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Solo Male

Alex Devon was a handsome boy. Being very fit he turned quite a few female heads at James Garfield High, but the level of his hotness was sadly equally matched by his painfully and almost ridiculously shy personality. Tall, dark and handsome, all through school he desperately wanted to lose his V card (which should have been quite easy given his looks) but got so tongue tied and flummoxed around girls, especially pretty ones, the opportunity never arose. It was as if as soon as any blood flow was redirected to his crotch, the entire supply came from the muscles that worked his mouth. A slight stutterer under normal conditions, once he became aroused his speech devolved into nothing but stammers, spitting and barking. Unable to even speak to, much less chat up, some hottie when seized by these fits his normal language turned into a long endless word salad of long pauses and random phrases. Because of this condition, poor Alex tended to avoid female company as much as possible despite lusting after them from afar. Ironically there were lots of potential interested females that would have loved to volunteer to punch his V ticket, as his tight ass and boyish shy grin got plenty of them soaking in their jeans, but his aversion to their company and odd manner when in their presence had all of them think he was gay.

“Such a waste!” the head cheerleader would often sigh as she saw him practicing for the track team and stretching is quads. “Why is it all of the gorgeous ones always seem to play for the home team?” Her squad mates all sighed back and nodded their heads in agreement at this common female complaint. Short fat and ugly, the guy was definitely straight. Tall, cut and fit, probably gay. Ending high school and entering the summer before college, Alex’s cock remained unseen and still untouched by the female gender and he hoped a change of venue would change his circumstances.

He had labored under a pussy-free fate all through high school, but as September loomed he had hoped that once he got to college things would be different. “Everyone gets laid in College”, his friends assured him, so he thought for sure things would get better. Sadly, for him, once he moved onto campus he discovered it was even worse.

Spending his first day strolling around the university grounds gaining his bearings, the endless parade of beautiful young women had him extremely aroused and even more tongue tied than usual. Free from parental supervision the girls at college were even more gorgeous and scantily clad than they had been in high school and the constant barrage of half-naked female flesh had him almost struck mute. Many noticed him right away of course, as a new hunk on campus was always noted, and tried to approach. His fear of making a fool of himself however drove him to retreat back to his new dorm to hide and regroup once the first girl simply said hi to him. His stomach fluttering and his face sweating, he knew it was going to be a difficult first year and he decided to stay in his room and wait until his new roommate showed up.

Like all freshman, Alex had to live at least one year in the dorms before either moving into an apartment or joining a fraternity. Given this, he knew that whoever he was going to be stuck with he would have to endure for at least a year. It was always a fifty/fifty proposition as half of his older friends became good friends with their roommates and the other half wanted to kill them. As soon as the door flung open and Steven walked in, he knew instantly that they would be fast friends.

Within minutes Alex had an instant rapport with his new roommate. Short, flabby and loud, Steven was the polar opposite of Alex both physically and also in personality. Where Alex was quiet and shy, Steven was very loud, boisterous and quite funny. Both were relieved when they met and found that over the next few weeks and months they would both become best friends.

Academically Alex shone at the University, ironically his girl problem leaving him lots of time to bury his head in his books. Studying computer information systems, he excelled in his classes and ended the semester with an almost perfect 4.0 GPA. Unlike his nerdy buddies in his computer lab, being naturally athletic he also joined the track team and there too he did well, placing in several of the meets he competed in. Making lots of friends both in his dorm and through the team he was handsome and popular. Had he not been so shy he would have no doubt had lots of opportunities for horizontal refreshments as the girls around campus definitely noticed him and were always asking questions about him.

Sadly, he was just as hopeless as ever, but here his roommie tried to help him out. Where Alex was blessed with good looks and natural sex appeal, Steven was a natural pick-up artist with a gift for the gab, despite being far for any woman’s ideal of male attractiveness. If they were able to combine the best parts of each other’s personality they would have görükle escort been the perfect man, but alas, nature had not been that generous to either of them.

