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I begrudgingly started going to the gym three days a week after I had triple bypass surgery. The cardiologist prescribed exercises to keep my heart healthy. I joined a local gym and started the cardio program, at first it was a chore, but over time, it became part of my daily routine.

Tread milling away listening to my MP3 player and watching the people come and go became a daily routine. After a while, you see the same people, no one interacts with each other at most you get an acknowledgement nod.

Almost every day I had a thirty something, short haired, blond woman using the elliptical machine in the row in front of me. Occasionally I would get the nod indicating she recognized me, but that was it. Summer came and she stopped coming, not unusual with gym members. They start out great then fizzle out over time and finally stop coming.

After Labor Day, she returned and got on the elliptical machine next to me. When I noticed her, I commented that, “Nice to see you back again.”

“I’ve been on a different schedule for the summer and haven’t been able to fit in the gym schedule.”

“So, you have been a bad girl and skipped the gym.”

She nodded in agreement, “I know.”

That was the whole exchange, short and brief, hardly thirty seconds.

She donned her headphones and went back to exercising, her hair was longer now and held back in a ponytail with a rubber band.

She finished first and disappeared in the woman’s locker room; I finished shortly thereafter.

When I got outside, I got a “Hey”

It was her standing there looking distraught.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m really bad, I locked myself out of my car… can you help?”

“Sure, let me see, I used to be able to use a coat hanger to unlock doors.”

She showed me her car, a newer model sport utility vehicle, there is no way I can use a coat hanger. I could see the keys in the cup holder, but there is no movement in the door. So I know I can’t jimmy the door.

“We can call the police or a locksmith they usually have the tools to open the door.”

“I have spare keys at home if you could take me, I would rather not call the police.”

“Maybe you could call your husband.”

“No, he’s deployed.”

Deployed, I remembered that her husband would sometimes come with her to the gym in uniform, Army I think.

“Please, I only live a mile away.”

Against my better judgement, I agreed to take her home to get her keys. I say that because I have no idea of who this woman is and what she may say latter. With todays “me too” movement, I do not want her saying I took advantage of her.

“By the way my name is Sharon.”

“I’m Charles, but most people call me Chuck.”

“Shar, is my nickname.”

When we pulled up to her condominium Shar got out and asked if I would come in and wait while she searched for the spare keys.

As we entered she said, “I’m really a bad girl, it’s going to take me awhile to find them.”

I quipped, “You know what happens to bad girls.”

“No, what happens?”

“They get spanked.”

Shar just gave me a blank stare, I was not sure if that was a good thing to say. Taken the wrong way it could sound aggressive. Shar looked like she could use a good spanking for being such a ditz and locking her keys in the car. Maybe it would give her pause to think next time.

“Chuck, would you like something to drink?”

“Like what?”

“I have some nice wine that I opened last night and couldn’t finish.”

I nodded yes, Sher, brought over two glasses of white wine. “Probably not the best after gym workout drink, but I need something to calm me down.”

After a few sips, Sher left to look for her keys.

“Chuck could you come in here and help me?” Sher was in the bedroom, I was thinking, oh boy this was moving fast.

“Can you reach them they fell behind the dresser?”

Sher was stretching behind the dresser trying to reach something. Every time she stretched, her v backed tank top rode up more revealing her perky breasts. She must have removed the sports bra that she wore in the gym.

“I’m so bad I reached for the keys and they fell behind the dresser.”

Now that was another reference to bad, I am thinking she wants a spanking like a bad girl.

“You really are bad” as I moved the dresser out from the wall, “Now you should be able to reach them.”

As I moved the dresser away from the wall I thought I probably should have let her continue to struggle and flash her tits.

She bent down and got the keys, straightened her top and thanked me for moving the dresser.

“You must think I’m a klutz, a really bad klutz for dropping the keys.”

Shaking my head no, as I moved the dresser back.

We went back to the living room to finish the wine. Sher looked at me and said,” So, When do I get my spanking for being such a bad girl?”

Almost choking on the wine, I thought she asked for a spanking. Now the ball is in my court so to speak, do I spank her görükle escort or is she joking?

