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Copyright (c) 2003 Bernard Gallagher, all rights reserved

Published on at request of and by permission of author

Dan’s vacation in North Carolina was as relaxing as he had expected. He had spent the past couple of days just relaxing on Kure beach out in front of the Docksider Inn. After having finished lunch, he was catching some rays in his white trunks relaxing on the beach once again. No sooner had he closed his eyes than he heard footsteps approach on the sand and then a shadow covered the sun. He looked up to see a woman — a slender black woman with short braided hair and wearing a two-piece black bikini — standing over him straddling him at the hips. Before Dan had a chance to ask her to move, she squatted down, sitting on his lap, then leaned forward and laid down on top of him. Stunned, Dan failed to say anything.

A minute went by. Then two. Then five. The woman lay there breathing softly with her head nestled next to his and her chin pressing gently on his shoulder. No one else approached, or even seemed to notice two lovers snuggling together on the beach.

Failing to decide how to react after many minutes, he just put his arms around her back in an embrace and closed his eyes to return to sleep. At that, he started to develop an erection. The top of his member began pressing against her groin with some discomfort. She must have felt it too, for she lifted her hips up to let his hard on pop up in his trunks and then settled back down again pressing his hard member between their two crotches.

“Mmmmm, you like hot chocolate, don’t you, white boy,” she whispered in his ear.

Finally, an opening to which he replied, “Yeah, seeing all the black bodies around here sure got me hungry for some hot chocolate, as you call it.”

“Mmmm, hmmmm,” she cooed.

“Well, you must like, er, white chocolate, huh?”

She lifted her chest up on her arms forming a Y with their two bodies to face him. “Well, I guess I owe you an explanation.”

Looking into her brown and white eyes that seemed to glow like flares Bostancı escort bayan against the utter black of her skin, he uttered, “I guess.”

“My boyfriend broke up with me a couple of days ago for some white bitch. After living with him for a year, the sumbitch really dissed me and I was really bummed today, so my sistah picked you out on the beach and dared me to go for it.”

“She picked me out for you, eh?”

“Well, yeah. But you’re kind’a cute. And you’re not from these parts, are you?”

“I’m from Jersey. Vacation, you know?”

“You got a name?”

“I’m Dan. How about your name?”


“Well, it’s really nice to meet you, Keisha. I can’t think of a better way to meet a girl than to have her come out of nowhere and lay down on top of me!”

“You liked that, did you?” she asked.

“You scared the crap out of me at first, but it seems to be working out pretty good so far.”

“So you, like, want me to stay.”


Keisha lowered herself back down and held her face a fraction of an inch from his. Dan swallowed and licked his lips, a moment later, their mouths were pressed together as their tongues wrestled together.

Dan lost track of the time they spent in lip-lock, but Dan heard footsteps approaching once again as air started to cool from the setting sun. Breaking their lip-lock, Dan saw a black guy standing a few steps away from them.

“Uh, oh,” Dan thought.

Keisha must have felt Dan tense up, for she turned her head and also looked up.

“Duayne! What you doing here?”

“Didn’t take long for you to get some white ass of your own, babe.”

Keisha stood, “What you want, you bastard?”

“I thought you might want these.” He dropped two old tattered yellow suitcases in the sand and turned and strode away.

Keisha rolled off Dan, picked up the suitcases, and opened one. “Shit. Least he could’a folded ’em!”

“What did he give you?” Dan asked.

“Just my clothes.”

“Need a place to stay?”

“Yeah, I Escort Bostancı guess.”

“Well, c’mon. I guess you can keep your stuff in my room until you find a new place.”


Dan and Keisha each picked up a suitcase then walked up to the hotel and up to back to his room on the 3rd floor overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Keisha walked up to the plate-glass windows, “Wow! Ain’t never seen the beach like this before!”

Dan walked up behind her and put his arms around her. “Yeah, it’s a beautiful view, isn’t it? Just like you.”

“C’mon, I ain’t beautiful.”

“Sure you are! Doesn’t that saying go, ‘black is beautiful’?” And you deserve better than that ex-boyfriend of yours.”

Keisha turned around and resumed that kiss that was interrupted not too long ago.

After about a minute, Dan leaned back from the kiss. “Say, Keisha, I’m starving. Want to get something to eat?”


“Okay. What do you want?”

“I want some white ass!” she said just as she pushed him back onto his back onto the bed and climbed on top of him once again.

Dan forgot his hunger pangs as Keisha flipped her bikini top up. Dan stared for a moment at her coal-black nipples on her black breasts before she lowered her chest to his face pressing the nipple to his mouth.

Dan sucked on the rock-hard nipple. Keisha moaned with erotic delight as Dan flicked it with his tongue and sucked it deep into his mouth. A few moments later, Keisha lifted up and pressed the other nipple to his mouth to which he did the same. Keisha let out a moan as she lifted up and crawled down his body once more. She grabbed his trunks by the elastic waistband and pulled them down to his knees, as his rock-hard member rose to attention. Leaning down yet again, Keisha swallowed the full shaft with her mouth and began sliding her lips up and down its length. Now, it was Dan’s turn to moan in ecstasy as the pressure built up in his loins and soon erupted into Keisha’s mouth. Still, she continued to suck as his member throbbed, each pulse shooting Bostancı Rus Escort a wad of cum into her mouth. Finally, she sucked him dry, and then spun around using his cock as an axle and her mouth as a pivot, straddling his head between her legs and her mouth. Lowering her crotch to his mouth, pressing her thick black muff against his chin. “You’ll do me too, right, bro?”

Dan replied by licking her pussy, over her clit and up to her pussy, sticking his tongue into her love hole. Then he licked back down on one side, down under her clit, and up the other side. He paused again to lap the juices flowing from her pussy and then slid his tongue back down to her clit. He flicked her clit with his tongue, then swirled it around with his tongue as she moaned in rapture. When he sucked it into his mouth with as much force as his lungs could summon, she let out a screech and began bouncing furiously upon him. He had to struggle to keep the suction on her clit as she bounced and rocked with delight.

Finally, spent, she crawled around to face him. “That was fucking excellent, bro!”

“I’m glad you liked it, love.”

“I mean it, Dan! Most brothers don’t go south if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I think I know what you mean.”

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted my pussy sucked, man!”

“Well, you’re pretty good in the head department too, Keisha. I’ll tell ya’. I’ve had girlfriends say they love to give head and swallow, but after we’ve, you know, done it a few times, they don’t want to do it at all any more.”

“I ain’t going to be like that, bro! You suck me off like you did, and I’ll suck you off whenever you want.”

“Sounds like a deal.”


Dan and Keisha spent a wonderful two weeks together keeping their deal.

On the day before the last of Dan’s vacation, Keisha asked, “Bro, you go home tomorrow. I’ll sure miss you.”

“Yeah, I’ll miss you too. What’ll you do next?”

“I don’t know. Move in with friends, I guess.”

“Keisha, I have a better idea.”


“Would you consider coming home with me?”

“Really! You really want me to move in with you for real?”


“Oh man! I was afraid you was just, you know. You really want me?”

“Keisha! Don’t say that! I love you! Please come home with me.”

“Oh Dan! I love you too, bro!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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