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Amateur Milf

(This is a continuation of the true story of my girlfriend’s daughter, Holly. She “seduced” me, which she discovered wasn’t all that difficult. The facts of the story are so amazing, I needed to write them down. There absolutely will be more to tell, even after this chapter.)


After our monumental encounter, Holly and I lay basking in the damp, aromatic afterglow of the act, satisfied and tired. Despite the possible repercussions of what we had done, we lay there without speaking of them. I wasn’t even thinking about her mother – I was just thinking of how Holly and I had satisfied each other, enjoying her skin against mine, and how much I love the woman Holly had become.

She had been silent for a few minutes, laying beside me, her hand absently stroking my chest hair. “Don’t you wanna know what my plan is?” she asked finally, breaking the silence that had been punctuated to this point with only our heavy breathing.

She had awakened me from my reverie. While I wondered what she had in mind, I had been thinking exclusively about her, and now I remembered Elise. Her sultry voice, though, made me squeeze my eyes hard against the light. “Yes, actually. I DO want to know what your plan is…” I said. I was a little out of sorts as I had tried to forget the absolute betrayal I had just committed against the love of my life, Holly’s mother.

“I want to seduce Mom,” she began.

“Tonight?” I asked, sarcastically – and a little afraid of the answer.

“No, not tonight – necessarily.” She held my semi-hard cock as she spoke, her warm fingers making it hard to concentrate on her words.

“She would literally kill us both if she knew what we did,” I said. “I mean, kill us.” Holly and I were her closest friends, and she trusted us both. She would either kill us or kill herself.

Holly nodded. “I know,” she said very quietly. “Eventually, it will be HER idea to share you – it has to be.”

My thoughts spun around that idea.

“I’m going to tell her about me and Megan. I’m going to tell her that I have a crush on someone that led me to experiment with girls.” She paused, looking at the wall. “She’s obsessed with my breasts, you know,” Holly said distractedly. “Her mouth almost waters when she sees them.” I knew that there was some truth to this: Elise – Holly’s mother – had small breasts, and she always made note of Holly’s huge “rack”, as she called Holly’s breasts – starting from when Holly was 15 or so. She commented on them so much that both Holly and I became uncomfortable.

“I think the ONLY reason she hasn’t put her mouth on my nipples is that she thinks it’d be wrong, somehow. I’m gonna show her that I’M not worried about taboos…” Holly paused, breathing hard. “She ‘accidentally’ bends over in front of me when she’s naked ALL THE TIME…” she said absently. “I mean, what does she think – that I’m not aware of her sexuality? I bet she wants me as much as I want her…”

The idea of my girlfriend bending over in front of her daughter was having an obvious effect on me – my cock, well used, was starting to stir. I began to piece together events of the recent past – Elise’s interest in Holly’s breasts, her interest in Holly’s sex life, her parading around naked in front of Holly – and I wondered if there was something to Holly’s theory.

Holly felt my renewed arousal. “Well, well…” she said, gripping my dick. “You are kind of amazing – for an old dude…” she said with a laugh in her voice. She kissed me. My head turned to her, then my body shifted her way. She continued to grip and squeeze my shaft in her hand.

Her mouth literally got wetter as my staff got bigger. We breathed harder and harder into one another as our mouths opened and our tongues collided. “You want Mom and I to fuck, don’tcha?” she panted. “You wanna watch?” she smiled devilishly.

I nodded my head dizzily as the blood rushed away from it and to my groin. “You want us together so you can fuck us, don’t you?” she said as her tongue slid in and out of my mouth. I kept my mouth on hers and did not answer, as it was obvious. “We have enough time before Mom gets home,” she whispered in my ear, “so fuck me.” She had a death grip on my cock – I was as hard as if we hadn’t already fucked.

“I want to lick you,” I said almost under my breath, my voice hoarse with emotion. I was nearly ashamed of my want of her.

She stuck her lower lip out, pouting. “I wanna fuck NOW, ” she said. “I want you back in my ass, ” she said, sucking my tongue.

“Not until I lick you,” I said.

“NO! I want you in my ass!” Holly demanded. She still gripped my dick – she sort of squeezed it incrementally, from bottom to top and back down. She was incredibly gifted with her hand. She kissed my neck, biting it gently. “Pleeease?” she whined.

I rolled her over on her back and pinned her arms above her head. “You know EXACTLY what makes me wild, thanks to those letters…” I said. “It’s almost not fair.”

“I started reading your letters years ago. I used to take them to bed, hide them in a magazine, read them over and over…” gaziantep escort she said as she stared into my eyes. “I made myself cum the first time ever imagining you were doing that stuff to me. YOUR fantasies are MY fantasies…” She paused. “Well, now they’re kind of OUR reality.” She laughed.

