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A somewhat belated finale to the story – hope it rounds things off nicely!


No sooner had Mum and I enjoyed a night of passion than her twin sister had appeared on the scene almost demanding that I see to her too. Fuck followed fuck, interrupted while Mum and I went and identified Dad’s body and then, having returned home, Aunt Sam and Mum shared my body, my cock and my cum. Eventually, and temporarily out of energy, I left them to it as they shared each other while I took a break but no sooner was I downstairs than the phone rang and it was my sister and not five minutes later I’d agreed to see her, urged on by her desire to sample some of my cock too!


With my car clean and polished and with both my Mum and Aunt Sam well filled and satisfied I turned my attention to thoughts of my sister and our forthcoming meeting.

She was undoubtedly one of the real beauties around our part of the world. She’d already won several local beauty contests before ‘retiring’ to begin working with a major cosmetic company and nowadays, with a bit of maturity and some expertly applied make-up she could have won any contest anywhere, in my eyes at least.

Inevitably too, her attractiveness had garnered her an entire flock of male and female followers and Sharon was pleased to share her bed with several of them, seemingly chosen at random according to her desires. As yet I hadn’t been among them but that shortcoming would appear to be about to change.

Sharon always put her whole heart into anything she did so it was pretty obvious that she was not just a sexually permissive person but was also obviously an avid and energetic lover and it was thoughts of her abilities that now filled my mind as I finished removing errant specks of dust from the car.

“I wonder what she’ll be like in bed?” I said to myself, having convinced my own mind that she and I would end up having sex, “I bet she’s one sexy beast! Huh, if she takes after Mum then she’s going to be hot stuff!”

With a quick chuckle I tidied away the hosepipe, gathered my cleaning bits and pieces and returned them to the utility room from where I glanced back at my car.

“Lovely job,” I murmured quietly as I admired the gleaming paintwork, “Don’t want to take it on the road now!”

Back indoors to clean myself up I found that the kitchen was still quiet as I debated on my next move. Do I have another cup of coffee or something stronger, or do I go and see what my sister might be brewing – or do I go and join my mother and my aunt once again?

“Bet they’re still enjoying themselves,” I said to myself, “Nympho-bloody-maniacs, the pair of them!”

Just as I’d made the decision to head off to my sister’s place I heard their voices and a few moments later they both appeared in the kitchen, giggling and laughing together. Neither of them were dressed as yet and had appeared in their underwear, with remnants of our passion still visible on their thighs and faces.

“That was fun!” said Mum to her sister, her cheeks glowing happily as she opened the door, “Oh hello darling, thought you were out at the car.”

“Just finished,” I answered as I put my car keys back down on the worktop, “Why? You don’t want me back in bed, do you?”

“No Chris, later will be ok,” said Sam as she swayed enticingly across the room to lean softly against me, “On the other hand, if you’ve nothing better to do…”

“Ohh, wouldn’t that be nice!” exclaimed Mum as she came and pressed her lovely breasts against my other side, “I certainly wouldn’t mind, especially if you think you could be as good as you were last night.”

“And this morning too!” added Sam as she leaned heavily against my other side, “Ohhh sis, I’m getting all excited again!”

The scent from their earlier love-making was wafting heavily around me now that the ladies were close and I instantly felt a renewed eagerness for their bodies, an eagerness that was stirred even more as Sam’s hands reached down and quickly found my penis which responded to her touch in seconds, rising quickly into a solid bar of steel. Her generous breasts pressed against me and with her naked thigh stroked against my hip as well, their combined warmth stirring me considerably.

“I think he could, you know,” she said as she looked at her sister while stroking my cock through my trousers, “Probably take longer to cum though.”

“No, come on sis,” said Mum as she too began stroking me, “We really shouldn’t – I’ve got way too much to do as it is and so has Chris if it comes to that.”

“I don’t know about ‘too much to do’ but he’s certainly got plenty to do it with,” said Sam as she pushed Mum’s hand aside, “More than enough for me anyway – and it feels so hard and ready!”

“Oh come on, leave the poor boy alone!” said Mum, “Let’s all have a break and then Chris will be able to give you another good ride a bit later on, won’t you darling?”

“Ohh wow, yeah!” I moaned, feeling thoroughly aroused by their touch, “I could do xslot giriş it now if you like – honest!”

