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Big Dick

Chapter One

Lynn looked out from the anonymity of her large sunglasses. There she was again in the back garden. Perfect hair, perfect figure, perfect tan, perfect family. She must have been in her mid thirties but she had the figure of a twenty year old. In this day and age she must have been the most well mannered person Lynn had ever met. Her husband was some kind of salesman who spent lots of time away. When he was home, mainly at the weekends, you could hear the two of them at it like rabbits, all weekend long. And they had a ten year old son – a football playing, scouting, perfectly mannered, son. Socially the two of them were great too – many a backyard barbeque had been shared with the associated downing of fine wine. The husband, Steve, was a bit of a handyman and was always willing to pop in to fix leaky taps and such – and always the perfect gentleman. The object of her attention was coming back onto the porch, having finished tending her (oh so) perfect garden.

“Hi Lynn – great weather isn’t it?” The voice carried the sunshine lilt of the country of her birth – South Africa.

“Yeah it’s terrific Sandy”, Lynn replied “Is it barbeque time tonight?”

“Well, Steve is away at a conference and Dougie is at a Scout Camp, so I guess it is toasted cheese for me tonight,” came the reply.

Lynn’s mind shot into overdrive. Could she make the arrangements in time?

“Why don’t you come over and join me then?” she asked, “My Mike is away for a golfing weekend, so I am on my own too.” Mike was her part time significant other – the jerk who popped round weekly for a fuck without commitment.

“Hey, thanks Lynn, that sounds great. What can I bring?”

“A nice cold bottle of that South African Pink bubbly would be nice,” Lynn replied.

“No sweat, I will just have a quick shower and be over there in about an hour – OK?”

“Make it half an hour,” Lynn said, “and I will get things ready here.”

Sandy smiled and shot indoors to go and have a shower. In the bathroom she quickly slipped off her gardening gear and smiled at her reflection in the full-length mirror. She had plenty to smile about with her 121 pound, 5’7″, 36-27-36 figure. Not bad for a 35 year old. Her shoulder length dark hair cascaded over her shoulders and she tied it back before stepping into the shower. She looked down and caught sight of her bush. It certainly needed a trim, so she reached for the Ladyshave and set to it. When she was finished, she had a neatly trimmed triangle above the bare pink lips that Steve loved so much.

Stepping out of the shower she towelled herself dry and walked naked into the bedroom to get dressed. She was always a little shy about nudity, having been brought up by puritanical Afrikaner parents. Steve had done much to help her get rid of lots of her inhibitions, but some things were deeply ingrained. She turned to her wardrobe and selected her clothes. Matching tanga panties and bra in pristine white showed off her tan to perfection. Over this went the mini-dress Steve had bought her in Barbados. It had a tight bodice that clung to her fantastic breasts and flared at the hips. More to the point it was brightly patterned in yellow and blue – very summery and just right for the current spell of warm weather. Slipping on her favourite leather strap sandals, she was ready.

Next door, Lynn had been busy too. She had arranged the furniture to her liking and made one or two calls to friends. This completed, she too shot upstairs and into the shower. Lynn was a compact, forty year old, secretary at the local Young Offenders institute. At a stretch she was 5’2″, and weighed in at just two pounds heavier than Sandy. She was well muscled from all the lunch hours spent in the gym, and liked to keep herself fit. She played hockey in the winter and squash during the rest of the year. In the shower she stood for a couple of minutes just letting the warm water course over her, while her brain raced at the thought of the evening ahead.

Sandy picked a bottle of Sparkling wine out of the fridge and went out onto the back porch to see if Lynn was there. She was happy to have Lynn as a neighbour as the two of them got on like a house on fire. Strangely, she had never been in Lynn’s house, so this was a first in the four years they had been neighbours. She jumped over the eighteen-inch wall onto Lynn’s porch and knocked at the back door.

“You’re late!” Lynn shouted, “Come on in.”

Sandy glanced at her watch – it was 35 minutes since she had gone to get ready. She walked through to the lounge and there was Lynn, standing at the hi-fi.

“I thought we said an hour” Sandy said.

“I said half an hour,” Lynn replied curtly, “Rod Stewart OK?”

Sandy was a bit taken aback at Lynn’s sharp reply, but brushed it off as just one of those things.

“How about some bubbly?” she asked.

“Great. The glasses are there on the shelf behind you.”

Sandy opened the bottle and poured two big glasses. Putting the bottle down, she handed a glass to her friend. Lynn looked fine in a summer dress that came to mid calf. She had recently kuşadası escort been in Ibiza for a week so her tan was deep brown.

