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Felicity woke up with a dick slapping her in the face.

At first she batted it away but then her brain kicked in and she opened her mouth. Her husband’s dick filled her mouth.

This didn’t happen every day but it was common enough that Felicity knew how to handle it; Kevin was a demanding husband sexually but that was a good part of why she had married him.

She lay docile while Kevin fucked her face. She relaxed her throat and allowed his fat cock to slip down her throat.

“Good morning, bitch,” Kevin greeted her as he worked his dick in and out of her mouth.

“Guh munuh,” she tried to reply around his dick.

Kevin pulled his dick out of her mouth and slapped her across the face with it “What have I told you about talking with your mouth full, you stupid cunt?” Felicity remained silent. “I asked you a question! What have I told you about talking with your mouth full, cunt?”

“Good sluts don’t speak with their mouths full,” Felicity said softly.

“There we go. I’m bored with your mouth anyway.” Kevin slid down her body dragging his cock down her middle. He left behind a glistening trail of precum and saliva.

Felicity was naked. She usually slept naked because Kevin wanted easy access. She frequently awoke to him molesting her, poking and prodded at her body. She always whimpered and pretended to hate it but she couldn’t deny that she loved every second of it.

Today was no different. Felicity cringed and whined with fear as Kevin’s cock reached her crotch. He poked her pussy with it but didn’t penetrate her.

“You want me to fuck you, don’t you slut?” Kevin asked sadistically.

She shook her head.

“Don’t fucking lie, hole.” He reached down and rubbed her clit with his thumb. “You love how my fat cuntstuffer feels in that pussy. You fucking need to feel me stretching your nasty hole, right? Tell me you want him to plow your filthy dick ditch!”

“Plow my filthy dick ditch,” Felicity murmured not meeting his gaze.

“That was fucking pathetic. Look me in the eye and say it like you mean it, hole.”

“Please, sir! Plow my filthy dick ditch!” Felicity said allowing some of her true lust to leak into her voice.

“Much better, slut. Now how about you show me that hole. Pull your legs back and stretch that cunt open for me.” He grabbed her by the ankles and forced her legs to spread and pushed them back toward her. Kevin stared directly into her cunt.

Felicity reached down between her legs and touched her pussy shyly.

“Stop being so fucking gentle. That pussy is no fucking flower. It’s your nasty little fuck hole. So get some fingers in there and spread it open for me, bitch!”

Felicity quickly complied with his order. Using the middle finger on each hand she spread open her outer labia. Then with her index fingers she pulled her inner labia away from her hole. Her pussy was still a bit sore from the previous night’s session and apparently…

“You filthy tramp! Is that cum I see?” Kevin had shot a load deep in her cunt the previous night. He hadn’t allowed her to clean up after it. During the night it had dribbled out of her pussy a bit. Kevin didn’t seem to care that he was the one who had cum in her pussy. He seemed intent on making her out to be a whore.

Kevin poked her opened pussy with his finger. “Well, slut? Is this cum in your pussy? You let someone dump his creamy baby batter in your pussy? Is it cause you’re a dirty cumslut? Hmm?” Kevin scooped up some of the cum with his finger. He reached up bringing it towards her face.

Felicity cringed away from it. It was gross. She would have greatly preferred to have cleaned up last night. She felt just görükle escort about as filthy as Kevin was describing. Not to mention the fact that she hadn’t showered since Thursday night. And it was Sunday morning. She knew Kevin had forbid her to make her feel filthy. And it was working.

Her skin was practically crawling. Kevin’s fingerful of scum smelled unsurprisingly like old cum and unwashed pussy. “What’s the matter, slut? Don’t like your own foul cunt? Maybe you shouldn’t let it get so nasty. It’s a wonder you got anyone to stick their dick in there to pump you full of all this man chowder to begin with.” He brought the offending finger closer to her face causing her to flinch away.

“What? You don’t want it? You let your hole get all nasty. You can’t expect me to fuck your skanky pussy if you won’t even get near it yourself. Open your mouth, bitch.”

Felicity shook her head defiantly. “You’re disobeying me? You dumb fucking cunt. You’ll regret that!” Kevin thrust his hand forward and jammed his finger in her mouth. He then slapped her across the face, just hard enough to show her he meant business. She could tell he was angry but to be honest, that was all that much more exciting.

“Let go of your cunt and hold your ankles. And keep your legs spread… not like it’s a struggle for you. Having your legs spread is a natural position for you.”