“No sis, let him go, we’ve had a good time, don’t overdo it,” said Mum, “Anyway Chris, who was that on the phone?”

I quickly explained to her that it had been my sister and that I’d agreed to go and see her and Mum immediately rolled her eyes upwards and grinned massively.

“Go and see your sister indeed – that sounds so innocent!” she laughed, “She’s after your body, isn’t that right?”

I nodded shyly but Mum was unrepentant and still amused and still had her hand on my cock.

“You really mean go and fuck your sister, don’t you?” she asked wickedly.

I nodded again, knowing that Mum was right and she leaned in and kissed me, her fingers tightening on my cock.

“She’ll wear you out!” she said as she stroked my penis gently, “She’s just as bad as we are and twice as horny!”

“So am I!” sighed Sam, her hand also holding my cock through my trousers, “This lovely cock got me all worked up and I just want more and more of it!”

Mum laughed loudly and I could see that she too wouldn’t object to another round, but at least she was in favour of a break.

“Give the boy a chance to get around a bit!” said Mum, “It’s high time he got into his sister’s pussy – a change is as good as a rest!”

“Huh – it’s alright for you to talk, isn’t it?” moaned Sam as she reluctantly moved away from my side, “She can have him and you can have him every night whereas I have to wait.”

“That’s because he’s my son and that’s his sister,” said Mum as she too relinquished her grasp on my cock, “I won’t mind if you borrow him sometimes though so we’ll have to get a plan of action organised.”

Rather than get involved in a free-for-all I took the opportunity to grab my keys and to head to the door because if I’d stayed there much longer then one or other of them would be fucked right there and then but instead I waved a quick farewell and headed to my car where I quickly shut myself inside.

With a few deep breaths I managed to get my cock to relax somewhat but he’d already left a substantial damp and slightly sticky mark on my trousers which I knew that Sharon would spot.

I heaved a big sigh of resignation as I fired up the motor and headed down the road.

It was only when I’d driven a mile or two that I suddenly realised that inside perhaps half an hour I’d be horizontal again, thrusting hard into another lovely pussy and much as that was a delightful prospect, a few hours break would do me good and would allow me to recharge my body. With a sudden idea entering my mind I decided that a visit to the beach would be perfect so I pulled over to the side of the road and phoned my sister. We lived just inland and had plenty of local beaches to choose from and not only that but the road to my sister’s house ran past many of them.

“Hi Sharon,” I said as her seductive voice answered my call, “Got a few things to do before I get there – I’ll probably be couple of hours or so, if you don’t mind?”

“Nah, if you’re busy then there’s not a lot I can do,” she answered, sounding somewhat distracted, “But the sooner you get here the better.”

“Why, what’s up?” I asked imagining a problem but Sharon just laughed.

“What’s up is my vibrator!” she said with a gasp and another laugh, “But the batteries are running out and it’s not working very well – could you pick up some new ones, Chris?”

My own laughter rang out as I imagined the scene and I felt my penis starting to rise again.

“Sure – the AA size, are they?” I asked, “Haven’t you got any spares around the house?”

“Did have but I used them up, but yes, AA size and I need four please,” said Sharon, “Oh fuck, they’ve given up entirely now!”

I laughed again as I told her to hold on and then ended the call and headed off towards my favourite beach, just three miles away. Soon I was there, then changing into my swim shorts which had been on the back seat, then settling myself to enjoy the sun and sights.

Today there seemed to be a dearth of children around for a change but plenty of young people instead and my eyes roamed from woman to woman, absorbing their pretty and often very exciting figures. Despite the distractions it was a relaxing scene before me, what with some sizeable waves and guys and girls surfing happily as well. I felt myself unwinding and having made a pillow of my towel I felt myself drifting off – until suddenly there was laughter right beside me.

“Hey Chris, fancy seeing you here!” said a perfect specimen of womanhood as she squatted beside me on the sand, “Long time no see.”

“Oh hi Mel,” I answered as her voice registered in my mind and my eyes quickly scanned her tanned body, “Hey wow, you look pretty damn good!”

Melissa was a woman of around my age with whom I’d had a passionate few sessions with a couple of months ago and she’d proven to be a consummate and eager lover. I felt an immediate stirring xslot inside me as I admired her bikini-clad body, noting that her bikini must have been one of the smallest I’d seen in real life.