Taking it as a mission to help his buddy get laid (and himself at the same time), Steven drug Alex to every bar and party he could trying to loosen him up enough to at least talk to girls to no avail. Despite being repeatedly unsuccessful with the ladies, he and Steven still had many good times together.

Due to his good looks and natural ability to catch the gaze of female gender, Steven jokingly always referred to Alex as “Pussy Bait”. When together girls would approach them both because they were attracted to Alex, but Steven would end up being the one trying to bullshit his way into their pants. Everything would have been perfect for Alex in this setup except that his awkwardness with women got no better and he remained sexless despite his ample opportunity. Steven was also less than successful, as being a short pudgy freshman did not make him a prime catch, but he at least got closer to getting lucky than Alex did.

Now that the end of his freshman year was approaching Alex was sad to note that his virginity was just as intact as it had been on the first day he enrolled. Fearing that the same pattern he had suffered through at home was now repeating here, he was growing desperate, his hormone charged nineteen-year-old groin aching for the touch of something other than his own hand. Steven too had a similar problem, but seemed less stressed about it as he had a plan B. His older brother Brian, who was even more aesthetically challenged than he was, was a senior and a big wig at the Sigma Phi Fraternity. From the tales he told his younger brother, he was literally awash in tail, and a quality of tail that someone with his looks and personality should never be able to score. Assuring his younger brother that if he pledged he was a shoo-in as a legacy, Steven accepted, seeing this as the golden ticket to non-stop female flesh.

When Steven suggested to Alex that he also rush with him, as usual his shy roommate was reluctant. Despite his refusal, Alex received no rest as Steven kept up his non-stop persuasion jihad to convince his friend to join. Now early on a Tuesday morning before classes, the pestering by Steven continued.

“Come on man! Go in with me, my brother is a legacy and I am sure he will get you in too.” Steven suggested yet again as the two had breakfast in the cafeteria. “Jesus, you don’t want to be one of those losers who are still living in the dorm as sophomores do you?”

“I don’t know, I mean, I have heard stories about the initiations those guys torture their pledges with. Are you sure it is worth it?” Alex answered, his speech clear when he talked with close friends.

“You are such a fucking moron!” Steven joked. “I mean, come on! Just look around and tell me what you see?”

Glancing around the cafeteria Alex saw what he always saw; acres and acres of beautiful sexy college girls. Now that the weather was turning warm again, the bulky sweaters and hideous boots of winter had been replaced by sexy halter tops, shockingly short shorts and toe baring flip flops it was obvious spring had sprung. And with this spring, other things were springing as the erotic distractions that had emerged when the comely coeds shed their wooly cocoons were pegging his libido off the chart. The sights of all that cleavage, long bare legs and delicious toes kept him quite stirred up constantly and often he was unable to complete a full sentence in public for weeks on end. Feeling the familiar stirring in his jeans, he grew depressed knowing that the only date he had was his long standing rendezvous with his hand. Not knowing what Steve was getting at, he just shrugged.

“Look at all this fine tail around us right now. We are both swimming in a literal ocean of hotties and what we doing? You are talking to me over your Wheaties instead of waking up with some gorgeous bitch’s ass on your face, and I am trying to catch the girls that bounce off of your verbal brick wall to score my own piece of ass. Surely there must be a better way to try and get laid than this!”

Hearing Steve talk like this made Alex very uncomfortable but his logic was sound. Neither had done particularly well with the ladies their freshman year, especially Alex, and it was true, the women on campus were stunning. Turning back to Steven, he continued to listen as he made his case.

“Notice that almost every girl in here is either in a sorority or dating a fraternity brother? Do you think that is an accident? Those frat brothers have the inside track my man, the inside track to pussyland! Look, my brother is exhibit A. If that guy can get all the pussy he does being short, fat and obnoxious, we should both be filling our own private harem of babes right now.”

“Yea, b..b..b..b…” Alex started to say before Steve.

“Yea but nothing fucker.” görükle escort bayan He joked back. “Its too late, I already told my brother last night that we would BOTH be pledging so it is a done deal. Now, if you want to back out, you will have to tell him yourself and given your condition, we will have both graduated by the time you cough it out.”

