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Big Dick

In the fall of 1974 Angie Tuttle was one of the biggest high school sensations in women’s basketball who played for the largest prep school in Charlotte, NC. The 15 year old stand out was the only freshman playing on the girls’ varsity squad. She stood only 5-1″, and weighed just over 105 lbs. However, at the time there was no better ball hander in the state and no one could stop her outside shot. She obviously had a gift for basketball.

Her coach was Roger Smith, a former division I college basketball star in the early 60’s who suffered a career ending injury that kept him from playing in the NBA. Although he was 35 years old at the time, he was in tip top shape and looked like he could play college ball with any school in the land. At 6′ 7″ and weighing close to 280 lbs of all muscle he stood out at every high school event, particularly since his hiring in 1972 received a great deal of media attention as the school’s first black basketball coach of the boys and girls varsity teams.

Angie was his star player for 4 years of which the school’s girl’s team won the state title 3 times and was the runner up once. He developed a great relationship with all of his players and always looked out for them.

By now it was 1978 and Angie was being heavily recruited by a list of division 1 schools. Although the media attention was great, Angie wanted to stay close to home and ended up choosing UNC Charlotte’s scholarship offer.

Angie and Roger stayed in touch after her graduation and had gotten to know each other well. Although she never grew any taller, Angie developed into a very attractive young lady. Still 5-1 she had a beautiful hour glass figure, very full C-cup breasts that strained the knit of any sweater she wore. She had long fiery kinky red hair that she usually pulled back in a wild, bushy pony tail. Her freckles and fair skin seemed to contrast nicely with anything she wore. With her tiny waist and curvy hips she caught admirer’s eyes anywhere she went.

Because of her heavy academic schedule and basketball commitment, she had very little time for a social life and would just hang out with a few close girl friends who she had known in high school.

Roger and his wife was also still living in Charlotte. He was still teaching and coaching and his wife had a financial services job that kept her on the road quite often. Since he was by himself quite a bit, he would venture out to the UNC Charlotte basketball games to cheer his former player on at the sparsely attended basketball games. Angie always noticed him and at some point during the game would make eye contact with him to show her appreciation for his support.

Since high school Angie had this secret school girl crush on her coach because he always dressed for perfection, treated her like a total gentleman, and always had a genuine caring attitude for her.

Angie had her share of boyfriends in high school and occasionally dated in college around her busy schedule but up to this point had no serious significant “other”. She would sometimes meet Roger for a quick dinner after a game and get his assessment of her performance stats that night. They thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and although he was 20 years her senior the two seemed quite compatible.

After a while if they didn’t meet for a “standing date” after every home game they Bostancı Anal Escort would meet for lunch every Wednesday just to talk and catch up. Angie (now 18) started having strong feelings for Roger (38) but she could tell he was still trying to be the same old mentor and coach, since of course; he was married and loved his wife very much.

That same year, Roger had inherited a couple of duplex homes from his uncle and offered a unit to Angie free of charge so she could have a place to get away from the dorm life hustle and bustle when she needed some serious quiet study time. He used that same unit as an office for himself.

One Wednesday, Angie noticed Roger didn’t show up on time for their weekly lunch together and got very concerned. She called his office at the high school and they said he had called in sick. She then rushed over to the duplex to see if he might be there. It was a rather brisk March day and she was dressed in her snug designer jeans, turtleneck sweater, and high heel clogs…. and her untamable red hair was blowing wildly in the wind as she closed in on the duplex.

She saw Roger’s car parked outside and rushed in to find him sitting on the sofa with his head in his hands staring at the floor. Roger’s wife had just confessed to him the night before that she was having an affair with a business co-worker, but wanted to give their marriage another shot if he was willing.

Needless to say, Roger’s emotions were going in a thousand different directions when Angie rushed in and he told her what had happened. She immediately embraced him and held him tightly as Roger’s emotions got the best of him. Angie felt it was time for her to fess up that she loved him and would always be there for him whether he took his wife back or not.

All of a sudden Roger wasn’t looking in the eyes of an 18 year old college freshman he used to coach as a youth, but rather a voluptuous, mature young woman who wanted to relieve his emotional pain the only way she knew how. Angie said she couldn’t undo his wife’s infidelity but would love to try to help him forget it all at least for one day.

Angie then kissed Roger with all of her might easily prying his waiting lips open and sliding her tongue in his mouth. Still surprised and stunned at the spontaneity, Roger just sat in amazement and anticipation of what might come next. At this point Angie had broken off their kiss, and proceeded to remove Roger’s shirt and carefully kissed and nuzzled her way down his hairy chest. What a beautiful sight as this petite curvy fair skinned redhead took control of this big burly older black man whose deep dark black skin sharply contrasted with her body as she quickly removed her clothes stripping herself down to nothing at all while also managing to do the same for him.

In a matter of seconds she found herself burying her nose deep into his huge thicket of black tight curly pubic hair at the base of his 11 inch black cock (which by now was standing still and tall) that seemed to have the thickness of a beer can. Roger, by now, almost out of breath, panted, “Angie, you don’t have to do this, I’ll get over it.” Paying no attention to his half-hearted, but well intentioned pleas, Angie worked that much harder getting lost in Roger’s bushy base until she licked her way down to his balls which were almost Bostancı Yaşlı Escort the size of two tennis balls.

By now Roger’s gentlemanly pleas were replaced with moans of ecstasy as Angie performed on him like his cheating wife of 10 years hadn’t done in ages. Angie looked up at him with her bright green eyes and wild fiery read hair and said, “Today you will forget all about her and the pain she caused you.”

