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“But Joe, it’s our annibirthery!” complained Annie.

“I know, I know,” apologized her husband from the other end of the phone. “I asked Clancy, but he said there’s no way I could get off this weekend.”

“Dammit Joe! I was really looking forward to spending some time with my husband.”

“I know Ann. I’ll make it up to you just as soon as this job’s done.”

“It’s not just our annibirthery. I’m starting to ovulate and you know what that means?”

“No dear, what does that mean?” he lied, knowing exactly what it meant. He just wanted to hear her say it and his penis extended an inch the second his lovely wife mouthed the words.

“I’m getting horny.”

“I’d love to help with that problem, but I’m stuck here,” he said. Annie had always had an amazing sex drive. It completely matched his own male sex drive early in their relationship, they had sex every time they went on a date. Annie didn’t even mind if he came over just for sex after a night drinking with his friends. Annie liked it because Joe often got the opposite of whiskey dick. He tended to last a long time after drinking. Once they got married, they had sex nearly every night for the first year. Then Joe got sick of condoms and Annie went on the pill. Her sex drive diminished by about 90%. She still enjoyed it, but now after three years of marriage, she could take it or leave it and they only had sex about once a week. This all changed when she went off the pill so that they could try to start a family. Her sex drive came back like a runaway freight train. She was hornier then ever, sex when they went to bed and morning sex before he left for work. Her sex drive now outpaced his own and his horny librarian wife plumb wore him out. He started looking forwards to these jobs away so that he could rest and recuperate. It got worse as she came into her fertile period and unfortunately, their free time hadn’t lined up so that he could take care of her. The few times, they’d made love close to her fertile cycle, just hadn’t took.

“Fine,” she said. “Just work extra hard and try to get back to me as soon as possible.”

“Still going to be at least a week,” said Joe. “I better get going. Bye, I love you.”

“I love you too. We’ll celebrate our annibirthery as soon as you get back. Happy birthday and happy anniversary.”

Joe smiled. “Happy Anniversary and happy birthday,” he replied. Both he and Annie were twenty-five. Tomorrow was his birthday and he would turn twenty-six. Annie would turn twenty-six two days later. They had decided to get married the day between their birthdays and they had made their annibirthery a three day celebration ever since. “Love you.”

“You too, bye.” She hung up the phone. “Shit!” she growled, looking at herself in the mirror. The pretty face staring back at her at tears running down her cheeks from beneath her black glasses. Annie hated to admit it, but the tears weren’t from her husband missing their three day annibirthery, but from her growing need to have a penis shoved inside her. Her arousal was getting bad and growing worse by the day. She was fidgety, jumpy, and ill tempered, snapping at her coworkers and some of the library’s patrons. Worse, she was starting to size every man she saw up, wondering how he looked naked and even getting a little flirty with some of them. It didn’t even matter the man, as long as it was male. She batted her eye lashes at the sixty year old custodian and even giggled at one of her regular patrons attempts to hit on her. He was a single dad and a lech that all the other librarians found creepy. Annie swore that if things got any worse, she was going to have to buy herself a dildo and the thought of substituting a plastic penis for her husband’s nice and hard six incher repulsed her.

Annie went back out to work the circulation desk. She was the youngest employee. The director was in her fifties and every other employee or volunteer was in their sixties. Being the youngest and best looking in the library had her getting most of the male attention. This was how she met Joe Whyte actually. He’d come in looking to get a library card so he could start checking out audio books as his construction job had him traveling some and he could listen to them while he worked. She helped him get his card and showed him the audio section. Much to her surprise, he asked her to dinner. Annie checked him out. He was sandy haired, good looking, and appeared fit. She liked any guy that enjoyed books. She was casually dating another man at the time, a rather mousy nerd, but with a nice intellect. The nerd was just lousy in bed. He just couldn’t handle seeing Annie’s killer body and ripe bosom. He never lasted more then a few minutes, though his recovery time was pretty good. The problem was her sex drive had kicked in a few years earlier when her last boyfriend took her virginity. He’d been better then the nerd, but not by much. She needed more. “Library closes at 6:00,” she told Joe. “I’ll be waiting outside.”

Joe was waiting Ataşehir escort bayan and their dinner went well. They seemed to hit it off immediately. “May I ask what prompted you to ask me out?” she asked.

