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Kim held her hands to the sides of Megan’s face as they kissed. Not that Megan would have pulled away, but she was always shy about showing affection in public places. No one else was in the hallway that led to the bathrooms right now, but someone could come around the corner at any moment. Kim listened to the clink of dishes and low murmur of conversation as she enjoyed the warm feel of Megan’s mouth. Their tongues stroked and slid around each other, sending tingles down her body. Shy though she may be, Megan was a great kisser.

A startled “Excuse me” caused them to break their kiss. A middle-aged man with dark hair had come around the corner and almost collided with them. Megan’s face flushed a bright red, visible even in the dark hallway on her pale skin. Kim couldn’t help smiling, frozen there as the man passed behind her and went into the bathroom. Once he was gone she tried to capture Megan again, but the embarrassed girl slipped out of her grasp and headed back toward the cafe floor.

She followed Megan with a smile on her face. When she looked back reproachfully, Kim said, “I’m sorry”. But she wasn’t – not really. Not only was she unlikely to ever regret a chance to make out with the adorable girl in the blonde curls leading her back to their table, but she’d actually felt a thrill at being caught.

Kim was three years Megan’s senior and had considerably more experience at sex in all it’s forms. She’d been watched and done the watching; sometimes both at once in an occasional threesome. She’d even been with girls before, though the relationship she had with Megan was something special. She was falling for her hard.

But right now it was still something they were exploring. They’d known each other for several years, but only in the last few months had the flirting progressed to physical affection. Megan had never been with another girl before, and Kim didn’t want to push her too far. Weeks of cuddling had slowly progressed to making out. Now they’d spend the night together on the weekends going a bit further each time. Last Saturday Kim had fingered Megan to an orgasm while licking her sensitive nipples. She had been dreaming all week of doing that again.

But now it was Friday night and it looked like all those dreams were going to be for naught.

Megan sat down at their little table and Kim took the spot across from her. The cafe was called “Cup O’ Books” and it catered to the students at their college that didn’t care to go to the bars. Most of the tables only sat two people, but there were lots of sofas and fabric chairs around to relax on. Books filled shelves along the wall, free for the reading or taking. The only rule was you had to leave a new book if you were taking one home. It kept their collection varied. The cafe mascot, a long-haired cat named Muggle, lounged in the bay window near them.

“I am sorry,” repeated Kim. “But if we aren’t going to get to spend the night together I just couldn’t help taking any chance I’d get.” She reached across and took one of Megan’s hands in hers, running her thumb back and forth along the back.

Megan frowned as she looked down at their hands. “I’m disappointed too, you know. But my roommate is going to be in my dorm room all weekend, and you know how uncomfortable she gets around us.” She flicked her eyes to Kim’s and then away. “And it’s not like your roommates are any better.”

Kim lived off-campus in a house with two guys and one girl – old friends from her wilder days. It’s not that her roommates were unsupportive of her dating Megan. It was more the opposite. They took great delight in teasing her about it. Innuendo would quickly become outright ribald comments as the blush grew to cover Megan’s entire face. It was adorable, but Megan really didn’t like it and Kim tried to keep her away from the worst of the teasing.

Still, if it meant they’d not get to spend the night together at all, maybe she could convince them to stay quiet. Just for one night. She grimaced to herself at the thought – it was highly unlikely. “Get a hotel room?” she asked hopefully.

Megan shook her head. “I can’t afford that and neither can you”.

Kim glanced around the room as she mused on the problem. The cafe was fairly crowded, and her eyes trailed over the faces as she said, “So we need a place to stay for free where we can do whatever we want”. Megan took a drink of her tea, though she didn’t pull her hand back from Kim’s grasp. She looked every bit as sad as Kim felt.

Abruptly Kim realized she’d been staring at the same face for some time. A boy about her age was sitting in one of the armchairs across the room reading a book. He had straight, reddish-brown hair and wore round glasses. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and had one leg resting on the other knee.

Recognition clicked and Kim identified this as Brandon. She hadn’t noticed him there earlier, so he must have come in while they were in the bathroom or hallway. He wasn’t part of her regular friend circle – more a friend of a friend. But she’d Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort seen him before and talked with him. He was sweet and funny, and there was a time she’d hoped he might ask her out. But he never had, and since then she’d started her relationship with Megan.

He also, if she recalled correctly, lived alone in an apartment.