At that moment she raised up, kissed Roger once more time on the mouth and then swooped back down to engulf his huge dark purple helmet in her mouth wringing and twisting to get it all in as she struggled with his size. Her sexy red hair was waving violently back and forth as she was aiming to please her new man.

Roger, moaning and giggling at the same time said, “whoa! Whoa! …Angie, baby…how many times have you done this before?…..with her mouth still full of his manhood, she grunted…enough to where you’ll never forget this moment!”

He then sat back and enjoyed Angie’s exhibition of pleasure as it was clear she had never handled this size before, but like so many times before in basketball practice, she gave it her all until she got it right.

Angie’s plan of making Roger forget was definitely working! How could Roger not forget his woes on this day as this 18 year old hottie began bobbing her head up and down on his black cock like with the rhythm a jackhammer grunting and squealing herself as she was so pleased with her accomplishments up to this point!

She was performing and learning at the same time and Roger was pleased to be the recipient of her efforts. It wasn’t long before he shot his load with the stream of a fire hose that filled Angie’s throat and mouth to the point of splattering outside her own lips since she couldn’t swallow it fast enough. After coughing briefly and letting her coach know she was ok, she began cleaning him up as she sucked in very drop of cum.

They sat there and held each other for an hour or two until she looked up to Roger and said, I want you to totally have me here and now,….and be my first. Shocked she was still a virgin, Roger, said,….Angie, baby, there is nothing I would rather do, but I think you should wait and give this some time. I mean, my wife and I might get this worked out and you will eventually meet a man that will hopefully be Mr. Right.

As always in the past, Angie listened to her former coach and mentor and did just that. Of course, in the meantime they began a Wednesday afternoon ritual of meeting at the duplex for ABI…”Anything But Intercourse” which turned out to be very fulfilling for both of them. Angie’s oral skills got better and better and Roger got to taste Angie’s big red bush and bountiful boobs on a regular basis.

Eventually Roger took his wife back and, just like Roger had predicted, by Angie’s senior year, she found the man of her dreams and got married right after graduation. Roger attended her wedding and couldn’t help but think of their hot and steamy Wednesday afternoons together as she walked down the aisle.

The years went by and although Angie loved her husband very much and had “saved” herself for him, she was at a point of no return and couldn’t help but continue the Wednesday afternoon ritual that had started that March day in 1979 with her black lover.

One Bostancı Zenci Escort would think that a weekly blowjob would get boring after a while, but Angie learned to give Roger something new every week. Sometimes she would be waiting for him in sexy lingerie, totally naked, or on the very busy days, still in her business suit. One week she would only stimulate the head of his cock until he came, the next week only the shaft.

Although Roger and his wife had a great marriage going again, he found it difficult to put a stop to the weekly “duplex ritual” as well. Fortunately Angie and her husband were able to stay in the area and settled down to a very normal suburban life.

By 1987, Angie was an investment banker in Charlotte for First Union and captured the attention of the morning rush hour each day as she came to work…..still sporting her long, luscious, wavy thick red hair that you could spot 3 blocks down the street as it contrasted with her dark pinstriped suit and high heel pumps. She was the dream of every man who luckily locked eyes with her on the street (or followed behind her watching her bouncing tight skirt as it hugged her exquisite apple-bottomed ass ) as they completed their daily commutes on foot in downtown Charlotte.

Nevertheless, when Wednesday at noon came, Angie (age 30 by now) blocked off her schedule and held her regularly scheduled appointment with Roger (now 45) to treat him to some stolen moments of pleasure by way of some great head at his duplex. Both were extremely discreet as they wanted to protect this weekly special time for themselves while not disrupting or hurting those loved ones in their respective lives.

Even though it would sometimes be tempting to go “all the way” they each stuck with their original pact of “ABI”.

After 20 years, 3 kids, numerous family vacations, school volunteering, and night school for a masters degree, Angie had given Roger over 1,000 blow jobs and had enjoyed the fruits of Roger’s pleasing tongue as well because he loved eating Angie’s red bushy peach on a weekly basis. Angie’s husband had always preferred she shave much closer and could never figure out why she wouldn’t honor his wishes… but little did he know that Roger’s loved all of Angie’s red hair and didn’t want her to tamper with perfection. Further, he couldn’t figure out why they weren’t doing more oral foreplay in their own sex lives…..but he just gave up on those wishes, but still enjoyed the “I” or intercourse part of their relationship.

Angie still honored her husbands wishes occasionally for oral sex, but just didn’t seem to have the same vigor or enthusiasm that she would give it each Wednesday….in the end, it was all still good.

Thirty years (or 1,560 blow jobs) has passed….keeping in mind that if a weekly vacation or schedule conflict got in the way, that was usually made up over the weekend. Over the years, Angie has scurried up to Roger’s duplex wearing everything from a bikini, business suit, bride’s maid’s dress, sweater/jeans, …just depending on what was going on in her life during that week (or make up date over the weekend), but she ALWAYS showed up and “performed” if she was in town….and Roger was NEVER late himself.

Today, Angie is now 48 and Roger is 68 and they still keep their weekly date. Being a natural red head Angie has been “well preserved” over the years and always stayed in shape. Roger is now a little chubbier, but still looks great for 68, his BBC is still holding out strong, his thick black bushy base is now white with age, but Angie still nuzzles and makes love to his cock the same way she did that day in March of 1979.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32