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Alexis Love

©Dark Dreamer with Hope

Robbie walks into the darkness of the bar looking for a drink to ease the tensions of the past grueling week. As he approaches the bar, his eyes are caught by a vision of naughtiness sitting on a nearby barstool. Glittering eyes roam over tantalizing legs clad only in black silk stocking, moving slowly up, taking in the short leather mini skirt and black leather vest. Feeling Robbie’s eyes burning along her flesh, Zara turns, her twinkling eyes locking with his dark ominous stare. ‘What the hell is she doing here!’ he asks himself, as she thinks, ‘Oh, I was hoping he would come here tonight.’ He strides to her side, hand grasping her thigh harshly making her wince. ‘Oh dear,’ she thinks, ‘he looks so angry.’

Robbie curtly gives the bartender his order, his eyes never leaving her face. “What do you think you are doing coming to a place like this?” his voice a low growl. “This is no place for someone like you. You could get hurt. Damn it woman! Where are your brains?”

Zara smiles coyly, fingers playing along the back of the hand grasping her thigh. “I thought you might come here tonight, and I wanted to surprise you,” her voice husky with desire, red lips pouting slightly. “Aren’t you glad to see me?” Her fingers begin teasing along his wrist, then slide slowly, softly up his arm, pausing briefly at his shoulder to massage tense muscles, before sliding back down to play again on the back of his hand. “I know how hard you have been working, how bad this week has gone, and I just wanted to meet you, try to help you relax.”

Robbie listens, brow furrowed, as his drink is placed upon the bar. Swiftly, eyes never leaving her, he reaches for the glass to drink it quickly down. Replacing it on the bar, he signals for another, then touches Zara, tracing a line from ear to daring cleavage with icy fingertips. She gasps softly and trembles under his fingers, eyes closing to mere slits as she revels to his touch. Zara can feel the moisture growing between her legs, and knows Robbie is well aware of her reaction. Her nipples harden and push arrogantly against the thin leather trying to restrain them.

Robbie shifts his stance, pushing between her knees. ‘She wants to help me relax, does she? Well… this time she may have bitten off more than she expects.’ The hand on her thigh strokes upward pushing the little bit of skirt pretending at modesty up, past the top of silky stockings, revealing the creamy strip of flesh not covered by black silk. Zara’s eyes widen as Robbie keeps sliding his hand up, forcing her to shift in her seat, until her soft satin flesh is revealed fully and the edge of the skirt is just barely tucked under her bare bottom. He grins and whispers, “And just where are your panties my dear?” His eyes gleam as he notices the flush beginning under her warm flesh. “You wanted to help me relax. Have you changed your mind already?”

“No” Zara stutters. Taken by surprise by his boldness. “But I ….”

“But what my dear?” Robbie’s hand grips her bare bottom.

“I thought…. Maybe a drink, a dance, then we could go to your place and I would…..” her breath husky with need and surprise catches as his other hand slides the skirt up on the other side and her bare bottom is kissed by the cool vinyl of the barstool.

“You would what?” He slides one hand around to hold her in place, as the other pushes her thighs apart and finds the moistness nestle there.

Zara’s hands grasp his shoulders tightly as Robbie drives three fingers down and into her dampness. Lips clamped tight to suppress the moans seeking to escape she lifts her hips slightly to allow him complete access then cries out as his other hand finds the hole to her sweet bottom. “Please…” Zara begs, a dark flush covering her creamy skin, “please… everyone can see…”

“Ok”. Swiftly his hands are gone and Robbie grabs his drink and turns, heading for a table across the room. ‘One… two… three…’ He feels her hand on his arm and continues walking.

“Please” The whisper reaches his ears. He stops, turns and growls, “please what? You wanted to help me relax. But apparently you are not up for the job. Leave me be so I can find someone who can do the job.” The tears glittering in her eyes send blood rushing to make his hard rod ache. ‘Before the night is through, those tears and more will quench my thirst.’

“Please…” her voice husky with need and unshed tears, “please give me another chance.”

