top of her. My dick slipped in her pussy. I noticed my brother was now sitting in his bed and couldn’t believe what I was doing. I started pushing my dick all the way inside my mother’s pussy. It didn’t take long for me to moan a bit. I tried not to, but I was so horny. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my mother.

But suddenly my mother said: “Don’t you wanna fuck me, too, Max?”

I was shocked. I stopped my movements. My brother was shocked, too. He stood Betturkey Güncel Giriş up.

“Come on over here and lie next to us, Max. And you… you started it, now keep fucking me.”

I started pushing again. My brother lie on his back, next to us and pulled his pants to his knees. My mother grabbed his dick and started stroking it. I started to fuck her faster now. She was obviously liking it, cause she started to moan. The whole scene was too much for me. I came inside my mother. Then I rolled off her and my brother took my place. Our mother was really enjoying it now, cause she grabbed his ass and pushed him deeper insider her. My brother fucked her fast now. And then he came inside her as well.

Again the next day went by if nothing happened. We didn’t talk about what we did. But that evening my mother said: “I want both of you to get naked and lay next to each other.”

So my brother and I got naked and waited for our mother. We lay on our back, with our legs spread and our dick hard. Our mother stood in front of the bed and got naked, too. It was the first time we saw her breasts. Then she crawled in bed. She was on all fours crawling between our legs: “Since you got to be the first one yesterday, you have to wait a bit tonight.” And with that she took my brothers hard dick in her mouth. She started sucking him, getting his dick all the way in her mouth. Then she grabbed my dick with her hand and started stroking it. Me and my brother started to moan. It didn’t take long for my brother warn our mother that he was about to cum. But she didn’t stop what she was doing, she moved her head faster on his dick and then I saw her swallow. Not even five seconds later she crawled over to me and put my dick in her mouth. It was so hot to see my dick disappear in my mother’s mouth. Her tongue felt so good on my shaft. She moved her head faster now. With my dick all the way inside her mouth I shot my load. And my mother swallowed. She kept my dick in her mouth until I was completely dry.

And then we all fell asleep. We continued to fuck during the whole vacation. And then we returned home…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32