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It had been five days since I received an urgent email from the company. Tina and Rachel had not returned since they left to move out Rachel’s things from her apartment. They called yesterday and said they should be back this afternoon. I wanted to wait and tell everyone the news that I received.

In the meantime, mom and I continued our growth. My penis was now holding position at an even thirty inches long. I stopped taking the regular pills, but I was still able to unload massive amounts of cum multiple times a day. Every day we filled mom’s implants with more cum. We reached the milestone of eight thousand CC’s of cum and mom’s breasts were enormous.

We are confident that she has outgrown conventional cup sizes, so we just took measurements with the tape and weighed them. By day five her breasts were eighty inches around and each weighed nearly twenty pounds each! Theoretically we could have made them bigger, but we were running low on the special lotion, so we slowed down. Without the lotion her skin wouldn’t be able to be as soft and stretchy and would make any more fill ups uncomfortable.

To cope with the new weights on her chest she started doing back strengthening exercises, to work out her arms she decided the best way was to give me a good titfuck twice a day. Lifting forty pounds of boobs that are bigger than her head to jack off a thirty-inch cock was very tiring. I naturally don’t mind helping her either. And even with their huge size her breasts were still very soft and squeezable. I asked her if she made sure to order the replacement saline for her breasts. “Why do I need that?” She asked.

We had both just sat down to eat a late lunch when the door opened, and Tina and Rachel walked in. “Woah. What the hell happened to you?” Tina asked after seeing our mom’s new figure.

“Well, if you had been at home this past week you would know already. Come on and get yourselves some food and I will fill you in.” Mom said. Tina and Rachel ate in mostly silence as we updated them.

“So, what your saying is that each of your boobs of full of his sperm?” Tina asked.

“Exactly. It was so considerate of your brother to help me out and thanks to him, I still have the biggest breasts of the house.” Mom said. I never noticed before but those two must have some sort of rivalry regarding their bra size.

“I think that you cheated. I could have boobs way bigger than yours if I had growable implants. Mine stopped growing a couple weeks ago and I stopped taking the pills, but I still have to pump three times a day.” Tina said. She was right, already she was leaking through her shirt. I suppose that was the consequence of overdosing on the growth pills as much as she did. And speaking of consequences, or potential consequences, it was time to tell the three of them my news.

“I received an email from the company. They are discontinuing the clinical trial of pills I’ve been taking. I have two left and they will be the last that I will be able to get. Since they were experimental and the fact that I have been mixing them with the old pills there will be side effects when I run out.” I said.

“Honey, what kind of side effects?” Mom asked. All three were hanging on my every word now. Each had looks of concern.

“It depends on what I do today actually. If I just take the last two normally there might be a chance that I lose my size and sex drive…permanently.” I said solemnly.

“What’s the other option? There has to be another option!” Rachel said. I could tell she was very worried.

“The other option is that I take both experimental ones together. They aren’t sure of the exact side effects. I could have one last massive growth spurt, or I could end up with a permanent state of slow growth over time. They aren’t even sure if it would be one or the other, it could be both. The only thing that they are certain of is that if I take both then my penis’s size will be permanent, and I will have a hyperactive sex drive and libido for the rest of my life.” I said.

Everyone just sat there silently for a moment. “So that means you’re going to be taking both, today right?” Tina asked.

“Absolutely he should, we can’t let him lose all that he grew.” Mom said. We might not be the most conventional family but in this house, we stick together, and grow together.” She added.

The whole situation was frightening, but it did make me feel better knowing that Mom, Tina and Rachel cared about me so much. I feel like I would do the same suadiye escort for them if they needed it.

“Thank you for supporting me, this whole thing is scary. If I need to take both then I should do it sooner rather than later. The first time I took these pills it made me sick. I’m a little worried about that.” I said.

“Don’t you worry. Rachel and Tina and I will look after you. You are correct though; you should take your pills now.” Mom said. I left the kitchen and retrieved the pills from my room. I came back downstairs and the three were waiting with a tall glass of water. My heart was racing as I swallowed both pills with the water. A half hour passed, and I was feeling alright.

I did notice that the room was feeling cold and my head was starting to spin. “You aren’t looking good bro. You look cold and pale.” Tina said.

“Tina, Rachel. Help him to his room. I’m going to get him more water, he needs to lie down.” Mom commanded. My head was really starting to spin now. I wasn’t sure if I would have made it without their help.

The next thing I remember was waking up in my bed. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed. I must have had a pretty rough fever because I had some crazy dreams while I was out, and my sheets were soaked. To be fair though I couldn’t tell if it was sweat or cum on my sheets. I laid there for a while, my head still foggy.

The door opened and mom walked in. She was wearing tight jeans and a white t-shirt. The shirt was stretched tightly over her enlarged chest. The shirt was made with that thin type of stretchy material, her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric. She sat down on the bed next to me, thermometer in hand.

