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Not long after I turned 18 daddy took me on my first proper and legal night out. I never had so many friends so there was only close to 3 or 4 that turned up with us, and soon after the shots started flowing I was starting to feel pretty woozy. I was happy to have my daddy with me because I knew no matter how drunk I got I wouldn’t have to bother with any guys approaching me telling me how pert my tits looked in my crop top or how my legs turned them on seeing me in my tiny denim skirt, because I knew daddy would have my back. As he put it, daddy was always behind me.

The shots went down surprisingly easily, everyone became happier, looser, easier. Having never done more than kiss a boy I always wondered if perhaps I preferred to feel a woman’s skin against mine and tonight seemed the perfect night to work it out. Jennifer was a few shots in front of me and, just as I’d hoped for, I could see her eyes across the crowd searching for me, I caught her glance and walked away from daddy through the dance floor towards her. Jennifer saw me coming and it seemed everyone moved aside for us, the second I reached her our lips were entangled, her tongue searched the realms of my mouth and I could feel my pussy start to tingle. The music disappeared around us, all I wanted was her, my pussy started to throb as her hands slid around my waist and I felt her fingers slide up my legs and under the crease of my arse. Then her hand on my shoulder… how did that make sense? My head spun around to see daddy stood beside me, judging me deeply, yet with a strange look in his eye, one I hadn’t seen before, It was although daddy was jealous.

Straight in the car, he ordered me, mersin escort so I went. I liked it when daddy told me what to do, when he got serious with his little girl. We sat quietly for close to five minutes before daddy spoke. He asked me how I felt, kissing her, what feelings went through my body? I have always been close to daddy so I told him, told him how my pussy tingled, how I felt like I had a gap inside me that needed to be filled. Just at this point we pulled up the house, daddy killed the engine and looked me in the eye, I felt my pussy tingle again out of nowhere, he held his gaze for a while then asked me simply if that gap, or that hole, could perhaps be filled by a man instead. “Tell me baby girl, could daddy help you explore your body?”

A bullet of lust shot through me seeing daddy sat there, slightly chubby and unshaved, he wanted me? My tiny body shuddered, could he be the man to take my childhood? Could my daddy make me grow up?

Without saying anything he got out the car and walked into the house, I sat there for a minute feeling compelled by my pussy to follow him inside, it didn’t take long until I was out the car and heading to the door. When I got inside there was no sounds, I’m not sure what I expected but daddy had gone as far as I could tell. I called out for him, turning myself on even with the simple word of “daddy”… it felt so wrong sexualising the word but the more I said it the wetter I got, I knew he was here somewhere, daddy was teasing me.

My room was empty. Just as I walked in, I realised where he would be. After my mum walked out when I was a child his room had always kocaeli escort been a one man place. I slipped my skirt off just keeping the crop top to tease daddy and I headed to the master bedroom but when I walked through the door it looked empty. “Daddy?” I called out, “Lay down babygirl, daddy’s right behind you”. Feeling a tingle up my spine I laid down on the bed, having watched porn before I thought I knew what daddy would want, so I pushed my arse up high and pulled my panties to the side but I heard a chuckle behind me. Out of the darkness I felt daddy’s hand slide up my thigh and an instant wave crossed my body. “Relax baby girl, daddy will show you what he wants” I couldn’t manage more than a moan, already all I wanted was just to cum all over daddy, all over his cock or his face I didn’t care, I just wanted him to feel his little girl pulse for him.

His fingers slid up my inner thigh, never quite touching my pussy, from my knee to my inner thing he tickled me, teasing me. I was reeling. I felt his chest touch against my back softly and his hands wrapped round to my stomach, his fingers playing with my belly piercing and working their way down. He opened his mouth and took hold of my ear lobe the noises driving me wild and he shoved his hand down my red panties finding my swollen clit instantly and starting to fiddle it between his first two fingers. I shuddered and started moaning harder than before, daddy felt this and asked me “babygirl, do you want to make daddy happy?” I nodded with a sort of painful content, I needed more. So much more. Daddy pulled my panties back to the side, and left his helmet samsun escort pressed right at my entrance, he sucked harder on my lobe making me beg him to climb deep inside.

He teased me, pushing slightly closer but never quite entering until I begged him, more than I thought was ever possible, “just fuck me daddy, let me make you happy, please fuck your little girl daddy.” and with that he thrusted. Straight into my tight untouched pussy. The shock shot through me, hurting, yet feeling so good. “slow down daddy, wait”…”relax, princess. Daddy will never hurt you, try to enjoy it and know daddy’s right behind you.” The irony drove me on, feeling so dirty for him. His chest still pressed tightly against my back, his penis pushing deeply inside my young pussy, his finger searched round and found my clit again in seconds, out of nowhere there was a buzzing sound and his other hand came round holding a vibrator, he pushed straight against my clit and I coiled in a gorgeous pain. It felt so good to feel that dirty.

My pussy started to drip, daddy slid easily in and out of his little girl, I whimpered in joy as one hand stayed vibrating my pussy as his other hand slid up to my rock hard nipples. I felt daddy clench as he held onto my nipples. “You’ll always be daddy’s little girl baby, I love you so much.” I turned my head to look at him with pained eyes as daddy rode me like the slut I am I mumbled “I love you too daddy”, that seemed to push him over the edge. His right hand twisted my nipple with professional ease while his left hand pushed the vibrator straight into my hood just as daddy pushed as deep as he could inside me, He tightened his whole body, and just as I could feel daddy moving so deep inside me we both came at the same time. My body shuddered as daddy slowly kept pushing inside me while he squeezed the last of himself out into me. I could feel my pussy clenching all over daddy’s cock as we laid in ecstasy and slowly, daddy started to drip back out of his little girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32