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Big Tits

“Bye sweetie, see you tonight,” Cindy said, then kissed me and walked out the door.

I gave her a minute. As soon as I saw her car head down the driveway to meet her girlfriend Melissa for a dinner and a movie, I scrambled down to the basement and retrieved my box of toys. I went to the freezer and from its hiding place in the back I grabbed the water bottle with a half inch of water covering the black handcuff key. I turned it over into a plastic cup and put it on the floor in the Family room. I had already prepped myself in the bathroom before Cindy left.

In the past I had only done self-bondage when Cindy was going to be gone overnight. She had not taken any trips recently and was not scheduled to take any in the next month, so I grabbed this opportunity. Earlier in the day I had played my card game where I randomly determined that I would be tied up, in what fashion, which toys to use and which video to watch.

I plugged my laptop into the big screen television and put on a series of videos I had downloaded from the “Men in Pain” website. I unpacked my box on the kitchen counter, choosing all the toys I would use and leaving ones I wouldn’t, like the strap-on harness and dildo I hoped one day to have the guts to show Cindy.

I stripped off my clothes and lubricated the large black butt plug, then set it on the coffee table on top of a towel. I held it in place as I sat down on it, squeezing my anal muscles as I forced myself downward. It popped satisfyingly into place.

I pulled on a pair of skimpy quick release shorts and went around the house taking care of some chores required by my game as I felt the butt plug stimulating me. My cock stirred slightly.

I vacuumed the rug, cleaned up the kitchen, and got a load of laundry ready to go, feeling my prostate stimulated as I moved about.

I had to go outside for some of the chores and decided to do it before I became too erect. We live out in the country on a three acre lot. There are developments around, but we are well insulated except for the horse farm next door, which gets sporadic activity at best on the weekend.

I cleaned up the yard and swept the deck, half wishing there was someone to see me and half glad there wasn’t, since I probably wouldn’t have gone outside. Our dog, Darius, came bounding up followed by Sky Pilot, a dog who belonged to one of the women who worked at the horse farm. I took a look over at the horse farm and saw the attractive young blonde owner of Sky Pilot turning away.

I went back into the house and locked the door. The other doors to the house were unlocked, because we live in the country and don’t worry about intruders. But this was the main door and would keep unexpected visitors out.

There were large windows along the walkway to the main door that were partially covered in curtains. I would be mostly hidden by the couch that ran along the windows, so on the chance someone did come by they probably would not see me.

I laid all my toys out. I put some large throw pillows on the rug and covered them with towels. I got out my special ankle cuffs and my special handcuffs.

The ankle cuffs were two padded Velcro cuffs attached to adjustable straps that hooked to a U-shaped neck cushion that went behind my head. I would put it on and then my legs would be spread out above me and my ass would be exposed.

The special handcuffs were made from two pairs, one where the chain became detached from one of the original cuffs. Rather than throw them away, I bought another pair with an extra long chain and then bent the links so the third handcuff attached to the middle of the chain of the new pair to form a three-way handcuff.

My cock was getting hard now. I ripped off my shorts; the snaps along either seem detaching quickly. I took my favorite leather cock ring and snapped it securely around the base of my penis and balls then took the attached lengths and spread my balls apart before snapping it into place.

I put the ankle cuffs on, slipped the padding behind my neck, and tightened the straps. My legs were now bent and spread up in the air over me.

I looked up at the television to see a beautiful black haired woman beating a man who was helplessly bound with rope, his cock rigid, clothes pins on his nipples and weights on his balls.

I grabbed the riding crop and gave myself some good whacks all over my body including my cock and balls, focusing mostly on my ass.

I made sure my toys were ready and my key would be accessible at the right time. otele gelen escort I then took the handcuffs and put one of the three cuffs around the base of my cock and balls behind the cock ring and closed it securely.

I took the ball gag and put it in my mouth, securing it tightly. I got the elastic blindfold and put it on my forehead. I took two clips we use for closing potato chip bags and attached them to my nipples, feeling the pain and the pleasure as they dug in. I inserted the bullet vibrator in the recess in my butt plug and turned it on. I found my cock vibrator and snapped it on my now rigid cock and set it for a fifteen minute delay and the random setting.

I checked everything one final time, slipped the blindfold over my eyes, put my hands behind my back and secured them into the two remaining rings of the handcuffs.

I was helpless and excited. I could no longer see the television, but I had the video memorized from watching it so many times and could visualize what was happening just by listening to the sound. I imagined I was the one stripped naked and being interrogated as a spy.

The phone rang. It was Cindy.

“Hi Rick. I guess you are outside or taking a nap. We are not going to finish dinner in time to make the movie. We haven’t decided if we are going to try to see it at another theater, call it a night, or just come home and watch a DVD at our house. I was hoping you could help me out with the movie schedule so call me back when you get this.

“Also, I forgot to tell you Deanna called earlier and said she would be returning the casserole dish we left at her house the other night. So she may come by a little later if she hasn’t already. I told her just to leave it inside the door if no one answers.”