“What?” asked Megan. Kim blinked at her in surprise. “You’re grinning like the Cheshire Cat. What are you thinking about?”

“I just thought of somewhere we could go,” Kim said.

Megan perked up. “Really, where?”

Kim licked her lips, then leaned in conspiratorially. Megan leaned in as well, puzzled. “Do you remember when we talked about having a threesome?”

Megan reared back, face flushed. “Um … as an idea, yeah”.

It had actually come up a couple of times during their lovemaking sessions. Megan was fascinated by Kim’s sexual adventures and would ask questions about them. The more turned on she got, the more she wanted to know. When near orgasm she had confessed to wanting to try a threesome with Kim. But it wasn’t something they’d actively planned.

“Well,” said Kim, “I see someone over there that just might be amenable to doing that.” She raised her eyebrows in a question.

Megan looked away quickly and then back. “I don’t want to do it with your old friends, though. They’re all so much more experienced at that, and I’d be very intimidated”.

Kim smiled with what she hoped was reassurance. Though she was getting pretty turned on by this idea so she couldn’t be sure how much of that was written on her face. “That’s why this is perfect – this is someone I’ve never done anything with. I don’t think he’s done anything like this, either. So you’d be on an even basis”.

Megan blinked. Then blinked again. Then she took a deep breath and said, “Who are we talking about?”

Kim pointed Brandon out and Megan turned in her chair to regard him. Fortunately he seemed oblivious to this. “I’ve talked with him before,” Kim explained. “He’s very sweet and gentle. And you like bookish guys, right?”

“Yes,” allowed Megan, still appraising Brandon. “He’s cute”.

Kim leaned forward so that her breath would tickle Megan’s ear and said, “I think it would be a lot of fun”.

Megan turned back startled, her hand covering her ear. The blush was even fiercer now. But Kim could also see that she was getting aroused by the idea. “I don’t know,” Megan said.

Kim took Megan’s free hand in both of hers. “You don’t have to commit to anything up front. He’d probably be willing to sleep on the couch and give us his bedroom if we asked”.

Megan grinned a tiny bit. “That seems rude of us”.

“And not nearly as much fun as all of us being on the bed together, right?”

The grin grew. “No, not nearly,” Megan allowed. “So, you’ve never slept with him?” Kim shook her head and Megan asked, “Why not?”

Kim glanced at Brandon and back to Megan. “Well, I would have gone out with him if he’d asked. But though I flirted with him a lot he never made a move”.

“Why didn’t you just ask him out?”

“I was too shy”.

Megan laughed out loud at this. “You were too shy?”

Kim rolled her eyes. “I’m not all that confident about myself, you know. I have my share of self-esteem issues, and asking someone out is scary. Nobody likes being rejected”.

“So you were too shy to ask him out on your own, but now you’re going to ask him out for both of us? Isn’t that even harder?”

Kim shook her head with a smile. “Nope, that’s way easier,” she countered.


“Guys all have a thing for girl on girl action,” Kim explained. “Even if he would reject either of us alone, he’s sure to say ‘yes’ if we are together. It’s like a superpower.”

Megan grinned, “Girl on Girl Power”.

Kim laughed. Then she waited, holding Megan’s hand and smiling at her. This had to be her choice.

Megan took another drink of tea as she visibly considered this. After a minute, she screwed up her courage and nodded. “Okay. No commitments. But let’s see where it goes”.

Kim squeezed Megan’s hand in thanks. “Okay. I’m going to go talk to him. Can you get me a drink and come over?”

At Megan’s nod, Kim stood up and took a breath. Despite what she said, she was a bit nervous. She adjusted her shirt to show off her cleavage better. She wasn’t very tall, but had what could be called an “ample” bosom – in much the same way Sea World was “a bit wet”. It was the asset that most guys tended to focus on, so she wanted it front and center.

She walked confidently across to Brandon, her heart fluttering in a delightful way. When she reached him she bent over slightly – to accentuate the cleavage – and said with a smile, “Brandon – fancy meeting you here”.

He looked up in surprise. Kim saw his eyes dart down to her breasts then quickly back up to her face. “Kim,” he stammered, putting a finger on the open page of his book and closing it. “Hi. Um … I haven’t Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort seen you around in awhile”.

