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Its 7pm, we’ve eaten and cleansed one another in our daily ritual shower. I’m knelt at the side of the bed, arms folded behind me, back straight, eyes forward, as instructed. Naked except for my leather studded collar. One silver ring resting on my clavicle, the other against the top of my spine. I’m still a little damp from the shower and the cold of the metal feels good against my skin.

I long to take in his strong body with my eyes, drink in every inch of him but I am forbidden. Sir owns my pleasure and I am only allowed what he allows, in whatever form that takes. I can hear him opening the drawer where all of our special toys are held and risk a quick glance. Not moving my head or neck, just a quick flicker of my eyes. A risky move considering my earlier indiscretion, but it was worth it. His ass looks delicious, high and tight, his strong thighs below and muscular back above mmmmmmm. His freshly washed skin glistening in the dim light of the bedroom. The heat surges in my pussy and I take a small intake of breath. He starts to turn as if sensing my gaze and I speedily return my eyes to the front.

“You know the rules!” He snaps gruffly.

My gasp must have alerted him. Shit, I’m in trouble now. My head starts to swim with thoughts of what punishment he will choose. Flashes of him pounding into my ass hard with his cock, the paddle he wields so expertly, or will he deny me my orgasm? I sure hope it’s one of the first two because after today I really need to release. I start to feel the wetness trickle down my leg and struggle to maintain position wanting so badly to rub my swollen clit. My nipples, hard as rocks, throbbing to be touched.

I hear a faint buzz click on and off and whimper. I know that sound so well that my body reacts instantly. It’s so hard to stay still with my head dizzy with anticipation. I’ve needed for him to take my orgasm all day, and the urge to rub my thighs together is mounting.

“Stand up slowly and face the bed!” He orders, the authoritarian tone immediately bringing özbek escort my head back to earth.

I follow protocol to the letter, arms still held behind my back, I kneel up and slowly move my right leg until my foot is flat, followed by the left as I push myself from the floor into an upright position. Shoulders back I turn deliberately to face the bed.

“Legs wider, let me see that wet pussy of mine babygirl.”

Just the words to make me comply. I hear his approving growl. Fuck his voice gets me wetter and my head becomes fuzzy again. His animalistic growl, mmmmm. My breath becomes deeper, every nerve ending on my skin is on fire with wanting. The urge to just grab him and ride his hard thick dick is starting to take over, but I know I can’t, I belong to him and must be patient.

I can hear his soft footsteps on the carpet moving towards me, the buzzing of the vibe reignites and signals how close he is to me. The sweet torture is almost unbearable already. My body wants release so badly, I can smell my own sweet musk all around me. I’m so deep in my anticipation that when he grabs my hair and pulls my head back it startles me and I almost losing my footing. I manage to steady myself somehow. My neck snapped back, eyes still perfectly straight, Sir trained me well. His hand pulls my neck further back and I gasp as his tongue traces my inner thigh, lapping lazily at the juices on my leg. Lightning bolts of pleasure shooting into my pussy. I’m really hoping he doesn’t deny me release tonight.

“Wider babygirl, don’t make me ask twice.”

Im powerless to resist his commands and i spread wider still.

“Good girl!” He lightly slaps my ass in approval, and his tongue slips between my lips for a split second, I’m weak with need.

“Tell me how much you want me to touch you babygirl!” that growl again, fuck it’s making it hard to concentrate, the struggle to control myself is getting near impossible.

“Very badly Sir!” I manage to purr, so quietly he slaps mecidiyeköy escort my ass harder.

“Repeat that like it you mean it!” He growls.

“Very badly Sir!” I repeat, making sure my voice is audible above the buzzing.

I melt as he slides the vibe between my primed lips and up to my clit. The slow vibrations tingling every nerve. I feel like I’m gonna explode with the intensity. Teasing, he works it back and forth from my clit to my pink glistening pussy. Juices dripping onto the hard vibrating plastic. I’m so swollen with pleasure, so sensitive. Pressing my wetness in between my lips, sliding so slowly and carefully. I feel him move and his grip loosens in my hair. He removes the vibe from my throbbing lips and places it on the bed, replacing it with his fingers, rubbing the moisture and spreading my lips, his tongue flicking in to taste me. I’m putty in his hands.

He slides two fingers into my dripping slit effortlessly and I moan deep. His middle finger finding my aching g-spot inside, pushing up at such an angle I almost pass out from the sensation. I’m finding it hard to think. Wrapped in a bubble of pure ecstasy, I’m struggling not to just let go and accept my punishment later.

“Tell me how much you love me finger fucking my pussy, babygirl” His voice breaks thru the haze of my pleasure.

“I love it when you finger fuck your wet pussy Sir, thank you Sir.” I mumble, barely able to contain my desire.

Small beads of sweat forming on my skin as he rocks his fingers faster and harder. He lets go of my hair and pushes me forward, my firm ass is in the air. I try to just lay forward but he won’t let me.

“On your elbows babygirl, you know the drill.”

I comply, knowing I will be rewarded soon. He steps to the side and his other hand slips under my stomach and finds my clit. I almost explode there and then, his fingers pinching and rolling the swelling with such precision. Only he knows how to make my body react so instantly, I can’t take anymore.

My azeri escort whole body is just pleasure. Electric with my impending orgasm.

“Can I cum Sir? please Sir?” I beg softly, almost whimpering.

His silence tells me no and his fingers move faster and harder in my dripping wet cunt, driving deeper into me. My clit is on fire with pleasure.

“Please Sir! Please can I cum? I can’t take any more please Sir!” I’m begging for release and still he doesn’t respond. I can feel it building so strong and it’s taking every ounce of my training to keep it in.

“Look at me babygirl!” His voice so deep and raspy, yet so in control.

I turn to look and almost cum as I catch his deep grey blue eyes, so intense is the desire in them that it takes all the control I can muster, I’m hanging on a knife edge.

“Please Sir! Please can I cum Sir?” The pressure is so intense I can barely keep eye contact.

He smirks, making it apparent he is enjoying the sweet torture he is inflicting. Biting my lip hard to try to hold it back. The wetness is dripping out of me as he works his fingers faster. I can’t breathe and I’m unable to stop the slight rocking of my hips, pushing my ass up higher to meet his greedy fingers. His fingers on my clit, slick with my pleasure, moving faster and matching the rhythm of his fingers inside me. I am a ball of pure sensation.

“Please Sir! Please can I cum Sir?” My urgent tone and the pleading look in my eyes seems to spur him on and his fingers go deeper, harder, faster still.

“Cum for me babygirl.” He growls, and I release. The intensity of my orgasm flooding out of me, squirting so hard I can feel it dripping off his arm.

“I’m cumming Sir! thank you Sir” I pant.

My pussy and clit throbbing hard against his hands as I melt into oblivion.

He moves slower, riding the wave of my orgasm until the pulsating inside me lessens. Slowly running his fingers between my swollen lips.

“Thank you for letting me cum Sir.” I’m barely able to get the words out.

Slumping forward from sheer delirium. He slips his fingers out and brings them to my lips so I can taste my cum, sliding his fingers into my mouth and rubbing some on my lips before leaning down to kiss me gently. Still throbbing I wonder what’s in store next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32