We kissed again – I never tire of kissing as a rule, but her mouth was particularly inviting – her lips soft, her tongue dripping wet and hot – and she apparently liked it too, as she pushed her pelvis against mine, rolling my cock against her smooth, waxed, skin, moving so the length of it slid between the soaked lips of her sex, making her moan.

“God, I wish your mom would shave down there,” I gasped. “I fucking crave it.”

“That’s not ALL you crave,” she said, twisting her body from under mine. She sighed, resigned. “Go ahead and fuck me with your tongue…”

I paused briefly at her swollen nipples, and she writhed in pleasure, but she managed to push my head toward her nether region. I breathed deeply then slipped my tongue between her lips, making her gasp again. She was so wet. “God…” she gasped, “your mouth feels so good…” she whimpered. I tugged her clit with an upward movement of my tongue. “Ohhhh…god…” she inhaled sharply. I slurped the silvery, sugary liquid seeping out of her, and then twirled my tongue around her clit again. “Don’t make me cum so fast…put your tongue…in my ass…” she panted. “I’m a little sore down there, and I need kissed…” she said, moving her torso sideways so she could stroke my hair.

I moved my tongue down her soft perineum, and she kindly pulled one leg up and to the side. She was relaxed, and her ass cheeks parted so her gorgeous, dusky little star stared up at me. I smiled as my tongue made contact with the wrinkly rim of it. She sort of purred as my tongue went around it – her juice and my cum made a sort of salty-sweet elixir. Her fingers were tangled in my hair, and she gingerly pressed my face into her ass while simultaneously lifting her pelvis. “I love your tongue…there…” she said, her breath ragged.

I licked up the remnants of sex eagerly, then began pushing my tongue into her ass, slowly. She was relaxed, eager even, but I just enjoyed the taste of her. “GOD,” she gasped, “PUSH…I’m such a fucking dirty girl…” I glanced up and saw her other hand on her breast, massaging it urgently. “I..I…so wanna cum…”

I licked and sucked her delicious ass. Her mother loved her ass to be licked too, but, the proper lady, never let it go this far, never verbalized it. I suppose it’s not uncommon for sexual taste to be genetically passed from one generation to the next, and I tried not to think about my own parents’ proclivities, but I couldn’t help but think that the apple that was Holly hadn’t fallen from the tree that was Elise. I thought in that moment that there were yet acres of pleasure with Elise to be explored. Over my tongue flowed the whole delicious ooze that had come from Holly’s ass – cum, juice, spit and the slime of her bottom. Far from degrading or odd, it was as delectable as the syrup that flowed from her mouth or her pussy. The salty, viscous ooze of my own cum was in the mix, too, and I didn’t even feel a prohibition on that. She offered herself to me in this way and I took it without consideration.

She began to shake. The hand in my hair had untangled itself and her quaking hand was now at her sex. Her fingers expertly rolled her clit in inconsistent bursts, and – somehow keeping that one leg up – she started to roil in orgasm. Her hips swiveled and her muscles began to twitch in a pattern with which I was already becoming familiar. I smiled to myself as she started to moan.

“Ohhhhh…” she cried. Music to my ears.”Oh-ho-hoooOO! OH GOD! OH GOD!” she whined. Suddenly and without warning, she half sat up, her stomach muscles quivering visibly, and she pulled me up to kiss me, sucking the contents of my mouth right off my tongue. Wordlessly, she rolled me onto my back, then placed one leg unsteadily over my midsection so that her body was straddling mine, her face facing mine.

“I…I..need you inside me…” she stammered. She sort of squatted over my pelvis, her knees high in the air. Her thighs are muscular – she’s an athlete – yet I could detect the strain in her abdominal muscles.

She reached back and held my cock in her hand, then lowered herself onto it. “oh…my…go-o-d. Eric..” she said, barely breathing, as the purple head of my cock popped past her asshole. I lay dazed under her as she lowered her body onto it, the skin of my shaft pulling taut while her unbelievably tight ass consumed me.

She made an incoherent noise, a sort of a noise one makes when punched in the stomach as her thighs gave way and my cock plunged into her depths. “MMMNNNFF..!” I felt the whole of it; every inch of her ass as my body invaded hers.

She shook as she rose, slightly, then she fell again. There was a fraction of an inch left of me to impale in her, and soon, that too was in. She repeated it, again and again, her konya escort tight ass tugging the cum out of me. I lay utterly still as she rode me like this, sliding up and down on me. I had one fist clenched beside me, determined not to cum before her.