Kim sat down on the loveseat next to Brandon’s chair. “I’ve been kinda busy lately,” she explained, briefly remembering some of the things she’d been doing with Megan that had kept her busy. “It’s good to see you again, though. What’cha reading?”

He looked down at the book. “Just a science fiction novel I found. I dropped one off when I got here. Don’t know if I’m going to take this one with me or not”.

Megan arrived at this point with a cup of tea. Brandon seemed surprised when she handed the tea to Kim, and even more so when Kim thanked her and pulled her face down into an open-mouth kiss in front of him. Megan hesitated a moment, then kissed her back enthusiastically. Only for a few seconds though, and then she broke the kiss and dropped down to the loveseat next to her. She was blushing furiously again, but she grabbed Kim’s hand in hers and interlaced their fingers.

Kim calmly took a drink and looked at Brandon for a reaction. He stared stunned for a moment, then said, “You must really like tea”.

Kim snorted with laughter. “This is Megan,” she said, holding up their linked hands. “She’s my … “, she started to continue then paused. She was about to say “girlfriend”, but she and Megan hadn’t really talked about that yet. So instead she finished with a delayed “… special friend.”

Megan raised an eyebrow at her. Kim shrugged with an apologetic smile. Megan rolled her eyes and confirmed, “Yes, we’re ‘special’ friends”. She tried to keep a straight face during this but couldn’t help giggling.

Brandon seemed happily bemused by the whole thing. His finger had fallen out of the book, unnoticed. He also seemed to be sitting up straighter. Kim took all this as signs of interest and decided to forge ahead. “So,” she asked with a head tilt, “how come you never asked me out?”

He looked wide-eyed from one girl to another. “Um, I didn’t know you were interested,” he replied.

“Well we are,” Kim answered. She felt Megan’s hand squeeze hers at her use of the plural. Her heart was beating faster as well. It had been awhile since she’d propositioned someone this frankly. It was exciting.

Brandon’s eyes grew even wider. “That’s great,” he said, looking like he was completely lost in this conversation. “I mean, I’ve always been attracted to you.” He looked at Megan, then back to Kim. “And she seems very nice, though obviously we’ve just met … ” When Kim continued to wait patiently he continued, “Would you … like to … hang out sometime?”

His consternation was amusing and not a little flattering, but Kim wanted to move things along, so she asked, “Are you going to take the book?”

He looked down at the paperback forgotten on his lap, then said, “I think so, yeah”.

Kim smiled. “Cool. Then why don’t you take all three of us back to your place?”

Brandon grinned. After a short pause, he agreed and they all got up to go. As she followed him, Kim felt Megan gripping her hand tightly. She paused just before going out the door to look a question at her. When Megan nodded, Kim gave her a quick kiss and pulled her along to follow Brandon into the warm evening air.

They walked side-by-side, Kim in the middle and holding Megan’s hand. Kim spent the time getting the other two to talk to each other. She wanted Megan to be as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, Brandon really was quite sweet and funny; and soon he was over his nervousness and asking Megan all about herself and how the two of them had gotten together. Megan’s hand relaxed, and Kim started worrying less about what might go wrong. Instead she began anticipating what would happen. Images flashed through her head. It took all her effort not to start skipping.

Brandon’s apartment was the second floor of a house converted into a college rental property. They climbed the exterior stairs to the door. He unlocked it and led them in, flipping on the light as he did so. There was a small kitchen on the left, with a round table for eating. On the right was a living area, with a desk and computer in the corner and a couch along the wall facing a flatscreen TV. A short hallway led to a bathroom, with another door that must contain the bedroom.

“Sorry it’s kind of a mess,” Brandon said apologetically.

Kim looked around. Other than some papers piled on the desk and an end table next to it, the space was pretty clean. “Looks fine,” she said. “I mean, you’re a guy who lives alone. As long as there isn’t food on the walls, you’re good”.

Megan had shut the door behind them, but now everyone was just standing and looking at each other. The nervousness from the cafe was coming back. Thinking about how to relax things, Kim said, “How about you put on some music?”

Brandon quickly agreed, seeming happy for something to do. He turned on a receiver attached to the TV and fiddled with an old iPod attached to it. As he was doing Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort this, Kim pulled Megan to her. She wrapped her arms around the shorter girl’s waist and brought her lips down to a kiss. Megan looped her hands around Kim’s shoulders and sank willingly into her embrace.