Alex laughed, but thanked Steve. He would not cancel and to his and Steve’s relief, both were accepted as new pledges at Sigma Phi. For the rest of the week they both anxiously awaited for Friday night when they would leave the dorm forever and move into the Fraternity with the rest of the pledges. They were still going to be roommates in the new house, but both were not going to miss the dorms at all. Alex hoped that “Hell Week” would pass quickly, but was pleased to learn that he and all of the other pledges were going to receive a special mixer to kick off the festivities where representatives of every sorority on campus would be present. His hopes soared that perhaps close up to so many beautiful girls in that hop fueled environment he could possibly end his chaste curse.

Entering the frat house for the Rush mixer, Alex slapped Steve on the back and thanked him as they stepped inside. The party was truly off the hook and the house was jammed full with some of the most gorgeous women either of them had ever seen in their lives. With a healthy ratio of three girls for every one guy, it was like shooting fish in a barrel and every pledge got lucky that night. Well, every pledge but Alex, but even he had more luck with the ladies than usual as he was definitely on every girl’s radar as they were plying him with beer all night trying to chat him up.

In the corner watching the festivities was Victoria Middleton, the beautiful president of Omega Pi Sorority and she was chatting with several of the other Sorority Presidents.

“Pretty pitiful crop this year don’t you think?” Victoria sighed as she turned to one of her colleagues.

“No doubt.” the girl nodded. “Dweebs, fatties and dorks and the only decent body amongst the whole bunch belongs to a guy who sounds like a car trying to start with a dead battery.” Mocking Alex’s stutter she cackled “D-D-D-Do Y-Y-Y-a Wh-Wh-Want a B-B-Beer!”

Victoria laughed at her friend’s impression, but now scanned the room looking for the boy in question. She had not seen him yet but from her friend’s description she was now intrigued. Seeing a gorgeous dark haired and very snackable guy standing alone by the keg, when all of his friends were talking to the other sorority sisters, she assumed this must be him. When her eyes zoomed in on him she smiled instantly as he was just her type. Slinking over to him she spoke.

“So, Pledge, enjoying the party?” she cooed as her eyes lazily ran up and down his thin athletic frame. He definitely pushed her buttons, from his height (six foot four) to his obviously fit body honed from years on the track field. He was nervous and sweating, and she noticed that he could not keep his eyes from wandering over her exposed cleavage or even more amusing, down to her feet which were deliciously displayed in her open toed vamps. Embarrassed and shy, his eyes hugged the floor (and her toes) as he tried to hold a conversation with this gorgeous woman trying to chat him up. He was hopeless and she only grew more intrigued and aroused at his stammering stuttering ways but gave up and walked away after five minutes of him attempting to offer her a beer.

Returning to her friends she smiled. “You called THAT one right! Still he is sexy, and who knows, maybe with that tongue gone wild it could be directed in a proper direction OTHER than speech.”

This comment caused much laughter among the girls.

“So” the other girl asked. “Have you made your selection yet Victoria? Do you Omegas want the stutterer? I think we are going to take his pudgy but funny friend Steve.”

Grinning, Victoria nodded. She had made her choice and Alex was it.

“You know, if he gets this nervous around girls now, just wait until next week!” she said as they all laughed. Now that it was approaching two am, the party broke up and all of the sorority sisters went back to their individual houses, their choices having been made. None of the pledges knew that the mixer was used to display them to the other sororities so they could be selected as slaves for Hell Week, but each’s fate were now sealed.

The next morning, all of the freshmen pledges were awoken very early by Brian, Steven’s brother and their Pledge-Master, entering their rooms banging the inside of a trashcan extremely loudly.

“Wake up FUCKTARDS! Hell week has just begun!! Meet downstairs in five minutes and prepare to take your oath to the frat.”

As directed, a few minutes later a parade of extremely hungover scraggly looking pledges all stumbled into the living room of the frat house still half asleep. All of them were bursa escort definitely feeling the effects of the night before and Steven and Alex were among that wobbly-kneed parade. Bleary eyed with heads throbbing, the motley group stepped into open room and instantly all eyes were shot wide open as they quickly sobered up. There waiting for them were all of the upperclassman and each were ominously holding rather sinister looking paddles.