Joe leaned back in his chair and sipped his beer while he stared at her. “Well, you’re very pretty,” he said. She smiled and blushed a little. He wasn’t lying. Annie had a very attractive face. Her skin was extremely pale and she had piercing blue eyes that looked back at him through the lenses of her dark rimmed glasses. Her hair was long and mostly straight with a few stray curls. She had it tied back in a pony tail. She was stunning in a sexy librarian fashion. “You seemed nice when you were helping me. I felt we had a connection.” His date seemed to like that. Her body was dumpy, her top pushing out to hide a chubby belly, but there was a very promising swell to her breasts. They looked huge, DD’s at least and Joe was a breast man. He’d take big breasts on a fat girl over a flat chest on a sexy model any day. He found out that night exactly how wrong he was about her body.

Joe was very surprised once they were back at his car when Annie grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to her face to kiss her. He was surprised, but pleased. He kissed back and her hand resting on his thigh while he drove home had him stomping on the gas. They were holding each other and kissing while he unlocked his door. He practically carried her inside. The large breasts pressing into his chests were driving him crazy. He set her down and broke the kiss. Without moving from his spot by the door, he just pointed and spoke quickly. “Let me show you my house. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, guest room, hallway, master bath, and…” He grabbed her hand and led her to his bedroom. “Master bedroom.” Annie giggled. They kissed their way into his bedroom and as they made their way to the bed. He sat down heavily on the bed and she stepped back to pull her dress off. Joe nearly came in his pants when he saw exactly what she had been hiding under her frumpy dress. She wasn’t chubby at all! Annie was built like a fucking stripper! Her belly and waist were thin. She had the sexiest belly he’d ever seen on a woman, mostly flat, but with womanly swell under her navel and above her hips. Her underwear was modest, but her bra and panty were black and looked sexy against her pale white skin. Once they were married and she became Annie Whyte, he nicknamed her “Snow” because of her pale skin and dark hair. The bra looked like it was straining under the pressure from her big bosom. She unhooked the bra and her magnificent rack sprang free. Her nipples were already hard and the fattest longest nipples he’d ever seen. They were as big around as a nickel and probably ¾” long. Her areola were only the size of a quarter making them almost all nipple. They were a rosy pink color and Joe couldn’t take his eyes off them until she stepped out of her panty and he saw her rather hairy black bush as raven dark as the hair on her head. Joe stripped as quickly as he could and she seemed just as pleased with his fit construction worker’s body. “Condom?” she asked unleashing her tied up hair. His date had just gone from librarian to porn star in under a minute though she kept her glasses on. He liked that.

Joe opened his dresser drawer. He slid back as she straddled his lower legs. “I like your penis,” she told him, taking him in her mouth. He gasped loving the feeling of her hot mouth on his dick, but she wasn’t here to suck him off. Once he was good and hard, she opened the condom packet and rolled the rubber down his penis. She straddled his crotch and held his stiff penis up to the entrance to a pussy that was already giving off a lot of heat. She pushed her pussy lips against the head and slammed her entire pussy down over his dick. He gasped as she started moaning and bouncing. It had been three months since he’d gotten laid and that had been a one night stand he wasn’t particularly interested in. This evenings incredible turn of events and the amazing woman moaning as she bounced in his lap was too much for him. Joe filled the condom after only a minute. She groaned in disappointment. He tried to apologize, but then she never stopped bouncing. He stayed hard and was soon raising his hips up to thrust his stiff prick into her pussy every time she lowered herself down. He lasted longer this time and she squealed in delight as she got herself off. Several times that night, Joe stabbed her back with his stiff penis until she opened her legs for him and they’d fuck again. They did it again the next morning before they both had to run off to work and even took a shower together to save time, though it turned to the longest shower of his life as Annie kneeled in front of him and sucked him off. She did everything, but swallow, spitting his semen out near the drain of the tub. They were married a year later.

“You ok, you seem distracted?” asked the library director.

“What?” Annie looked Escort Ataşehir startled. Not only had she been daydreaming, but she was unconsciously pressing her crotch down into the edge of her chair. “Sorry, it’s Joe. He’s not going to make it home this weekend.”

