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I was still horny when Mommy and I got in the car, and I could tell Mommy was too. I could smell her scent filling the air. I was happy Uncle Bernie was my new Daddy and he was staying with us for awhile. Maybe we could convince him to move in permanently.

“Mom, can you tell me about you and Uncle Bernie, I mean Daddy. He is my daddy now isn’t he?” I asked.

“Yes Sara, he’s your new Daddy. What would you like to know, Sara?” Mom asked, as she glanced over to me and slipped her hand under my dress.

Leaning back to give her better access to my body, I felt her fingers dance around my cock. I loved the feelings of lust as it washes over you, it’s exciting, it’s an incredible feeling. Those feelings have always pushed me to want to do things that were naughty and sometimes taboo. I closed my eyes and relished in what Mommy was doing. Her slow firm stoking of my cock had me wet and throbbing.

“You should take off your panties Sara, it might be more fun,” Mom suggested.

I raised up my bottom and slipped them down and off, handing them to her. Reaching out she brought them to her face and sniffed them.

“Mmmmmmm…my little girl smells good, and they’re so wet, I might have to keep these for a bit baby girl. Mommy loves how you taste and smell.”

“Mom, tell me how it began with you too, please,” I asked again. “I always knew you two were close, but I never thought you did that.”

“Well, Sara, it kind of just happened by accident, Bernie’s room was next to mine and I was always curious. I’d seen my father naked a few times and Bernie too, but never with an erection. I would hear strange moaning sounds at night coming from his room, so one night I tip toed to his door, it wasn’t closed all the way.” Mom said.

“Mmmmmmm, what’d you see?” I asked, This was getting exciting.

“Bernie was sitting on the edge of his bed stroking cock. I had seen hard cocks in magazines. We didn’t have the internet back then like now, but my dad had a stash of porno I used to look at. I used to sneak and peek at it when I was home alone.” Mom shared.

“Wow, Mom, so then what happened? I was anxious to hear more.

Mom released my cock and reached between her thighs. I could see she was pressing into herself, as she moaned quietly. I loved watching her touch herself.

Mom began again, “This is making me so horny talking about Bernie and me, Sara. I was pretty innocent then. I was a virgin. When I saw his hard cock I was memorized. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I stood at the door with my nightie pulled, up and my fingers pressing into my panties, rubbing my wet pussy.”

“Kind of like you’re doing right now, Mommy?” I asked as I pulled my dress up to show Mommy how I was stroking my hard cock.

“We;re so bad Sara, aren’t we? Mom asked with a grin, and then went on. I moaned and he looked towards the door and saw me. It was like my feet were glued to the floor, I couldn’t move. Bernie got up from the bed, reaching out and grabbing my arm, he pulled me into his room and closed the door. I followed him, standing next to his bed. I was so nervous my knees were knocking together. He hadn’t said a word, only bringing his finger to his lips, as I heard,…shhhhhhhh.”

“Were your panties wet Mommy, were they,” I asked.

“Oooooh, yeah, drenched. Well, I stood before him as he raised my nightie and pulled it off, I stood naked except for tiny panties. He sat down and pulled my panties down as I stepped out of them. I was naked. Leaning in his kissed my bald mound and then pulled me on his lap, my legs straddling his lap. I remember hugging him, feeling his hard cock grazing my wet cunt. He laid me on his bed and again put his finger to his lips telling me to be silent. His cock was big and hard, it stretched my tight opening as he fucked me. He pulled out and came on my belly. I remember how I ran from his room and jumped in my bed. I dipped my fingers in his cum, tasting it as I fingered myself until I came.”

“Oh my gosh, were you freaked out Mommy, were you scared or sad or happy?” I asked.

“A lot of both, I guess. I was happy I was now a woman, and it was my brother who did it. I was upset cuz I always thought the first time would be romantic with kisses and tenderness, so I was torn, but I knew I wanted more.”

Mom looked sad as she got a little quiet.

We sat in silence until we pulled in our driveway. Mom finally broke the silence

“We can talk about this more later, needless to say, you saw us today, we had many tender moments and kisses, and a whole lot of fucking in all these years. Bernie and I are like one, more so than your father and I, or any other lover I’ve ever had. Lets go get ready for Daddy to come and stay.”

Mom readied his room while I bathed. I wanted to look perfect for Daddy. Mom poked her head in the bathroom as I enjoyed the warm water.

“I set up a room for him, not sure where he’ll sleep. I’m sure he’ll want each of us, both of us,” Mom said with a big grin.

Then asked, “Did you call Rene and ask him if he would like to ataşehir escort stay this weekend?”