The pulse beating in Zara’s lovely Betturkey throat draws his eyes, and he lowers his head to bite and suckle her raging pulse. He wraps one arm quickly around her waist as she moans and melts into his embrace, no longer caring who can see, or what they see. Zara only knows that she must have this man, no matter what his terms are. Her fingers thread through Robbie’s hair holding him tightly against her and she gasps loudly as his other hand slides under her skirt lifting it to fondle her warm bottom. She flushes deeply and bites her lip to keep from saying anything that would cause him to release her and leave again. The shame and embarrassment are quickly consumed by lusty heat as Robbie’s finger slides down and between seeking her warm hole again. The coolness of his drink against her ass draws groans of pleasure, even as she shifts her leg as commanded by the pressure of his fingers. Lifting his head to gaze upon her lust filled countenance, his finger penetrates, and Robbie smiles sadistically as Zara cries out and moves to escape.

“Oh no my dear” Robbie softly commands, “you pleaded to be allowed to help me, and you will. You will do whatever I say… where ever I ask you to… and will allow me to use your body as I desire to help me relax.”

Zara nods slowly, bottom lip grasped firmly between her teeth, shimmering eyes locked with his demanding look.

Robbie releases her and steps back slightly. “Open your legs for me” he demands softly, shifting the drink to his other hand. As she complies, he slides icy fingers between her thighs and back into her moist lips teasing her clit and forcing her to groan and tremble. “Wider…” he whispers, wrapping an arm around her once more and driving his fingers deep into her hot pussy. “I want to hear you beg again to be allowed to please me.”

“Oh god please Robbie… please let me please you,” Zara pleads as his fingers drive deeper and harder, in and out of her hot wet cunt. “Please…………….”

“Cum for me, my bitch…. Cum for me now!” twisting his fingers and grinding them hard against her pelvis, punishing clit and pussy with the force of his strokes. “Cum!”

Zara’s hands clutch his shirt tightly as she leans in to muffle her cries in his neck, shudders wracking her body as she cums hard soaking his punishing fingers. Legs quivering, her breath caught in tight lungs, she creams once more as his thumb finds her swollen clit.

Robbie pulls her tight against him as his fingers slide slowly, tenderly out of her drenched pussy. “Taste…” he places his fingers at her lips, “drink your sweet juices from my fingers.” Her lips part and Zara sucks each soaked digit, cleaning all the cream from first one then another and another. “Good girl” his soft words of praise cause a ripple of pleasure to shimmer through her body. “Now, back to your seat”

Zara’s lips part as she begins to speak, but one look at Robbie’s face and she quickly spins and returns to her seat. He follows slowly, watching the other men in the bar watch her. ‘Good thing they know me here, or she would be in so much trouble. Maybe this will teach her to be more careful.’ As he slides back between her legs, he sternly tells her, “That is not the position you were in when I walked away.” Zara blushes deeper and squirms, as Robbie’s hands raise her skirt back up like it was before. “Mmmm… much better. Now… where was I? Oh yes…” he reaches one hand around her, fingers sliding under her bottom, penetrating. Her soft gasps make his shaft throb. ‘Not sure how much more I can take, but she still has one more lesson to learn… Hmmm… maybe I can… yes… believe I will.’

“Finish your drink babe. We will be leaving shortly.” Placing his drink on the bar, Robbie reaches his other hand around Zara and slides her ass forward, closer to the edge of the barstool until she sits balanced on the edge with only his hands and legs keeping her from sliding all the way off. Holding her ass tight in both hands he watches as she quickly finishes off her drink and sets the glass down.

