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Danielle’s Prov:

I couldn’t believe I was actually going to be getting it. The one thing I had been working so hard for, for the past four years. I was going to be getting my diploma today, a whole month before my fellow classmates. As I walked down the halls, I heard things like “Fat ass” “Earthquake maker” and “ugly bitch” etc. There was a point in my life where these words use to hurt me, sometimes they still did. But nothing, and I do mean nothing, could make me feel sad today. Because after four years I was finally leaving this hell hole behind me forever. As I walked into the office I sat and waited for the Mr. Waters to come out and see me.

“Danielle” I heard my name being called. I got up from the seat I was sitting in and walk into his office. I looked around thinking this is the last time I will ever see this room. It was kind of sad to me because I loved this room. You see Mr. Waters wasn’t just a principal to me, he was a person I came to when I needed anything. He was an amazing principal who truly cared for his students. Being in here reminded me of the countless times I had been in here. Sometimes crying because I couldn’t take the things the other teens would said to me. Other times I would be here just to talk or hang out with someone. “Danielle please sit, I should hardly have to tell you that. This is more your office then mine.” He joked with me.

I gladly took a seat and waited for him to continue. A part of me just wanted him to give me my diploma so I could get out of here. But the other part of me wanted him to delay a little longer, because I knew once I left here, there was no way I was coming back. “Danielle I don’t think I could explain in words how proud of you I am. I know your life literally has been hell, but you have overcome so much to achieve what you have. You have graduated as second place of your class, with a GPA of 3.9. You’ve overcome bullying and a bad home environment . You’re the best/strongest student I have ever had, and I am going to miss you so much. But it gives me great pleasure to give you this.”

I looked down at the paper he held in front of me. This little piece of paper meant so many things for me. It meant I would no longer have to come to this hell hole of a place any more. It meant I could finally move out of the foster home I have been in my whole life. It meant my life was finally going to begin. Betturkey It almost felt so surreal, I couldn’t believe it was finally right there in front of me. I reached out and took the paper from his hands. I thought it would weigh more, considering it meant such a great deal to me. I looked up at Mr. Waters with a smile on my face, I could feel the tears start to fall down my cheeks.

“Hey there is no reason to cry Hun, your too beautiful and sweet to cry.” He said to me as he came and held me in a hug. I couldn’t help but laugh at what he said, beautiful my ass. He moved away from me with a smile on his face. “Listen if you ever need anything please give me a call. Whatever it is, I will try and help you out as much as I can.” He reached across the table to pick up a piece of paper. “Here this has my cell phone number, and my home number. Never hesitate to call me Danielle.” He said to me with a stern look.

“Thank you so much Mr. Waters. You are the only thing I am going to miss about this school or my home. You have always been so nice to me. I know it’s your job, but still it means a great deal to me.” I said to him with a big smile. He really was someone I was never going to forget. Maybe because he was the only one who gave two shits about me. Either way, I was definitely going to miss him.

“Danielle even if it wasn’t my job I would have been there for you. You’re an amazing young woman who has so much going for her. You just have been dealing with a bad hand of cards for a long time. But now you have finally been given a royal flush.” I couldn’t help but laugh at his stupid poker remark. I was definitely going to miss this man.

“Goodbye Mr. Waters.” I said to him as I gave him a quick hug before walked to the door.

“Goodbye Danielle.”

As I walked out of the office I couldn’t help but want to get out of here as fast as I could. I was almost to the front door when someone stepped in front of me. “Well look who it is, it’s the fat ass ugly bitch.” Anastian said to me. She was the queen bitch around the school and was the main reason as to why I was bullied so much. “What, have nothing to say fatty, you in too much of a hurry to go and eat some more?” Usually I would just stay quiet until she got bored of making fun of me and left me alone. But today was a start of a whole new day for me.

“You know what I do Betturkey Giriş have something to say you toothpick thin bitch!” I said to her, I couldn’t believe that came out of me. I heard her and all her little minions gasp at me. They probably thought I was death or mute because I never talked. But now that I did say something to them I couldn’t help but say more thing. “I am so sick of you thinking you can say whatever you want and there will be no consequences. You are a selfish bitch who is so insecure about yourself that you feel like you have to make me feel bad about myself. But not anymore bitch, not today. I am finally getting out of this place to do bigger and better things. As for you, you better hope you marry rich. But even then your husband will eventually tire of you and cheat on you countlessly until he divorces you for someone a hell of a lot better. You’ll lose all your little minions and turn to drinking. You’ll end up alone, you’ll die alone, and no one will be there for you at your funeral . So fuck you, yes I may be big, but I can always lose weight. But you will always be a pathetic bitch!”

With that I walked the rest of the way out of the school. I passed both teachers and students who looked flabbergasted. Honestly I was on the same boat as them, but didn’t show it. I couldn’t believe I had just said all that to her, but god did it feel so damn good. I never had the nerve to do anything like that before. I walked out of the school feeling like a million bucks. Maybe this diploma was my good luck charm. My way to a new and better life. I couldn’t wait to go home and show Londa (my foster mom) my diploma. Today a women from the agency was coming over to grant me my freedom. She wanted to make sure I got my diploma before I was able to go off on my own.

As I was walking home I couldn’t help but think about how different things would have been if I had a family. If my mom and dad had never died. I bet they wouldn’t love me just like everyone else. I bet they would be disappointed to have such a fat daughter. They would probably treat me like almost everyone else did. I quickly tried to take the thoughts out of my head because it shouldn’t affect me anymore. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I could never be loved, but sometimes it still hurts thinking about it. Who cares anyway because I am finally going to be free.

I Betturkey Güncel Giriş continued to walk for a good twenty minutes before I reached my foster home. In a way I was going to miss it, but I was so glad I was finally leaving it all behind. I looked at the street to see two cars I have never seen their before parked outside. The people from the foster agency must be here! I quickly ran up the stairs into the house. “Londa I got my diploma, are the people from the agency here.” I called out as I shut the door. I looked in the living room the see Londa sitting there with two other women. One who was in a suit and had a clip board with her, and the other had coygirl boots on with jeans, and a flannel shirt. What the heck was going on?

“Danielle dear why don’t you have a seat.” I rolled my eyes at hearing her say this. She never calls me cute names like that unless someone important was around us. I honestly could care less at the moment because I was about to hear some amazing news. “Danielle this is Harret from the Agency, she has some good news for you.” She said to me with a smile.

I looked at the women waiting for her to speak. This is the moment I have been waiting for. I am so beyond excited, I wish she would just say it already. She cleared her throat before speaking. “Danielle we have some amazing news for you. We have found some of your family, well rather they found us. This women beside me is your Aunt Lisa, and she is here to take you back with her to your home town.” I was about to jump up with joy until I heard what she said.

“Excuse me, did you just say family? I don’t have a family, I have no one. That is why I am able to leave here once I got my diploma. You said I could leave if I did that.” I said to her with anger in my voice.

“Things have recently changed Danielle. You see Lisa here is your godmother. Seeing as both of your paretns are dead she is the next in line to decide where you go. She has the power and right to take you with her. Not only that but you are only seventeen. You won’t be eighteen for another four months.” The agency women said to me.

“What, wait what does this mean?” I asked with confusion.

The women who said she was my aunt spoke next. “It means you are conning home with me to Austin, Texas sweety.” She said to me. This has to be some sick joke right. The house is playing a joke on me on my last few days there. There is no way this is real, There is no way that my freedom was taken away again. There is no fucking way I am moving to Austin Texas!


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32