“No, I wanted to, but wasn’t sure what to tell him or if I should,” I replied.

“Go ahead, call him after you get out of the tub, you can ask if he wants to sleep over this weekend, I think Bernie will love him too.”

My smooth, freshly shaven cock and balls were felling aroused again. I teased it and edged until I almost came, before I held off and dried myself. I decided my attire for the evening when Daddy showed up would be my new girdle, stockings, and my training bra, all black and very sexy. I chose not to include Panties, I wanted daddy to see my arousal and how excited I would be to see him. When Mommy saw me she stopped and rolled her eyes.

“Ooooooooh, Sara, you’re gonna give my brother a heart attack at the front door, if you greet him dressed like that. You look sexy, little girl. Would you like me to help you do something with your hair and maybe a touch of make-up?” Mom asked.

“Yes, something subtle, a little dark, okay?” I told her.

I followed Mom to her room and sat down on the vanity stool. Mom was in her normal robe, tied at the waist.

“So you want something a bit demure, but confident, a bit slutty?” Mom asked. “A real contradiction in terms?”

“Yes Mommy, I want Daddy to know I’m happy he’s moving in, and that I’m his little girl who will do what ever he wants me to do.” I said quietly.

Mommy fixed my hair. She made it straighter with her flattening iron, It looked sexy and casual. She reddened my cheeks a bit with a small amount of a pale rouge, she said It made me looked flushed, aroused. Then she did my eyes making them darker, deeper, a little sluttier. She stood before me putting on final touches here and there. With my head down I watched her move side to side. Her thin robe was tied at the waist, but would part below the belt exposing her hairy mound. I reached out and softly caressed her inner thigh.

“Mmmmmmm, Sara, that feels good sweetie.” Mom said, but didn’t move to push me away.

I loved Mommy’s mound, her dark curly hair was thick and nicely trimmed. I let my hand slide higher. I sensed her heat and imagined her cunt was moist. I could smell her scent. My cock was standing straight up once again and it was twitching with every beat of my pounding heart. My hand inched closer to the apex of her legs as Mommy parted them a little. Was it a hint or was she just moving them naturally? The back of my hand touched damp hairs, before I pressed against her. I felt her shudder.

“Oooooooooh, Sara, You have me so wet, use your fingers honey, don’t tease me.” Mommy said sounding desperate.

Mommy untied her robe, letting it fall to the floor.

“Fuck it Sara! Get on the bed! You can’t tease me and think you have control over the situation, get the fuck on that bed and lay on your back!

I rushed to the bed and I quickly laid down. Mommy crawled over me and straddled my face. Grabbing me by the hair, she pressed her hairy wet cunt and ass over my open mouth.

“Lick me! Suck my hard clit and eat my ass! Mommy demanded. “And don’t you dare touch your hard clitty!”

My nose was pressed into her ass as I licked her wet hole and sucked her clit. Mommy was moaning and pressing down, riding my face, moving herself over my tongue and nose. I was out of breath as she pressed harder, then lifting off to allow me a breath, so I could continue my pleasuring of her body.

“Make me cum you cunt eating whore! Lick my cunt and eat my ass, make your Mommy cum!” Mommy yelled at me.

I felt like an empty vessel as the pungent scent of her ass filled my nostrils. I knew at that moment my duty to my beloved Mommy was to pleasure her body. I was beginning to feel my masculine energies slipping from my grasp, remembering her recent words, “you’re a girl now!” My mind was reeling as the realization of who I was becoming. I was struggling to breathe, I was struggling, with who I am. My cock, my clitty was standing up straight, useless in this moment as it oozed arousal, My cock, potent but without purpose, my clit, becoming a symbol of humiliation, a toy for Mommy or Daddy’s pleasure.

“Oooooooooh…Mmmmmmmm…Ooooooooh…I”m cuming! Mommy screamed,

Her cunt washed my face as she squirmed. I felt Mommy pressing down harder, her thighs squeezing my head as she trembled through her intense orgasm. Mommy raised her bottom and got on all fours next to me.

“Sara, come clean my cunt, lick away all the wet cum, I’m drenched. And don’t forget my ass,” Mom demanded.

Exhausted and out of breath, I didn’t dare argue with Mommy. I knelt on the floor behind her and began cleaning Mommy’s ass. Her puckered hole was sticky and pungent as my tongue licked and squirmed into her. I felt her hands part her cheeks allowing me full access. The hair around her anus was matted to her flesh as I cleaned her naughty hole, and moved to her pussy.

I heard her moan.

“Mmmmmmm, enough Sara, you’re tongue is making me crazy.” ataşehir escort

Mom got up and left me on my knees. Looking back she said.