Quiet music filled the room, and Kim saw Brandon turn back to stare at them. She opened her mouth and slid her tongue in to meet Megan’s. Megan gave a little happy noise as she returned the kiss. Kim closed her eyes and just focused on the girl in her arms, confident that Brandon was watching now.

Unlike in the cafe before, Megan was not shy at all about kissing for an audience this time. Kim figured that was the difference between a random person in public and someone you chose in private. Or she might have just reached the point of arousal where she didn’t care anymore. Kim knew from experience that Megan would make out for hours, getting more turned on the entire time.

But Kim didn’t want this to take hours, so she started edging Megan back toward the couch. Megan complied, taking small steps backwards without ever stopping her kiss. When they got close, Kim turned them around and then sat down, pulling her eager partner down with her. Megan climbed up on the couch on her knees, straddling Kim’s lap. Her head was higher now, and she placed her hands on either side of Kim’s face – mimicking the pose they’d had in the hallway earlier. She was moaning happily. Kim pulled her closer, enjoying the sensation of their chests pressing together. She sucked on Megan’s tongue and felt a wave of desire growing in her.

Kim looked over to see Brandon was still standing and watching them intently. She patted the seat next to her on the couch, then held her hand out to him. After a moment he came over and sat next to her, turning slightly to face them. She took his hand and placed it on Megan’s back. Megan moaned happily into Kim’s mouth.

Breaking their kiss, Kim looked at Megan and then glanced significantly at Brandon. “Should we include him?” she asked. Megan took a breath to think, but her face showed only excitement and not worry. She bit her lip and nodded.

Not wasting any time, Kim turned her face toward Brandon and pulled his head to hers. He met her open mouth with his own, and she felt his tongue sliding along hers. She couldn’t help but compare kissing the two of them. His mouth was larger, and his tongue as well. He tasted of coffee instead of tea, and he smelled of books. But he was every bit as good of a kisser as Megan was.

Kim kept her eye on Megan during the kiss, to make sure she didn’t start to regret what they were doing. But far from jealousy or trepidation, she saw only arousal. Megan still had her lower lip sucked into her mouth, and she was staring intently at the two of them as they kissed.

When they seperated, Megan pulled Kim’s mouth to hers and kissed her with even more ferocity than before. She was definitely turned on. Kim kissed her back for a bit, then pulled away. Smiling at Megan, she said, “Your turn now”.

Megan didn’t hesitate at all. She leaned over and met Brandon for a kiss of their own. Kim smiled as she watched the two of them stoke themselves up in front of her. Even more than the sex, what she had always loved about threesomes and moresomes was watching people pleasing each other. She was starting to get noticeably wet as she enjoyed the sight and thought about what more she could watch them do. In fact, that brought an idea to her mind.

Kim gently pushed Megan’s hips toward Brandon. “I’m passing you over,” she said. Again, Megan didn’t even question – she just climbed across until she was straddling Brandon, all without stopping their make out session. They were both moaning quietly now. Megan was subtly grinding into his lap.

Kim stood up, trailing her hand around Megan’s shoulders until she was standing right behind the girl. She leaned down to kiss gently at the back of her neck as she worked her hands down Megan’s sides. When she reached the hem of her shirt, she hooked her fingers on it and started to pull it upward gently. Megan immediately pulled back to allow Kim to lift the shirt. She broke their kiss long enough for it to clear their faces and lifted her hands above her head as Kim pulled it all the way off. She regarded Brandon hungrily for a moment, then covered his open mouth with hers again.

Shirt gone, Kim next made quick work of Megan’s bra. It took just a few moments to snap it off, pulling it down one arm and then the other. She was pleased to see that Brandon wasted no time in sliding his hands up to cup Megan’s breasts. The nipples were already hard. Kim knew from experience that they were extremely sensitive. Megan seemed to have a nerve running directly from each nipple to her clit, and as Brandon gently rolled his palms over them she growled into his mouth like a hungry animal.

Kim stood over them and placed her hands on the sides of Megan’s head. She gently tilted it up until their kiss was broken. Megan looked up at her with a fevered expression. Kim leaned down, her tongue flicking out to stroke Megan’s lips from this inverted pose. Megan extended her own, and they carressed each other’s tongues. Kim saw Brandon watching them intently. Then he looked at Megan’s bare breasts and leaned forward to take one nipple into his mouth.

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