While Felicity held onto her ankles Kevin reached into the bedside table and pulled out a handful of black satin cords. He used them to tie her wrists against her ankles. Restrained as she was in this position she could open and close her legs slightly but she couldn’t straighten them.

He pulled a black leather collar out next and fastened it around her throat. The inside was padded keeping it comfortable and the outside was connected to a leash. Lastly he pulled out cloth and used it to tie a gag around her mouth. It wouldn’t really stop her from talking or even opening her mouth but it added to the effect.

Kevin sat back on his heels and admired his handiwork. “There we go. All trussed up like a good little bitch. Now… what are we going to do with that filthy little fuckhole?”

Felicity could feel her arousal sending tingles up through her body. Her pussy was already producing fresh juices to flush out the cum and other filth that the body gathers over the course of several days.

Kevin leaned forward and shoved two fingers roughly into her hole. He scooped up some of the gunk from her pussy and brought to her face once more. This time he didn’t bother to feed it to her but simply smeared it across her face. He dove back in again and again until her whole face was covered with slime from her pussy.

“There you go bitch. Now everyone can see right from your cock-hungry face how much of a dirty whore you are. But I have another problem besides a dirty little bitch whore for a wife. My dirty little bitch whore had the nerve to defy me and she could use a good spanking… but if I turn you over you’ll get all that scum from your face on the bed. And while you may be content to wallowing in your own foul pussy slime, I’d rather not make a mess.”

Kevin idly fingered Felicity’s pussy as he thought. Then inspiration must have struck him for in the place of snapping his fingers he flicked her clit.

He whipped his hand from her pussy and grabbed a nipple in each of his hands. He yanked her up into a sitting position. Then he grabbed another cord and wrapped it around her chest under her breasts. He came behind her and wrapped up the end of her long hair with more cord. He tied her hair to the cord around her chest yanking her head back. If she tried görükle escort bayan to pull her head forward she would be pulling rather painfully at the underside of her own breasts.

Felicity was staring pretty much straight up at the ceiling now and she was caught by surprise when Kevin grabbed her, flipped her over and lay her by the end of the bed. She was now looking at their mirror and she could see her messy face, her hair pulled back by the restraints, her ass forced in the air by the way her wrists and ankles were bound. She could see Kevin looming over her in the mirror.

“Look at you, bitch. You can see how nasty you are. Tied up, face covered in cum and pussy slime, ass in the air.” He crawled up next to her. “Like what you see, slut?” he hissed in her ear.

With her hair tied the way it was, Felicity couldn’t really shake her head. And she’d already be punished once this morning for talking with her mouth full. So speaking with the gag in wasn’t an option either. So she settled for looking over at him and blinking.

Kevin must have gotten the message because he chuckled. “You can talk through your gag, slut. I wants to hear my bitch’s whimpers. Now, what do you see there in the mirror?”

“Master’s naughty bitch,” Felicity said softly through the gag. Humiliation burned her cum-covered face. She was so wet and aroused by Kevin’s treatment. She wanted his cock in her so badly. “Master’s bitch wants his cock in her please,” she begged, not meeting his eyes.

Kevin smiled wickedly. He came down and crouched in front of her. Her lowered gaze locked on his erect cock bobbing between his legs. “What was that, slut?”

“Please, sir, please give me your cock,” she pleaded.

“Look at me, hole. Look into my eyes and beg for it. Tell me how badly you need it.”

Felicity met his gaze. Kevin was staring at her contemptuously. his expression said even more than his words: She was a filthy, cock-crazed depraved slut. She nearly came right then as she forced herself to say, Sir, please, please, please fuck me with your magnificent cock. Please stretch my nasty fuckhole. I need you inside me. I’m a fuck-hungry slut who needs to have her cunt filled with cock.”

“Heh, needy bitch. But no cock for you yet. You need to be punished. And I think a good spanking will do the trick.” He got up and climbed onto the bed behind her. “You nasty skank. You’re so fucking wet. Is it because you love being used like a cheap fucking whore?” He raised his hand.

“Yes sir, I love being used like a cheap fucking whore,” she replied watching him in the mirror.

His hand crashed down against her upturned ass. Felicity let out a cry that was half a moan of pleasure and half a yelp of pain.

