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Dave Anderson has been looking forward to this day. A lot is going to happen. His wife, Kerry and her younger sister, Amy, left early this morning for the four hour road trip to San Francisco International to pick up their son. Mark is finally coming home for the summer after being gone 8 months studying overseas. They won’t be home until late this afternoon. While they are gone, he is going to teach their daughter, Heather, how to drive. She’s been bugging him about it for a while so this morning is reserved for her. Then the best part is his afternoon. He and five of his friends are going to relax by going fishing. A kind of “just the guys time”.

Heather looked at herself in her bedroom mirror admiring her shapely body. At 18, she has grown to be a knock out and a tease. She always has the attention of the boys in her high school. She has gone out with some on a date and ending the night with them disappointed. Heather hardly lets any of them gets past second base. Today, her dad is going to teach her how to drive. The only problem is that her dad’s Camaro has a manual transmission.

“Heather, I’ll be in the car,” her dad yelled from downstairs. “Hurry up.”

Dave sipped his orange soda as he watched his daughter come out to the garage. She was wearing a waist cut shirt. That didn’t get his attention, though. What got his attention was the shorts she was wearing, revealing Heather’s shapely ass and long slender legs. Entering the car rear-end first, he caught a peek of her red lace panties and was just mesmerized.

“What are you thinking.” he thought to himself. “She’s your daughter.”

“I’m so excited, dad.” Heather said. “I’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

Dave drove to her high school knowing the parking lot would be empty. There they switched seats and explained to Heather the proper way to blend the clutch and gas pedal and the change of gears. When Heather said she was ready, he leaned back and took a sip of his soda. Big mistake. Heather released the clutch too soon resulting in the car to jump and stall. She looked at her dad wearing the orange drink.

“Let’s try it again.” Dave said. “You’ll learn to drive a stick yet.”

Except for two things, Dave’s morning turned out quite well. First is the spill, the other his daughter. Heather learned how to properly get herself in sync with the car. But all he could picture is her ass. Thank god he’s got fishing and his buddies to occupy him later.

“I’m going to take a shower and get this stuff off me.” He told Heather.

That’s fine with Heather. She have her two best friend coming to pick her up in a little while to go out and have lunch anyways. She hurried upstairs to clean herself up and apply a little bit of make up and discovered that her eyeliner is empty. Oh well, I’ll just borrow some of mom’s stuff, she thought. Heather went to her parents’ room and straight to dresser knowing that her dad would be in the shower. She searched balıkesir escort her mom’s make-up kit but couldn’t find what suits her. Heather then decided to open and take a peek inside her dresser drawers.

The shower was on and Dave was about to get in when he noticed that there is no soap. He went out to his room to look for a bar of soap when he saw Heather bent over looking at her mom’s bottom drawers. He could feel a hard-on coming and thought about running back towards the shower. Hard as he try not to stare, there was just something about Heather today and that he should do something about it. He walked slowly towards her.

Heather felt that someone was looking at her. She stood up and turned around slowly. She was surprised to see her dad walking directly at her, his cock growing with each step. Not being able to fathom at how big it’s getting, she just stood there.

Dave gazed at her face. She appeared to be in some kind of trance. He placed one hand on her head and the other on her shoulder. Dave began to feel the warmth that only radiates from a female body. His thought are now pure sexual and allowed his perverted fantasies to come out. His mind played around with images of Heather in various sexual positions, imagining what her face would look like as she realized she’s being banged by her own father.

He held both her hands and led her towards the bed. Heather was still in a trance and allowed her father to do what he’s doing. After placing Heather between the bed and his now raging cock, Dave allowed his hands to take some liberties and softly touched the side of her breast. When Heather didn’t say anything, he palmed both her breast.

Having known that Heather was a virgin, Dave was suddenly a man possessed. He was going to bust her cherry. After the troubles she caused him today during her driving lesson, its payback, and Dave intends to collect with interest.

Dave stroked her with one hand, and let the other snake under her shirt. He expected her to complain, but she didn’t speak or move. Dave slowly slid his fingers back down along her abs and inside the waistband of her short shorts.

“Fuck it. I don’t care if I’m her flesh and blood father,” Dave thought. “I’m going to fuck this little bitch now.”

Dave let go of her and pushed her on the bed, her legs hanging over the side. Dave stood between her legs and looked down on his daughter silently lying there with a shocked look on her face. He reached for her shirt and pushed it up to her neck, then pushed her bra up above her tits. As he unfastened her shorts, he looked at her tits. Their medium size perfectly blended with her full body. Dave slid her shorts and the red lace panties that been hounding him earlier down her legs and off.

Dave’s eyes took in the details of her young body from the head down. Medium dirty blonde hair, long eyelashes, thick full lips, medium breast, full bodied, balıkesir escort bayan narrow waist, full hips, well-shaped legs and a slightly hairy bush pussy that will feel a cock for the first time.

