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Note: The following story is based on a real life incident. However, the truth and fantasy diverge from one another along the way. I hope readers find the selection believable as I am sure had circumstances not been a bit different all of the events described here would have come to pass. Reader’s would be surprised at just how much really did happen!


Recently my mother, wife, daughter and I visited Washington DC together. My daughter and my mother shared one hotel room with my wife and I in the other. This particular morning we had decided the night before to each do our own thing and meet for lunch at the Avenue Grill. I was up at the crack of dawn to take pictures of the monuments without the throngs of people.

Within an hour I gave up and took my camera back to my room meeting my daughter along the way just heading out to look around for herself. Getting to my floor I was distracted by some excited kids on their way to the National Zoo. I fumbled in my pocket for a key card and slid it in the slot still watching them jump around.

Hearing the lock click I turned the doorknob and walked right in. I was oblivious to my surroundings. I placed my camera on the first counter top I came to. Then I looked over at the bed and saw a lump under the covers. A perfect outline was formed in the sheets by her sexy round ass.

Glancing higher on the body I saw the long dark hair with streaks of gray in it. I may be 50 but still can get hard at a moment’s notice. Relatively sure that me and my wife wouldn’t be interrupted I flung off my clothing. Tapping her shoulder from behind I stroked my erection and asked, How about fucking me?”

Groggily she rolled over and sucked my cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled masterfully around my cockhead as she sucked me halfway inside her mouth. I looked down to see my 75 year old mother sucking my cock. I yelled out something totally incoherent as I realized that I had used the wrong key card and was in my mother’s room.

My scream must have brought her into reality as suddenly her teeth bit hard into my member. I jerked away as fast as I could. Her facial expression was both shock and terror combined with confusion and perhaps a bit of lust. I stammered out, “Mom, I’m so sorry I’m in the wrong room.”

While she had been sucking me she had placed a hand on my cock. Strangely she hadn’t let go of my erection; in fact, if anything she was holding onto me tighter now. The silence was deafening as I didn’t know what to expect. It was then I discovered that she slept nude as I noticed her breasts were uncovered.

They were large round musk melons, swollen and plump, with hard pointed nipples. Her skin appeared to be leathery from three feet away. I couldn’t believe the sight of my 75 year old mother was turning me on. Of course, the licking she had just given my cock only helped to peak my arousal.

Not letting go of my erection she just laid there as if trying to make a decision. Slowly a grin came to her face and she whispered, “I just happened to be dreaming about fucking your dad and when you asked to fuck me I thought it was him. I know he has been dead for five years but I still dream of him.”

“I’m sorry mom,” I reassured and ran my hand through her soft hair. Mom then gave my cock a hard squeeze and I was totally confused. Almost inperceptively she began moving her hand up and down my length, maybe 1/8 of an inch.

“Don’t worry about it honey. It is as much my fault as it is yours. I shouldn’t have sucked this cock of yours into my mouth. You know, I think you are bigger than your father,” she said nearly purring. With that she began pumping her hand up and down my entire length.

Then she lifted her head and began licking all over my spongy cock head. I gasped but didn’t pull away. I spat out, “Mom what the fuck are you doing?”

She used her free hand to pull away the covers. I gulped loudly at the sight of her trim belly and toned legs. I was in awe at the vision of her sikiş izle salt and pepper furry bush. Spreading her legs she revealed her glistening pussy as she replied, “You asked me if I wanted you to fuck me; I do!”

Suddenly my entire cock disappeared into her mouth. I was completely overpowered. Her vacuum action elicited loud moans from my very soul. There was no turning back now. I reached down and lightly touched the side of her breast. To my surprise her skin was actually as soft and silky as any girl I had ever been with.

It wasn’t long before I was gently kneading her boobs. My hands worked back and forth from tit to tit pausing to pinch her nipples between my fingertips. My mother’s sucking became voracious. In no time my knees were buckling. My panting became louder and I shot a large load of spunk into her throat.

Mom’s eyes were filled with nothing but lust as she lay back on the bed. Quickly I lay down beside her. Our mouths met in a passionate deep prolonged kiss. My lips found her tits as my hands were discovering all of her curves. Her soft ass felt great as I fondled it. She moaned encouragement when I ran my fingers through her pubic hair.

Vigorously I kissed from one large tit to the other. Her hands were soon entangled in my hair. I swirled my tongue around her long hard nipples. Unnoticed by me she had slid one hand down to my ass crack. I jumped when she stabbed a finger inside of my shit hole. I cried out, “This is fucking unbelievable!”