“You’re finally awake. You’ve been asleep for nearly three days. Let’s check your temperature, your fever broke last night” she said. She put the thermometer in my mouth and began to feel my neck and cheeks. She leaned in, accidentally pressing her huge breasts into me. My penis began to fill and harden.

I looked down and saw the bedsheet begin to rise higher and higher. Seconds later my cock was rock hard, standing tall straight up. It felt huge. I know that it was already massive before but somehow now it felt even more massive. Mom had said that I was asleep for almost three days so I had three days of buildup and I could feel it. Precum seeped through the sheet and I swear I think I could see my cock head throbbing. My erection caught mom’s attention also.

“You must be feeling better.” She said. She sat up, looked at me, and pulled up her shirt around her neck, her huge cum filled tits on full display. I reached over and grabbed her left boob with both hands. I loved how big and heavy they were, I began to squeeze and knead it while also rubbing her nipple. “Oh, that feels so good. It turns me on so much knowing that my breasts are so big because of your cum.” Mom said.

She leaned closer and pressed her nipple into my mouth and I began suckling greedily on her tit. She reached her hand under the sheet and wrapped it around my cock, her small hands weren’t even big enough to fully wrap around my overgrown shaft. “Wow, you grew a lot overnight. Your penis feels much bigger than before.” She said.

She began to jack me off and it was as if bolts of electricity shot through my body. It was so powerful a feeling that I unlatched from her nipple and threw myself back onto my pillows, my hands gripping the edge of the mattress as the room filled with wet slapping sounds. It didn’t take long before I felt my cock swell and I erupted with a powerful orgasm. The sheet that covered my cock head acted as a sort of filter, it kept my semen from splattering the ceiling as massive globs of cum seeped through and began to run down the sides of my sheet tent. The cum that didn’t seep through ran down the length of my penis and covered mom’s hand.

I lost track of how many times my penis erupted with ropes of cum. To my surprise mom didn’t let up, if anything she began pumping faster. She now had the advantage of my cum lubricating my cock. It took a few minutes longer, but I blew my second load. The scene repeated itself, except now my sheets were completely drenched and my lower half was covered in cum.

Mom now grabbed my cock with both hands and started pumping again. “One more time baby, you’ve been pent up for three days, I need to make sure you are fully relieved.” Mom said as she increased her pace. My cock was getting tired, but it grew hard again. This time yakacık escort I lasted much longer, long enough for mom to begin to breath heavily, even though she was tiring out she didn’t let up. I came the third time, much less than before, though much more than a normal person would.

Now I was completely exhausted, and I fell asleep again. I woke up later that evening. I showered off the dried cum and threw my sheets in the washing machine. Mom and Rachel were downstairs. My head started spinning a little when I sat down at the kitchen island. “Hey, how are you feeling?” Rachel asked.

“My head is dizzy again.” I answered. Rachel felt my forehead and cheeks.

“Feels fine to me, maybe you need some water?” She said. Mom fixed me a tall glass and I drank it down in one gulp. She then filled me another one.

“Here’s some leftovers from earlier tonight, you must be hungry.” Mom said. She made a plate of leftover chicken and wild rice. I didn’t realize how hungry I was, I suppose being bedridden for three days would do that to a person. “Do you two know where Tina went off to? She has been gone for three days.” Mom said.

My mouth was full, so I just shrugged and shook my head. “She told me that she had something to do back at the university, but she didn’t give any details.” Rachel answered.

Mom just furled her brow; I don’t think she was convinced with Rachel’s excuse. I didn’t quite believe her either. “Well whatever she is doing you let her know that she needs to check in with me. I don’t appreciate worrying and not knowing. Now tomorrow I’m leaving for a week to visit my sister, she just finalized her divorce and is having a difficult time. And since I will be gone, I think we should fill me up one last time before I go.”

“Can I do it this time?” Rachel asked. I sat and tried to relax as they prepared the syringes. Rachel was fascinated with how much semen we had saved. She wasn’t home when we filled the empty milk jugs full. Mom instructed her where the injection port was, and Rachel emptied the first syringe in each breast. “This is so cool! I just made your boobs bigger! Rachel repeated the process until they had added another thousand cc’s of cum to each breast.

Mom’s newly grown breasts were magnificent. They were bigger than any porn star that I knew of, they probably were before, but now there was no doubt. “How do they feel?” I asked.

“They are a little sore and my skin is tight, I think this is as big as I’ll go for now. I need to use more lotion to loosen my skin. I know that they are near the recommended capacity without overfilling.” She said. I could feel my cock filling as well, but I still felt woozy so I decided that I should have some more water and head back to bed.

“Oh wow.” Rachel said. I looked down at my half hard penis flopping around at nearly two feet in length as I walked. “You made a mess earlier; you can sleep in my room with me tonight if you’d like.” Rachel said.

The side effects of the two experimental pills were still affecting me because that night I slept harder than my cock has been lately. If Rachel shared the bed during the night, I had no idea. I woke up around noon by myself. Mom had already left, and Rachel was out running errands and shopping. After my morning jack off session I made sure to email the company about the side effects. I also went and remeasured myself. The massive growth spurt they warned me about was no joke. My hard cock now measured thirty-six inches long!

