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A stand-alone story following others in the series. This could easily have been placed in a number of different places, but BDSM seemed to be the best.


With my wedding approaching, I felt I should be more frantic or something. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Radiant overall yet panicking over details?

My mother and aunts being literally on the other side of the world, they were incapable of stoking any fires here unless I opened email or texts. I couldn’t do anything about a wedding dress until we flew into Paris and I knew that my mother, having made appointments for the Best Collections and Best Houses there, would be doing enough fretting for both of us. We would pick out rings in Amsterdam after that, no worries in a city of diamonds. Stockholm’s best hotel was throwing itself at our feet, no doubt fired up by my man’s high-powered European business partners. My aunt’s husband was a bishop no less and he would perform the ceremony. Catering, flowers, hairdressers – all in order. And all out of my control, so why worry?

There was even, I was reliably informed, a mink coat waiting for me at the Stockholm airport.

My only concern was to find enough clothes to travel in as far as Paris without being arrested. I was pretty sure I had a suitcase of stuff somewhere, but I hadn’t seen it since forever.

Put plainly, our only garb here on the island was sunblock, sandals and dark glasses. We got dressed only to go shopping in town and when a local couple came one morning a week for cleaning and maintenance. The locals had no reason to come by and we had no reason to conform.

I’d asked two recently-met friends, Max and Fleur, to be bridesmaids. We would meet them in Paris to arrange their dresses, which again was my mother’s problem. My maid of honour would fly to Paris with us. Right now, she was on the lawn three steps in front of me, making love to my fiancé.

Kaarin was hanging onto a palm tree, bent over at the waist. Her generous boobs swung beneath her as, hands on her hips, my man drove into her again and again. It was an inspiring sight and I could feel my nipples hardening. Knowing him, I could sense the pleasure she was feeling. I was sincerely tempted to go and join in, but I was enjoying the view. There was enough pleasure to go around and, in any case, I had my own plans.

Kaarin was tall, slim, blonde and far, far prettier than anybody had any right to be. She’d shown up here a wreck after a messy divorce had left her doubting even her femininity. It had taken a lot of patience from both of us to comfort her, bring her around, make her once again believe in herself – and in her desirability.

I’d reignited old university fires and had been sharing a part-time happy bed with her within a fortnight of her arrival, but that wasn’t her central issue. And, although she soon fell in love with my man and virtually admitted she wanted him, it had been a tortuous path. Her divorce baggage had not helped much, either.

Three in a bed had come soon enough, her nightmares had seen to that. Eventually, one night, I’d told her we were going to make love and she could stay or leave, as she chose.

She’d chosen to stay, but not to participate. Pulled but unsure of herself, her only action was to engage in – and only in – extended deep kissing with my man as I rode him to orgasm. Soon after, he began joining us when Kaarin and I made love – and it was making love – but again only as a witness and guest kisser. Fun, but not complete.

I had urged him to take her to bed, but, bless him, he had reservations, ethical issues about taking advantage of Kaarin’s emotional issues. And about me.

It had taken a lot of patience. Even with nightly bedroom romps between he, I and Kaarin-as-side-dish, my poor man was walking around almost crouched over in discomfort, such was the sight of two ultra-desirable women constantly nude in front of him.

Patience paid off, as it usually does.

Below me on the lawn, Kaarin’s cries were rising. My man’s slim hips were slapping against her bum faster and harder. I do like solid buns on a man – more crunch when it is needed. His strong, sure hands ran over her flawless bum, leading her into the final sprint.

Behind them, I could watch the surf roll in onto the beach. With the last chapter of my book sent off to the publishers, I had enough time to do precisely nothing and I was making the most of it. Sun, sleep and sex, that’s what this girl needed. I was working hard on all of them; Lord knows I wouldn’t see much of the first two in Stockholm.

Kaarin’s cries became almost continuous. She bucked and reared into my man, swayed her ass back and forth. I could see his rigid organ driving in and out of her. His face was set in a look of expectant concentration.

So much fun to share.

Kaarin gave a loud cry and slowly sank to her knees, leaving him behind. My man’s erect cock glistened in the sunlight; he needed release. I was about to go down cihangir escort and help him myself when she twisted over on the ground, reached up and pulled him down on top of her.

So I went and made us lunch.

