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Note: All characters are above the age of 18.

Second Note: This is legitimately one of my personal favorite chapters in the series.


Emma breathed in. One of the more important days of the semester had arrived. It was time for the Swim Meet against Michael Johnson High. Emma took stock of herself in the window. Even to her own eyes, she looked nervous.

Sure, part of that had to do with the fact that she’d spent more time fucking than training recently, but that was okay! Skill was not something you just let go of because of a few sex-induced comas every couple of nights. Skill was forever. Skill was Emma.

Psyching herself up, she stood and placed her hands on her hips.

A voice reached her ears from behind.

“Getting ready to cheat on the stage?” Emma sighed as soon as she recognized Britney’s annoyed tone. Through the mirror in front of her, she saw Britney in her one-piece swimsuit, strong arms folded together with displeasure. The girl was legitimately stunning.

“Hi to you too, Brit.” Emma replied.

“I told you, only my friends can call me that!”

“Whatever.” Emma rolled her eyes.

“Anyway, I’m just here to let you know that even with your cheating, you’re still not going to beat me.”

“I can’t beat you. We’re on the same team.” Emma pointed out.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, so? I told you.” Emma turned towards her. “I hope you do have a better time than me because all I care about is winning here.”

“So you don’t even care about how you perform? What kind of a competitor are you?”

“Brit, what do you want from me?” Emma asked exasperated. “I don’t know why you hate futanaris so much but I’m not going to trade jabs with you. I don’t care about any of that stuff.” Emma made a risky move then, walking up to Britney and placing her hands on the girl’s shoulder.

Britney visibly shivered at that, her angry expression giving way to something different, but Emma was too unfocused to care.

“I hope you do well,” Emma stated. “I don’t know what else I could say. I’ll see you out there Brit.”

Britney did not reply as Emma walked out of the locker room. The futanari came out to behold an audience of proud parents from opposing schools sat down on bleachers separated by a single railing. Her teammates were chatting amongst each other to the left, the rival school was to the right. On the bleachers to the left, Emma scanned for a familiar face.

She found one. Lindsey. Gabriella was going to be working on a new routine with her cheerleading team, but surprisingly, Karly wasn’t with Lindsey. The geek that had become one of the most important people in Emma’s life in such a short amount of time was sitting alone, one leg crossed over the other with a black hoodie on, going through her phone.

Here, just to support Emma. The thought made her smile widely. She took a few steps and brought her arms up, trying to get the girl’s attention. The attempt was unsuccessful at first, but after a few seconds of comically exaggerated waving, Lindsey’s eyes snapped up. As soon as she saw Emma, she gave a grin that resembled Emma’s own.

“God, I am so lucky,” Emma muttered as Lindsey, in full view of the parents and other students, blew a kiss at her.

“You ready babe?” Emma heard from her left. There, Britney was stretching next to her girlfriend, the both of them dressed for the contest.

“Of course,” Britney smirked. “I’m not about to fail today. This is what I’ve been training for.”

“Good. Just try not to get sad or anything when I flash my way to 1st place.”

“The only kind of flashing you’re going to be doing is later in the lockers,” Britney whispered, but Emma still heard. Her dick stirred. Yep, even if Emma’s mind knew Britney hated her, her dick didn’t appear to care.

Come on, Emma. She thought. Focus on the contest. Not on… That… Really nice ass. No! Contest!

Emma shook her head. All in all, before the actual event started, Emma spent most of her time calming her nerves down. She was ready. Well, as ready as she was going to be. She took her spot with the other swimmers from her team.

Ten on one side, ten on the other. The way it worked, each swimmer’s time would be clocked during a freestyle 50m swim, and at the end of the day, whichever team had the shortest combined time won. With a few breaks, the meet would be over in about an hour.

The first wave of glorious female athletes walked up. After a few minutes of a random teacher giving a speech like “in this great nation under God” and “play by the rules” (whatever rules you could have in a freestyle), the first round began.

Emma watched and nearly gasped at the other girls’ performances. Goddamn, she really had been slacking off huh? Between the time she spent between her girlfriends’ legs and the time they spent hanging out, she forgot to squeeze in swimming practice to go with it.

One girl after another, both from her school and the rival’s, she was impressed with every single performance. Eventually, the man with istanbul escort the microphone called her name.

“Emma Heart!”

A chorus of applause and gossip erupted. “Yeah, that video sure got around.” Emma thought, suddenly embarrassed.

“Let’s hope you’re better at swimming than you are at fucking.” A girl from the rival school whispered to her with a villainous smirk.