“Now… place both hands on my shoulders and do not move them.” The sternness in his voice and eyes convinces Zara to comply quickly and without comment. But it does not stop her from wondering ‘what is he going to do… please… not what I think… please…’ Robbie can feel her trembling and knows it is not only in anticipation but also fear. ‘Have to have her now… can’t wait any longer…’ He releases Betturkey Giriş her with one hand and reaches for his jeans, popping the snap and easing the zipper down over his aching cock. As it springs free from it’s tight prison, Robbie wraps a hand around it and steps closer to Zara’s waiting pussy. The height of the barstool is perfect. Eyes locked with hers, he slams his cock deep into her hot wet cunt, pulling her hard against him as he drives it deeper. Placing both hands on her hips, steadying her against his thrusts, he drives harder… deeper… faster… Watching her eyes glaze over with lust, as her already tight pussy clenches him even harder, squeezing then releasing as the passion in her blood mounts.

The bartender stops to pick up her empty glass and stays to watch. The passionate sounds emanating from her sweet lips cause his rod to throb and harden. He can tell from the white knuckled grip Zara has on Robbie, the feelings playing across her fair face and the sexy sounds she is making, that it won’t be long before she is creaming hard. He reaches down and pulls his aching cock out and begins to stroke. His eyes caressing her face, sliding down to drink in her swollen breasts straining to be free, stroking faster and harder, wishing she were his to take home, tie up and pleasure all night.

The awareness that they are being watched causes the blood to rush to her cheeks, but Zara is too far-gone into the heat and passion of the moment to stop. Pleading for him to make her cum, “please… please Robbie… make me cum…”

“Here…” Robbie taunts her, “in front of all these people?”

“Oh yes… god yes… please…………..”

“Open your vest,” his voice taunt with desire, “I want to see your tits”

Zara reaches one hand down and pops first one button, then another, until her breasts are free, then slides her hand down Robbie’s chest to open his shirt, reaching in to feel his hot flesh against her palm.

Zara gasps and cums hard, as Robbie lowers his head and closes his teeth roughly around her swollen nipple. Squirming harder arching up into his mouth, her cries fill Robbie’s ears, and those of the bartender and they both climax as she cums again and again.

Holding Zara close, waiting for her to climb down from the pinnacle to which he had thrust her, Robbie strokes his hands down her back. ‘Now… she is truly and completely mine. If I had know how wild and naughty she could be, would not have had to cruise. But no more, with training I think she will fill all my needs nicely.’

Zara’s trembling slowly subsides but her need has diminished not a bit. ‘Oh dear’ her thoughts spinning, ‘I can not believe I just did that… allowed Robbie to do that to me… What must he think of me?’ The stroking hand along her back does little to relieve the anxiety she is experiencing. With trepidation Zara raises her head, cheeks red with sweet embarrassment, to gaze deep into Robbie’s eyes. The look of pride and ownership shinning in his deep green eyes only heightens the blush along her hot flesh.

As she straightens in her seat, Robbie’s gaze drops to her heaving swollen breasts, the faint blush gracing them causes his shaft to jump and harden swiftly. Zara gasps as his thick rod hardens within her again and a low moan softly escapes her parted lips. ‘He may think me a wanton hussy… but at least I know… I can still make him hot.’

Robbie begins to move his hips again and looks up to see her slow sultry smile. ‘Thinks she has me, does she. Well… we will have to see about that.’ Giving one hard final thrust he swiftly slides out of her moist heat, the chill of the air does nothing to ease the ache in his loins. Zara’s eyes widen in surprise and she moans lowly, “No…” She reaches for him but he is quicker and evades her grasp. Her lowered eyes watch as his thick shaft jumps and throbs, hidden from the view of others in the bar by her luscious legs. Watching her, watching him, he takes advantage of her distraction to grasp and pinch her swollen nipples, causing the nubs to harden even more, and drawing a cry of pain and pleasure from her sweet lips.

“Sweet, sweet Zara… you are so very naughty.” Robbie’s voice so sexy and deep sends butterflies winging through her stomach. “What am I to do with you? What other little secrets have you been hiding from me?”

A deep red blush covers her fair skin as she mummers, “No… please…..”

“No?” Robbie brushes his thumbs across Betturkey Güncel Giriş her aching nubs, “‘No?’… you are not naughty, or ‘No’ there is nothing I can do with you?”

