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I was pulling up my white panties and smoothing the tops of my stockings when I heard the doorbell, and my wife welcoming somebody at the door.

He had a deep, Scottish voice. Lucy welcomed him into the living room, then closed the door and came into the stairwell and beckoned for me to come down.

I felt a chill of fear, but tottered down the stairs in my high heels. Lucy tittered as she slapped my bum through my pink nightie. ‘Have fun,’ she whispered with a mocking edge to her voice, and walked upstairs.

I stood there for a second. I heard laughter from her lover, Pablo, upstairs, a decade younger than me and now invited into my house nightly. He must have pulled her to him as I heard him say, ‘Fuck I love your big tits.’

I don’t know how I had ended up agreeing to Lucy ‘having a boyfriend’, or that he could live in our house. Did I know that I would end up so turned on, as I heard her screams of pleasure every night?

I don’t know why, in the days after ‘Pablo’ first appeared, I had confessed to Lucy that I wanted to dress as a girl and give pleasure to a man.

She had helped me, buying outrageously sissy clothes for me online. She never wanted to see me in them, though, but moved directly to contacting men on a forum, saying that I wanted to wear sissy lingerie and be a ‘sissy wife’ for older men.

I think all her ‘help’ was guilt after I walked into the kitchen and saw Pablo pawing at her G-cup boobs through her blouse, with an obvious erection pushing into her. He had laughed and said, ‘Oh hi Rob,’ with an edge to his voice that told me Lucy had told him all about my fantasies.

I heard a deep voice from the living room say, ‘Come in…’

He was quite a bit older than me, tall, bearded and muscular, wearing a three-piece suit. I suddenly felt terribly vulnerable wearing my pink baby-doll nightie and white stockings and panties.

He chuckled when he saw me, ‘Well you ARE quite the sissy, aren’t you? What’s your name?’

I started, ‘I’m Rob…’ and he burst out laughing, saying, ‘You don’t look like a ‘Rob’, do you, standing there in your nighty? What is your sissy name?’

I stumbled, ‘I’m Chloe,’ in a high-pitched voice. My panties suddenly yalova escort tented as I felt a surge of desire for this strong, masculine man. He must have been mid-Fifties, looked wealthy, and had an air of confidence that I immediately liked.

He smiled and said, ‘I’m Hamish,’ patting the sofa to show that I should sit down next to him. ‘And you’re in luck. I love sissies like you. I particularly like to help men who’ve been pretending all their lives, pretending that they’re real men. Is that like you… ‘Rob’?

I was feeling flustered already. He knew exactly what he was doing. I sat down next to him and his strong arm went round my silk-clad shoulder.

‘I suppose it is, Hamish,’ I sputtered, as his fingers began stroking my shoulder through my sheer pink babydoll nightie.

‘And what is it you want, Chloe, he said,’ chuckling again. ‘Do you just want a man to tell you who you are… or do you want a boyfriend… or a husband? Do you want to be a sissy wife?’

I was suddenly rock hard. I felt like I might actually faint from desire after the words, ‘Sissy wife.’ I felt a desire far stronger than anything I’d felt in years of passionless heaving away on top of my wife, being told to hurry up and finish because I couldn’t make her come, too intimidated even to touch her huge, flopping boobs.

“I can see you’re a little overcome, Chloe,’ Hamish said. ‘Is it the idea of being my sissy wife? Why don’t you show me what a sissy wife might do for her husband?’

As he said it, his hand moved mine to his crotch, and I felt that he was already semi-hard… and huge. I was so excited myself I thought I would faint, my cock rock-hard in my panties.

I moved to unzip him, but he said, ‘I think we should go upstairs, don’t you?’ Breathing heavily I nodded, and tottered back to my feet.

We climbed the two flights up the stairs. When we passed Lucy’s door, I heard her saying to Pablo, ‘Yes fuck me, fuck me, my darling.’

To my horror, Hamish knocked on the door and said, ‘I’m just going upstairs with, ah, Chloe, and we’ll see you later.’

Pablo shouted through the door, ‘Make sure you’ve got Vaseline, sissy!’ and to my horror edirne escort I heard Lucy laughing with him.

