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Author’s Note: Thanks for the patience, and sorry for the wait. I was looking for an editor, and unfortunately was unable to find one. If any of you are interested in helping me out with editing, I would appreciate it. Chapter 3 is forthcoming.


Bryan woke up slowly in a haze. To his right, sunlight peered in through the blinds of his extravagant honeymoon suite, passing over the dormant hot tub. An empty whiskey tumbler stood alone on the counter to his left above the mini bar. Right on top of him lay the naked woman he had just made love to. She was a stunning young lady, a girl of 22 years with light cream-colored skin and long, wavy black hair. The untamed Irish beauty had unleashed a previously unseen ferocity just hours ago, but now her head rested on Bryan’s chest, and her soft breathing was the only sound to be heard in the chambers. She wore a satisfied smile as she slept, as though there was nothing more to accomplish in the day, despite the fact that it was only late afternoon. The young woman had just given herself over to Bryan some hours earlier, and he gratefully accepted. If they hadn’t been brother and sister, he thought, it surely would have happened earlier. But looking at her while she napped, he realized that waiting for this was no sin. If anything, the delay made the deed that much more intense.

He contemplated waking Bridget up so that he could hit the bathroom, but just then his sister stirred and came out of her slumber. She opened her eyes, and Bryan caught a glimpse of the two bright blue irises as she darted them this way and that, assessing the situation with her head still on Bryan’s chest. Bridget crawled up along Bryan’s body until her face met his, and she kissed him, and kissed him, and kissed him again.

“That was incredible,” she said, her lightly freckled face just inches away, her breasts pressing down against his chest. Bridget’s eyes widened when she pieced together the implications of the events that had transpired. “And crazy! Oh my God, I can’t believe that actually happened!” Bridget buried her face into Bryan’s chest, and began to shed a few tears that Bryan was certain she was trying to hide.

“Yeah, I’m still in a bit of shock,” he replied, gathering his thoughts. He had to make sure he was clear about his intentions. “I don’t regret it, though. You should know that”

“Oh, God, no…” Bridget reassured him after her head shot back up. “That’s not what I meant. It’s just… you’re my brother, and we had sex!”

“Yeah,” Bryan said. “We definitely did. Although, it is your fault, you know…”

“Excuse me?” she asked in a fake tone of indignation. “I believe you’re the one who brought me on this romantic honeymoon. Don’t blame me for getting a little carried away!”

“You put on sexy lingerie and seduced me,” Bryan said, deadpan.

Nodding, Bridget said with a smirk, “It worked…”

They both burst into laughter at the situation, and as they calmed down, they found themselves kissing again. Bryan began to move toward the edge of the humungous bed.

“Nooooooo, stay in bed with me!” Bridget moaned. She fake pouted, sticking out her lower lip, but Bryan withstood her powerful appeal.

“I really have to pee,” he admitted. “Besides, we can still do plenty during the day. And then we can do plenty during the night.” Bryan’s quip had the desired effect on his sister, who gave him a flirtatious grin at the prospect of a full night together without any boundaries.

Boundaries, Bryan thought, standing above the toilet. They had removed all of them. Or had they simply ignored the boundaries, which society put up for a reason? Washing his hands, Bryan decided that wasn’t important… at least not right now. He figured that as long as he and Bridget could admit that what they were doing was crazy and unconventional, then rules be damned.

Stepping out of the bathroom, Bryan saw Bridget finally climb out of the bed, just as naked as he was, her perfect, medium-sized breasts barely losing form as she stood, her pussy on full display. She reached down and picked up the babydoll top with which she had successfully seduced her brother.

“So,” she said with a wicked smile. “You think this is sexy? That’s what you said, ‘sexy lingerie.'”

“Good God, yes,” Bryan responded without thinking. He tried to re-state himself in a more gentlemanly way. “I mean, it went perfect with your… everything.” Though a simple ‘yes’ would have sufficed, and he sounded like an utter fool, his sister knew him well enough to know what he meant.

“Hmmm,” Bridget held it up against her torso. “Maybe I’ll tell the designer about this. Think of the advertising! ‘So enticing, you could get your own brother to fuck you.’ Or would that not be a selling point?” Bridget cackled at the thought, but Bryan stood silently.

“Yeah, yeah. Go on, get the jokes out,” Bryan said.

“Well, they’re not aimed at you,” Bridget replied. “Like you said, I’m mostly at fault here. Anyway, what else you wanna do?”