“Looking for more excuses to watch me?” Emma asked with a smile.

With that, she stood in front of everyone.

She really thought this was going to go well. If you had asked her just a few seconds earlier, she would have said: “Yeah, I might not be as fast as I was when all I did was train, but I’ll pull through.”

She did not pull through. Instead, halfway into her swim, which to be fair, was faster than she herself had anticipated, she suffered a cramp on her right thigh.

“Fuck, I forgot to stretch!” Emma thought as her race was cut short.

She couldn’t continue. Actually, fuck that, she was starting to fear that she could drown here! Paddling, she tried to get to the other end of the pool, but she was right in the center. Her arms were getting heavy, and her movements were slowly becoming more erratic.

“Wait, wait, she needs help!” One girl called out as Emma was beginning to fail to keep her head above water.

Well, shit. Just as she was about to start panicking on a cosmic level, a figure jumped into the water. She couldn’t see who it was, but whoever they were, they were strong enough to push her to the end of the pool! Sadly, Emma was too busy reacquainting herself with air to really be thankful, but after a few seconds of dramatic wheezing, she turned.

“Brit?” She asked, her eyes rising to find the girl kneeling over her.

“Can you breathe?” Britney asked. In response, Emma coughed a few times.

“Y-Yeah.” She laid her head back on the floor as a few adults arrived, including her team’s coach. “Holy shit.” Emma thought. “She saved me!”


“Ms. Heart?”

“I’m okay.” She tried to stand.

“What happened?” Britney asked. Emma raised an eyebrow. She thought: “Is she concerned over me?”

“I had a cramp,” Emma admitted with a chuckle.

“Oh my god, you forgot to stretch, didn’t you?”


Britney, looking all too displeased, stood back up and walked over to her girlfriend, who was looking very worried.

“Do you think you could go again?” The referee asked.

“No, I think I’m done. Sorry, coach.”

“Jeez, Emma. No worries though, we’ll… We’ll have to make do.”

“What are we going to do?” Emma asked.

“I think all we can do is hope to have someone overperform. It’ll be narrow, but depending on their best time, we still have a shot.” Her coach explained.

“I guess my role in all this is done, huh?” Emma said, sadness starting to pour into her mind like a waterfall. “I fucked up.”

“Emma!” The futa’s eyes widened as she saw Lindsey walking up to her. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, pride’s a little wounded, but yeah.” Emma tried to smile.

“Shit…” Lindsey crouched down in front of her, concerned doe eyes right on Emma’s own. “If you want to go, we can.”

Emma thought about it. She saw how her team began talking amongst themselves, although she couldn’t hear them, she could tell they were less than hopeful now.

“No.” Emma stated. “I have to support my team.” She, with help from the others, stood up.

What she did next earned a few curious looks. In full view of the others, she walked up and kissed Lindsey softly.

“I’ll stay for the rest of the meet, but you can head out if you want.”

“… I do have some homework I need to work on.” Lindsey sadly replied.

“All the more reason then. I’ll let you know how it all goes!” Emma hugged her girlfriend and grinned at her.

“Alright, you better.” Lindsey kissed her on the cheek. “Text me once it’s over, I’ll take you out to eat.”

“But, I didn’t do anything.” Emma rubbed the back of her neck.

“You’re the team’s morale rock!” Lindsey made a soldier salute that was absurdly cute. “That’s an important job if you ask me.”

“… Thanks, Lee.”

With that, Lindsey vacated the premises. Emma sighed. “Alright, time to spread some fucking positivity!”

She walked over to where her team was sitting.

“Hey, uh, sorry.” She smiled wryly.

“No worries!” A girl piped up. “It happens, we’ll win anyway.”

“Yeah, it’s just fair now.”

“Sheesh.” Emma shook her head with a smile.

To her right, Britney and her girlfriend were talking about something with their eyes on the pool. Emma let her eyes rest on the tough girl concentrating on the event. She was stronger than Emma thought if she was capable to move a girl her size.

Within a few minutes, it was Briney’s girlfriend’s turn. Emma hadn’t gotten a chance to talk to her really, but she seemed nicer than her counterpart. So, Emma stood alongside her partners and raised a towel in the air, Escort Anadolu Yakası swinging it back and forth.

“COME ON, YOU’VE GOT THIS!” She yelled alongside the crowd and her team.

Soon, it was all down to two competitors, one from Johnson High, and Britney.

At the moment, Johnson High was ahead by two seconds (meaning had two seconds less, in total). In order to win, Britney would not only have to save two seconds, she’d have to outperform her opponent on top of that.

