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(Author’s Note: These stories originally began as a creation for My girl, I love her with all My heart, I dedicate these works to her.)

Amazingly to her, beth’s sleep came easy, it was restful, and quite relaxing, her eyes fluttered open to gaze upon the surroundings, as foggy as her mind was at the moment she realized where she was, the hotel room with her Master.

The next thing she was aware of was a dull ache in her body…no…in His body, it wasn’t just in His pussy…oh no, it was in His ass, up His thighs, in His fingers, His breasts, neck, and head, slowly she reached for the tylenol bottle, she downed two extra strength tablets with a bottle of water from the extremely close mini-fridge.

It was a good thing the fridge was so close, she was still impaled on His cock, and it was throbbing hard, she was amazed at that, just as she was amazed at the fact she was still quite wet, though she wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that the delicious dream she’d had, had been quite real, just beyond the length buried inside her lay another load of her Master’s cum. As she settled back into Him, and allowed her eyes to close again, she couldn’t help but remember His last words about the toy, she found herself growing even wetter, a gleam came to her eyes as a thought crossed into her mind.

Master was throbbing hard, possibly had just cum over an hour or so ago, she felt the meds kicking in quite quickly, they’d went straight to her empty stomach, dissolved and went to work, her hand went down to His cunt and began masturbating like she’d done countless times for Him over the web cam, this time though it was different, this time He was beside her, buried in her, and quite sound asleep, she knew He’d need to rest after last night, why she’d woken up was beyond her, it was a vacation, and yet here it was…she groaned…7:30am.

she kept her moans as soft as possible while she continued masturbating, trying not to wake Him up…at first it seemed as if she had already, and He was playing along, the first time her muscles squeezed His aching, throbbing member His hips began moving, working His cock deliciously in and out of her.

Glancing back she found He truly was sound asleep, never in her life had she imagined she’d be taken this many times during this week, instead of responding by moving her hips, she worked the tight muscles of His cunt around that cock, it didn’t take her long, she wasn’t sure what it was, she’d not planned on cumming even the first time when He was in her…yet she did, many many times from the mini orgasms, then that one massive one she’d sprayed into His mouth, her eyes closed replaying that scene all over again, how He’d looked when she’d cum, her juices dripping down His face.

‘Oh God, i’m gonna cum just from thinking about it!’ she thought to herself, the first spasms of an orgasm wracked her body, but she fought it, calling out His name, His name, not Master…she called His name softly to the room, she’d seen Him enough on cam to know when He was about to cum simply from how His cock reacted, she’d heard Him enough over the phone to recognize when He was close, and He was getting quite close, she’d wait for Him, then explode over His cock, His soft moans made it difficult to hold her orgasm, she’d been used to stopping for a few seconds, then returning to the pleasure…He wasn’t going to…even in His sleep…allow that, she whimpered, and couldn’t stop His name from continuously falling from her lips.

she tightened the muscles of His dripping, aching, quite slick cunt and felt it, He’d stopped thrusting, and was flooding her, she felt the warmth start against her cervix and filter through His pussy, that was it, she exploded alllll over His cock, she’d gotten what seemed to be the urge to pee, yet it didn’t seem like it was pee when she touched His balls, it was creamy white, almost clear, she knew it was her cum when she’d stopped writhing, she glanced at the clock, it was now 7:42, He’d made her cum in under twenty minutes while He was still asleep ‘Oh God beth, you’re not gonna be able to walk’ was her last thought before she drifted back to sleep in His arms, His cock finally slid free from His cunt just as she passed into that realm of unconsciousness.

It was around noon when she woke up again, the ache gone completely, she felt the flush of afterglow on her cheeks, chest, and stomach, the next thing she was aware of was the fact she was alone in the bed, her form trembled a bit thinking she’d been left, but a quick glance around told her otherwise: His suitcase was still there, content in that fact, she rolled to her back and closed her eyes, intent on catching several more minutes of rest.

It was ten minutes later exactly when she awoke first to the smell of Wendy’s food, He remembered, she grinned to herself, keeping a straight, peaceful face while He slid out of His clothes and back into bed with her, she felt His form press gently against hers, kuşadası escort then His lips brushed first, then lingered in a deep kiss to awaken her, she opened her beautiful blue eyes to find those dark blues that she adored so much gazing lovingly into her face.