“Call Rene before Daddy gets here, I think you’re gonna be too busy to call later.”

I was wet. I smelled of cunt and ass, and my clitty was hard and really needy. I got up off my knees and washed up before calling Rene.

The phone rang many times before Rene answered. “Hello?”

“Rene, It’s Sa…I mean G.”

“G, what’s going on, where have you been?”

“Hmmmmm…Rene it’s been crazy here, my Dad left my mom and he’s not coming back, but don’t say anything until she makes it official, okay?”

“Wow, okay, what happened? Rene asked.

“It’s a long story, but he’s never here anyway, always traveling and who know what he does, I’m kind of okay with it actually. My uncle Bernie is coming to stay with us for a while, I’m really looking forward to that. I love him so much.”

“Yeah, he’s a cool guy, I like him too. When’s he coming?” Rene asked.

“Hes coming tonight, actually he should be here any minute.”

“Hey Rene, my mom said you could spend the night tomorrow night and Saturday night if you want. I hope you want to, I have so much to tell you and show you.”

“Want to?” I asked.

I felt so excited and hoped he wanted too.

“Yeah, for sure, what time should I come over? And how’s that gonna work with your uncle there, I mean will he be weird about you and I sleeping in your bed, naked? Will we still be able to?”

“I’ll ask my mom and let you know, probably sometime mid to late afternoon.” I told him.

“Yeah that won’t be a problem, he’s really open minded.” I replied.

I wasn’t really sure what I should say, but I had a feeling Rene was up for a surprise or two this weekend.

“What are you doin’ right now Rene, you sound ummm, aroused?”

“Am I that obvious?” he asked.

I admitted he was. The tone of his voice was always deeper, quieter and a little erratic.

“Well my parents went out for a while and I went to bed early wearing my panties. They’re all wet cuz I been playing with myself since they left.” Rene revealed.

My cock was so hard, I needed to cum so bad, but needed to wait until later. I still found myself caressing and squeezing it. I felt so delicious. The pre-cum just oozed from the head as I smeared it over the tip, tasting a little here and there, wishing it was Rene’s cum I was licking.

“Rene, if you could dress like a girl, I mean stockings, garters, a bra, maybe a sexy dress, would you?” I asked, hesitant he would say no.

There was along silence.

Then Rene said, Oooooh…My…you really want that answer? Of course I would, I love wearing these panties, I would do almost anything to be able to do that! Are you okay with that G?”

“Yes! I am, totally okay with that!” I answered. “Hey, I gotta go, I hear someone knocking at our door, I wanna see if it’s uncle Bernie.”

Rene said his goodbye’s and I ran to the door, only to see Mommy answering it wearing her sexy robe from this morning. She was completely naked under it. My clitty pulsed. Daddy walked in and put his arms around Mommy. Both hands reached around and grabbed her butt, holding and squeezing it, pressing and grinding his groin into her.

“Oooooooh big brother, I’m gonna like you being here,” Mom said.

There I was in my new girdle and stockings, no panties, my hard clitty ready for what ever daddy wanted to do with it. My hair looked like I just got out of bed after Mommy rode my face, I looked like a cock whore slut.

Mommy yelled, thinking I was still in my room.

“Sara Daddy’s here!”, Then she told Bernie, “Sara’s been waiting for you to arrive, as you can imagine, you impressed her today.”

Mommy turned and looked surprised that I was standing behind her. Daddy was looking at me with hungry eyes.

“Well, Sara don’t you look sexy!” Daddy said as he stared directly at me.

“Yes Daddy, I’ve been waiting for you ever since we left your house today, Did you come to save me?” I said in a flirtatiousness way.

“Sweetie, Daddy’s here.”

Hugging me tightly, he pressed his body into mine and whispered,

“I’m here sweetie, I’ll come to you soon, and we’ll spend the night together in your bed.”

“Ooooooh goodie,” I said.

“Sara, I want you to go to your room, you’ve had a long day, Daddy will come and say good night to you in in a bit,” Mommy instructed.

Reluctantly I went to my room. Alone, in my dimly lit bedroom I looked around at the walls and furnishings. I felt like a stranger in a place that once was my sanctuary, my safe zone. I felt as though my life has been transformed in so many ways in so few hours, My environment didn’t reflect the same transformations. I still loved many of the things that always brought me joy, but the pull towards femininity seems to have changed everything. I knew I was struggling with control. I loved being in control as an 18 year old boy. Now it seemed I was being controlled, anadolu yakası escort I was the mechanism of pleasure for others, for Mommy and Daddy. There was a soft knock on the door.

“Come in,” I said.