I took her hand and pulled her towards me, “Bend over my knee, young lady.”

Sher started to bend before I halted her, “I’m not spanking your pants, and it’s your butt that gets spanked.

She hesitated, then loosened her pants and let them fall to her knees. Revealing a pair of bright, almost florescence pink panties, with PINK in large letters.

“The panties too, they aren’t being punished.”

That was almost a deal breaker, she was not about to take her panties down in front of me. After a long pause of neither of us speaking, she started pulling them down.

In an apologetic tone, “I’m not really a blonde and I haven’t trimmed in a while,” as her light brown bush came into view.

She leaned her pale ass leaned over my knee, her top falling away from her tits. I put my hand on her ass and rubbed softly to calm her before rising up and giving her the first whack.

The sharp sound echoed in the room as her ass had a red handprint that was slowly fading. Before it faded I rubbed, then smacked her ass again, this time harder than before. With that I got an “ouch” after one more for good measure in close succession. I slid my hand down to feel her tits while rubbing her ass cheek. Before the next whack, she raised her ass in anticipation of the next blow somewhat softening the blow.

I let out a few bad girl admonishments as I did the next few whacks. I put my hand on her wet pussy lips, and explored for her clit.” Sher was moaning not from pain, but from sexual pleasure as I fingered her pussy.

“I’ll be good daddy… I’ll be good.” That was a sentence hardly expected.

Now I am wondering what prompted that utterance. Does she see me as a father figure or does it bring back some repressed memories of her youth?

I continued fingering her until, “Make me cum daddy.”

Shit, she sees me a father figure, but I am already committed and continue to pull her nipple and clit. She is a moaner, letting out a loud moaning sound as she had her final climax spasm. I wondered if the neighbors could hear.

My pants have a huge wet spot in my crotch along with a smell of sex. All her movement above my hard on was like having a lap dance, I had shot my load about the same time as her climax.

Now for the first time the thought ran through my mind what if her husband comes home. Now would not be a great time to meet him, as the sweet, pungent smell of sex reeked in the room. Now that it is over then comes an awkward moment after sex. What happened, does she expect a repeat? Do I say something about the daddy comments?

“Chuck, we need to get back and retrieve my car.” Saying it as though nothing happened.

She pulled her clothes back on as she stood up, “Chuck, I’ll get a wet wash rag to clean you off.” She rubbed my crotch with the cloth, now the spot was wetter. I looked as if I peed my pants, which I supposed was better than looking like I was pussy juice soaked.

We tried to make some idle chit chat; I did learn that she did not always have a ride to the Gym that is another reason not to come.

I gave her my cell number, “You can always call me for a ride, if you like.”

She got out, and we ended with an awkward hug and she drove off. The next day she did not come, nor the next. I thought it might be too awkward for her to see me in the gym again. She finally came back, but this time it was with her husband. They exercised side by side, she did give me a quick glance with a sort of a no nod, and I took that as a signal not to interact with her.

A few weeks went by before she called me asking for a ride to the gym. I hesitated, but finally agreed to pick her up. She was more talkative and told me her husband had the car, so she was thankful for the ride. Sher, told me her husband was the jealous type so it was good that I did not try to converse with her when he was with her.

After we finished at the gym, I took her home; it had more of an Uber driver and passenger feeling. It has been just a ride nothing more, not that I expected another sexual encounter. After that, we went back to the normal routine, I would see her, nod and she would smile back.

Just as well I thought, I do not need to be involved with a married woman, especially a military couple. Her husband did not seem like a forgiving type of guy and I was well past the bad ass guy I used to be. Age and heart issues limited my prowess, especially when it came to physical confrontations.

Weeks later, I got a call from Sher for help. Not for our normal gym ride, she needed my help could I come over now.

“What kind of help do you need?” I wanted to make sure she did not want me to mix it up with her husband or something.

“It’s sort of … embarrassing… you’ll see when you get here… and Chuck I can’t come to the door to let you in, but the door is unlocked.”

Oh buddy, you should sit this one out, it may be a trap, görükle escort bayan thinking like I was a secret agent or something. I looked at the front storm door, knocked, waited, and then tried the door. It opened; I let out a “Sher?” before I entered.