“You like it, do you?” she said as she noticed my eyes wandering, “Only just bought it, I’m still getting used to it.”

As she spoke she pulled her top half forward to make it comfy on her and in doing so one generous and lightly tanned breast popped out. It was that close to me that I could have easily stroked it but instead of covering it up she cupped it in her own hand and massaged it before squeezing her nipple firmly.

“Ooops, sorry, this bikini’s a bit tight,” she said with a wicked smile, “Feel squashed inside – nice to let her out for a bit!”

“Looks perfect!” I exclaimed as my eyes locked onto her breast, “Really tasty!”

“Be nice to get the other one out too,” she said as she slowly covered up again, “Perhaps you could help; they’d love a good massage, but I’m not sure if we can really do it here, can we?”

Her words and the sight of her lovely breast had stirred my juices and I felt my penis stiffening quickly, just as Melissa leaned over me.

“Look,” she said as she moved her hands down to her bikini bottoms, “These are a bit tight too, but I think it helps that I’ve shaved. What do you think?”

With that she pulled the front of her bikini down, revealing her smooth pussy with her lips split by the small protrusion of her clit.

“This could do with a nice massage too!” she breathed sexily as she slid one hand down and pressed two fingers between her lips, “What do you reckon?”

“Beautiful!” I breathed as I gloated over her naked pussy, “Looks very inviting.”

Slowly she spread her lips to reveal that her inner sanctum was slick and stickily lubricated.

“Ohhhh Chris, it’s inviting alright, come on!” she said as her hips writhed to her touch, “Come back to my place for a while – I’ve missed you!”

“I’d love to really but I just can’t,” I said as I began explaining about my dad, “I’ve some errands to run and other things to do, but soon perhaps.”

Melissa pulled her bikini back into place and looked ruefully at me.

“You don’t know what you’re missing!” she said somewhat harshly, “You and I could be fucking hard inside half an hour and there’s you doing errands!”

“Yeah, so I gather but it’s not my fault if I’ve got things to do,” I groaned as she wriggled her body enticingly, “I’ve promised I’ll help mum.”

“Huh, it would be a lot more fun if you helped me instead,” said Melissa, “Lot more fun for you too – don’t suppose you’ll find another woman so eager so quickly, will you?”

I could hardly tell her about my fantastic sex with my mother and her sister, nor that I was just taking a break before heading off to fuck my own sister but Mel took my hesitation as rejection.

“Oh well, I can always find someone else,” she said huffily as she stood upright again, “Your loss, not mine!”

“I’m sorry,” I said, sad to lose such an inviting body, “Soon perhaps?”

“Oh alright, maybe,” she said as she blew me a hopeful kiss, “Give me a call but don’t leave it too long.”

She turned and walked away, her arse swaying deliciously and had I not already enjoyed some lusty sex today I’d almost certainly have run after her or taken her up on her offer but instead I just lay back down to enjoy the sunshine and relax. I knew that my sister looked even better than Mel and if my sister was only half as good as her mother was in bed then I’d be in for some really energetic sex before long.

The gentle piping of the alarm on my watch woke me and I sat up and reoriented myself. An hour had passed and I felt refreshed and healthy, my body now glowing from the sun’s rays.

“Time to face the fun!” I said to myself, “Oh yes, batteries – mustn’t forget.”

Some twenty minutes later, having texted my sister to let her know I was soon arriving I was pulling into the gateway of my sister’s house, a small brick-built home on the edge of town. She’d been able to buy it cheaply because it used to have a limited life ahead due to some new development that had been planned, but the intended road and estate that would have wiped her home away had been blocked and she now owned a cute little property that was worth substantially more than she paid.

Sharon was at the door in the sunshine as she awaited me impatiently and stepped out beside the car to meet me immediately.

“Did you get those batteries?” she asked eagerly and then grabbed them from me as soon as I held them out, “Oh great – thanks.”

“Huh, so much for a warm welcome!” I muttered to myself as I closed the car door behind me, “Bloody women!”

I paused before slowly walking into the house and shutting the door behind me, then I stood in the hallway but Sharon was nowhere in sight – the house for the moment was silent.

“Ohhhhh!” came a distant cry which I soon realised had come from a source upstairs.

I felt a surge of energy pulse in my loins as I began mounting the stairs, only to hear the sound again.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhh!” the voice cried again, “Oh god – yesss!”

