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My mind spun with the implications of what was happening right in front of me. I was frozen in place, my hand still planted over my daughter’s bald pussy, her girlfriend Angie sitting on my lap with my cock in between her legs rubbing against her pussy and Tina was moving to my left side.

“Now you can compare.’ Tina said as she placed my left hand over her own pussy. “Who’s smoother?”

“Well they both feel like silk to me but this isn’t right…” I trailed off as I removed my hands from both of them.

“Anything that feels this good can’t be bad.” Angie said as she started to grind her ass into my lap

“Just relax and enjoy yourself Ken. Pretend it’s just a dream… a dream come true for all of us.” my daughter said as she took my hand and placed it back over her pussy.

“If anyone ever found out about this Susie.” I stammered.

“No one is going to find out. This is something we’ve talked about for awhile and it’s time we acted on it, don’t you think girls?” Susie asked Tina and Angie.

“Without a doubt. You’re way too sexy to be home alone on a Saturday night Ken. Tina said as she encouraged me to run my fingertips up and down her outer lips.

“I want in on the judging too.” Angie said as she moved off my lap and turned to face me.

“Well I only have two hands so it’s difficult to compare all three of you at once.” I said as the wine rushed through me, helping me loose the last of my resistance.

“Well we’ll just have to find another way for you to judge then won’t we?” Angie asked. She moved closer to me and climbed up, placing a foot on each side of me. Her pussy was just inches from my face and I had to admit I liked where this was heading. She pushed me back and placed her right foot on the top edge of the tub, her toes dripping water onto the wooden deck I had installed on three sides of the tub. She leaned over a little and gently pulled my face to her waiting pussy.

“Give it a lick and tell me how smooth it is baby.” Angie told me as Tina and Susie encouraged me to slip my wet fingers into each of them. Slowly I extended my tongue and dragged the tip upwards over her smooth lips. Angie moaned slightly and leaned forward, pressing herself against my tongue. Between the wine, the heat of the tub and everything happening, I was sure I was dreaming. One thing was for sure, this is one dream I didn’t want to wake up from. Angie reached down with one hand and spread her lips for me, allowing me to slip my tongue into her folds, and across her clit. She moaned even louder as I made contact with her swollen nub.

Angie wasn’t the trabzon escort only one making noise as Tina and Susie each began to writhe against me as my middle finger on each hand slipped into them. I spun my hand around so my palm was up and I began to rub their clits with my thumb. Every time I thought about the fact that one of these beautiful girls whom I was fingering is my daughter, my cock would jump.

” I want more but this is too hot.” Angie complained. She pulled me up and pushed me back so I was sitting on the deck around the tub with my feet in the water. She leaned me back so I was lying down and moved over top of me, spreading herself over my face. I could hear Susie and Tina climbing out of the tub and in seconds, just as my tongue slid inside Angie, I could feel someone take my cock into their mouth. I groaned against Angie’s pussy as my cock was licked, sucked and bathed in a warm tongue.

Angie began to rock her hips against my face and I pushed my tongue deeper inside her as she began to have an explosive orgasm. As her tremors subsided, she slid off me to my left side.

“Oh my God Tina you have to let him do you next.” Angie exclaimed as she smiled at me. Only then, with my view no longer blocked, did I realize that it was my daughter who was giving me one of the best blowjobs I had ever had. She winked up at me as the flicked the tip of her tongue over the head of my cock before sliding her mouth down over it again.

“Ready for your next comparison?” Tina asked me as she slipped her left leg over my chest and moved forward to position her pussy directly over my waiting mouth. She reached down and spread her lips open and upward, all pretense of this being a shave comparison gone. I cupped her tight ass in my hands and pulled her against my waiting tongue. Slowly I ran the tip around her clit, never actually touching it directly, but teasing her by circling it deliberately.

“You’re torturing me Ken, don’t stop!” Tina exclaimed from over me. I gasped in pleasure as my daughter ran her teeth lightly over the head of my swollen cock. As I caught my breath for a second, Angie stood over me, facing Tina.

“I want some more but you deserve your turn. Why not show me what Ken’s doing to you.” Angie said as she moved closer to Tina, pushing her pussy into Tina’s face and I guessed onto Tina’s waiting tongue.