We shared a shower before eating and slippery fun it was. One thing about joint showering with my man, we had the cleanest boobs in the time zone.

“Lunchtime, you two,” I eventually announced, turning off the water and passing towels.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kaarin gently fingering his manhood. I wagged my finger at her. “Not so soon.” Both sets of eyebrows went up, but for different reasons.

Sliding my finger along his cock, I let it trail off the end. It bounced. “You two have had your fun; now it’s my turn. I have plans for this little fellow after lunch.” His eyebrows went up, but he smiled. She just looked curious.

Our light lunch didn’t last long. Leaving the dishes in the sink, I told Kaarin to get him hard, but to not let him cum under any circumstances. When I returned with a bag under my arm, she was on her knees in front of him, licking him like a lollipop.

“Kaarin, love,” I said, squatting down and hugging her, “we are going to be playing some Games this afternoon. Nobody’s going to get hurt, but you might find it off-putting. If so, go watch the whales and we’ll be along in an hour or three.” I kissed her cheek. “It’s OK, really.”

“If it involves this beautiful man here, I want to see,” she stated firmly.

I nodded, then decided I might as well see how she handled things. I pulled a set of cuffs from the bag. Her eyes bugged out but saw that he had no objection. They were on his ankles and wrists in less than a minute.

I wanted to get her involved. “Hon, would you please fasten his wrists together behind his back?” While she was doing that, I squeezed his balls away from his body and snapped a thin cuff around his scrotum.

Handing her the leash, I asked, “Bring him along, please.” Her eyes opened wide at the surprising sight, but she took the loop and the two trailed after me down the bay path.

Paracord lines were already hanging from two palm trees close to the water. This wasn’t our first rodeo…

I ran the lines through V-cleat fittings on each cuff, leaving him spread-eagled and facing the water just metres away. The leash dangled from the base of his manhood.

Kaarin was staring at the spectacle he presented. She ran light fingertips down his chest, then turned to face me. “This… Will this involve whipping him or something? That is just sick.”

I hugged her. “Well, I guess it can be, hon, depending on the people and how they relate, but don’t worry. We’re not really into pain.” I smiled. “I will show you some tricks later. Right now, help me put some sunscreen on him. Front or back?”

“Uh, front, I guess.”

The two of use spent five minutes rubbing sunblock over his entire body. I noticed, smiling to myself, that she didn’t stint on protecting his wedding tackle, slowly, persistently rubbing quite a bit of sunblock on it. Even given his recent ride under the palms, my man squirmed under her ministrations, his erection twitching and pulsing in her hands.

Good start…

“The most important thing, hon, is for you to remember that he can’t be allowed to cum until we decide to let him. That’s what the game is all about.”

“Is that not a bit cruel?”

“In the short term, perhaps, but it’s a lot of fun on both sides and the ending can be amazing. You’ll see – denial really boosts the final voltage. We do this a lot.”

She looked at my man. “Really?” He nodded.

We let the sunblock sink in for a bit.

“The idea is to keep him at the brink of cumming, but not letting him actually get over the line.”


“Any way you want, hon. He likes it all. And two of us should be capable of all sorts of fun ideas.”

I knelt in from on him and tickled behind his balls with my nails. Kaarin giggled.

“Kiss him for me, will you, hon? One of your good ones.”

With his legs spread so widely, his head was at the same height as hers. She leaned in, grabbed his head and worked on sucking out his tongue. His toes curled. He started kissing back and my toes curled – I knew what sort of kisses each of them could give.

Kaarin broke the kiss and smiled at me. “I could get to like this!”

“You will, I promise. But I also promised to show you some things.” I brought out a Bondage 101 toy, a doeskin flogger.

Kaarin’s eyes popped wide. “I thought you said no whips!”

“What I said was ‘no real pain’. Try this in your leg. Go on – it won’t hurt.”

She timidly flipped it across one thigh, then harder. “Sort of tingles!”

“Mmm-hmm. All it does is excite the skin. So go ahead, try it on him.”

Kaarin snapped it harder against her other leg, then harder again.

“See, hon? It really doesn’t hurt. You wind up feeling tingly and mecidiyeköy escort excited. So do your best. Just stay away from his face and these .” I ran my fingers lovingly over his cock and balls.