Bryan considered their options. It was too late in the day to mardin escort go off-resort to explore the other attractions in Cancun. But there was a small amphitheater that Bryan read about in the brochure that was supposed to have music every night.

“How’s a Mariachi band sound?” He asked.

“Ooooh, sounds lovely,” Bridget said. “And possibly hilarious. Will they have alcohol there?”

Bryan tossed her a slightly condescending look. Of course there would be alcohol there. Bridget got the message.

“Alright, it’s a date,” she said with a smile.

The siblings finally began to put on some clothes. Bryan threw on simple khaki shorts and a green polyester polo shirt that would help deal with the humidity. Bridget dressed herself in a gorgeous turquoise sundress with a wide white belt, yet another garment that brought out her eyes.

“You look great,” he said. Bridget smiled.

“Thank you,” she kissed him and stared at him adoringly. “I love my brother.” She kissed him again.

“Love you, too.” Bryan led her out the suite door, and they held hands as they walked to the amphitheater.

The resort grounds continued to amaze Bryan. He walked with his sister through a series of pristine sidewalks, which stretched like bridges across the most gorgeous lawns he had ever seen. They strolled past regal-looking lampposts, benches, balconies – everything looked like it was straight out of a painting. To their right was a marble railing overlooking the beach. The tide rolled in and out beneath the orange setting sun. It was a perfect evening.

Bryan and Bridget arrived at the little stone-benched amphitheater just before 8 p.m., and the band was almost finished setting up. Before taking their seats, the two of them hit the bar to have a few drinks. Bryan started with a martini, while Bridget when with the classic margarita again.

“So, this is wonderful,” Bridget said, barely able to contain herself. “Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined all of this going better.”

“It really is great tonight, isn’t it?” Bryan responded.

Bridget looked down at her drink and stirred, tilting her head to the left. “I wasn’t just talking about this little evening stroll…” Bridget’s head stayed pointed downward, but her eyes looked up at Bryan. “But yeah, that too.”

Bryan put his hand on his sister’s knee. “Yeah, I know.”

As the small crowd began to move into the amphitheater, Bryan saw a young family find a row of seats where they could fit all the ridiculous souvenirs they had already acquired. The father had short brown hair, and he wore an embarrassingly stereotypical sombrero and a Hawaiian shirt.

“Shall we?” Bridget asked “Or maybe another drink,” she said, putting down her empty glass. She ordered another margarita.

“Sure,” said Bryan, distracted by the 40-year-old man decorated with tourist gear. “I’ll have a Jameson.”

“You can order it yourself like a big boy,” Bridget teased, “or are you too preoccupied with little miss mommy over there?”

Bryan had barely noticed the young family’s matriarch, who was indeed an attractive woman in her early thirties. “No it’s not her,” Bryan said. “That guy. How can he go out looking so… touristy? I’d feel so weird wearing a get-up like that.”

“Weird?” Bridget asked. “That’s weird?”

“Yeah, that’s weird.” Bryan got the bartender’s attention and ordered his whiskey. “He’s wearing weird clothes.” He tried to sound confident, knowing he had been distracted by something trivial.

“Okay, then. He’s weird.” Bridget put her drink up to her lips, but before she drank, she muttered, “But lest we forget, you’re the one who fucked your sister.” She took a nice, healthy sip and sauntered suggestively over to the family’s bench and sat right next to the father on his left.

Bryan had no choice but to join her. He sat to Bridget’s left and grabbed her hand. “You didn’t have to go right here…”

“This band is so much fun,” the man said, turning to Bridget. “We saw them last night. Aren’t these guys great, kids?” A young boy of about 10 and a girl of around 7 nodded enthusiastically while sipping some slushy drinks, sitting between their parents. Their father turned back to Bridget and introduced himself. “Dan,” he said. “And these two are Dylan and Emma. My wife Rachel is a bit preoccupied.”

“I’m fine,” Rachel said, putting down a bag of souvenirs she had been rooting through. “Is this your first night here?”

“First night catching the music, but we arrived last evening.” Bridget said. “It’s absolutely beautiful here.”

“So you two are…” Dan began, trying not to say something regrettable.

“On our honeymoon,” Bridget confirmed. “On the best honeymoon a girl could ask for.” She gave Bryan a peck on the cheek, her eyes locked on him.

“Thought so,” Dan said. “Just wanted to make sure you weren’t brother and sister, or anything like that. You know you two kind of look alike! You wouldn’t be the only family in this little slice of paradise.” Dan chuckled, and Bridget van escort froze, still looking at Bryan. Her eyes were wide open, her mouth slightly ajar. This time, it was Bryan’s turn for a save.