“I want to suck your cum out of Mom’s ass,” she said, drool literally spilling out of her mouth. Her body rose and fell, rose and fell. “g-god! this is… you…HURT…” she gasped.

“Do you want to stop?” I asked, frantically.

She almost smirked, “N-no…I LOVE it…”

She kept riding me like this, glancing at the clock only once. “I..want you to…fuck me…like this…all the time…” she said in time with her strokes. She reached down with both hands into the middle of my chest to modulate her rise and fall.

“Do you…like this?” she panted. “I’m such a naughty girl…seducing you like this…” she almost sneered down at me. Her hips snapped up with each movement, it took concentration not to cum.

“YOU like it dirty, don’t you?” she said, gritting her teeth. “You (gasp) want me to fuck you…when I’m full?” I almost came. I had that discussion in letters to her mother. I started to push up into her.

“I promise…”(snap of the hips) “I will come to you..” (snap) “..when I’m nice and dirty, nice and fulll…” (snap)

“I think I can cum from you…just in my assss…” she marveled. I leaned up and took a nipple into my mouth, and she came almost instantaneously. She cried out then slumped into me. my cock imbedded in her ass, and the hair of my pelvis grinding into her clit.

“OHGODOHGODOHGOD!!!” she shrieked. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, curling around mine.

I still hadn’t cum, and I smirked as I lay back. “You’re incredible…” she said finally, breathless. “What does it take to get you to cum FIRST?” she said, exasperated.

She smirked back and began bouncing on my pelvis. She wanted to make me cum, and lewdly stroked her pussy. Her lips were sopping wet and I could see her little pink clit as her fingers slid around it. Our eyes tore into one another, her lip quivered. Her entire body shook as she slammed my dick up into her.

“Can you…cum again?” I managed to stammer.

She smiled wickedly. “What do YOU think?” she responded. She kissed me, dragging her tongue all over my teeth and drooling into my mouth. “Mmmmm…” she murmured, unmoving, hovering above my upthrusting pelvis. “Why don’t you…just let me make YOU cum…this time?” she whispered, finally. She clenched her ass cheeks, gripping my sliding rod. “I NEED it, Eric…”

I felt the explosion coming, so I grabbed a fistful of her hair, and pulled her face to mine. Our mouths opened wider than ever as we placed them hungrily over one another, and I pushed up violently, my cock actually bending somewhere deep in her ass, and I erupted, my cum scalding me. She moaned into my mouth and came, too, her pussy mashed into my pelvis. She pressed down to keep my hips in place. We screamed into one another’s mouths, her saliva flowing so fast I had to swallow. Her body was shuddering as she cried out, tears falling from her eyes.

Our orgasms subsided, she sat like that, our noses together, my cock slipping slowly from her ass. “THAT was amazing,” I said, kissing her perfect nose.

“Yes, it was,” she said. “But my ass is gonna be sore for a while…” she grinned.

“I promise to kiss it and make it all better,” I said as I looked into her big, brown eyes. Her eyes were welling with tears.

“Don’t ever stop fucking me,” she said quietly, quoting a movie.

She looked at the clock. “Oh, God – we’d better get dressed. Mom is gonna be here pretty damn soon.”

“You should shower,” I said.

She shook her head, “I want to smell you on me for a bit.”

“Well, I HAVE to wash my face and brush my teeth, or she’ll KNOW something is up,” I laughed. She sat up, and I slid out of her, along with a stream of cum. She looked between her legs at my cock.

“Ummm…maybe you’d better wash THAT,” she giggled.

I pushed her shoulders gently down, saying, “YOU should clean me up.”

She slithered down my body, then eagerly took me in her mouth once again, cleaning up the mess on my shaft. I felt her hot breath. My skin was so sensitive I writhed under her touch. Once completed, she wriggled back up and kissed me languidly, but suddenly, she bolted up and said, “We gotta get dressed!” and she began to pull on her workout clothes. I frowned and said, “I want more…” knowing full well we would have to end for now.

She pulled a shirt over her head, leaned to kiss my cheek and said, “Mom leaves for work before either of us, remember? So, tomorrow.” She slid her shorts over her hips and implored me to get up. “C’mon!”

I stood and looked forlornly for my boxers, gathering up my clothes.

“This is only the beginning,” she said with a smile.


Holly left to make it appear as if Elise had beaten her home. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Though I considered showering, kayseri escort it was my experience that the faint smell of another woman on my body made Elise subconsciously want me more. Holly had drained me briefly, but thoughts of fucking her mother after I’d had Holly were already working magic on my imagination. I was still in a heady daze when I heard Elise come through the door.