There was a deep sense of tension in the air. Emma saw how Britney’s eyes told the story of a girl that was blocking out the entire world around her, with nothing else there but her and the pool. The dragon tattoo on her arm looked like it was alive as she reached up and put her goggles on.

The referee sounded his whistle, and both girls were off.

“Holy shit,” Emma muttered.

“What is it?” Britney’s girlfriend asked.

“She’s fast!” Emma cheered alongside her teammates as Britney’s girlfriend eyed her curiously.

With the weight of the swim team’s dreams on her back, Britney did not disappoint. Like a bullet made flesh, she raced from one side of the pool to the other. With the pool measuring at 25m, the 50 would be finished when the girls returned.

“BEAT HER ASS!” Emma yelled as Britney cleared the first run well before her opponent.

“YOU’RE WINNING THIS, BRIT!” Her girlfriend called from alongside Emma.

Both girls were finishing their final run. It wasn’t close. Britney reached her point first, finishing with thunderous cheers from her side of the bleachers. Only, Emma was still worried. Britney didn’t just have to beat the other girl, she had to overperform by two extra seconds as well.

They would know who won in short order. A few adults walked up to the coaches of both teams.

“The winners… James Jackson High!”

“Holy shit!” Britney’s girlfriend sprinted towards her lover. The swim team collectively jumped, running over to tackle the girl that had just carried them over the finish line.

Emma’s sore leg didn’t let her run, but she did walk over to them. Albeit with a slightly sad expression.

“You’ll get another shot.” A voice beside her said. She found her coach smiling down at her.

“I, I guess. Sucks though.”

“It does, just stretch next time, please?”

Emma rolled her eyes light-heartedly as she joined the others.

“You were so fast!” One girl praised Britney.

“You’re going pro, right?”

“That’s the goal,” Britney replied, but when Emma joined, her eyes locked with the futa’s. They weren’t all that happy.

“That’s awesome!”

“Yeah, you’re super talented.”

“That’s my girl.” Her girlfriend tip-toed to kiss Britney to a symphony of groans from the teammates.

“Hey.” Emma stepped in. The others went silent. Apparently, their bickering had gone noticed. Emma ignored them. “Great job out there. You really came through, Brit.”

Britney didn’t respond. Though she’d done it to aggravate her on purpose, as a joke, Britney hadn’t corrected her use of the nickname “Brit”.

“Yeah.” She finally said after a while.


The team eventually retreated to the locker rooms. A large part of them left quickly to celebrate. Emma was left alone with Britney and her girlfriend.

“Hey, Jessie, hand me my towel, please?”


“Hey,” Emma spoke up. Both girls looked her way. “I, uh, I kind of forgot to say thanks.” She walked up to them. “So, thanks. Not just for winning, but for having my back there. I didn’t see it coming.”

“… We’re not done.” Britney replied.


“I said, we’re not done. You and me. I haven’t beaten you.”

“What are you talking about?” Emma asked. “You won the whole thing.”

“You didn’t really participate.” Britney shrugged. “You owe me a race.”

“Why?” Emma stepped closer. “Why are you so pissed at me? At futas.”

“Brit.” Jessie placed a hand on the girl’s toned shoulder. “Come on, she’s not Caitlyn.”

“Caitlyn?” Emma asked. “Who the hell’s that?”

“The girl that cheated to beat Britney,” Jessie stated. “When Brit was just starting out,”

“Jessie, shut up.”

“It’s fine, Brit.” Jessie shook her head. “When Brit was starting out, she had a few contests against some of the other schools. In one of them, she went up against a futanari swimmer. They raised side-by-side. And, well, the girl straight up kicked her.”

“What!?” Emma asked.

“She kicked her. In the stomach. While they were swimming.” Jessie shook her head. “Brit got out and went to, you know, punch her face in, but the teachers didn’t let her. No one believed her. They thought she was making excuses for losing.”

Emma took in the information as she looked at Britney, who was running her hands through her half-shaved hair.

“So, ever since, you’ve been under the impression that futas are cheaters?”

“Under the impression?” Britney asked incredulously. “Seems pretty Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort fucking factual to me.”

“Brit,” Emma chuckled. “Come on, I get it, that must have sucked, but you can’t just cancel all futanaris over that.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll settle it when I beat you.”

“You already have.” Emma raised her hand up when Britney was going to interrupt her. “Seriously, Brit, I haven’t been training. At all. I suck right now, if we raced, I would have done worse than the girl you beat. You’re better than me… Right now, anyway.”