Daddy peeked his head around the door and asked, “Are you ready for me Sara?”

I was laying on my bed, my clitty was flaccid and laying on my thigh. I nodded I was. I was still wearing my outfit from before. I knew I needed to change before bed, but I wasn’t ready to sleep, I wanted to play with Daddy. Daddy came and sat on the bed. He had a bag with him, I hoped it was more surprises for me.

“Sara, I brought you some shoes to try on. They were your aunts, she left them when she moved out. I think some might fit you. Wanna try this pair on?”

I nodded and moved to the edge of the bed.

Daddy got down on the floor and held the shoe for me. I felt pampered. He held my stocking clad foot and squeezed it softly, caressing the sole, making me shiver.

“Oooooooh, Daddy that tickles.”

“Your aunt had big feet, this one should fit you, let see if it does.” Daddy said,

He slipped it on my foot.

“How’s that feel sweet girl?”

It was an ankle strap sandal, black with about a 4-1/2″ heel. They were sexy, and they fit.

“Wow,” thank you Daddy!”

Daddy put the other shoe on and me helped stand. We walked with his arm around me to help steady me. It was kind of romantic how he held me and pulled me close. From one end of the room to the other we walked. Standing in front of my mirror, I looked at the girl I was becoming. Long dark hair down to my shoulders, my flat chest covered by my training bra. Daddy stepped behind me and un-clipped my bra, letting it fall to the floor. My legs looked amazing. The heels defined my calf’s and thighs in ways that delighted me. Daddy ran his hands up and down my legs. My cock was again swelling and pulsing, standing straight up, framed by my girdle. Daddy whispered in my ear

“You look amazing Sara, so desirable,”

He licked my neck and nibbled on my ear lobe, giving me goosebumps.

“Daddy, am I your little girl?” I whispered.

“Yes, baby girl” Daddy said.

His hand rested on my ass, squeezing it. I heard myself sigh.

I stood looking at myself, I couldn’t believe it was me in the mirror. I wondered what I would look like if my breasts were bigger and my hips were wider. Daddy’s hand drifted between my legs from the rear. It felt so good to have him alone and all to myself.

I felt Daddy teasing my hole.

“Sara, from now on you’ll call this, your pussy, it’s where Daddy will put his cock.”

I nodded, “Yes Daddy, it’s where Daddy’s gonna fuck me, right Daddy?

“Yes, Sara, it is.”

Daddy’s hand reached around and held my hard cock,

“And this is your clit, Sara”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I watched in the mirror as daddy’s pants fell to the floor. He stepped out from behind me and his cock was harder than this afternoon. I loved his cock and immediately went to my knees and licked the head, kissed it, and took all of him in my mouth. Daddy held my head firmly but gentle, as he began a rhythm of fucking my mouth.

“Look up at me Sara when you suck my cock, you need to show Daddy how much you love and worship his cock.”

My saliva was running off my chin, Daddy’s cock was stretching my mouth as he thrust his cock in and out, his cock was so long. I could feel the veins on his shaft, as his cock grazed against my lips.

“Where did you learn to be such a good cock sucker Sara?” Daddy asked. “You’re better than your Mommy, and she’s a real cock whore.”

I felt so proud, I was a better cock sucker than Mommy! I didn’t answer Daddy, but of course I did have his cock in my mouth.

“Sara, come and Kiss me.”

I stood and Daddy wrapped his arms around me, he kissed me softly, he bit my bottom lip, and then he gave me the most passionate kiss I ever experienced, I was swooning over for how he was treating me. It was romantic and tender, firm and confident, his self confidence made me obey his every demand. In his arms I felt safe. Secure and loved.

“Sara, where did you learn to suck cock?” Daddy asked again.

With my head down I said, “I’ve sucked Rene.”

Daddy was quiet. I could feel his breath on my forehead as a finger raised my chin, and looked straight in my eyes.

“Who else? He persisted.

“I’ve never told anybody about this Daddy. I don’t think Rene knows about this either, and he knows a lot about me.”

Daddy let me go on. “I was at the woods, you know the one where guys go to get sucked and have sex?”

Daddy nodded.

“I was so horny that day, so I went for a walk. I wore my short little denim cut offs and no undies, no shirt and walked around wiggling my bubble butt for all those men. One of them was watching me and following me. The deeper into the brush and trees I went, he was still there. There was a clearing by a fallen tree and I sat down and watched him approach. He was nice looking and the bulge in his pants looked so hot. My clitty was so hard. When he was right in front of me he opened his pants and showed me his cock. It was so hard Daddy. He asked to see mine, so I showed him, I let my little shorts drop to my ankles. He told me to step out of them.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32