I washed my hands in a sudden panic when I heard Elise call “Hell-lo?” as she often did when she came home. The cadence in her voice was cheery, so my panic subsided a little.

“Up here, ” I called back. I knew she was in the kitchen, looking at the mail. I strode confidently downstairs, smelling my hands to make sure that traces of Holly’s aroma were faint. When I got to the kitchen, I said “Hey!” and kissed her lips.

“Hey yourself,” she answered. “I brought pizza for dinner. Holly’s coming home from school.” I arched my eyebrows.

“Really? Great!” I said. “When will she be here? I’m hungry.” She had her back to me, but she turned to look in my eyes.

“I talked to her while I was in the car – she said she’d be here in about an hour…I was hoping you weren’t too tired to make out a little.”

In my head, I was laughing – how much did I have left in the tank? I drew her close to me. “Make out?” I said. “Are we in high school?”

She was unbuttoning her shirt. “I don’t know,” she said, “Are you the captain of the football team? Because I’m the head cheerleader.” She laughed.

Elise – like her daughter – has big, expressive brown eyes. Holly inherited her hair from her mom, but Elise kept hers shorter these days. Elise pressed her pelvis against mine, and I instantly remembered how Holly moved hers. Elise is shorter than Holly, and her breasts are much smaller, but her hips are narrower, too. She is perfect – small against my body, but very warm, as if her heart beats faster than mine. Her most striking feature, after her gorgeous face, is her perfect, round ass. The two halves meet in a dark cleft that has a little round burrow at her asshole, and the entire thing really does look like a heart. Holly’s ass is broader and more like a bubble. Elise’s legs are short, toned and shapely without being muscular, like Holly’s are. Elise’s neck is longer and thinner, but mother and daughter share a kind of Mediterranean skin color, and both have utterly perfect complexions.

My hand slid up under the little tank top she wore under her shirt, and my index and middle finger rolled her pert little nipple between them. “Why don’t we go to the locker room?” I suggested, still playing her game. Our breathing had already become very deep and heavy. I was already hard.

“I was thinking that maybe I could just sit up on the counter for a second…” She reached under her black skirt and slid her thong over her hips and down her legs, handing it to me. It was already very, very wet. Then she hopped up on the kitchen counter, her back to the coffee maker.

“I got home and decided that I cannot wait until later to feel you inside me…” she said. I had changed into a white buttoned shirt and she slowly undid the buttons with one hand while running her fingers through the hair on my chest while we kissed tenderly. our lips and tongues barely meeting. “You look so sexy today,” she added.

Once my shirt was undone, I slid her shirt off her shoulders then tugged her tight tank top over her head awkwardly. I leaned and tilted my head to take her nipple in my mouth, sucking it hard. She rocked on the counter, sighing and softly moaning. Her aroma came to me fast – the unmistakable scent of her arousal. She reached down and wordlessly unbuckled my belt, then unbuttoned my jeans and slowly lowered my zipper. She pulled my hard cock out from my boxers, slipping my underwear under my balls. She just held my girth in her hand for a moment while I moved my mouth to her other nipple, then pulled my cock to the shadows under her skirt.

I envisioned Holly at that moment, sitting beside her mother on the counter, gently sucking and biting her mother’s other nipple, her tongue lasciviously rolling around it, while Elise kissed the back of her daughter’s neck. I put my hands on the sides of Elise’s thighs and slid her skirt up, finally exposing the neatly trimmed tangle of hair between her legs. Her thighs were spread wide, and I could see the pearls of wetness on her dusty-rose colored pussy lips. “I am soo wet…” she whispered. “Put your mouth on me.”

I kissed my way down her flat stomach and slipped my tongue between her lips. I dropped to my knees. I was greeted with the gush of her juices, like I had bitten into a sun-warmed peach. Her taste is sweet and syrupy, and she was soaked. I slurped noiselessly as she held my head in place and moaned softly. “Oh, Eric,” she whispered. “Ohhh, Eric…”

I swirled my tongue around her clit. She abandoned my hair and began twisting her nipples. Her head hit the cabinet door, and each time my tongue hit her nerve center, I heard glass rattling. Her wetness poured out of her, sliding down my throat like a shucked oyster. In a matter of minutes. she moaned noisily, “OH! OH! ERI-IC!” she almost screamed. “OHMYGOD! OHMYG—!” she came, and my mouth flooded with her cum. She cums in a flood that doesn’t spurt, but instead gushes like an overturned glass of juice, and she tastes delicious. Her head banged the cabinet harder and she literally laughed with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32