“Good morning Mine” she’d heard His deep voice say, she winked and pressed a hand gently to His chest and caressed.

she responded by murmuring softly “Good morning mine”. Tthey ate, He’d gotten exactly what she’d wanted, and it didn’t take her long to finish, He was quick about eating as well, once Tthey’d finished, and He’d trashed the garbage, he went over to the bag of goodies and lifted the new toy from it’s box, opened it, and took it to the shower with Him, motioning for her to follow.

Once inside she saw the shower head was a removable one, she grinned to herself once again as she followed Him inside, the toy was laid aside while he lathered her up, His large, hot hands felt soooooooooooo damn good on her flesh with the soap, He took His time, quite carefully working the soap into her flesh, following His lead she lathered her hands up and began washing Him as well.

The amount of cum on His flesh was almost unGodly to her, ‘Did all that come from me?’ she wondered, His chest, face, stomach, thighs, and mound were covered, gently she flaked the cum off His flesh, just as He was doing to her, once both were clean, He claimed her lips in a deep, full kiss once more.

Pulling her in close against His body, she moaned into His mouth, quite wet from just His washing of her, she was pushed against the wall directly under the shower head, nipples hard as pebbles, her areola had never been this tight before, not last night, not ever, she felt His hand slide softly down her thigh, lift it, and place it on His hip, those beautiful blue eyes of hers pleaded for Him to rape her, she wanted Him to rape her hard, fast, like Tthey’d talked about many times before on the phone, she got her wish, no sooner did her thigh rest on His hip, her heel dug into His back, than she was getting quite literally pounded, she thought she saw His hand move, she wasn’t quite sure at that time because of the rape she was receiving at the hands of her Master.

But she came to her senses when she felt the water massage His clit, her eyes went extra wide at the combined feel of His cock stretching her for the fourth time, and the water pounding down onto that ripe, tight, throbbing little nub, her hips rolled and bucked into Him, driving Him deeper, she ached again, deep inside, and He was massaging that ache with each deep thrust, hitting her g-spot as if He’d been making love to her for years.

she recognized the need to cum in His features, she encouraged Him with loving words, moaning out to Him again, she had a surprise for Him, but she wouldn’t tell Him til it was almost time for Him to go back, her back arched, eyes closed as she felt Him flood His cunt again with His seed, tears streamed down her face, mixing in with the water droplets from her hair, she knew better than to even think about asking to cum at this point, once He’d finished, He kissed her again full on the lips, then turned her around and lovingly bent her over.

she peeked from between her legs and saw both heads of that monster rubbed against His cock, both her juices and His being smeared over it, she braced herself against the wall.

‘Oh God, He’s going to put it inside me now’ she thought, and she was quite right, both prongs slid easily up into her body, causing her to moan and whimper, He leaned over her and whispered into her ear.

“Grip it hard, and tight, keep My cunt muscles collapsed around this thing until I say otherwise” she nodded and did as He had instructed. For His part, He was quite sure she’d be begging Him in a little bit to be fucked again, luckily the toy wasn’t plastic, and quite small enough on the outside to be hidden under her clothes, jeans, shorts, or skirt, He turned it onto the fifth setting and turned the water off, replaced the shower head and grabbed two towels, as He dried her off, He suckled His nipples, and clit, played with them, she was whimpering and writhing while enduring the sweet torture, taking her hand lovingly in His, He led her toward the bed to settle for awhile, it was just now 1:30, and He had many many plans for her tonight…

Chapter 06

The afternoon had passed slowly for beth, her Master’s pussy was on fire from the torture, from the time He’d laid her down on the bed til now, she’d been put through each and every level of vibration the toy had, right now it was on it’s highest level, Master’s hand rested on the base, keeping it pressed against His pussy and cervix, her Master’s ass felt almost as full as when Master was taking it.