“Ok ASSHATS, clothes off and assume the position!” Brian barked as Steven and Alex nervously looked at each other. The pleasant evening before quickly faded into a golden memory as the harsh reality of being a lowly freshman now set in. Over the next hour each pledge took their place, naked and bent over as wooden justice was applied to their ever reddening cheeks.

Grabbing his ankles, Alex, like all of the others, bent over and chanted as the blows descended on his buns. “Thank you sir, May I have another?! Thank you sir, May I have another!”

Now standing and grabbing their blistered posteriors, if they thought their troubles were ending they were mistaken. Over the next two days more paddlings were administered as each pledge was forced to clean the house from top to bottom, and to make it extra embarrassing, they had to do it completely naked. Nudity obviously was a big part of their initiation. By Sunday night they all were quite weary of this humiliating and increasingly painful routine, and when Brian ordered them all to assemble in the living room for a special meeting, each expected more of the same.

“Ok SHIT FOR BRAINS, listen up. You ALL have passed the first test and have impressed your future brothers. This part of hell week is now over.”

A cheer went up from the pledges as all thought that the torment was over. They were wrong of course, as Brian quickly pointed out.

“CALM DOWN ASS WIPES, your Hell Week is not over, it is just beginning. You may have passed OUR test, but now you must pass our Sister’s tests, and trust me, they are even worse than us. No mere boy can become a Sigma MAN unless the sisters approve. Now, the choices have been made and you will begin your true initiation tomorrow morning as you are delivered to your new owners.” As Brian finished his speech he began reading out the names of each of the Pledges and the house who owned them for the next seven days.

This tradition had been going on for a long time, and the system worked for all involved. The Sororities loved it as it allowed them the opportunity to inspect the new pledges and enjoy a little naked fun and torment on their future “brothers”. The Sigmas loved it because this made their fraternity the most popular on campus with the sororities and they were rewarded for their generosity by always having their parties filled to the rafters with eager and quite stunning coeds.

Each year all of the new initiates were farmed out to the various sorority houses on campus for their “Hell Week” initiations. Usually the girls were pretty mild and took it relatively easy on the guys but they did enjoy having free labor for the week. Although they normally put their “prisoners” through some embarrassing tasks and worked them hard, generally speaking the pledges would find “Hell Week” was quite tolerable. There would be some spankings of course, and some humiliating nudity but nothing too rough as most of the time it was simply exhausting. The sisters always made sure to use the opportunity of having a “slave boy” in their midst to take care of any large projects such as roofing, painting or extensive landscaping so it was always a very physically demanding week for the new recruits. This year however, something spectacular was cooking and Alex was going to be the target.

He had been chosen by Victoria to belong to the Omegas for the week, and once he and the other guys heard the announcement, they all looked at him with varying degrees of envy. The Omegas were no doubt the hottest girls on campus, and being their “slave boy” for a week seemed like less of a punishment and more of a reward to everyone. Everyone that was but Alex who was both aroused and petrified at the same time. Now that the assignments had been made, all of the new pledges went to their rooms to sleep and wait for dawn when their true trials would begin.

At five am Alex was rudely pulled from his bed by several of his frat brothers and told to report downstairs. As he got out of bed and started to follow them in the dark early dawn, they stopped and ordered him to remove his shorts before proceeding down the hall. Sighing as he stepped out of his boxers he blushed and followed. This had been the pattern all weekend and though not used to it, he was resigned to this being his fate. Shy by nature he was easily embarrassed by this constant naked hazing but so far it had only been in front of a bunch of guys so it had not been too bad.

Entering the main living room however, he immediately cupped himself. Now instead of being in the middle of his fraternity pledge masters, he was horrified to find himself standing before six of the most gorgeous members of the Omegas.

“Drop the hands Alex”, Victoria commanded Victoria, as she suppressed a chuckle. “We own your ass now!”

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