“Please Robbie… please… you are driving me wild.” Gasping and moaning Zara struggles to speak. “I… I have never done anything like this before… oh god…” Moaning deep in her throat she arches up as his fingers roll and pinch her taunt nipples.

Grinning wickedly, he tugs at Zara’s dark rose nubs, “Mmm…. You love this. So very naughty… knowing there are men watching and wanting you… aching to make you theirs… makes you so hot and wet. You are nothing but a tease.”

Zara struggles to speak, but his voice, his words, the magic of his touch serve only to drive all thoughts from her spinning head. She moans as his talented fingers coax the fire within her blood to boil and burn. Uncaring of who is watching or sees, she reaches again for Robbie, trying to draw him close, needing him, the ache driving her out of her mind. He allows her to pull him closer, until the head of his throbbing cock brushes against her swollen nether lips, then stops, resisting her tugs.

“Beg for it… tell me how bad you want me to take you here… in front of all these people, ” he demands. “What will you do… what will you allow me to do with you, if I take you here and now?” Well aware of the effect he is having on her, wanting her to learn one more lesson before they leave. “Tell me!” he commands softly.

Zara groans deeply, reaching for the words, fighting the ache and need to comply, “Please… take me… take me here… now!! Oh god, Robbie, please…” sweat glistens on her fair flesh darkened with desire and passion. “Please… anything… everything… please…” Pre-cum from his rock hard cock coats her hard clit as her words enrage the passion building in his blood, and he slams forward to take her deeply and hard as the last ‘please’ passes her lips.

Robbie can feel the tension and passion in the air as those nearest them listen can catch Zara’s impassioned plea. But he knows, in this place, no one will interfere provided he maintains complete control over Zara and her passions. After all, these men are more than master’s of their women; they are masters of their needs as well.

Zara abandons all pretenses at modesty as she squirms, moans, and urges with hands and lips for Robbie to take her harder… deeper… faster… The eyes of those closest to them, burn along her flesh and heighten the passion and lust driving her to cry out louder, before Robbie’s lips capture hers and swallow future screams of ecstasy. Her legs wrap around his waist giving him deeper access and more control, aching breasts brush against his hard chest, forcing her pain-swollen nipples to throb with each thrust. Robbie feels the tension in her muscles signaling the climax he is forcing her to reach. He slams his thick cock harder into her honey-drenched cunt, bruising her tender clit with each stroke. The walls of her hot pussy clench, squeezing him with painful tightness, forcing him to punish even the walls of her tender love canal, each small climax preparing her tensing body for the grand finale, until, with one final hard stroke Zara tenses and even his lips on hers can not contain the scream as she cums hard and he explodes deep within her.

Wrapped within her arms and legs, Robbie shudders, ‘Oh damn, I love this woman… if anyone… ever touches her…’ and tightens his arms around her pulling her closer to his hard chest. “Oh baby, that was so sweet and wonderful,” he whispers gently, warm breathe tickling her ear. “Zara… babe… you are all mine. I am never going to let you go.”

Zara’s quivering body tightens convulsively around Robbie as his words ease into her slowly returning consciousness. Her lips nuzzle his neck and ears, speaking the words her passion soaked mind cannot form.

They rest holding tightly to one another until heartbeats slow and each can think coherently again.

The bartender mixes two fresh drinks and places them on the bar. “Looks like you two could use a drink” The sexy knowing smile Zara can hear in the bartender’s voice causes her to tremble and blush anew. Robbie hides his grin in Zara’s silky red hair, ‘If only he really knew…’ When he has mastered his face again, Robbie looks up and thanks the bartender, hands Zara her drink and takes his own, swallowing long and hard before setting the glass down and brushing his fingers across Zara’s lovely red cheeks. “Drink up babe… I know how thirsty cumming makes you.” His teasing grin only serves to darken the blush along her cheeks, and he chuckles as she sputters. “Hush…” he whispers, placing a finger on her soft lips, bruised by his earlier passion, “Drink…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32