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I laid on the bed, spread eagle, my arms and legs spread wide. Saliva slowly dripped from my ball gagged mouth. My holes were filled with dildos whilst a clit stimulator rocketed my clit time and time again. Sweet, sweet torture. I screamed as the waves of orgasms became agonisingly sensational. My master stood in the corner of the room, watching this with slight amusement. Closing my eyes, I gave into the pleasure and showered the bed with cum.

3 Months Earlier.

I stared into the mirror and swiped my lashes with a gold mascara. I swiped a brush with green pigments across my lids which harmonised with my emerald eyes. Content that that’d do, I finished with a bright cherry lip gloss and tucked it into my purse for touch-ups later. Then I tied my hair up into a bun and allowed not a single strand to be out of place.

Content with my appearance, I got dressed into my uniform which consisted of a white skirt and a black blouse with black Mary Janes. I delicately sprayed a perfume onto my wrists, and sweeping up my bag, headed out of my house. I slid into my car and revved it up, with a cheeky smile.

It was the second week I’d been working at Tootsie’s and it was a pretty nice place to work at. The pay wasn’t great but this was only temporary until I could get a steady job in my unsuccessful modelling career. I frowned a little thinking of how the only job I’d been offered which was to a Porno, and I certainly wasn’t going to let a bunch of men grope front of a camera anyway. I needed the money though, and so far this was the only solution so it had to be. I arrived at Tootsie’s and clambered out of the car, strutting up to the levent escort door.

When I went in I immediately got attention from the customers. A couple wolf-whistled at me and I got quite a few stares, but it was harmless, and there was a clear reason why. I was very attractive, standing at 5’6 with a fantastic figure, round, bouncing tits which were a 32c and striking red hair, I was clearly something to be admired. Smiling generically, I walked up to the desk and placed my apron on, hearing a slight moan from the crowd as I bent down to fix my strap on my high heels.

“You’re early, thank GOD.” I looked around and saw my fellow colleague, and friend, Melissa. “Angela, we have about 3 tables awaiting you, and they ain’t so patient. Let’s get busy!” She smacked my butt and I jumped forward, but hurried along. That was Melissa alright, a cheeky (if not slightly perverted) kinda girl. I grabbed the notepad and pen and began to serve the first table.

About an hour in it got pretty tiring. I looked up at the clock – four hours to go. Seeing that the other waitresses had come in, they didn’t need me right at this moment so I sneaked off for a quick toilet trip, and a five minute rest. I sat down on the toilet seat and took a deep breath. Aaah..I groaned, relieving myself. After I relieved myself, I rested for another minute then came out to wash my hands.

“JESUS CHRIST!”, I yelled, stumbling back into the cubicle. I quickly hauled myself out, embarrassed as fuck. I glanced again and saw the man, still standing there, looking slightly humoured.

“Shouldn’t you be at work?”, he said. His voice mecidiyeköy escort was soft as silk, smooth and creamy. He stayed in the corner, wearing a dark Armani suit, both hands in his pockets. He had a coldness about him. His blue eyes seemed to penetrate me, his jet-black hair dulled by the harsh light of the bathroom.

“Uh, uh, yes..I should be” I stammered worriedly. “Please don’t mention this to the boss, I really need this job.” If he tells on me, I’m fucking screwed, I thought.

“Well, you did only come in to take a piss. So I guess we could, oh say, not tell on Each Other. Nobody likes a tattle-tale..” he replied, his voice sliding through me, causing me to shiver. I could feel an aura of danger about him. I turned to flee the bathroom, an impulse to run. He got me first.

Grabbing the back of my blouse he shoved me into the cubicle and slammed the door shut, my back pressing against it. He pulled the blouse over my head and threw it down the side of the grimy bin. I clawed at him with no effect – he simply brushed my attempts away. unhooking my bra with one finger he squeezed my breast, causing me to cry out in pain. He rolled my nipple around in his finger, making it harden and swell. He did so with the other nipple, making it harden and rigid.

“Get off me!” I cried out. He slapped my face and grunted, forcing me onto the toilet seat. I was laid down on my back, with my legs propelled apart. I quickly closed them up but he wrenched them open, spreading me apart. producing a knife he lifted my skirt up around my stomach and cut through my panties, severing the material. He reached back into his pocket kağıthane escort and produced a rope. Expertly he tied my wrists together and forced them down onto the filthy floor.

I laid there, nearly fully naked, my legs wide open and bound, awaiting what he was planning to do to me fearfully. He thrust two fingers into my mouth and propelled them in and out. I gagged, which resulted in another slap. His wet fingers trailed down my pussy, wetting it. He circled my tight butthole with one finger whilst circling my clit with the other. I knew what was about to happen and I couldn’t stop it. I was powerless. Slowly he began to slide his finger into my butthole and rubbed my clit in circular motions. I cried out in pain and pleasure, two conflicting emotions. He started to rub faster and thrust his finger in and out of my butthole, stretching it out with his meaty finger. He took his finger out of my butt and stuck it in my mouth, making me taste my anus. I gagged again and he slapped my face, then my butt, making a stinging red mark on my pale porcelain skin. He began to fuck my butt again rubbing my clit harder, exerting more pressure with each round. I felt myself cumming and I couldn’t stop. He continued to fuck my butt, and rub my clit causing it to harden and swell. A feeling of satisfaction was becoming stronger and stronger..suddenly my pussy gushed and my cum sprayed all over the grimy cubicle. He slowly slid his finger out, wriggling around inside, making me jump as I’d become very sensitive. He wiped his hand across my face and laughed at me.

“How does it feel to have lost your anal virginity, slut? Does it feel good? Haha! I’ll be seeing you reeaal soon, whore. REAL soon.” Picking up my purse he took my ID and stared at it. “Real soon.” With that, he strolled out of the bathroom.

I sat on the seat, my head in my hands. My mind was filled with fear, anxiety..and yet when I put my hand to my pussy..I was soaking wet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32