“Sorry Ann,” she replied sympathetically. “You should go see him.”

Annie perked up then slumped back down. “He’s four hours away.”

“That’s not that far. Surprise him. I’ll let you leave early tomorrow so that you can get an early start. Then you’ll have the weekend together.”

“Wow! Thanks, that would be great.”

“Your friend’s back,” said the librarian.

Annie looked up. The lech was back. She smiled at him and went over to help him find a book that he easily could have found on his own. It was her fault for flirting with him. She controlled herself this time knowing she’d have a stiff prick in her tomorrow when she went to surprise her husband. It was partly Joe’s fault anyway. She’d started dressing sexier at work once they were married. Nothing too sexy, but her tops didn’t make her look fat anymore, now they hugged her body and showed off her figure. Many patrons thought she’d lost a lot of weight and complimented her. She still kept her hair up with the glasses on and never wore makeup to work. She also thought the wedding ring would protect her, but to be honest most men appeared not to have noticed it or not to have cared less when they did. She brushed off the creep and went back to work behind the desk.

Annie Whyte drove home thinking about how she was going to surprise her husband. She didn’t even know what hotel he was staying at. If she called and asked him, that would spoil the surprise. She did have his company’s business card and that had Clancy’s cell phone number on it. She hated calling old Big Black Cock himself, but he was her most logical choice. Clancy was a rather obnoxious black man that had openly hit on her once at one of his famous pool parties. Joe was slowly getting her to loosen up and dress sexier which she did to make him happy, but quite frankly, she did not care for the added male attention. Her breasts always attracted men’s interest, but once she switched to form fitted shirts and men saw her actual body, the attention was growing to almost annoying proportions.

Twice now Joe had talked her into going overboard in her choices of clothing. The first was at a Halloween party in a bar they frequented. Joe had worn a batman costume and he had convinced her to go as wonder woman. He thought she resembled the actress who played wonder woman in the 70’s and Annie filled out the suit nicely. Too nicely, as it wasn’t designed for big DD’s and she had a lot of tit flesh squeezing out of the tops. The bar patrons loved her outfit and not only did she win $500 for the costume contest, but men bought her drinks all night. It turned out fun, but she paid for all the drinking the next day.

The second time was when Joe was invited to Clancy’s pool party and he talked her into wearing a bikini. “Please honey, I wanna make all the guys jealous?” he’d begged. She wasn’t a sunbather or swimmer for that matter and didn’t even own a swimsuit. Joe bought her one. It was a black bikini and his jaw dropped when she tried it on for him. It was neither modest nor skimpy. The bikini covered her crotch nicely as well as her ass. The top did squeeze her breasts together and created more cleavage then she was used to showing. Her rather long nipples also poked out through the material. The black material was held together by large hoop circles. A hoop sat on each hip and one held her cups together right between her breasts.

Wearing that bikini was the least she’d ever worn in public and she felt very uncomfortable walking around the back of Clancy’s house to the pool in just the bikini and flip flops wishing she’d owned some sort of pull over top. She grew more uncomfortable when she saw that everyone there was black. There were about two dozen people at the party equal parts male and female and Annie swore every male eye turned on her the second she appeared by the pool. No one but Joe had ever seen her this close to naked and under the gaze of a dozen black men, she felt her nipples hardening underneath the bikini top. Her vagina started quivering funny too and her thighs grew a little damp. Annie didn’t care for being around black people too much. She knew Clancy was black, but had never thought that all his guests would also be. She found out later that Joe was the only white man on the crew.

Annie sat down in a lounge chair and started rubbing lotion on her skin. One of the reasons she didn’t own a swimsuit or sunbath was that her skin favored burning over tanning. The next day, she’d discover that she had missed a few spots and had some red burns on her skin. As she was rubbing lotion onto her belly with Joe sitting next to her, a large black man of about fifty years old walked up to her. He was shirtless and his chest rippled Ataşehir Rus Escort with muscles. Joe was pretty big and had a nice chest with abdominals, but this man was a giant. He had on tight fitting swim trunks that hugged a massive bulge. Her eyes lined right up with the bulge and she had trouble taking her eyes off it, but did manage to look away to avoid embarrassment. “Now here’s woman that needs a big black cock,” said the man.