“Oh yes! Fuck you have such a skinny sweet ass and tight ass hole. I love it!” She was finger fucking my butt hole as I slobbered all over her chest. The soft smell of pussy began to fill my nostrils as she ground her pelvis against me. I knew what I wanted to do next but wasn’t sure about how to ask my own mother for it. So, I said the first stupid thing that came to mind.

“Mom, you are so sexy and smell so wonderful,” I lamely moaned.

“If that is so then show me! Get to work on my pussy right now.” Mom had never minced her words. She pulled her finger from my ass hole and licked it seductively. Fifteen seconds later I found myself between her legs running my tongue over her cunt lips and stroking her bush with my fingers.

Juices flowed freely from her womanhood as I worked my mouth all over the surface. I stabbed my tongue as deep as it would go into her hole as I slid my hands under her ass lifting her pussy into the air. When my mouth reached her clit and sucked it in between my lips she demanded, “Fuck me; gawd damn it fuck me!”

Now on fire I began to move up her body. Her pussy honey was dripping from my chin. She stopped me, explaining I couldn’t be on top as she didn’t think she could take the weight of me on her. In a flash she was on her knees in the middle of the bed. She had me lay down on my back.

Leaning down she gave me a sensual kiss as she swung her leg over me to straddle me. Two flicks of my cock against her clit and she slid my cock into her pussy. For some reason I didn’t think she would be very tight. I was wrong. Her pussy swallowed me up like a fine glove fitting so tight that I thought she could yank my cock out by its roots.

Mom’s fingers were soon a blur rubbing her clit as she rode my cock wildly. Her melons were bouncing from side to side and up and down as I watched them with savage amazement. Meanwhile, I fondled and squeezed her sweet ass cheeks as my hips met each of her downward thrusts.

Sweat was pouring from both of us. Sounds of panting and moaning filled the hotel room. She caught one of her tits and began squeezing it as she let the other one continue to bounce out of control. That was all it took to send me over the edge. I screamed out and flooded her cunt with my hot jism. Mom was shuddering over and over and over as she came. She fell against me and put her head on my shoulder.

“I hope this wasn’t a one time thing. I hope you find your old mother sexy enough to do it again along with some other stuff,” brazzers she whispered hopefully.

“I’ll be your mother fucker anytime and anywhere that we are alone. You are so hot and sexy, “I answered kissing her on the forehead. A fire must have been ignited inside of her as she told me she would get her own room so we could sneak off and have fun together.

She over ruled each objection I had. I agreed to meet her whenever the opportunity arose. I was hoping it would arise frequently over the next four days. Then my sweet old mother blew me away when she asked, “Are you into ass play?”

“Ah, some,” I answered not knowing what to say.

“Well, I am and your ass is mine,” she pronounced confidently. She reached down and gave my ass cheek a hard squeeze. We knew nothing more could happen now as it was getting close to time to meet my wife and daughter. She rolled off of me and I struggled to my feet. A low moan escaped from her.

“Back that sexy little ass up for a second,” she demanded forcibly. I backed up the two steps and found my ass being attacked. My mother caressed and squeezed my butt cheeks as her tongue traversed up and down my crack until she stabbed her tongue in my rectum. Most anal contact I had was me doing stuff to my partner’s ass. So this was a relatively new and sensual sensation.

It was hard to believe that my cock was getting hard again. But, all too soon she quit telling me there would be more later. After she let go I used the bathroom. When I came out she was standing in front of the desk pulling up her stockings with one foot on the chair. My heart skipped two beats as this was the first time I had seen her naked ass.

There was no thinking involved as I rushed over and wrapped my arms around her waist. As I cupped a boob in each hand I slid my cock right into her deep crevice. Her soft cheeks felt so great against me as they swallowed up my cock. Grinding against her and nibbling on her neck I groaned, “You’ve got the sexiest ass I’ve seen!”

She knew I meant it but quickly broke free and turned around and kissed me. As she continued to dress she told me that we’d better hurry if we were going to be on time as well as get the additional room without anyone finding out. I swung into action and had my clothing on in about a minute.

There was only one small room left when we got to the front desk. I was shocked at the price but even more shocked that my mother willingly paid the price just so we could have sex. She stuffed one of the keys in my front pants pocket and covertly gave my cock a quick grab.

Lunch went on without any hint of what had happened. That afternoon we visited the National Mall looking at the monuments. My wife and I usually walked behind my daughter and my mother. While the women looked at the monuments much of my time was spent watching the sway of my mom’s ass.

