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Life continues unabated

As a refresher, my name is Mark. I am 43 and in great shape with ripped abs, pecks, back, arms and legs as I work out in my basement gym on a daily basis. I am 6’5″ and weigh 230 lbs. My hair is dark brown cut short with blue eyes. My wife Carrie is a smoking hot 43 year old blue eyed blonde babe who stands 5’10” in her stocking feet. She has a 38-26-36 figure with large full and pert DD breasts. She has long legs and slim waist and curvy hips. Her hair is shoulder length and is full and wavy. Our daughter Julia will be 19 years old in a couple of weeks and is about to enter college as a freshman next week. She is very slim standing at 5’7″. She has a 32-A bust but has very sexy ‘puffy’ tits. She has narrow hips and slim waist with long thin legs. She has shoulder length brown hair that is thick and wavy like her mothers. She has huge green eyes and a pouty Angelina Jolie mouth. She is extremely attractive as is her mother.

Julia and her best friend Hannah initiated sex with me several weeks ago during the early morning in my bed while my wife faked being asleep next to me (see ch 1). Carrie had been having sex with Julia for some time and felt guilty about leaving me on the outside as our sexual and marital relationship continued to erode. I’m not on the outside anymore. Our family relationship is unbelievably strong even if it is unconventional.

We have just returned from several days in Jamaica at a resort that caters to nudity and sex (chapters 15-20). We had a fantastic time but now we are back to our real lives. Nothing much is changed; just the locale.

I guess I was tired from the previous day’s travel home from our vacation in Jamaica as I had slept nearly an hour longer than usual. I was on my back and my ever present morning woody was tenting the sheet and light blanket that were pulled up to my waist. Carrie was sound asleep to my right. I turned on my side to look at her and to relieve the weight of the bedclothes from my stiff cock. She was lying on her left side facing me. Her breathing was slow with a very slight snoring sound. She is gorgeous even with no makeup and messy hair partially hiding her face. I laid there looking at her face for several minutes as I contemplated waking her in some slowly developing erotic way that would raise her gradually out of sleep and into full sexual need. She had the sheet pulled up tight around her neck with her arms crossed on her chest as though she were guarding her large, firm tits. It would be impossible for me to gain access to them without bringing her full awake before I could even get started. Her knees were pulled up slightly so there was no way to gently approach her pussy from the front or back. ‘Curses, foiled again!’ I thought.

I turned away from her and swung my feet to the floor and sat on the edge of the bed with my rigid shaft in my right hand. I would need to get this thing down before I could piss as my bladder was sending messages with some urgency. I got to my feet and with my dick acting like a divining rod, walked naked down two flights of stairs to the basement where my workout equipment awaited. I relieved myself and with a flaccid dick hanging between my legs I started my workout.

About 45 minutes later I heard an upstairs toilet flush. Either Julia, my 18 year old daughter or Carrie was awake and starting their day. I continued my workout and was sweating heavily when I heard feet padding down the stairs above me. I couldn’t tell which one of my girls it was until the door to the basement opened and I saw a set of skinny legs followed by very slim hips and waist and then A-cup tits and dark brown hair. I only needed to see the legs to know it was Julia. She was completely naked.

Julia had her left hand on her left tit and was lightly pinching her nipple. Her right hand was between her legs feverishly stroking her pussy with her middle finger tucked deep in her vagina. The lights in the room revealed the glistening of moisture on her legs below her hand. Julia didn’t say a word as she crossed the room in my direction. I was on an incline bench and I lowered the barbells to the hooks above my head and watched Julia as she approached.

Julia, with fingers still working, stopped beside my bench and threw one leg across my body. She was stood there looking down at me with a very sultry and sexy look on her face. She sat down on my lower legs and leaned forward. The hand that was on her tit reached out and wrapped her fingers around my cock as it was rising in anticipation of Julia’s intentions. Her other hand moved from her pussy and her soaked fingers wrapped around my cock above the first one. As my cock raised to full size Julia began counter-rotating her hands as she stroked up and down several times.