Dave looked at her face again, a shocked look still on her face. Already naked, Dave grabbed his hard cock now developing pre-cum and pushed the head against her pussy. Her eyes instantly opened wide and her face got pale and frightened. His cock wouldn’t slide it, she was that tight. He pushed his hard pulsating cock in Heather’s cunt, but it was so tight it wouldn’t go all the way in. Dave pulled out and rammed it harder back in. Heather jerked with pain as her dad’s cock tore through her virgin pussy. Dave continued to thrust his cock deep into her cunt, the tightness feeling so good. He banged her hard, his cock rapidly plunging in and out of her now wet, tight cunt, and taking in the look of his conquest. Heather, his own daughter, was moaning with pain and pleasure as her head moved from side to side.

This is about fucking his daughter, not seducing Heather.

Dave enjoyed feeling the depth of her tight virgin pussy. Heather was experiencing something new and he enjoyed letting her experience the feel of his hard cock sliding up and down her virgin cunt.

The pain was subsiding as she was getting used to the width of her father’s cock. Heather’s moan was of pleasure and she showed a little hint of enjoyment on her face.. Dave couldn’t hold out any longer. He rapidly plunged in and out, thrusting his hard cock deeply into her as his cock exploded, shooting his warm cum deep inside his daughter’s convulsing cunt.

Dave collapsed on top of her, breathing hard from the violent sexual experience. The thought of pregnancy for his daughter excited him as he let his cock softened before pulling out of Heather’s pussy. Dave licked and sucked het hard nipples before sitting down on the edge of the bed. Looking down on her face and down her spread-eagled body, Dave spoke two words slowly.

“I’m sorry.”

Heather stood up in front of her dad, cum oozing out of her freshly fucked pussy, and said “I’m not dad. I’m actually glad that you became my first.”

Dave’s cock was getting hard again as he looked up at Heather. He stood up and grabbed his cock with one hand. He then placed his other hand on the back of Heather’s neck and slowly pulled her down her on her knees where she became eye level with his cock. Heather hesitated but thought that she had already been fucked. Inexperienced, she slowly put her mouth around her dad’s hard cock.

Dave placed both his hands on her head as she started to slide her mouth in and out over his hard shaft. Dave held her head firmly and pushed his cock against the entrance of her throat. Dave worked her head in and out his cock, each time going deeper into her throat. Heather was vigorously sucking as his cock plunged in escort balıkesir and out of her throat. Heather was becoming proficient at sucking his cock. She tongued and sucked his cock as her dad moaned and shot his load into her mouth. What a fantastic blowjob.

Heather pulled her head away as her dad’s cock spurted again and again, splashing warm cum on her face. Cum dripped from her mouth and dripped down on her tits. Heather was letting the her dad’s remaining cum puddle in her mouth before swallowing, savoring the taste she would not forget in the near future.

Heather remained sitting on her legs looking at her dad, wondering how this would affect her future while Dave looked down on his daughter smiling as he reflected on today’s sexual triumphs.

Dave’s eyes riveted on the reason all this happened, her firm round young ass. Why not? He thought. His cock was hard again and he might as well break her in properly.

Dave reached down and pulled Heather up onto her feet. He turned her around until her back was to him and ran his hands over her firm luscious ass cheeks. Dave gently pushed her face down across the bed and pressed his hard cock against her ass crack. Keeping her legs parted with his knees, he pressed down on his daughter’s shoulders with one arm and guided his cock to her asshole with his other hand.

Heather struggled as her dad pushed the head of his cum coated cock into her tight anal opening. She screamed and held the bed sheets as his cock head popped past her anal ring and slowly slide deep in her gut. Heather never felt pressure and pain in her gut like this before but quickly realized that if she relaxed the muscles in her rectum, became almost bearable.

Dave was thrilled as his cock slide into her tight ass. His groin banged against her ass cheeks. Dave held Heather’s firm ass against his groin and for a while, didn’t move. He wanted her rectum to adjust to his cock before he begins pounding her away with a full shaft ass fuck.

Heather groaned as her dad’s cock slowly plunged in and out of her ass. The plunging became rapid and knew that he was going to cum soon. Dave let out a whoop as he shot his load deep in Heather’s ass making it the third time today.

Heather had to use the bathroom to relieve herself and turn off the shower that’s been running during her whole ordeal. She knew that it is not yet over and was aroused over the thought of what her dad would do. While Heather was gone, Dave quickly grabbed his video camera and placed it on his dresser where it could cover most of the room.

Heather entered the room and lay down on the bed spreading her legs in the process. Her dad thrust his hard cock into her sore cunt for a second time. Gripping her ass cheeks, Dave pulled her body up and down his rock hard cock. Heather could feel a stabbing pain deep inside her gut. This was a new feeling for her. Between her cunt, ass, and throat, Heather was unable to tell where she felt the most pain.

After blowing his load a second time in her not-virgin-anymore pussy his mind raced on how else he would fuck his daughter. Both forgetting the rest of the day’s activities they were supposed to do. A twisted thought did occur to Dave as he watched his cock plunge in and out of his daughter – Heather Learned How To Drive A Stick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32