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“He had me screaming all night!” Kim confided.

The blond told her friends Amy a hot tiny brunette and Jessie an Amazonian redhead about her night with her new husband Rich. The three longtime friends had been sexual adventures for years. They had experimented with each other and had tried almost every type of fetish. But Kim had left that behind after her marriage.

Although Jessie and Amy were happy for their friend and liked Rich, they were a little jealous of the new relationship.

“Kimmie you know marriage does not mean you have to be monogamous.”

“Yes,” Jessie added “You can share him.”

Kim gaped at them, “You want to sleep with my husband?”

“Why not,” Amy countered. ‘We shared boyfriends before.”

Kim started laughing, “Remember when Amy and I kidnapped your boy toy.”

Jessie frowned, “We did go too far that night. After you two spent a night with him as your bitch, he broke up with me.”

“Nonsense, he claimed he was up for anything.” Kim said.

“What about Rich?” Amy asked. ‘How kinky is he?”

“Kinky enough to appreciate a kidnap/domination scenario.”

Dressed in all black, Jessie and Amy approached Kim’s house. Passing by her new BMW they reach the garage entrance.

“I hope he is as kinky as he is rich, “Amy whispered.

They entered and climbed up the stairs. Kim would have him seated in the living room. Thursday was their bondage night.

Jessie saw his tied istanbul travesti up, his black hair and restrained arms visible.

Amy walked up, “surprise.”

But it wasn’t Rich. It was a male sex doll.

“What the…” the lights went out and then a net dropped on top of them.

Strong hands grabbed them and put handcuffs on them.

The lights came back on and a nude Rich and Kim stood over them.

“Surprise!” they chorused.

Jessie grunted, “Kim, we did not agree to this.”

Rich who was already hard sat on his large captive and gently stroked her face. “Well you did not ask me either.”

Kim stripped and sat on Amy opposite him. “I hope you two are not too upset. But we have been wanting to have you in for a sex romp for a while.”

“You could have just asked?” Amy pointed out.

Kim gave her a long passionate kiss. “We thought we could engage more than one fantasy tonight.”

“Yes,” Rich agreed, as he started playing with Jessie clit. “We have been playing master/slave games every Thursday night. But are both natural Doms. So I thought we could dominate two beautiful slaves.”

Jessie laughed, “Kim you are right. He is as kinky as we are.”

Lead by leashes, Jessie and Amy saw a very large dungeon.

“Giving her a spank on her ass, “Rich whispered, there are many advantages to being wealthy.”

“I can see that.”

“Wait till you see, the bondage anadolu yakası travestileri toys we had built in the car, “Kim boasted. Pushing Amy to the floor, “start worshiping my body slut.”

“Yes mistress”, Amy began at her feet and worshipping Kim’s pussy.

Dragging her by her leash, Rich forced Jessie face into Kim’s ass.” Lick it.”

Jessie went eagerly to work.

“Amy, “Kim ordered, deep throat my husband cock.

Rich french kissed his soul mate as their slaves serviced them.

The space included a wrestling mat.

Amy had been tied in a foot stool position as Kim rested her legs on her.

Jessie had been un cuffed. “I have another fantasy which Kim can’t help me with.”

“What’s that?”

“Conquering an Amazon.” He gestured to the mat. ‘Let’s wrestle.”

Jessie looked him hauntingly she was 6-4 while he was only 5-8. “Little man you are going to be my plaything.”

They gripped arms and began. Jessie started forcing him down and he shifted slightly causing her to lose balance and fall flat on her face.

He smirked and climbed on top and gave her quick spanking. Before rolling away.

“Oh” she snarled in frustration. The tall woman than charged bringing them both to the floor.

“Got you now!” she exclaimed

Rich stuck his lounge in her ear. As she was distracted she suddenly was trapped by his legs.

She istanbul travesti tried to get loose, but it was like a vice.

“Now for some fun, “her Master started playing with her tits and kissed her.

Jessie was getting hot and frustrated, ‘I give.”

“What was that?”

“I surrender.”

“It is toy time, “Kim announced.

Jessie was exhausted as Kim locked her friend is the stocks.

“Does he have any brothers?’ she whispered.

“Yes, but only Kim gets to fuck and dominate my younger siblings.” Rich informed her.

“Speaking of which,” Kim remarked. “It’s time for you two as she spread Jessie ass


“Take it.”

Rich grabbed Amy by the hair and threw on the bed. He kissed her fireclay.

“Please Master fuck me, “Amy pleaded.

He looked at the diminutive brunette, “My pleasure.”

She squealed with pleasure as he thrusted in.

Both loss track of time until Kim tapped him on the shoulder.

“I want some.”

He nodded as he put Amy in between them.

“Suck my pussy bitch.”

Rich began fucking her in the spit roast position.

“You are next Jessie.”

Leaving Amy on the bed, Kim released Jessie and had her put on a fresh strap on this time Kim took the anal position as they roasted the Amazon.

“Come over here Amy, “he commanded.


Rich grabbed her head as her kissed her.

“That was great, “Jessie enthused.

“I can see why you have not been around, “Amy added.

“And I can see why Kim thought this would be great, “Rich remarked.

“I hope we can do it again.” Amy said.

“This is only part one. “Kim announced.

“What is part two”? Jessie wondered.

The married couple gave a knowing look and knelt at their feet.

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