Three more days passed, and I felt that I was finally on the mend, the company recommended that I stay well hydrated and change my diet. Rachel was a big help with the diet part, she was very much into fitness, so she helped set up meals more tuned for athletes. It must take a lot of energy to fuel a penis as large as mine. One afternoon I felt well enough for a quick swim in the pool.

Coming back inside I joined Rachel at the dining room table. She had fingernail polishes, lotions and other beauty products spread out. Sitting across from her, I noticed that she had the bottle of moms’ special lotion as well. “Your using moms’ lotion too?” I asked.

“I have been for a little while now. I figured that if it makes the skin on her boobs more pliable maybe it would work on other…places.” She said with a wink. My cock began to grow hard, quickly. “I want to be sure that I can take your fist sized cockhead when you felt better. How are you feeling now?” She asked. My penis was now şerifali escort fully hard under the table. My cockhead rubbed against the inside of Rachel’s thigh. “That answers that question.” She said.

Rachel then swung her legs up and on top of the table, scattering her things in either direction, the bottoms of her feet facing me. “I want to try something.” She said. She was slouched down at the forward edge of the chair. Rachel then reached down and slid her panties off and flung them at me, just barely missing. “I once gave a guy a hand job under a table, but I’ve never been fucked from across one before.” She said.

Rachel took the special lotion and squeezed a generous portion in her hand. She lathered it on my cock head and her pussy. I scooted forward on the chair as she gently pulled my member to her wet cunt. She gasped as slowly entered her, the lotion seemed to help as I buried more and more of my three-foot dick before bottoming out all the way to her cervix.

Our eyes met for a moment, she licked her lips and took hold of the top of the back of the chair, bracing herself for what was coming. “Oh, fuck yes!” She screamed. I was so horny right now that I didn’t start slow. I grabbed the underside edge of the tabletop for leverage and started thrusting rapidly and hard. I could feel my cock head pushing up against her cervix each time, she made no indication that it was uncomfortable, she just kept holding onto the chair and moaning loudly.

I was glad that my chair was sturdy. My ass was barely on the edge, my heavy testicles swinging underneath. If the chair would have slid slightly, I probably would have landed on the floor. Several bottles of nail polish had been knocked over and we’re rolling around the table with each thrust. I felt my orgasm fast approaching, I had jacked off earlier and that helped me hold out as long as I had, but I knew another massive eruption was imminent. “I’m about to cum, it’s going to be a big one!” I said between breaths.

“Everything about you is so…big!” Rachel screamed. Her mouth opened wide with an inaudible moan and her eyes seemed to roll back as I felt her pussy tightened around my cockhead. I blew my load deep inside her. Massive ropes of cum quickly filled her insides and began to flood on her thighs and onto the floor. I kept cumming for what seemed like over a minute. When it was over Rachel’s lower torso and legs were covered in a thick layer of hot semen. I gently pulled my penis out and let it flop onto the floor as it softened.

An audible ‘splat’ was made as my half hard cock fell onto the pool of cum under the table. My toes were warm and sticky as well, looking underneath, the pool of cum extended to cover most of the width of the table. We rested for a while before cleaning the mess. “Could you get me an ice pack please?” Rachel asked.

After bringing her the ice pack I asked, “Are you alright, I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“It’s not your fault, your cock just grew so much so fast that my poor vag needs more time to adjust. I think the lotion helped so I’m going to order some more.” She said. Later that evening I was walking to my room when I passed Rachel’s room in the hallway. The door was cracked open slightly and I could hear her talking to someone.

“Hey everyone, I have a quick update before I sign out. Tina is still out getting her procedure done. She should be back in a few days, bigger and better than ever! In the meantime, I hope my sexy new clothes that I modeled for you will tide you over. Until next time, this is T&A with T&R! Have a great day and we will see you next time!” I waited a moment before lightly knocking. “Come in!” Rachel said.

I opened the door and leaned against the frame. “So, you and Tina do a webcam show together?” I asked.

“Yes, we started a while ago. We call it ‘Tits and ass with Tina and Rachel!’ Pretty clever right? We think it has a nice ring to it. Tina has the tits and I have the ass. We have been making some good money at it so far, and our fanbase is growing each week.” Rachel said.

“I heard you say that Tina is out for a procedure, I knew that story about going back to school was fake, what crazy plan has she come up with this time?” I asked.

Rachel looked away for a second, trying to decide if she should spill the beans. “Ok, she made me promise not to tell you but you’re going to find out soon anyway. She is getting the same type of implants that your mom has, she has some obsession with having the biggest boobs in the house for some reason.

My ears, and my penis perked up, Tina’s boobs had already grown huge, and she wants them even larger? That idea I could get on board with. “So, when is Tina getting back?” I asked.

Rachel smiled brightly.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32