“You fucking deserve this, you filthy skank. You defiant little slut, you need to be put in your place,” he berated her as he smacked her ass again and again. Felicity’s ass stung painfully and began to turn an inviting shade of red. “You nasty fucking bitch, open your eyes!” Her eyes were clenched shut. She opened them and saw herself in the mirror. “Look at you! See what a slut you are! See how you need this?”

He spanked her over and over, left cheek, right cheek. Felicity’s pussy was dripping down onto the bed. Kevin swiped at her drenched pussy. She shuddered. She wanted him to keep touching her. “Please!” she groaned.

“Please what?” He asked slapping a pussy-soaked hand against her ass.

“Please touch my pussy, sir! Finger it! Lick it! Fuck it! Anything! I want to cum!” she cried. She was going out of her mind with fucklust. She had stopped any pretense of shame and simply abandoned herself to her own lust. bursa escort She was a cock-crazed, depraved whore. “Please, sir! Make me cum!”

He knelt behind her and pressed the head of his dick against her wet pussy. He held it perfectly still. “You want this?”

“YES! Please, please fuck me!” Felicity tried to move around, to force his cock to stimulate her hot cunt. “Oh, sir, please! I need you cock!”

Kevin grabbed her hips firmly and held her still. “Stop squirming, skank! You’re so desperate for my cock, huh?”

“Please give it to me, sir!” Felicity almost wanted to cry she needed his cock so badly.

“Okay,” Kevin said casually. He said it so nonchalantly that Felicity was completely unprepared when he slammed his hips forward forcing his cock into her. He collided with her so hard that pussy juice splashed off her leaking cunt and she was almost thrown from the bed.

“Oh my god!” Felicity cried, squeezing his cock with her pussy. Kevin kneaded her round, meaty ass with his fingers and ground his hips against her. He slid his dick back almost completely and then back in again. He moved painfully slowly. She whimpered.

“You want it hard?” he toyed with her. He slid his dick in and out of her hot, slick cunt languidly. “Beg me like the horny little bitch whore you are.”

Please, sir! I need you to fuck me! Slam your cock in me! Hurt me with it! Destroy my slutty pussy! I need to be fucked like a nasty little bitch! Please!” She normally hated how he forced her to humiliate herself by begging for what he knew she wanted. But right now she was beyond caring. “I need this so badly! Please, sir, fuck me hard! Fill my dirty little hole with your spunk!”

As Felicity begged for it, degraded herself like a slut for him, Kevin picked up his pace. “That’s it, bitch, beg me for it.”

“Master, please! Stuff it in deeper! Cum in me sir! Fill my fuckhole with your cum! Please!” She was shaking with pleasure. “I’m gonna cum! Please sir! I’m gonna cum!”

Felicity’s body went rigid. Her pussy squeezed Kevin’s cock, practically sucking the cum out of him. She was shiving and gasping with pleasure. “Cum for me bitch!” Kevin cried. He slammed his dick into her and grunted as his dick exploded in her. He shot his load deep into her pussy as she came around his cock.

Kevin pulled back and Felicity felt his spent cock slither out of her used pussy. She was breathing heavily, sweat trickled down her face and her heart pounded in her ears. Kevin came around in front of her and his cock bounced in front of her face.

“What do we say, bitch?”

Felicity couldn’t meet his eye. “Thank you, sir.”

“Look at me and tell me what your thankful for,” he commanded.

“For fucking my pussy, sir.” In the aftermath of her orgasm, Felicity felt humility return. She struggled to meet his gaze.

“Good girl. Now, clean off my messy cock.” He pulled the gag out of her mouth and guided his dirty cock into her mouth. Felicity was thankful that it only faintly tasted of dirty pussy. The two of them cumming had taken over that taste. Kevin shoved the cock all the way in her mouth so that her nose was mashed into his pubes. He leaned down over her and untied her hair from the rope around her chest. Her hair fell around her face curtaining it from view.

Then Kevin gathered up her hair and used it to guide her face back and forth over his softening cock, savoring the feel of her mouth. He did this for a few moments longer and then let his flaccid cock slide out of her mouth. Felicity licked her lips and smiled up at Kevin shyly. He crouched down in front of her and took her chin in his hands. Then he kissed her deeply.

As Kevin was untying her Felicity heard the faint sound of a kitchen timer going off.

“By the way, dear, I baked your favorite: blueberry muffins,” Kevin remarked as he finished pulling off the last of the satin cords and headed out of the room.

“Thanks, sweetie.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32