My brain froze.

I always knew when I played these games there was a chance something could go wrong. That was the thrill of playing them.

Once when I was a teenager I played a game with myself. When I lost, I drew a random punishment card I had written up before hand. I had to run around my house naked. It was at night, so I felt safe, but as I closed the door behind me I realized it was locked. I ran around and tried all the other doors but they were locked too. I checked the windows. None appeared to be open. I looked up and noticed one casement window was slightly open on the second story.

I got the extension ladder from the side of the house and climbed up, exposed to the entire neighborhood and lit from the lights from the bedroom. My arm barely fit inside and I was able to reach in and crank it open and climb through.

My memory came back to the present. I tested the handcuffs but I knew I had locked them securely. I felt for the water bottle and shook it, but only heard ice rattling. There was nothing I could do, so I decided to fantasize about who would find me and what would happen.

Deanna was well built, sexy, with black hair. Melissa was a small woman, almost girlish in appearance, with a very athletic body. Then there was the young blonde woman from next door.

“Please, let me taste your pussy.”

One of my favorite scenes was coming up on the television. The man was blindfolded and the woman had her cunt just inches from his face, teasing him with it. Finally she would let him lick it, and he would bring her to orgasm.

After that, she would tease him by sucking his cock, and then fuck him with the strap-on dildo. After that she would then ride his cock to another orgasm. She would then let him come but make him lick it all up.

I heard a noise in the yard, but before I could got alarmed I heard Shylock and Darius barking happily.

The crotch vibrator switched on and began to pulsate. My cock strained against the bonds. I moved my hands and felt the pull against my scrotum. I relaxed and felt the bite in my nipples and the vibrations in my ass. My cock was rock hard.

I heard a noise outside. I realized that even if someone didn’t notice me, they couldn’t help but see my favorite scene just getting into gear on the big screen television. The cock vibrator paused.

The door knob turned, but the door did not open. There was a knocking on the door. After a short pause, there was another knock that seemed to stop short.


I relaxed slightly but focused on listening as hard as I could.


I knew from previous experience that it would be a minimum of twenty minutes until the handcuff key was unfrozen. mecidiyeköy escort

After another five minutes without sounds I relaxed a little bit. The cock vibrator kicked in again. It was a steady loud rhythm this time with an occasional pulse. My cock hardened again and I could feel pleasure building up inside of me. I imagined whoever had knocked on the door coming in and taking advantage of me.

“Beg me to suck your cock slave; you know you want me to.”

In my mind I saw Penny on TV with her skin tight red suit and strap-on dildo, kneeling down in front of the tied up spy. I pretended it was me, and said the words into my ball gag along with him.

“Please beautiful sexy mistress, let me feel your mouth on my cock.”

His cock was rigid and tightly confined like mine. She licked the head gently, starting and stopping, teasing him. I felt the vibrations in my cock and felt myself start down the road towards my orgasm. I struggled against my bonds, feeling their tightness and accentuating my excitement.

I heard a noise in the kitchen. I assumed it was one of the cats, but focused on my hearing again. I heard a couple of other noises getting closer. It didn’t sound like an animal, but I didn’t think it could be anything else.

Suddenly I felt pressure on my blindfold.

Someone was here and they tied something over my blindfold to hold it in place, knotting it at the back of my head. I opened my mouth to speak but my voice was muffled and unintelligible. I moved my hands to the water bottle and grabbed hold of it in hopes that the ice might be melted, but then it was grabbed out of my hands. I was helpless now. I had made sure of that.

Adrenaline surged through my body. I tested my bonds instinctively, but only succeeded in yanking on my cock and balls. I tried to calm myself and figure out what was going on. I heard the sound on the television being turned down. Several seconds later the cock vibrator stopped, and then I felt it being removed.

Nothing happened for a little bit. Whoever was in the room was quiet but not silent. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my right cheek, followed by another on my left. As I registered that it was the riding crop, I was lashed again on my thighs, the soles of my feet, and then on my balls. I cried in pain into the ball gag.

I braced myself for another series of blows. Nothing happened for a minute. I sensed movement in the room. Then the phone rang. The movement stopped. The answering machine picked up again.

“Hi Rick, I guess you are still busy. I hope you are having a good time. Melissa and I worked things out and found a way to amuse ourselves. I should be home in a couple of hours. I love you.”

Soon after I felt a hard slap on my left ass cheek and then on my right. Then the hand was caressing my ass. Soon a second hand joined in, working up to my thighs, stroking them gently, teasing my balls and my cock. Now I was moaning into the gag with pleasure.

One hand became more aggressive, stroking the underside of my cock and distracting me from the absence of the second hand. I moved as much as possible, enjoying the attention and trying to achieve more contact when I felt the sting on my ass of a bare hand nailing me at full strength.