Obviously reaching a conclusion, she smiled and flicked it lightly at his calf. Seeing no particular response, she tried it harder. He shifted a little. So she swung it hard against his bum. He tensed and sighed. His skin turned a little bit pink under the tender lash.

I looked at her. “Sometime, if you wish, you can try it yourself. There’s always a safe word that stops everything.”

She looked at my man. “And you like this?”

He thought for a moment. “Hmm. Not always at the time, but it feels very nice when it stops, like being super-sensitive all over. And it can actually be pleasurable, if done right. There’s a kind of high to it.”

The girl;s eyebrows went up, but she smiled and began flogging him again, tentatively at first, then harder. My man twisted in his bonds.

“Let’s try something else,” I said. “Men are very visual, so I like to leave the blindfold off most of the time, but here’s a good time for one.” Reaching over his head, I snapped it in place. “Now he can’t see where or when the next one is coming.”

Kaarin grinned, obviously getting into the swing of things, as it were. She began to rain blows at irregular times, moving around his body. He jerked and hissed, but kept silent. Five minutes later, his body was glowing as if he had just come off a tennis court.

“That’s enough, hon. This is just a warm-up; it’s time to move on. Take off his blindfold. We want him to be able to watch from now on.”

His eyes blinked in the sudden sunlight. His erection, although untouched, was as red as the rest of him.

“Here,” I said, handing her our special eagle feather. “He’s not ticklish, but he really gets off on having his dangly bits teased with this.”

She smiled in anticipation – such a confident change from when she has first arrived! She walked around him, running her hands over his body. In front of him, she reached up and pulled his head to hers, kissing him fiercely, then knelt and used the tip of the feather to tease behind his wrinkled sack before stroking the length of his shaft with the edge, as if shaving with a straight razor.

His eyes closed and his hips began to rock back and forth, as if trying to mate with an invisible lover. All he met with was more stimulation, this time directed at the head. His cock would move forward and be flicked with the feather. He’d pull away from the maddening sensation and she’d follow. Five minutes of it left him squirming in his frustration.

“Beautiful,” I told her, “But I’ll show you something else now. Stand up beside me.”

Standing in front of her, I looked up at her face. “Here’s where vision comes into play'” I smiled. I ran my hand slowly up her hip and flank over perfect skin, ending by cupping a hard-nippled breast. I stood up on tiptoe and pursed my lips. A light went on in her eyes as she realized that tormenting and stoking his desire need not involve touching him.

Her soft lips closed over mine and I could feel her hands close on my bare bottom, fondling and working my cheeks. I moved my other hand up to catch her second boob and felt my world go fuzzy as a slim finger traced the length of my lower lips.

So loved! To be loved so much by two different people! I felt so incredibly lucky. Sex was just the icing on the cake.

Very, very good icing, of course…

I loved him with all my heart and that would never change, but now I put everything I had into kissing Kaarin. Two beautiful sets of lips worked together, two beautiful bodies ground against one another, two voices gasped their increasing excitement.

I glanced at my man out of the corner of my eye. His eyes were riveted onto the girl-girl display not much further in front of him than the end of his stiff and neglected organ. A drop of pre-cum glistened on the tip.

One of Kaarin’s hands slid over my hip and between my legs, coming to rest lightly on my so-very-awake clit. A moan I couldn’t stop slipped out of me as her finger stroked and teased. I squeezed her breasts and felt my heart pound.

“Time, dear,” I whispered. “I’m really enjoying this, but we can’t neglect the audience.” I slipped out of her arms and, taking her by the shoulders, turned the striking woman to face my man. I held her waist and pushed between her shoulders. Catching on, she bent at the waist and, bringing a hand up to hold and fondle his scrotum, she took him into her mouth, pumping his shaft with the other hand. Her head bobbed back and forth.

“Don’t let him cum,” I reminded her as I knelt behind her and pushed her legs far enough apart that I could reach her pussy with my lips and tongue.

She was dripping wet and the sweet marine odour set my own pussy on fire. I licked her lips, twirled her clit and poked a stiff tongue into her slit, over and again. kurtuluş escort Her thigh muscles tensed and I could hear her calling my name between strokes.

Looking over her back, I could see my man’s eyes almost bulging from their sockets.

She stopped, pulled away from him and stood up. “He is close,” she said, turning around to face me.