“I have just had these carpets done, so could you take your shoes off, please?”

Sandy bent over and slipped off the ankle straps of her shoes, kicking them under the table. The two women dropped into Lynn’s huge leather armchairs and sipped their bubbly. As Sandy launched into a tale of the latest exploits of her Siamese cat, it struck her that Lynn still had her shoes on. Again she dismissed the oddity – perhaps they were indoor shoes, but the heel seemed quite severe. Wrapped up in the story of the cat she burbled on and forgot about the shoes.

The conversation ebbed and flowed as the two women talked about everything in their lives.

“We seem to have run out of wine,” said Lynn “Go next door and get some more, Sandy.”

Sandy stood up to go and get the wine.

“Better put your shoes on”, said Lynn “You don’t want to dirty your feet on the porch.”

By the time Sandy had gone out through the back door and into her fridge to get another bottle, Lynn was on her back porch.

“Might as well make it two,” she called.

Sandy grabbed another bottle and, closing her back door, went to the wall. She expected Lynn to take one of the bottles, but the older woman just stepped back to give her room to climb over the wall. Sandy stepped up onto the wall, giving Lynn a flash of her white tanga panties, and jumped down on the other side.

“Sorry, Lynn, I didn’t mean to flash you!” she said, contritely.

There was no response from Lynn as she turned and flounced into the kitchen.

“Don’t forget your shoes,” she said.

Sandy stopped and once again removed her shoes.

“What about your shoes?” Sandy asked.

“My house, my rules,” Lynn snapped, “Go and pour some more wine.”

Sandy was taken aback at the abruptness Lynn used when talking to her. Lynn went to the kitchen door and locked it. That done, she followed Sandy into the lounge. As it was getting dark, Lynn closed the curtains.

Sandy began to feel light headed. Lynn was talking to her, but it sounded like she was a long way away. Lynn was asking her questions about Steve and Dougie, and she replied that they were both away for the whole weekend.

“Good,” said Lynn, “Then there is no time like the present. Sandy I want you to get on your hands and knees and crawl over to me here.”

Sandy dropped from the chair onto all fours. It seemed like the thing to do, and she was happy to do as Lynn commanded. When she reached Lynn’s chair the older woman held up her hand, commanding her to stop.

“OK girl, here is how things are. The last glass of wine was spiked with a nice little drug that will allow you to do what I tell you and nothing else. We use it in the prisoner’s tea at work, and we find it makes them nice and easy to control. Of course, the government wouldn’t approve, but budgets can be manipulated to hide such things.”

“I want you to kneel up now and spread your legs as wide as you can.”

Sandy hesitated for a minute, trying to comprehend what was happening. Lynn’s hand shot out and slapped her face hard.

“Kneel girl!” she snapped.

Sandy sat back on her knees and spread her legs. The minidress afforded no cover and her white tanga panties were on full display. The digital camera in Lynn’s hands flashed.

Lynn got out of her chair and walked over to the dresser. She walked back to Sandy and in a quick move fastened a collar around her neck. Nothing fancy, just a cheap dog collar with a chain lead. Tugging on the collar, she pulled Sandy forward onto all fours again.

“Come my little bitch, I have something to show you.”

Chapter Two

Lynn led the compliant Sandy on all fours into the hallway and up the stairs, tugging on the lead to indicate that she was in charge. At the top of the stairs she led Sandy into the spare bedroom.

It was a typical suburban bedroom, pleasantly decorated and often used by Lynn’s frequent overnight visitors. The bed was a reproduction Victorian brass affair. Lynn dropped the lead, leaving Sandy on all fours in the doorway. She quickly crossed to the window and pulled the curtains shut.

“Now then, my pet, it is time I explained the rules. The drug you have taken will wear off in a short while, so we will have to get cracking. I am sick fed up of having to sit on my porch and watch your perfect life unfold before me. From here on in, you will be mine, and I can have your little life too.”

Sandy heard all the words and understood, but that was as far as her brain would take her. She looked at Lynn from her position on all fours and waited for her next instruction.

“Now then, Missy, let’s get going. Stand.”

Sandy stood.

“Take off your dress.”

Sandy reached for the hem of the sundress and pulled it over her head. She stood in front of Lynn wearing her bra and panties and a dog collar and lead.

“Put the dress on the chair and come and kneel in front of me.”

Sandy kuşadası escort bayan did as she was told and sank to her knees in front of Lynn.

“Hands behind your head, and spread your legs.”