Dear God in heaven she’d fallen for Him so hard before, and now, it was complete, she felt it deep in her very soul. It was now 4:30, the early show was about to kuşadası escort bayan open up, He got dressed, and commanded her to do the same, tight jeans, no thong, any shirt she wanted, but no bra, before she put the shirt on,

He slid a nipple shield on her left nipple, then applied a small nipple clamp to keep it in place, there wasn’t even the tiniest amount of pain, Master hadn’t screwed it on there extremely tight, instead all she felt was the pressure, and it made His cunt tingle even more, she tried to calm herself somewhat while getting ready.

Now that she was in Master’s Avalanche (After having to be helped up in it, she almost came when Master purposefully brushed His hand along His pussy area) she sat down, the leather seat had nothing to do with it but the pressure and the slight slide of the shafts deeper into both slits from sitting down did.

Master’s truck had two ‘Oh Hell’ handles, one up near the window, one on the dash, it was the one on the dash that she grabbed now and squeezed tightly, her knuckles turned bright white.

The throaty rumble vibrated through her when the engine was started, Master made sure she was buckled in, then did so Himself, once out on the road, He depended on her to give directions, she was almost beyond coherent sentences at the moment, but she did well, Master instructed her to hump against the seat several times, resulting in more delicious mini-orgasms, she lost track at 19.

Master had told her to count them for as long as possible, she’d complied to His wishes, she knew His seat was soaked, or would be before it was over with. The windows were tinted quite nicely, she heard the sounds of a zipper being undone, glancing over she licked her lips seeing Master’s cock sticking straight up.

He reached over and pulled the shoulder strap aside, and moved the console up “Suck Me, Mine” was His command, she nodded her head and immediately went down on her Master, hungrily sucking the flesh, the precum, like the wanton little slut she had become…HIS wanton little slut, she buried her Master into her throat, sucking hard at that aching, throbbing cock, oh how badly she wanted to finger fuck herself, or fuck herself with the toy that was unrelentlessly buzzing deep inside…her mouth was flooded with precum, her eyes went wide with surprise as she quickly swallowed to make room for more.

Master had placed His hand on His ass, and was pushing the toy firmly up inside His girl…the heat radiating from her was unbelievable, even above the moans of His girl, He could hear the sound of her juices squishing with each thrust.

Soon beth’s mouth was flooded again, but this time she knew it was His seed, the same seed that’d taken root in her womb, she was pregnant by her Master, some women just know when they are, and she was one of them, it’d happened lastnight when Tthey were asleep most likely, she wasn’t quite sure on the exact time of conception, but she knew…she wasn’t going to tell Him until it was almost time for Him to leave though.

her mind came back to the present as her mouth was soon about to overflow, greedily she swallowed, amazed Master still had this much cum left after yesterday, lastnight, and this morning, she sucked Him til He went soft in her mouth, she’d almost cum atleast ten times during His orgasm, she felt the heated moisture on her thighs, droplets slowly sliding their way down her flesh.

Once Tthey arrived at the movies, He kept in behind her because her pants were soaked in back, popcorn and drinks, then Tthey chose the seats in back, as the lights went out, and the movie began, Master’s hand unzipped her pants, slid inside and began furiously caressing the swollen nub of His clit, it throbbed, and she writhed, gripping His shoulder tightly, she leaned in against Him and moaned into His ear while He tortured her, the movie was a couple hours long, and never once did His fingers leave that nub, swollen, red, and sensitive now.

she was back in His truck, and Tthey were heading out to eat…again He’d commanded her to hump the seat, but this time continuously, without stopping for *anything*.

Once more Master stood behind her while Tthey waited to be seated at the resturaunt, His hands rested on her hips, once seated close Ttogether in one of those half circle booths, menus in hand, Tthey ordered, when the waitress left, she heard the unzipping again and gulped, she wouldn’t be able to stand much more of this, but she wasn’t about to tell Master that and possibly displease Him even further.

To her surprise, He lowered the strength of the vibrations to the first level, but continued on the clit with His fingers. Tthey talked while waiting for the food, her hand gripped His free one and squeezed anytime she had a mini-orgasm.

After supper, Tthey went back to the motel, once inside she kneeled infront of Him, naked, thighs wide, toy stuffed up inside her deeply, begging Him to escort kuşadası either let her cum, or fuck her brains out. His eyebrow arched at the quite blatant requests, His head nodded a bit before He reached down, she thought He was going to fuck her, that woulda suited her just fine, she needed His cock right now, needed it…wanted it…ACHED FOR IT!