When Julia was satisfied that my cock was as hard as a steel pipe she lowered her body so her tits rested on my upper legs and her mouth descended onto my cock. She swirled her tongue around the ridge urfa escort and then lightly bit the glans. I lurched a little but I know she loves to do that. She smiled around my meat pole as she slowly moved her lips inch by inch down the length of my 9″ cock. I felt the head move into her throat. She was looking right at my face with her beautiful eyes the entire time. She lathed my cock with her tongue. Her broad tongue was rasping up the sensitive underside as she pulled all the way back to the head so she could tongue flick the base of the glans which she knows drives me nuts. My hips involuntarily flexed upward.

Julia began blowing my cock pushing about half into her mouth and pulling back off again. Her pace quickened as her hands were working the bottom half in synch with her mouth. She could tell that I was getting close to blowing my wad so she slowed down. I knew from experience that she wanted this rod in her pussy so I pushed my pending eruption back down.

Julia pulled her head off my cock and licked the entire length to make it as lubricated possible. Using her tongue and fingers she wrapped her excess saliva around my shaft and sat up straight. Her hands were still wrapped around my cock and were slowly jacking me off.

Julia pushed herself up off my legs and I could see copious amounts of vaginal fluids flow from her crotch and down her legs. She inched up my body with one leg on either side of me until her legs passed my hips and stopped at my waist. Her pussy was now perched above my cock, which was pointing up above my stomach. She reached down and pulled my cock back and held it in place as she slowly sank herself down until my cock-head pushed into her. Julia’s eyes closed and her lips parted slightly as she groaned and bit her lower lip. She leaned slightly forward and placed both hands on my chest to give her leverage. I expected that she would continue pushing herself down the shaft but she didn’t. She bounced on the head several times with full extraction and penetration of just the head on each bounce. Her legs were trembling and her hips rapidly flexed forward and back several times. Her head tipped back so she was looking at the ceiling. She was breathing very heavily.

Julia was about to launch into an orgasm and I figured she would ride it out before she continued fucking me. Again, she surprised me. Air burst from her lungs and her back arched and hips flew forward. Her chest surged in the opposite direction from her hips. I grabbed her hips to hold her. She screamed out “OHHHHHHH…FUUUUCCCCKKKK. DAAAADDDDYYYY… I’MMMM… CUUUUMMMMIIINNGGG. OH SHIT. OH FUUUUCCCKKKK. AAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE.” As Julia began pulsing with synchronous “AAAHHHH…AAAHHHH…AAAHHH”. Julia slammed herself down on my cock with the first surge of her orgasm and she proceeded to fuck me with mindless abandon as fast and hard as she could as the orgasm rolled through her. Her climax lasted a few minutes and her fucking motion slowed as she tired.

I put my hands on her ass-cheeks and stopped her fucking motion. Then I took over the action. While holding her still, I began rapidly thrusting my hips up and down driving my cock in and out of her pussy at an incredible speed. She screamed out again at my assault. She began emitting “AHHH…AHHH…AHHH,” with each thrust of my cock. I was tiring from the frantic pace. Julia had another orgasm and I could feel her pussy clenching my shaft.

All of a sudden Julia stood up and pulled herself off my cock. As my cock pulled out of her pussy, a strong surge of liquid sprayed from her. It was a geyser. Julia had done this before but this was incredible. The high pressure spray lasted nearly 10 seconds before abating and then another came right after and another behind that. The ‘squirt’ splashed off my pelvis and soaked me from head to thighs. Julia was gasping for air as she screamed out through clenched teeth. Her pussy was furiously spasming even long after the ‘squirt’ was finished. Her fingers went in to rub her clit and she collapsed on my chest trapping my stiff cock against my stomach. I held her tight to me as I massaged her ass-cheeks.

No words had been said by either of us and we just laid there for several minutes with her on my chest. We were both gasping for air from my exertion and her multiple orgasms.

After a long time Julia lifted her head off my chest and leaned up to give me a kiss on the lips. “Jesus ..Jesus…Fuck… That was so intense. I don’t know why I ‘squirt’ sometimes and not others.” she said. I just kissed her on the forehead. “When I ‘squirt’ it is like the orgasm I am in the middle of is super-charged. The feeling is incredible.” Then she giggled and said, “It sure makes a huge mess though doesn’t it?”

“If we are going to do this down here, I’ll have to pull up the carpeting and put in tile. You’ll have to get the carpet cleaner out and clean this up,” I said.

“OK, daddy. I think I will stay here balıkesir escort on the bench for a few more minutes and recover. Now I have left you hanging. Let me suck you off. OK?”