Hamish patted my pantied bottom and whispered to me, ‘What a silly boy your wife has chosen. You’re lucky, Chloe, I’m not a boy… I’m a man.’

I felt a rush of affection for him, and a strange excitement, even among all my humiliation. When we reached the attic room, he sat on the bed and said, ‘OK Chloe, so you want to be my sissy wife, do you? To wear dresses, to be my woman?’

I blushed again, and said, in a small voice, ‘Yes.’

He said, ‘OK Sissy Chloe, do a twirl for me,’

Blushing, I stood in front of him and twirled round. His two strong hands stopped me with my back facing him, and I felt his hands running down from my shoulders, over my satin bra, and down to my satin panties.

He said, ‘You are a pretty sissy aren’t you Chloe. Now why don’t you show me how good a sissy you can be.’

I felt his hands pushing me to my knees. I felt panic. It was all happening too quickly! But I turned myself round and moved my hands to his crotch, where he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

‘You’ve wanted this for a long time, haven’t you, sissy Chloe,’ he said, ‘All those years of pretending to be a man. Look at your hairless arms, your long fingernails. Look at your pink nightie, your lipstick, that blonde wig. Just do what comes naturally, Chloe.’

I shivered in excitement, feeling my cock surge with blood. I was harder than I’d ever been in years of ogling my wife’s boobs, wanting (but failing) to take her to bed.

Shivering I slowly unzipped his fly, and pulled his suit trousers and boxer shorts down.

‘Here’s a treat for you, sissy,’ said Hamish, as I bent my head down and took his semi-erect cock into my mouth. I was happier than I’d ever been, suddenly, knowing that this was what I was meant to do, and that I was making this big, manly man happy.

‘That’s it, Chloe,’ he said, ‘Gently now, my little cocksucker.’

He stood up and started removing his shirt, as I knelt in front of him, working on his growing cock. His whole body was hairy, unlike mine, and I found myself cupping his balls erzurum escort and licking up and down his circumcised cock as it grew in my mouth.

‘You will make someone a lovely sissy wife, I think,’ he purred, as his cock began to push against the back of my mouth. I was delirious with excitement when I heard Lucy screaming from downstairs, ‘Yes, Pablo, YES.’

Hamish chuckled and said, ‘So Chloe, do you want to be down there, or up here?’

I was panting helplessly as I licked his cock and my erection was painfully hard. He knew very well what the answer was. I was gulping at this big man’s cock desperately, hungry to make him cum.

He patted the bed and said, ‘Come, Chloe. Time to see just how much of a sissy you are. Will you let me fuck you, as that boy makes your wife come downstairs?’

I felt this delicious weakness as I crept onto the bed, and Hamish pushed down on me, kissing me passionately.

It was more intense than any sexual experience I’d ever had, this big, muscular bearded man pushing me down with all his strength, his hands pulling down my panties, his smell everywhere.

Suddenly I felt his hands pushing my legs up, and something wet on my bottom.

I was so intoxicated by desire, I half-wanted to say, ‘Wait,’ but said instead, ‘Fuck me, Hamish, fuck me, please.’

I felt his hardness pushing into me, then this sudden, breathtaking pressure, almost choking me. ‘Shhhh, sissy Chloe, shh,’ Hamish said gently, then started pushing into me.

I was in pain, but I was still harder than I’d ever been, and he started thrusting into me harder, and harder.

I wrapped his arms around him, like I really was a beautiful, willowy woman and this hairy, masculine man was taking her roughly on her wedding night.

He was pounding into me, and I almost felt like I was having an out of body experience as I felt my cum spraying onto me from my erect cock. I had come without even being touched, just from my man’s big cock.

‘You really are a sissy, aren’t you,’ growled Hamish, still pounding into me, ‘A sissygasm, I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to do it. That’s what I want from my sissy wife.’ As he said it, I watched his face grimace, as he shot his sperm deep inside me. I was soaked in sweat, utterly spent, and so swept up with desire I suddenly wanted to dress as a woman full time, to go on holiday with him, to live with him…

‘God, Chloe, that was great,’ grunted Hamish. ‘But there are a few more things I need from my sissy wife…’


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32