“Well, we’ll just have to give him something to think about while he settles down,” I said seriously. I took her wrist and pulled her down onto the grass. She came into my arms like an angel. Her boobs pressed against mine, our nipples kissed.

We spent the next 10 minutes stroking and fondling each other in front of my frustrated lover. His cock was twitching and pulsing and his eyes flicked from boobs to bottoms to lips on pussies and then started all over again.

Eventually, I got up and knelt in front of him. Kaarin came over and started playing with his nipples, waiting to see what I would do. I formed a circle with thumb and forefinger and started flicking it up and down over the rim of his head. He jerked back and forth, so I grabbed his ball sack with the other hand to hold him still.

“Having fun?” I asked to nobody in particular.

“Oh my, oh yes!” came the reply from the enthusiastic girl. My tethered man just groaned, part pleasure and part frustration.

I stood up, spread my legs and, pressing his suffering purple manhood against his stomach, began to slowly run my sopping pussy lips up and down over its underside, clutching his behind with my hands to keep up pressure against him. Kaarin looked down, fascinated. I nearly came myself. I pulled away and began rapidly pumping his shaft with one hand, then stopping, then starting again. With my other hand, I reached over and slid two fingers into Kaarin, twisting and stroking her slippery insides. She gasped.

“Please…” he begged.

“Uh, uh, lover,” I replied. “We haven’t shown Kaarin all our tricks yet, have we?”

I stepped back from them and went over to my toy-bag and brought out a bottle of sparkling fruit juice, condensation glistening on its sides. I had forgotten to bring glasses. No matter; I twisted the cap off and took a long drink before handing it to Kaarin. She stood up, took a drink and held it to the tethered man’s mouth. He gulped thirstily at it.

I set the bottle aside and poured some lube on my hands. Lacing my fingers together, I began stroking his organ up and down with a firm grip. Then I stopped and started slowly massaging that supersensitive triangle just under his swollen head.

He initially stood still, then began to try to move within the cage of fingers. I wouldn’t let him and moved with him. I kept massaging that triangle and he was soon panting in his need. Kaarin, I saw, had sat down to one side and was watching us as she fingered herself with one hand. Her other hand mounded her breasts, fingers moving from one nipple to the other.

I let go of him and smiled up at her. “Still having doubts, dear? Too kinky for you?” I knelt behind her, leaving him a good field of view. I reached down and, moving her hand aside, played with one of her nipples.

“No, this is fun. So fun.”

I could feel her fingers slide between us and enter my pussy, so I shifted my hand to hers. Maybe it was time…

She turned her head over her shoulder and I bent down to kiss her. Hard. She slid down and over to pull us into a classic soixant-neuf position. A thumb entered me and started stroking my G-spot as her tongue twirled around my pussy. I took her pussy lips, one in either hand and pulled them gently apart while focusing on her clit with my lips and tongue. Neither of us was interested in subtlety right then, we were both too turned on. Only that our mouths were full kept our cries from deafening each other.

Kaarin suddenly screamed and sagged. I was so close myself. It was time to end the game.

I poured some lube between my boobs and, cupping them with my hands, knelt before my man and guided his cock between them. I started rocking forwards and backwards and he began jerking back and forth as quickly as he could. My boobs were by then supersensitive and had a direct line to my clit. Messages of congratulations were flowing southward as I focussed on the breathtaking sensations his iron manhood was providing the Girls.

My man was himself on the edge; I could feel his thigh muscles tensing.

“Kaarin, hon,” I said, “if you are up to it, could you help us a minute, please?”

A flushed blonde head appeared over my shoulder, a hand gently stroked my hair.

“Kiss him for me, will you?”

She stood up, took his head, leaned in, covered his lips with hers. With that, he began to cum. All three of us were covered as jets of manjuice shot over us. That was what I needed to see and a sweet but powerful all-body orgasm hit me. Boobgasms are always wonderful, but, with this one, my knees, my shoulder blades were involved. My hair was having an orgasm.

I fell away, stunned. I watched as Kaarin untied our man. His arms closed around her, at first for support, then morphing into a loving kiss. They joined me on the soft grass. We lay together in the sun, Kaarin in the middle.

She lightly stroked his now-softening penis. “Was that… OK for you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32