“Yeah, that would be embarrassing,” he said with a smile. “Wouldn’t want to make that mistake.” Dan chuckled and leaned toward them.

“And between the three of us,” Dan said, more softly, “this honeymoon is going to involve some very, very not brother-and-sister stuff, if you know what I mean.”

Now Bryan was starting to lose his composure. Bridget had gone a shade of white that he had seen earlier that day; he later learned that she had resolved to seduce her brother, inducing a state of severe nervousness. But she quickly put herself back together this time, and found the confident Bridget who had first suggested to the welcome desk that they were married.

“Oh, that’s for darn sure,” she said with a glowing smile. “Some very un-family-like behavior.” Bridget squeezed Bryan’s inner thigh.

Dan leaned forward and caught Bryan’s eyes. “You might have your hands full with this one, pal,” he gave a full belly laugh. “Enjoy the show, you two, and enjoy the rest of your time together.” Dan continued to laugh and turned back to his family.

“Thanks, Dan!” Bridget kept her hand on Bryan’s leg, and began to ride it in closer to his crotch, causing some distress for her brother. Bryan tried to contain himself, going from an awkward conversation to actually having his sister nearly fondle him in a public area. “See, he was nice! And totally not weird,” Bridget whispered.

“Yeah, that was a blast,” Bryan said.

The Mariachi band was fantastic, not only displaying musical aptitude, but also top-notch showmanship. They got some folks in the front row involved in the event, and communicated with the audience throughout. Bridget had a third margarita, putting her a small step past ‘sober,’ and Bryan had two more whiskeys, which set him right on the border.

After the show, Bryan and Bridget walked hand-in-hand back toward their suite. The sun was long gone by now, and the street lamps were the only lighting for the siblings. The whole way back, the pair joked about life and work and school. And dating. When the topic of romance came up, the tone was unlike anything Bryan had experienced. Before he met his ex-fiancé, Meghan, the topic of dating was usually one of wishful thinking, and joking about his hard luck. When he was with Meghan, the topic simply did not come up, unless Meghan wanted to hear about how awful Bryan’s ex-girlfriends were, all two of them.

But now, the entire idea of dating was a past-tense concept. Bryan and Bridget reminisced about their old relationships without dwelling on them. She talked about Kyle, the guy she dated for most of her sophomore year at Ohio State. Kyle was a decent enough guy, Bryan thought, but he never felt that Bridget was really all that into him. Bridget now confirmed that, and went on to reveal that although she had gone on a few dates, Kyle was the only real boyfriend she ever had.

Bridget squeezed Bryan’s hand. “I need to tell you something,” she said flatly, leading them to a bench and sitting down. “I mean, I guess you already figured this out from before, but… I’m not a virgin.” Bryan nodded, and put his free hand on Bridget’s knee. He looked at his sister, who couldn’t raise her head to make eye contact. “Kyle and I, we…”

“It’s okay,” Bryan interrupted. “That doesn’t matter to me. We’re here now, and what’s done is done. It’s in the past.” She still couldn’t look at him.

“I just thought that since I still go to church, and since I told you I didn’t really love him, that you’d think I was just a giant hypocrite,” Bridget said, beginning to cry. “I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about.” Bryan reached around her shoulder and held his sister as she buried her face into his chest. “Your value isn’t tied to how much sex you’ve had. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been with a hundred guys or zero. Not anymore. Besides, you already knew that Meghan and I weren’t waiting for marriage. Did you really think I’d hold you to a different standard?”

“Thanks,” Bridget said, lifting her head up. “And it was just the one guy. And only a few times. Not a hundred.” She gave a little smile and wiped the tears from her face.

They stood back up, and Bryan grabbed Bridget on her upper arms, near her shoulders. “You are my beautiful, wonderful sister, who was always there for me when I had issues with my love life. I am not going to hold this against you, and I am not going to let you get yourself down about this. I love you too much for that to happen.”

Bridget’s eyes began to twinkle in the light of the street lamps, and her mouth was open in stunned gratitude. “Fuck me,” she said. This time, Bryan was sure he had really heard her say it, rather than imagining it. “I want you to fuck me right now.”

They were only about a hundred yards from their suite, so Bryan mustered his strength. He put his right arm ankara escort behind his sister’s back, and his left behind her knees. Bridget took the cue and leaned back as Bryan lifted her legs into the air. She squealed softly and threw her arms around her brother’s neck as he carried her back to their dwelling.

