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“So here’s what you’re gonna do. He’s gonna come in, get what he needs from me, and leave. You’ll stand right there, don’t say anything. He’ll probably try and talk to you, and I’ll be like, ‘don’t worry about her.’ Then he’ll leave, and pull out the driveway, and you’re going to stand right there in that window and flash him for about five seconds. Okay?”

I grin. He’ll have fun with it, so I’ll have fun with it. “Yes sir,” I smile, “do you want me to make eye contact? Should I stare at him? Should I look at the floor? Should I look at you?”

He considers a moment. “No eye contact. Look down.”

I nod, and toss my clothes back on. I leave my bra, and my hard nipples are obvious through the t-shirt.

Before long, headlights shine outside. I take my place next to the sink, absentmindedly playing with my hair, chewing my lip, and staring at the floor.

I stay like that while Master’s friend walks in, has his conversation, and leaves, glancing at me once.

As he walks out the door, I move to in front of the window. I put my back to it, and remove my shirt, and watch my Master’s face as he flicks on the light and watches me slide my sweats off, glance outside, and turn, running a hand between my legs and the other up to my nipple.

The light shuts off, and the car sitting outside pulls forward. Master’s phone starts buzzing, and he starts laughing. I don’t hear a “good girl,” but I know I got one.

We migrate upstairs, and Master sits down to play Xbox. I chew my lip and ask if I might suck on his balls. He considers a moment and pulls his shorts off, and I grin and wiggle between his legs.

My new favorite sound is Master’s quick intake of breath as I take his cock deep, touching my nose to his stomach on every stroke, trying to hide his pleasure from the other guys listening in on his headset.

From that point, I take it as a challenge, worrying my tongue all over his balls, loving the taste of him, sucking one, then both into Betist my mouth, glancing up at him, then kissing the tip of his cock, enjoying his precum. He smiles down at me, and I know he’s struggling to multitask. “Want me to stop?” I whisper. He shakes his head. That’s definitely a no.

He dies on-screen, and sets his controller aside. I lean back, spread my legs, and stare at my Master while I rub my soaked fingers over my clit. He strokes his cock, watching me, and leans over.

I don’t stop rubbing my pussy as Master rolls my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I bite my lip and glance at him, but his eyes are on my body as he smacks my small breast, and I have to control my moans. I push my chest forward while Master slaps my tit, massaging my clit and pussy that’s getting wetter by the second.

He speaks into his headset. “Hey, JC, if you finish decently on this one I’m probably going to get off. I have some other responsibilities to take care of.”

I’m trembling.

Soon Master shuts off his game, and turns on music, nothing too loud, just something in the background. And Sir, I now think of you WHENEVER I hear Pony by Ginuwine.

I lay on the high bed, and Master climbs on it before me. He pulls my legs apart, and they almost instinctively wrap around his waist.

“Here’s what you’re gonna do,” he says again. I do love following directions.

He grabs a fistful of hair, and pulls my head forward, so I face down.

“You’re gonna lay there, and you’re gonna watch me fuck your little pussy, got it?”

I mumble a weak “Yes Master” and watch as his big cock slides easily into my pussy- it’s been so wet all night.

I moan and resist the urge to put my head back, and keep watching as he fucks me faster, his hips and balls slapping my ass, until i’m biting my lip trying not to scream.

He takes my left leg and passes it in front of him and lays down on his side behind me. He doesn’t stop- his hands Betist Giriş move around my throat and I whimper as I feel his breath on my ear. He bites it and whispers: “Since you’re so good at homework, I expect a full report on this. Got it?”

I don’t speak, only nod, and arch my back in an attempt to make my pussy more accessible for my Master’s dick.

Finally, he pulls out of me, lays on his back, and pulls my face to his cock as his cum spurts onto my face and into my mouth.

I can’t think of a feeling I like more, except when Master lets me cum with his cock in my ass.

I clean my cum and his from Master’s cock, and he grabs my ass and pulls it around. “Keep sucking,” he instructs while he pulls my hips over his face in a 69.

Master’s mouth goes to work on my pussy, and I forget to concentrate on sucking, I’m too busy moaning around his cock at how amazing he makes me feel.

I’m near cumming again when he tosses me aside. I’m laying across the bed on my stomach, and he tells me to look forward.

Then I hear a snap, and pain explodes in a stripe across my ass.

Master has his belt.

My breathing turns ragged in pain and anticipation. I know my pussy’s continuing to get wetter, why deny it?

One more snap, on the opposite side. I muffle a whimper with the sheets below my face and try to lay still.

Then Master’s phone rings. He tosses the belt next to my face where I can see it, and picks up.

“Hey, what’s up? … Oh, what a coincidence! I have a naked girl in my bed too, but she’s definitely not asleep.” He continues talking about this and that, weekend plans, how difficult it must be for someone to be a WHORE when they have a BOYFRIEND and paces idly around the side of the bed in front of me.

He absentmindedly pours ice-cold water down the middle of my back, and I gasp and shudder.

He’s such an ass.

He gets off the phone, and looks at me. I’m worried he wants to use his belt again, but I refuse to let him know that, and don’t look at it.

Instead, he gets an idea. He ambles downstairs and back up, and shows me what’s in his hand. It’s an ice cube.

I grin and nod and lay back as he traces my body with it, circling my navel, then my nipple. I’m shaking in such a pleasurable way, but I want to use that ice cube before it’s gone- I take it in my mouth and get on my knees. I take Master’s cock in my mouth, allowing a little extra room. The ice seems to mellow my gag reflex, and I take him deep, allowing myself to enjoy the taste of Master’s cock for the third time that night.

Soon the ice is gone, and I’m focused on other things than deep-throating. I flick my tongue over his tip, taking every taste of precum I can. My fingers rub over his balls, my middle finger below them, applying a little pressure on his perineum, and stroking the place just underneath his balls.

“I know what you’re thinking. Go ahead and do it.”

To be truthful, I wasn’t thinking it, but I know what he was thinking.

I spit on my middle finger and slip the tip into my Master’s ass.

I stop sucking to continue spitting on my finger- i know how much this can hurt.

But as I jack him off with one hand and finger him with the other, licking and sucking his balls, he starts to moan. He starts jacking his own cock, and tells me not to stop.

I don’t. I keep going with my tongue and a little bit more of my finger, and I swear to God he’s moaning, and it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard.

Then for the last time that night (or rather that very early morning) he pulls my head up to the tip of his dick, and I get just a little bit more of Master’s cum.

Then he puts on basketball shorts, he says so he isn’t tempted to fuck me in the middle of the night.

I still wish you’d have kept them off.

He’s awful to sleep with. “Are you cold?” He mumbles from under the only blanket as I slip off the bed and put my sweatpants and shirt on. I just shake my head and lie back down, and for ten minutes he cuddles me like I’m his awkward oversize teddy bear.

It’s okay, Master. It was kinda cute.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32