She spread her knees wide and looked up expectantly.

The digital camera flashed again.

“Now then Sandy, let me explain some rules. When you are in my presence you will be barefoot at all times. You will also wear only what I tell you, and you will obey my commands without question. And I mean all my commands!”

Sandy frowned in concentration. Seeing the frown, Lynn realised that the drug was wearing off quicker than she thought.

“OK, Sandy, on your feet and take your underwear off.”

Sandy stood and quickly reached behind her to release her bra strap. Her beautiful breasts sprang free and scarcely sagged at all. Next, she hooked her thumbs in her panties and slipped them down her thighs, dropping them to her ankles. Her mind fuzzily grasped at the hint of a thought that this was not right, but Lynn had ordered her to do it…

“Get on the bed and kneel again facing me.”

Sandy got on the bed and faced Lynn, once again spreading her thighs. This time the view was of her neatly trimmed pussy with the bare pink lips. The camera flashed again. Lynn put Sandy through a number of poses, photographing her from all angles. She marvelled at the woman’s great figure. Wonderful lively breasts with brown nipples like pencil erasers. Lynn admired her flat tummy, and not a stretch mark in sight. And what a beautiful pussy – she was looking forward to getting to know that better. Her legs were long and slender.

Putting down the camera, Lynn took hold of the lead and pulled Sandy upright. She led her to the Bathroom, and made her drink a glass of water with a strange taste. She then led her back to the bedroom and ordered her back onto the bed.

“Sleep now, little one. I will see you when you wake up.”

Sandy’s eyes flickered shut, and she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Three

Sandy awoke to the sound of birdsong outside the window. She had had the strangest dream. She yawned and stretched. Suddenly reality kicked in. She was naked, and this was not her bedroom. She sat up, and the lead from her collar slithered across her naked breast, catching momentarily on her nipple. Slowly, memories came back: Lynn ordering her to do things, taking her clothes off, coming upstairs on a lead like a dog, and the flash of a camera.

She looked around, but her clothes were gone. Quickly she jumped off the bed and searched for something to wear. Her bladder was aching. She looked out of the open bedroom door and spied the bathroom. She ran in and just made it onto the toilet in time. The warm rush of her own urine comforted her because it was so normal. Finished, she patted herself dry and flushed the WC. Looking in the mirror she was confronted by her own normal image. She turned and went to the door. Opening it she found Lynn standing in the doorway.

“Good morning, Sandy. Did you have a nice rest?”

Sandy hands flew across her chest and down to her groin, desperately trying to hide her nakedness.

“Lynn, what happened, where are my clothes, what is….”

“Shhh, Sandy. Here are your clothes. You just got a bit off our face last night and I put you to bed. Put your stuff on and join me downstairs for breakfast.”

Lynn handed her the bundle of clothes and headed off down the stairs. Sandy took the clothes into the bedroom and began to dress. The panties were familiar, but they were not the ones she had on last night. She was sure she had worn tangas, and this was a G-string. She pulled it up anyway – better a G-string than nothing. She looked for her bra, but it was missing. Then she pulled the sundress over her head. It was always short, but it felt even shorter now. Lastly she removed the collar and lead and looked at it in puzzlement.

Returning to the bathroom she brushed her hair and swilled some mouthwash around her mouth. Picking up the lead and collar, she left the bathroom and walked downstairs to find Lynn.

At the bottom of the stairs she found her leather sandals and slipped her feet into them. She walked into the kitchen to see Lynn buttering some toast. She put the lead on the table.

“Ah, Sandy, have a seat. I have made you some breakfast.”

“Lynn, about last night. Did I make a total fool of myself? I am sorry, I never had wine do that bef…..”

“Sandy, have some toast and coffee. And stop apologising. Your behaviour was fine,” broke in Lynn, “Here, I even have some photos to prove it.”

Lynn slid the photos across the kitchen table. Sandy looked at the photos, one by one. The blood drained from her face and she felt a shiver spread over her whole body.


“You were great last night Sandy. You did everything that was asked of you. Now we can start to train you to do it without the help of drugs.”


“No buts, Sandy. We would not want theses photos falling into the wrong hands now, would we?”

“But escort kuşadası Lynn….”

“Mistress Lynn to you madam!” Lynn snapped.

Sandy fell silent. This was all too much. If Steve saw these, or Dougie… She grabbed the photos and, in a frenzy, started to tear them up.

“Come now Sandy,” said Lynn calmly, “Surely you don’t think those are the only copies.”

Sandy sat back in her chair.