“Chuck, I’m here… thank God you came.”

Sher was sitting almost directly in front of the clear glass door on a wooden kitchen chair. I had to stare at her for a moment before I realized she had bound herself to the chair. She sat there topless with twine attached to her nipples, pulling each one when she moved. Her hands were bound to the chairs back only her feet were free. Her naked foot was over her cell phone. “Thank God for “Siri” I couldn’t get to the phone.

Staring at her in disbelief, “What the fuck happened to you? Should I call the police?”

“No, just get me free.”

I thought, it must have been her husband maybe punishing her for something or she was a victim of a robbery.

Looking at the ropes, I tried to figure out where to begin. This was quite a scene, semi naked woman tied to a chair with her nipples tied with twine. I had to take a picture first so I could remember this scene; I doubt I would ever get to see this again. Finally realizing that she self-bound herself it was all I could do to keep from laughing at her bondage ineptitude.

“What are you doing Chuck, why are you taking a picture of me?”

“You look so beautiful, I can’t help myself.” Knowing it was my safety alibi in case she claimed something else had happened.

“Chuck, I wouldn’t have called you if I thought you were going to take advantage of me, while I’m tied up.”

“Who else were you going to call?”

“OK, I get your point, but please don’t share those pictures with anyone. No one is going to understand.” I reassured her that I would keep them private, which calmed her. Her husband probably would not take it well if he saw her tied and topless.

“You do this often Sher?” trying to figure out the story behind her situation.

“Just untie me; please… my nipples have already went numb.”

Her discolored nipples had stretched out several inches by the weights attached to the twine. Starting with her nipples, I slowly untied them and released the weights.

Howling in pain, “Dam that hurts,” as the rush of blood returned the pink color along with a burning pain. Struggling to get free, the ropes dug into in her wrists; leaving her skin red and almost raw.

She told me that she liked self-bondage, but she could not reach the first slipknot to undo the binding. Normally she was able to reach the end of the rope, pull and the knot would come undone so she could get free. This was the first time she added the nipple pull, because it felt good, or at least for a short while.

“Sher, you need to have a safety person. How long would you sat bound up if I hadn’t come?”

“I was hoping for the mailman to find me, but he didn’t even look inside.” She went on to describe her fantasy of having the young, well-built mail carrier finding her bound, and fondling her breasts as his reward when he comes in to release her.

“I watched him for days before I started leaving the door open and unlocked. That is why I thought he would see me through the glass storm door; but he never looked. So today, I tried a bondage routine that had me topless with my nipples pulled by weights. I thought for sure he would be interested, come in, and “rescue” me. I wanted him to play with my tits and force me to suck his cock, maybe even punish me for being bad. “

“I think you need to do something different or at least pick a different place. What if your neighbor saw you like this, they probably would have called the police. Then you would have some explaining to do, for sure.”

“I never thought about that, I just got swept up in the excitement of being bound topless and helpless.”

Against my better judgement, I offered to be her safety person, so if anything went wrong I could help. I had some ideas where she could do this safely and still get her thrills. I would let her self-bind herself and only intercede if she needed help.

“Chuck, would you really do this for me?”

“Yes, but you have to promise not to go at it alone again, no matter what.”

Chapter 2

Our first joint venture was a close by location that should give her the viewers she wanted while remaining somewhat anonymous. I told her we needed some supplies that she did not have, like butterfly nipple clamps with chain and handcuffs.

We went to a local adult shop and got them and she picked an Open Teddy Body Harness, which was nothing more than some stretchy elastic straps covered with rhinestone studs bling.

Our plan was to have her park in the mall-parking garage across town wearing her harness and have her nipples clamped and wrists handcuffed to the steering wheel. Anyone coming close to the car would be able to see her on display, and she would get her exhibitionist thrill.

She bursa escort parked, removed her shirt to reveal her helpless topless body to any passersby. I was nearby keeping an eye out for trouble and if needed un-cuff her quickly. She remained that way for about fifteen minutes before anyone came close, a pickup truck parked next to her; the driver exited and walked past her without even looking at her. Maybe five minutes later and the driver returned, this time he noticed her. He asked if she needed help, she responded that she was OK. The driver took out his cell phone and videoed her, then left.