I was excited and scared. I imagined as many possibilities as I could. Was it Cindy and maybe Melissa too? Was it the blonde woman from next door or Deanna? If it was one of them, what would happen when Cindy came home? Maybe it was the UPS guy, but it felt like a female’s touch. My cock grew harder.

My tormentor slapped me hard on both cheeks twice, then circled my cock with her hand, sliding it up and down as she massaged my balls with her other hand, then slapped my cheeks again. I was in heaven in hell.

The action around my cock ceased, and I waited in suspense. I felt the riding crop come into play, hitting my ass, my soles, and my balls, and then gently knocking my nipple clamps. Then nothing.

I waited. I felt a hand near my ear and then my ear canal was blocked by a plug. The action was repeated on the other side.

There was movement near my head. I felt a bare ass on my upper chest. A torso nestled between my spread knees. The ball gag was removed, but before I got more than the slightest sound out a juicy pussy covered my mouth. It wasn’t the UPS guy. A hand reached around the back of my head and pulled my face tighter into her crotch.

I knew what was expected of me and what I wanted to do anyway and began türkmen escort to suck at the flowing juices and the lips of the vagina. Cindy was always enamored of my pussy licking skills, even though they had not been used so much recently, and I could tell this woman liked them too. I suckled greedily at her juices as I massaged her cunt with my lips, tongue, and teeth. Her clitoris engorged and I began to play with it with my tongue and lips. She encouraged me with light whips on my ass from the riding crop.

Soon I felt her pussy start to convulse, hardening as she reached her climax. I doubled my efforts on her clitoris. Her hands grabbed my calves that were surrounding her torso. She squeezed tightly as her pussy convulsed and she came in a cavalcade of juices. I heard muffled cries through the ear plugs. I lapped everything up as much as I could, feeling the rest drip down the sides of my face.

She collapsed on me for a minute. Then she seemed to gather herself. She lifted herself off of my mouth and my chest and quickly secured the ball gag back in place.

I felt vibrations in the floor as she moved about, but felt nothing else for a few minutes. A hand caressed my ass, then worked on the butt plug, pulling it gently at first before popping it out.

A few seconds later I felt pressure on my anus again. I squeezed tight and pressed against the pressure, and felt myself being penetrated by what felt like a dildo. Two hands grabbed my bent thighs from the outside and pulled against them as my virgin ass was slowly fucked.

I felt the fake cock being withdrawn almost to the head, and then work itself back in again. My imagination was working overtime, picturing each of the possible women naked and fucking me. I settled for the blonde from next door, still wearing her riding boots but nothing else as the pace increased.

Whoever it was was using a strap-on dildo that had double action, because they were fucking me in an animal way that meant they were getting pleasure too. I remembered the strap-on I had left on the counter was designed that way.

I felt myself getting harder and more aroused as I was steadily and helplessly fucked. I was guessing by the rhythm that my mistress was getting close to orgasm. Her right hand came off of my thigh, and shortly after I felt it encircle my rigid cock, covered with lube. She ran her hand up and down it, fucking me with her palms and fingers.

Every sense in my body was geared towards pleasure. I bit down on the ball gag as I felt my balls begin to contract. I heard muffled grunting through my earplugs and then the sounds of an orgasm. I saw the blonde in my mind, round breasts and stiff nipples, stroking my cock as she pounded me, pony tail flying, then her face constricting as she came while fucking my ass. I erupted, screaming into my gag as my cum surged past the cock ring and shot itself onto my chest.

Her pace slacked off and then stopped, the dildo popping out of my ass.

Again I felt movement around me. I had lost my sense of time, but thought it was about five minutes. Through the earplugs I heard the door open and close. I felt no more vibrations.

Panic seized me. Had she left me here helpless? I felt around with my constrained hands, and found the cup she must have silently replaced. I gently turned it over, pouring water on the floor, and then shook it gently. I moved my hands on the floor in the water and felt the key. It took me a minute but I was able to unlock the handcuffs. I removed the earplugs and blindfold and looked around, but there was no sign of anyone.

I quickly finished freeing myself. I wiped the water up. I threw all the clean toys in the box and the others in a plastic shopping bag. I put away my laptop and turned the TV to a sports show. I hid my box in a temporary hiding spot, grabbed some fresh clothes, and jumped in the shower. I washed myself and the other toys quickly, then dressed.

I emerged cautiously from the bathroom. Cindy wasn’t home yet. I put everything in my box and went down to the basement to stow it. As I came upstairs I heard a car on the driveway. I made a quick final check of the rooms and that was when I saw a blank sealed envelope on the floor. I picked it up and put it in my pocket as my wife walked in the door. She was holding the casserole dish.

“I found this outside.”

We kissed.

“Did you enjoy your free time?” she asked. I read her face for any clue but couldn’t tell.

“It was all right,” I lied. “How about you?”

“We had an interesting evening.”

I wasn’t sure where this conversation was leading but I knew I didn’t want to go there. Impulsively, I reached for Cindy and kissed her aggressively. She responded and raised the ante. We tore of each other’s clothes like we hadn’t done since our first years together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32