“What do you want from me?” she asked.

“Well, a little relief when I need it, and a lot of respect,” replied Lynn, “Of course if you choose not to do as I say, the pictures could end up on the internet, or in the post, or on a school notice board…”

Sandy’s shoulders slumped in defeat. Her mind raced. What could Lynn want?

“I take it that means you want to do things my way then?” Lynn asked.


“Yes, Mistress Lynn,” Lynn snarled.

“Yes, Mistress Lynn,” Sandy whispered.

“Fine,” said Lynn, ” now you eat your toast and drink your coffee and I will tell you how things are going to be.”

Sandy picked up the coffee mug and drank from it while she listened to the rules Lynn was setting down. She was to be barefoot and collared at all times when in Lynn’s presence, she was to call her Mistress Lynn, she was to obey all commands without question. If she failed to obey a command or did not satisfactorily fulfill Lynn’s wishes she would be fined three points, just like on a driving licence, and twelve points would earn her a punishment session.

“Do you understand, Sandy?”

“Yes, Mistress Lynn,” Sandy whispered once more. She had read about such things in some of Steve’s fantasy books, but it had never occurred to her how easily it could happen for real.

“Good,” said Lynn, “You are mine now… Finish your coffee and put the dishes in the dishwasher.”

Sandy stood up and cleared the table, tears running down her cheeks.

“Stop that snivelling!” Lynn barked, “and come here!”

Sandy stood before her Mistress.

“I told you that you were to be barefoot at all times in my presence. What are those on your feet?”

Sandy looked down at her sandals.

“Take them off, now. And, by the way, that is six points, three per foot. Also you are not wearing your collar and chain. I guess that is another six points. Oh dear, let me see – isn’t that twelve points?”

Sandy slipped off her sandals and reached for her collar. She fastened it around her neck, leaving the leash dangling down the front of her dress. Lynn stood up and grabbed the leash. She pulled Sandy into the lounge. Dragging her to the sofa, Lynn sat down. She pulled on the leash and Sandy was propelled across Lynn’s knee. Without further ado, Lynn flipped up the back of the ridiculously short sundress and started spanking Sandy’s bum. Sandy squealed and wriggled, trying desperately to pull down the back of her mini-dress to preserve her modesty, and almost breaking Lynn’s grasp. Lynn stopped abruptly and pushed Sandy to her knees.

“Now, Missy, I did say you would be punished, and you will be. Go to the dresser and bring back the handcuffs from the top drawer.” Sandy had no choice. She went to the dresser and brought back the cuffs.

“Take off your dress.”

Sandy was horrified. Apart from her mother she had never been naked in front of another woman before.

“Do it now!” Lynn ordered, “It isn’t as if you have a bloody choice!”

Sandy reached down and pulled the dress over her head. She was left standing in nothing but a g-string and collar.

“Kneel down on all fours.”

Sandy knelt. Lynn put her foot under Sandy’s stomach and motioned her to push her bum out. She then lifted both feet and crossing her ankles put them on Sandy’s back, using her as a footstool.

“Sandy, you are mine now. I do what I want, when I want, if I want, with you. You are mine. You are my pet. You are my slave. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Lynn.”

“OK. Now get on your feet and lie down over my knee. I am going to spank you for wearing your sandals and not wearing your collar.”

Sandy stood up and draped herself over Lynn’s knee. She was humiliated enough to be naked, but Lynn was fully clothed too, and somehow that made it all the worse. Using her foot, Lynn spread Sandy’s legs, positioning her just how she wanted her.

“Give me the cuffs, slave.”

Lynn fastened the cuffs behind Sandy’s back. Her hand caressed the smooth pink buttocks and thighs. She felt Sandy stiffen. Her arm raised up and then dropped, landing a stinging blow on Sandy’s rump. The girl squealed, but with the handcuffs and Lynn holding her down she was trapped. The blows fell with a rhythm that turned her pink butt cheeks a glowing red. Not a millimetre was left untouched. Tears streamed down Sandy’s face, and she alternately sobbed and squealed with each blow. Lynn felt Sandy’s nipples harden against her thigh, and she smiled to herself in grim satisfaction.

“Spread your legs”

Sandy spread her legs as wide as her position would allow, and Lynn continued her spanking, only now she was targeting the inside of the tanned thighs and striking upward towards her captive’s pussy. Sandy, with tears streaming down her face, and humiliated beyond all belief, felt the blows raining down on her pussy, and was suddenly overcome with a new sensation – her nipples were like pebbles and she was wet!

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