Sher noticed the truck driver videoing her and protested, but he did not hear or care. She was wondering what he may do with the video; she fantasized that he may go home and jack off watching it. Her pussy was getting wet thinking about someone jacking off to her picture. Next, a sports car parked next to her and two young lads got out and spotted her right away, they had a good time looking at her and they took more pictures.

They did not bother to ask if she was ok, they just took advantage of her circumstances and enjoyed the view. They snickered and chuckled amongst themselves occasionally commenting to Sher about her wanting her tits played with or would she like to suck their cocks.

Sher started to panic; the reality of what was happening hit her, the prospect of a couple of young lads molesting her in the mall-parking garage. They apparently noticed me setting a few cars away and decided to leave; maybe they thought it was a setup.

Sher called me and said she wanted to quit for now, it was too much for her. I agreed and came over to her car to make sure she was unlocked and OK.

“Chuck, I panicked, those two guys scared me.”

“That’s why I’m here to be your safety net.”

“I don’t want to do it like this again or at least for now. I miss the ropes; I like the feel of the ropes on my skin.”

“Ok, we’ll try your ropes in a different location.”

I thought about a location, an obscure wooded park on the far side of town. Not many people use this park, maybe because it does not have any playground stuff for kids. Mostly joggers and bird watchers use the park today.

We waited until there was a good weather day, no rain and mostly sunny. Sher liked the park; she had the possibility of discovery while partially hidden from a view from the main jogging trail.

A park bench on a small trail looked promising, surrounded by trees and foliage; it is not visible until you are almost on top of it. Sher put in a red ball gag, removed her top and went about binding herself with a rope. First, creating a rope bra that flattened and pushed her breasts forward as though on a shelf. She clamped her nipples with a chain connected butterfly clamp. Finally tying her wrists to the bench sides. She planned the last rope loop to close on her wrist with just the tail dangling so she could release when she was done.

Left on the park bench wearing only shorts and shoes, her breasts fully on display with nipples clamped and chained.

This looked more uncomfortable than sitting her car, exposed in nature bound with ropes was her fantasy. I stayed out of sight; my “job” was safety, if things went wrong I could help her. She sat that way waiting for that thrill of being “caught”, every time someone came down the main trail I could see her head turn in anticipation. Every movement caused a sharp pain when her nipple clamp chain swung, No one spotted her as they went down the trail, I am sure she was feeling disappointed; perhaps we picked the wrong spot.

Voices, I could hear voices, it sounded like a man and woman as they approached.

“Damn, Flo, would you look at that.” As a middle-aged couple came into view.

The couple looked at Sher at first they looked like they were going to help her, but they seized the opportunity to play with Sher. They made no attempts to free Sher or to remove her gag, they were only feeling her tits. Flo picked up the nipple chain and let it drop, causing Sher to wince in pain. “Ernie,” check this out as she picked up the chain and dropped it again, eliciting painful moans from Sher.

Clearly, this was not what Sher wanted to happen. She had a more romantic yearning; However, Flo seemed to take great joy in inflicting nipple pain.

“Is this what you want, dearie? “As she pulled the chain again.

Ernie, whispered something to Flo, she nodded. He then pulled out his hardening cock and rubbed it on Sher’s face, then moved down to her tits. Sher struggled, but all it accomplished was to cause more nipple pain. Tears started streaming down Sher’s face, creating black mascara trails; her muffled screams only produced drool that dripped down to her tits. Ernie continued rubbing his cock over her; until Flo egged him on to shoot his load on her chest.

Flo grabbed a gob of cum and rubbed it on Sher’s lips. “You want this? He can give you more, dearie.”

She wiped off the excess on her hand using Sher’s hair leaving a matted mess. Ernie continued to rub his cock on Sher until it went flaccid. The sound of breaking twigs and leaves alerted them to someone coming. Ernie put his cock away and left with Flo. The two of them whispering and chuckling as they walked off down the trail.

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