“Do you like this?” I asked Angie as I slipped my tongue as far into her young pussy as I could. I began to wiggle my tongue from side to side and larger and larger circles. Both girls moaned as escort trabzon Tina reproduced on Angie what I was doing to her myself. I could feel Susie stroking my cock slowly up and down and I was beginning to wonder if she was finished with me. Without warning I felt myself cock being enveloped in warmth and I knew my daughter had just slid her pussy down onto my swollen shaft. I moaned loudly against Tina’s pussy as my daughter took more and more of me into herself. I felt her hips and ass make contact with my legs and I knew she was facing with her back to me, her legs spread on either side of my own. I couldn’t believe that the first pussy I was getting in months was not only my daughter but her two best friends.

Tina began to buck and shake as I tongue fucked her. The way she was spread over me I was able to scrape my upper teeth over her clit now and then, increasing her moaning and the speed with which she was grinding into my mouth. As she began to cum I could see Angie grab Tina by the head and press her mouth into her pussy tightly. Seconds later they were both cumming loudly. Both the girls moved off of me, once again giving me an unrestricted view of my daughter sliding slowly up and down my cock. The sight of her ass moving up and down and glimpses of my cock between her lips was pushing me towards the edge.

“Yeah fuck him good Sus, make him cum hard.” Tina said as she and Angie sat on either side of me. Each of the girls had a leg over my chest and were giving me a great view of their bare pussies as they fingered themselves slowly.

“Oh he’s not going to cum yet, are you Ken?” Susie asked as she looked back over her shoulder at me.

“I am if you keep that up for much longer baby. I can only take so much.” I told her as tried to maintain some control.

“Well if you are that close, we all want in on it.” Tina said from my right side.

“Yeah let’s all get something out of this at once.” Angie agreed. She and Tina stood up and I was slightly disappointed as Susie followed suit by siding off of me and joining them on the deck. I sat up and pulled my legs from the water. Susie motioned me to stand and when I did Tina moved to lie down on hew back with her head towards me and her feet pointed at the hot tub. Once she was in place Susie got on her hands and knees over Tina and I assumed they were going to “69” but once Susie settled down she told me what she had in mind.

“Now I want you to come down here and fuck me in the ass daddy.” Susie said in a little girl voice as Angie smiled and Tina laughed wickedly. trabzon escort bayan I didn’t need to be told twice so I got onto my knees behind my daughter as she rolled her hips up, exposing her ass fully to me. As I took my cock in my hand and began to position the head Angie stopped me.

“Let me get a quick lick daddy.” she said, imitating Susie’s little girl voice. Angie leaned over and ran her tongue around Susie’s asshole before slipping it in and out of her ass a few times. Susie moaned as she leaned over to lick Tina, who had begun to lick Susie from below. Angie took me by the cock and guided me to my daughter’s waiting asshole. I pressed against her and pushing past the initial resistance slid the head and about half my shaft into my little girl’s ass. I almost came right then and there.

Angie walked behind me and lay on her back, sliding up between my legs. Her head almost touched Tina’s head. I held myself in place for a few seconds, trying to calm down when I felt Angie’s tongue run across my balls. I shuddered and as I did I slid a little more of myself into my daughter’s tight ass. She moaned at my movements as she continued to lick and suck Tina’s pussy loudly.

I could feel Angie push her tongue over my balls and as I looked over my shoulder to see her body spread out between my legs I was given a bonus sight of her rubbing her own pussy. Her juices we spread over her lips and she was giving herself her two middle fingers pretty rapidly. Her palm was slapping against her lips and clit each time she buried her fingers in herself.

I began to move back and forth, pulling back until only the head of my cock was in Susie’s ass, then pushing against her until about half of my cock was in her. I was getting a nice rhythm going when my daughter suddenly pushed back against me hard, forcing most of my cock into her with one thrust.

“Yeah daddy, fuck your little slut.” Susie moaned as I increased my pace. Each time I thrust into her, my balls would drag over Angie’s tongue.

“I’m gonna cum daddy. Tina is licking me so good. Cum with me daddy, cum in your baby’s ass.” Susie encouraged me. Seconds later she began to moan and cry out as she came on Tina’s face.

This was more then I could take for even one more second. I grabbed my daughter’s ass in both hands and pulled her back against me as I began to cum, pumping my seed deep into her. I moaned loudly as my orgasm washed through me.

“Don’t forget to share daddy.” Susie said as she slid forward. My cock slipped out of her ass with a pop and Tina reached up to aim my spurting cock at her mouth. She licked the tip of my cock once before Angie moved me back. The last spurt hit her on the cheek and I milked the last of my cum into her open mouth.

“Well that wasn’t a bad start. I hope you don’t have to get up early daddy because you’re going to be up late tonight.” Susie told me as she smiled.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32