I said, “That OK baby. I’m thinking I will go upstairs and fuck the shit out of your mother.”

Julia laughed, “Look out mom. Rigid digit approaching”, she said loudly as she looked up at the ceiling.

I lifted Julia up and then laid her back down on the bench after I got up. My cock was softening as I walked up the stairs. Before I got to the basement door, Julia said, “Thank you daddy. I guess I really, really needed that.”

“You’re more than welcome, baby girl.” As I was headed up the stairs to the bedroom I heard the shower in the Master Bedroom come on. ‘Perfect timing’, I thought.

The bed was vacant as I walked into our bedroom. My cock was getting stiff with anticipation as I rounded the corner into the bathroom. Carrie was just stepping into the shower. I snuck in behind her before she could close the door. My hands went around her narrow waist as I pulled myself up close to her ass. My stiff cock nestled into her lower back. I bent my knees so I could rub my cock up and down the crack of her ass. Carrie grabbed my hands at her waist and pulled them up to her 38 DD tits. Her nipples grew rock hard as I tweaked them both. A deep moan escaped from deep in her throat.

I held her like that and snuggled up close. I kissed her on the left shoulder and then on her right before nuzzling my lips into her neck and flicked my tongue on the flesh of her right earlobe. She shivered and moaned again as she clamped her hands down on my hands caressing her tits. My cock was pressed up tight against her lower back. I continued kissing and flicking my tongue on her neck and ears. Carrie dropped one hand behind her back to my cock and started stroking me up and down the entire length.

Carrie turned her body around to face me. She nuzzled her mouth into my neck and kissed me. I shivered too. She moved her kisses down my torso to tongue my nipples, ripped pectorals and abs. Both hands were jacking my cock as she went down. As her mouth arrived at the tip of my shaft she pushed her hands down and held the skin on my cock tight to the base. This always increases the sensitivity. She sank her mouth onto my cock-head and continued all the way down to her hands. One hand held the skin tight and the other cradled my balls in her fingers. Carrie began blowing half my cock while never releasing the tension at the base.

I said, “Baby. If you keep doing that I’m going to blow my load before I can fuck you, which I desperately want to do.” Carrie looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and a grin on her face. She slowly, with great suction, pulled her face off my cock. She wiped pre-cum from her lips with her tongue.

She stood up and reached up to kiss me on the lips. She whispered in my ear, “Lower yourself so I can climb on.” Instead, I placed my hands on her waist and lifted her up so her pelvis was above mine and then lowered her so she was sitting from clit to ass-crack on top of my cock. She used her legs to pull herself forward and back so that her clit and slit dragged along my cock. I then lifted her up higher so I could push my cock into her pussy. She groaned as I penetrated her. She locked her legs around my ass and pulled herself onto me hard until she was completely impaled. She groaned again. I groaned too.

We fucked each other like that for several minutes until we were both tiring. As I was about to lower her to the tile floor Carrie launched into an intense orgasm. Her legs were clamped tight on my ass as her hips flexed back and forth. Her head fell back and her mouth was open as she gasped, “OOOOOHHHHH…OOOOHHHH…OHHHHH,” in synch with each spasm. I couldn’t hold her up any longer so I slowly lowered her to the floor. The warm water was splashing on her chest and face and the back of my head and back. She still wouldn’t let go with her legs as her orgasm continued.

After several minutes her clamping pussy slowed and I began fucking my cock into her at a furious pace. Carrie started right into another orgasm within seconds. Her hands were dug into my back and her legs were still clamped on my ass. She was pulling herself up onto me. I was gasping for air. My entire body tensed hard and my cum shot into her with incredible force. Carrie screamed out loud with the force. She was still in her last climax and she was clinging to my neck with mouth open.

We laid there on the tile floor of the shower with hot water spraying down for several minutes before we could gather ourselves enough to move. Carrie released her legs and I rolled over to lie beside her on the floor. Carrie rolled on her side to throw one leg across my thighs and moved her head onto my shoulder and kissed my neck. “Wow! I didn’t expect that after I heard Julia screaming in the basement.” I just held her trabzon escort tight to me for another minute before we got ourselves to our feet. We washed each other and I stepped out as she shampooed her hair.