While most of the passers by obviously saw my mom as a sweet little old lady I knew that there was actually a tigress under the sundress she wore. The only person to catch on was my wife. She playfully slapped my arm and teased me about it. Then whispering to me she admitted that she thought my mother would give most women 1/3 of her age a run for their money.

This was quite a compliment from my wife and started me thinking about possibilities. Especially as my wife is bisexual and we had toyed with the idea of a threesome. We had never done it because of our fear of finding a woman that would be safe to have sex with without fear of disease or emotional damage to our marriage.

Boldly I whispered, “That would be one hell of an ass to bury your face in wouldn’t it?”

Smiling my wife slapped me, “It sure would be but neither of us will likely get the chance. After all, we are talking about your mother.”

Just then we arrived at the Lincoln Memorial and our thoughts turned to the majesty before us. Later it was my daughter who was directly in front of me and I noticed that fake taxi porno she had the same great ass as her grandmother. I felt the now familiar sting on my arm, “Not her too!”

“I can’t help it that I am in a family of sexy women,” I replied. That night my wife and I had unbelievable sex. She even brought out her strap-on and used it on my ass. She only did this to use me as a surrogate for a woman she wanted. I suspected that the two women in the next room were who she was thinking of.

After dinner that night my mom had pulled me aside in her bathroom and plunged her tongue in my mouth. I felt up her ass only to discover that she hadn’t been wearing any panties all day long. We agreed to meet at four in the morning in her secret hotel room if we could sneak out of bed.

Tired but horny I stumbled to her special room. She was waiting for me in a long silk robe. I kicked off my shoes and threw off my shirt as I covered the ten steps to her. We flung are arms around one another and kissed deeply. Taking a step back she let the robe fall from her shoulders as I dropped my pants to the floor. This left me in my briefs and her in a pair of sexy yellow bikini panties.

In moments we had fallen to the bed. Our hands were all over one another. While I was enjoying the feel of her ass in my hands she was getting down to business. Her mouth quickly traveled down my stomach as she worked my underwear from my ass. The next thing I knew she had me on my stomach as she kissed and caressed my rump.

Magical was the only way to describe her touch. She had me moaning and groaning with each lick and caress. Once her appetite was satisfied she moved back up and kissed me sharing the taste of my bowels with me. As we kissed I latched on to her orbs and squeezed them hard while pinching the nipples.

After having admired her ass for most of the day I wasn’t going to wait any longer to get at it. I nearly ripped off her panties as I rolled her onto her side. I buried my face between her two full moons and eagerly began kissing and licking her soft skin. I made sure to cover every inch of that magnificent ass with kisses while my hands kneaded and caressed it.

Before long she had repositioned herself on her stomach and wrapped her feet around my waist. She ground her ass in my face making circles in the air with it. My tongue burrowed deeper and deeper into her crack until it was halfway inside her shittie hole. I leaked pre-cum onto the bed as I heard my mother cum for the first time.

“Damn it! Come on and fuck my ass; oh gawd I need it,” she exhorted now waving her ass proudly in the air. I thought I needed it just as much as she did and hurriedly moved in behind her. She lifted her rump as high as it would go as she dropped her shoulders to the bed. Pulling her cheeks apart I slid my cock up and down her crack several times.

“You have to seconds to stop me then your fucking ass is mine,” I bellowed. Moaning quietly she reached between her legs and squeezed my balls. Taking the cue I positioned my spongy cockhead at her rosebud and gave a push. It popped into her depths without difficulty. She squealed as I entered her backdoor.

It was obvious that she wanted me to continue as mom pushed her ass up to meet the invading cock. We kept pushing together until my pubic hair was against her beautiful ass cheeks. In less than a minute I was pounding my prick in and out of her very tight shit hole. Her butt muscles were contracting against my erection seemingly trying to pull out my spunk. Her back was arched as mom played with her clit.

“Cum in me; cum in my fucking asshole right now you fucking pervert. Shit yes, explode in my asshole right now,” she was almost pleading. That was all it took and I shot a load like never before deep into her bowels. A loud groan came from her as I felt her cunt honey running down my thighs.

We fell to the bed momentarily exhausted. But after resting for a few minutes we resumed our love making until about6:30 when we decided it was time to sneak back into our regular rooms. As we walked to the elevators I realized that all three women I was with were bisexual. I hadn’t thought of it before because of the incest taboo.

to be continued . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32