Instantly my cock was as hard as iron, straining against my jeans as I strode across to the bedroom from whence the sound was emanating and there was my sister, flat out on the bed, her skirt around her middle and with her humming vibrator plunged deep between her legs.

“Ahhhhh, ahhhhh – can’t stop, can’t stop!” she moaned as her body began thrashing around the bed, “Oh, wonderful, fantastic – oh god – yesss, yesss, yesss!”

There was a pause in her movements and cries until the buzzing of the vibrator suddenly filled the room as Sharon pulled it free of her vagina then it cut off abruptly as she turned it off then looked down her body at me.

“Oh Chris, I just had to!” she moaned as she inspected the sticky, slick cock-shaped instrument, “You don’t know what it’s like when your batteries give up on you – right in the middle of a good session!”

“I can imagine,” I said as I watched Sharon wipe her pussy, then flip her skirt down to cover the evidence of her enjoyment, “I could have done that though, couldn’t I?”

“Yeah but like I said I was right in the middle of it,” she said as she wiped the vibrator clean and placed it on the bedside table, “I was so near and then when it died…I had to finish it off the way I started.”

“But I was all ready for you – I was coming over to ummm, deal with your problem if only you’d waited,” I explained, “I gather that you’re wanting us to get together, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess you were,” said Sharon sitting up, “I’m still not sure about that though.”

“How d’you mean?” I asked, somewhat surprised at her sudden reticence, “You were keen to grab a feel at Mum’s but that’s as far as it goes, is it?”

“No – oh I don’t know, perhaps I was just being cocky,” she answered quickly, “It’s just a big step from feeling to fucking, isn’t it?”

“True,” I admitted, feeling my cock deflating quickly, “So it’s off today is it?”

“Oh I don’t know about that either, I just don’t know!” said Sharon as she stood up and straightened the bed, “Go back downstairs and let’s talk about it.”

“If you say so,” I sighed sadly, “Ok, I’ll see you there.”

I turned and left the room abruptly and headed downstairs and to the kitchen. It was a small room but well enough laid out and I soon found the fridge in the bottom of which were some cans of lager. I lifted one out and popped the tab, drinking heavily from it even before Sharon arrived.

“Oh you found it,” she said placidly, “Sort of a ‘welcome to my brother’ present.”

“Huh, not as if it’s the first time I’ve been here, is it?” I answered, feeling somewhat irritated, “So where was the beer on my last visit?”

“Huh – you moaned so much that I got some in for you,” she said as she began making herself some coffee, “Now shut up and drink it!”

I realised then that perhaps I sounded as if I was fixated on drinking lager but I wasn’t – it was just that, like most males I enjoyed a drink and it always felt easier to talk when I had something in my hand or perhaps the alcohol gave me courage to speak. However, today it seemed that I should have done without my lager because Sharon may well have looked extremely desirable but right now she was being a bit scratchy and decidedly short of her usual calm demeanour.

I stepped into the lounge and settled into an armchair while Sharon just stood there, checking her appearance in her mirror but that at least gave me a chance to let my eyes wander over her body. She was only a few inches shorter than I was and with her relatively short skirt on and from my low position her sleek legs seemed to stretch on and on so perfectly. Sharon habitually wore short skirts that simply encouraged me to have naughty thoughts of her! I actually found that I was bending slightly to see up her skirt and when she turned abruptly for some reason I was given a sudden flash of her sweet naked little arse, much to my pleasure.

I managed to lift my eyes upwards, just in case she’d noticed me perving at her but then my eyes came to rest on her breasts that stood out so enticingly as she stood side on to me. They jutted out so generously that I wondered how she supported them, then realised that even her mother’s lovely breasts needed no more than minimal support. I wondered too how she’d respond were I to chew gently on her nipples and inadvertently let out a soft sigh of delight, one that made Sharon turn towards me to now stand before me with her legs slightly parted.

“You’re not getting all excited again are you?” she asked as she ran her hands down over her breasts and then down her thighs, “What is it with you?”

She seemed to be glaring at me as if blaming me for something, perhaps for her own arousal.

“Hey, whoa – I’m not getting excited, I’m just admiring you,” I said placidly, “I mean you’re standing there preening yourself, showing off your body to me as if you want me to get excited and anyway who was getting all excited upstairs just now?”

I paused while I gazed at her face, then let my eyes slowly wander down her body and then back up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32