Britney’s breathing was visibly getting heavier.


“Nope. Oh, and by the way,” Emma smiled warmly at her as she walked up. “Thanks again, for like, not letting me drown and whatever.” She hugged her. Britney, so shocked, wasn’t even able to bring her arms up to reciprocate. Emma could feel a sea of muscle pressing up against her, Britney kept herself in great shape clearly.

“That’s so cute!” Jessie squealed, running up and wrapping her arms around both of them.

“So… No hard feelings?” Because she was trapped by Jessie, Emma didn’t fully separate. With her body fully connected with Britney’s, and their faces less than a foot away from each other, Britney breathed in and nodded.

“Yeah, sure.”

“So… Can I call you Brit officially now?”

“Don’t push it, Heart.” Britney finally brought her own arms up and wrapped them around Emma.

Now, in all this outpouring of backstory and emotion, Emma had forgotten something. Something very important. Her dick had no idea what the word “context” meant. So, without Emma noticing, it had been quietly stirring as the futa, wet and in a swimsuit, rubbed up on Britney who was also wet and in a swimsuit.

She only noticed when her cock pressed against Britney’s pussy.

She had never blushed so hard in her life.

“I, uh, I am so sorry!” She was stuck between apologizing to Britney and apologizing to Jessie. “It has a mind of its own.”

“No kidding…” Jessie muttered. Britney was silent. Both girl’s eyes were low. Emma looked down to get a sense of what they were staring at. “Oh, shit.” She thought. Her cock, definitely stronger than any material conceivable by mere mortals, had formed a tent that was teasing something at least seven inches long.

“Again, I, uh, we can just classify this under futanari things and keep moving along, you know? I…”

“Emma.” Jessie started. Britney hadn’t spoken at all. “What exactly is your relationship with Lindsey?”


“She’s not the girl from the video.” Jessie noted. “Were you cheating on her?”

“N-No. We, uh, we’re in an open relationship? Polyamorous? I don’t know what to call it.”

“So…” Jessie grinned like she’d been possessed by the devil. “If we do something about that, would Lindsey be mad?”

“What?” Both Emma and Britney asked, both of which made questioning eye contact at each other.

“Seriously.” Jessie indicated. “You know, I caught Briney watching the video once.”

“Jessie!” Now Britney was blushing. Emma stared at her.

“Really,” Jessie leaned closer to Emma. “She looked pretty fucking invested in it.”

“I don’t know what you’re-“

“I don’t think she’d mind.” Emma interrupted. “As long as I’m honest with her, that’s always the important thing.” She thought back to a few minutes before the Swim Meet when she let Lindsey know about what happened with Cara and Gabriella and the girlfriend’s reaction was “I missed that!?!?”

“Oh…” Jessie smiled wickedly. “You hear that, Brit?”

Britney looked almost as shell-shocked as Emma.

“Actually,” Jessie suddenly got on her knees. “I want to catch a view of this thing…”

Emma gulped. In one swift motion, she removed her swimsuit. Britney gasped. Jessie licked her lips.

“Well, Brit?” She asked, grabbing Emma’s dick like a trophy. “Is this all you imagined it to be?”

Britney apparently refused to speak. Instead, both she and Emma watched as Jessie slowly ran her tongue along Emma’s shaft. The feeling sent chills down the futanari’s spine. Her legs shook as Jessie’s breath felt like she’d stuck her cock in a freezer.

Britney couldn’t tear her eyes away either.

Jessie grinned as she took the thing into her mouth fully, making Emma audibly gasp with euphoria.

“Wait,” Jessie said, “It’s getting harder?”

“It’s not seven inches,” Emma stated. “It’s eight.”

At that, Jessie beamed like she’d been given a cake for her birthday.

“Let’s help it out then, shall we?” Jessie lifted her eyes to Britney and made a “come here” gesture.

“W-What?” Britney was knocked out of her trance.

“Help me out with this.” Jessie basically purred.

“B-But, I don’t know what to do with, um, dicks. I’m a lesbian.”

“So am I.” Jessie added. “And so is she.” She nodded at Emma.

“… Okay.” Britney got on her knees.

The sight in front of her, the super-tough Britney who looked like she was a second away from cursing Emma out at all times, and her fucking girlfriend, both on their knees now massaging her dick…

She was in disbelief.

“Oh?” Jessie lifted her dick and looked beneath it. “That’s your pussy?”

“Y-Yeah.” Emma was embarrassed. It was rare that any time during sex her own pussy was acknowledged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32