I closed the shower door and turned to the sink area and noticed Julia sitting on the toilet. She said, “God, I love to watch you guys make love. It’s never just fucking. There is always such passion and tenderness.” I didn’t say anything in response and I leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

I said, “So, you only have a few more days before leaving for college. What is the POD (plan of the day) for you today?”

“I think I will go see Hannah. I have to tell her about that twelve inch BBC (big black cock) of Meat’s and everything else about the week. She will be so jealous.” She giggled as she stood and walked past me toward her room. She reached out and pinched my flaccid cock on her way by.

I finished at the sink as Carrie moved up beside me and looked at herself in the mirror. “Shit, am I a mess.”

I looked at her reflection and mimicked Billy Crystal’s words, “You look fabulous.” She smiled and elbowed me in the arm. I pulled her around and wrapped my arms around her back and held her. I leaned down and kissed her hard and passionately on the lips. She returned the pressure and passion. When our kiss was finished I planted one more kiss on her forehead and she reached down and gave one hard squeeze of my flaccid dick. She looked up at me with a coquettish smile and turned back to the mirror.

We were dressed and standing in the kitchen contemplating breakfast when the phone rang. Carrie answered it and from the one side conversation I could tell it was our good neighbor Max or Lisa. I assumed it was Lisa. Carrie was going on about what a great time we had so I assumed Lisa wanted to hear about our vacation in Jamaica. I poured myself a cup of coffee and went outside on the deck. It was late August and the temperature was much cooler than it had been. It was still nice though. I pulled out a chair at the glass-top table and set my coffee down.

I was reading the paper and drinking my coffee when Carrie came out and announced that Max and Lisa would be coming over to visit and hear about the details of our vacation. Just thinking about the details and my dick jumped in one movement to full erection. I had to make an adjustment in my pants to make myself comfortable. Carrie noticed the movement and the subsequent adjustment. She just smiled at me. I could tell that she knew how Max and Lisa’s visit was going to go. Her pussy moistened at the thought.

Julia came out on the deck and asked me if she could take my car to visit Hannah. I hesitated a moment as I had just got the car back from being repaired after my accident. I told her where the keys were and she was out the door.


Julia pulled into Hannah’s driveway and noticed that Hannah’s boyfriend Jason’s car was there. ‘Shit’, she thought. She thought Jason was an OK guy but he didn’t treat Hannah very well so she was offish to him. He was constantly trying to get Hannah, Julia and himself in a three-some. Julia was not interested and considering her own proclivity for sex of any type, she decided it was just that she didn’t like him.

Hannah and Julia had been best friends since grade school. Hannah was a little pixy compared to Julia. She stands around 5’2″ and everything about her was proportional. She is slim but not skinny like Julia. She has a 34-B bust line with narrow waist, flat stomach and slim hips. She is exceptionally pretty in a cutesy way with shoulder length blonde hair, aqua blue eyes and a cute little pug nose. She is also very promiscuous. Hannah never met any type of sex that she didn’t like.

Julia walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Hannah’s mother Andie opened the door and immediately grabbed Julia and hugged her. “Come on in sweetie. Hannah is up in her room. Jason came over to help her get herself packed for next week. Isn’t this exciting? You and Hannah going off to college as roommates?”

Julia smiled and said, “It’s going to be an amazing adventure. I can’t wait.” She turned and headed for the stairs. Hannah’s bedroom door was closed and assuming that Hannah and Jason were doing anything except packing for college she knocked lightly. She was about to knock again when the door swung open. Jason was standing there completely naked with a gooey, slick boner sticking straight out and pointing at her face.

Julia looked past Jason and after looking a couple times she realized that Hannah was lying naked on her bed on her back with her legs splayed wide with her knees pulled up. Her pussy was soaking wet. On top of Hannah, also facing up, was Hannah’s adopted Sister Rachel. Rachel was also naked and she had her sopping wet pussy sitting just inches above Hannah’s. Her arms were holding her weight off Hannah who had both of Rachel’s large tits in her hands still massaging her nipples. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Jason was alternately fucking both Hannah and Rachel.

Julia hesitated at the door but Jason said, “Come on in gorgeous. The more the merrier.” Julia stepped in and Jason shut the door. Hannah and Rachel were both looking at Julia with huge grins on their faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32