Bryan let her down so he could use the key card to open the suite, and the two of them hurried inside. Bryan enjoyed the evening, but he had craved Bridget’s intimacy ever since they consummated their love at noon. He grabbed her by the waist and drew her in for a long, passionate kiss. Before long, Bridget was undoing his shirt and shorts buttons. She grabbed the bottom of his polo shirt and pulled upward, removing it in one quick stroke. She then went to her knees and pulled down his khaki shorts, and Bryan stepped out of them. The same things happen to his boxers. She added the items to the pile of clothes they had created in their first session.

Bridget knelt there, looking up at Bryan. Bryan was somehow nervous about this part, despite having been inside his sister mere hours earlier. Bridget looked nervous as well, but she overcame that feeling and raised her hand to Bryan’s cock. She began to play with it, stroking it back and forth and side to side until it was hard. At that point, Bridget stuck to simple back-and-forth pumps. Bridget continued looking upward at her brother, who looked straight back down at her azure eyes. They never left each other’s sight as Bridget opened her mouth and guided his cock in.

It was heavenly. Whatever experience Bridget lacked in sex, she had developed in dick sucking. The swirls, the tongue, the head bobbing, the subtle hand work… she was a pro. Or a prodigy.

Bridget took a break from using her hands to loosen the shoulder straps on her sundress, still looking directly up at Bryan and working his cock with her tongue and lips. She slid the straps down her arms, and the teal fabric tumbled down in front of her, revealing her perfect tits. Bridget returned her hands to Bryan’s cock.

Bridget slowed down when Bryan’s arousal was beginning to escalate, and he thought that she would finally relent. After all, how could he fuck her like she asked if he was spent from a blow job? But she sped up again, and it became clear that he would climax

“Bridget, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to… unnghhh” Bryan groaned, feeling an orgasm coming on. Bridget kept her eyes on his, sucking his cock diligently, obviously aware of the consequences of her persistence. As he started to boil over, Bryan grabbed the high countertop next to him as a brace. He instinctively closed his eyes at first, but he resolved to keep them open and continue to look down at his sister, who was performing this favor to perfection.

Finally, Bryan was overcome. “Oh my God,” he groaned, spewing ropes of cum into his sister’s eagerly awaiting mouth. She never left his gaze, taking his seed down in a few big gulps. Bridget lapped up and sucked off whatever was leftover until the only mess to be found was on her lips and chin. She gave her mouth a good wipe and breathed heavily.

“Sorry,” she said. “I figured I’d just get you warmed up, but I got a bit carried away.”

“Bridge,” he said. “Of all the needless apologies you’ve given me this vacation, that one tops them all. That was amazing.”

“Glad you liked it,” she returned with a smile.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to fulfill your little wish for a while.” Bryan looked down at his cock, which was softer and beginning to shrink back to normal size. Despite how much Bridget turned him on, he would need some time.

“Well, I’ve got another wish you could fulfill first,” Bridget said, standing up. She dipped down and reached under her sundress, which was now folded forward over her waist. She bent down more, and after some maneuvering, pulled her panties completely off. She took Bryan’s right hand and raised it to her left breast, leaving it there for him to fondle. She stood on her tip-toes and kissed him, then whispered into his ear, “I want you to pay me back for that.”

Bryan pushed her onto the bed and spread her legs open. Bridget bent them at the knees and began to giggle in anticipation. Bryan threw the skirt of her sundress over his head and buried his face between his sister’s legs. The warmth of her waiting pussy emanated from its opening, and Bryan kissed her inner thighs upon his approach. This elicited an “mmmmmmm…” several times from Bridget, who clutched the bedsheets at her side. Bryan couldn’t keep waiting, and his cock began to twitch at the prospect of eating his sister out.

Bryan kissed the outer lips of Bridget’s pussy, and began to lick around the outside. Bridget thrust back at him involuntarily, and Bryan tried to control her motions by gripping her thighs hard. He now felt his mouth enjoying Bridget’s pussy more fully after her thrust, shooting his tongue into her slit and kissing all over. He moved up slightly to lick her clit, and she tightened her thighs with power Bryan didn’t know his sister possessed. Her breathing was at an unprecedented pace, and she struggled to make guttural sounds in response to Bryan’s oral pleasures. Bryan took her clit just into his mouth and sucked, and Bridget somehow tightened her thighs even harder on Bryan’s head. She leaned forward and gripped the back of his head with her hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32