What she got instead was the toy turned on high, max…15…she cried out His name along with a few curse words as she squirted hard on the floor, tears fell from her eyes thinking she’d just utterly and completely disobeyed her Master…but instantly she knew better, it was one of those mini-orgasms, the knot was still tight in her stomach, and getting tighter.

Seeing His hadn’t had a full orgasm, He nodded and patted the bed, then turned the TV on, striped, and settled, she crawled upon the bed and over to Him, then snuggled down against Him, suckling His flesh, His throat, nipples, fingers, lower lip, earlobe, she could feel His erection pressing against the clit and knew He wanted to fuck her.

Another few hours passed, it was Midnight, and she was still being tortured by the max setting on that toy, tears poured from her eyes, she screamed out in frustration “Master! This one begs…pleads for this to end! This one has learned her lesson well, please, please, Oh my fucking God please let me cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!”

He grinned at her words and eased the toy from her, turned it off and sucked the prong that had been buried inside His cunt, she whimpered watching Him, wanting Him to end this badly…needing Him to end this. Soon He rolled her to her back and mounted her, His cock pressed flat against the clit, swallowed by the lips.

He ground His length against His cunt for several long moments while kissing her, she squirmed, trying every way possible to have that cock buried inside her, but was denied each time she tried, she was about to give up when she felt Him slide deep inside her, quivering noless…she almost came from the penetration, and clinged tightly to her Master while He settled inside her.

Anticipating more torture, she clamped her walls down tight around His throbbing cock, to her surprise, He wasn’t gentle, or slow, His hand curled in her hair, He bit down on her left nipple and fucked her, fucked her hard, deep, fast, the bed hit the wall hard enough to echo with each violent thrust. While she continued to be violently fucked, raped…beth’s head began swimming from the pleasure, she’d felt Him cum inside her atleast five times now without granting her permission, she could only imagine what her Master’s cunt looked light right now, was it going to be bruised? Purple? Master would have to check after this.

Again He came inside her, surely He’d allow her to cum soon, those walls were now taut enough to…she imagined…bend steel, yet He wasn’t stopping, her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she began going through multiple mini-orgasms again, she knew she was now stretched for Him, after all this how could she not be?

she came back to reality from her thoughts and mind numbing mini-orgasms at His words, “how many times had He cum?” she wondered to herself before she heard Him say “Cum for Me Mine”.

she shuddered and fucked Him hard, fucked up against Him, up onto Him, soon she was whining, begging again “Say it again Master! Please, Please, say it again!” she screamed in frustration when it seemed He wasn’t going too…but she heard Him above the scream and let go, it was the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had, clinging to Him, she squirted hard enough to splatter both of them, she could feel Him cum once, twice, another ten times while her orgasm raged, she came too several minutes later, still quite high from the orgasm, and knew it’d stopped just a few seconds ago.

she could feel her walls collapsed around Master’s cock so tight He couldn’t move, and they refused to let go right now, but she willed them to release, she felt Him slide His cock out from her, she asked for a mirror, she wanted to see what His cunt looked like now.

He complied and angled the mirror so she could see, she was surprised, she’d thought she’d be bruised, or thought she’d look like how hookers look, all stretched out of porportion and ugly down there, but her Master’s cunt looked like it had before He’d first touched her, just quite red…she asked Him to open her up, when He spread her open, her eyes went wide, there was nothing but white as deep as she could see, tears formed and flooded her face, she’d never expected that sight, but the fact she now held her Master’s cum completely…made her overemotional.

Master placed the mirror aside and closed His girl back up, then snuggled down into her, wiping the tears away, kissing her lips lovingly, tenderly…after returning the kiss, she begins bawling, pressing herself tight against Him, declaring her love for Him with each breath she can steal from the flood of emotion that overtakes her. He held her for a long time, simply caressing through her hair while she cried against His flesh, once she finished, she poured her entire heart, soul, and being into a kiss against His lips, then murmurs “Master, I am yours, entirely, completely, forever”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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