“I beg your pardon?” Annie looked at him in shock. She heard Joe sit up beside her.

“You need a big black cock,” said the man. He handed her a mixed drink. It’s a double shot of Jose Quervo Black mixed with equal parts Fighting Cock Bourbon Whiskey.”

“That doesn’t sound good,” she told him, but she took the drink.

“Trust me, you’ll love big black cock.”

“Honey,” said Joe. “This is Clancy, my boss.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Clancy holding out his hand. Annie took it and watched her small dainty white hand engulfed by his black paw. It was the first time, she’d ever touched a black person. “Joe, you married up. Woman thou art FINE! Annie took a sip of her drink to hide her blush of embarrassment and almost gagged. “What do you think of big black cock?” he asked.

“It’s potent,” she replied, breathing heavily. “I’m only used to wine.”

“You got that right,” said Clancy laughing. “Keep drinking. The more big black cock you have, the more you’ll like it. Eventually you get hooked.”

He was wrong. She never grew to like it. She finished the shot and felt the big black cock go immediately to her head. She switched to beer, mostly sipping it, but Clancy kept feeding her big black cocks and soon she was drunk from the potent mixture. She was drunk enough on big black cocks to loosen up and actually have a good time. A lot of the black women shunned her completely, but a few were pretty cool and all the black men were very friendly and went out of their way to say hello. She was drunk enough to dance with several of the black men including Clancy and both his brothers Ellison and Lee. They were a good deal younger then Clancy being in their mid thirties. She danced and had fun enjoying herself, but she wasn’t drunk enough to press her body into one of the black men when a slow song came on. She sought out her husband for those songs. Joe spent a lot of time talking to Adam, another black man on his crew and the only one he actually considered a friend. Adam’s wife was nice to and one of the few black women at the party that was nice to her. Several times, she caught Adam staring at her breasts, but thought nothing of it. All men did after all. Afterwards, she and Joe had passionate hot sex when they got home. Joe had drunk enough, he got one of his old stiffys that wouldn’t go away and she was as horny as she’d been before going on the pill.

The only downside to the evening was when Clancy said goodbye. Annie held out her hand for a handshake, but instead he took it and pulled her into his massive chest for a tight hug. Her breasts poked into his chest, nipples bending against him. She felt his sweaty skin against hers. The hug was bad, but what made it worse was when he whispered in her ear, “Let me know when you’re ready to try a real big black cock.” He’d pushed his huge bulge into her stomach as he spoke. It felt like it was swelling. The encounter left her shaken.

“That thing must be a monster,” she said out loud as she pulled her car into her driveway remembering back to the pool party. Clancy had come on to her a couple times since, nothing too bad except for when he maneuvered her under the mistletoe and the company Christmas party and they’d actually kissed. Yes, she’d been forced to press her lips against a black man’s. He pressed his bulge against her then too as he tried to slip his tongue into her mouth, but she had kept her lips tightly closed. “That thing must really be a monster,” she said again. “I wonder how big his black cock is?” Her hand started trembling as she held the key up to her door. I wish Joe’s was a little bigger and fatter, she thought. Hell, I just wish he were here. I’m about ready to jump the next man who comes through my door and luckily no man did.

Annie got out Clancy’s business card. She looked at his name and cell phone number. She pictured the huge bulge straining against his tight swim trunks. “Get a grip girl,” she told herself. Not only was she flirting with the perv at the library, but now she was wondering how big Clancy’s penis was. Stupid fertility. Stupid raging hormones. Her panties even felt damp as she remembered the pool party. She took out her phone and dialed Clancy’s number.

“Go for Clancy,” said his deep voice on the other end.

“Clancy, it’s Annie Whyte. I need a favor.”

“I know. You’re ready to try a real man. I’ve been expecting your call.”

“Shut up.” She sighed. “Is Joe with you?”

“No, just me, Ellison and Lee.” Annie heard voices through the line. “Who is it?” asked either Ellison or Lee. “Joe’s wife,” said Clancy. His brothers laughed. “Annie big tits?” “I love Whyte titties?” They spoke softly, but Annie could hear them, hating her breasts and all the unwanted attention they had brought over the years. “When can I do you,” Clancy said. “I mean what can I do for you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32