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To everyone who has sent such wonderful feedback, thank you and I apologise for there being such a delay in this next installment. Mundane life intruded in a big way and I had to give the writing a break for a while. I’m back with this chapter and there are more to come. I hope you enjoy this next installment!

Left to her thoughts Kristy wondered at her reactions to her punishment. Yes the cane had hurt, but the flogger had taken her up to the edge of desire! The mere memory of the session caused an ache to start deep in her groin and she could feel her pussy once again begin to get wet! She also realised that the orgasms she was now experiencing were far more powerful than anything she had gone through before. In addition, she was startled to notice that a feeling of relaxation had settled over her. She was so used to the stress of her high powered job that its absence came as quite a shock! She should have been tense and anxious trying to anticipate what this week was going to entail, but she found her feelings were quite the opposite. She had finally realised that she had no control over whatever happened to her here and she had two options. She could resist and struggle against what was happening and end up regretting her actions, or she could submit to whatever was in store. She was surprised to find that she was starting to get a thrill from trying to imagine what that could be! With these thoughts running through her head, she lay down on the bed, drew the covers over her body, wincing slightly as they abraded her fresh welts and settled herself down to sleep.

She woke a couple of hours later feeling strangely refreshed. Her welts on her body still stung but when she ran a finger gently over them it raised a thrill! She rose from the bed and stretched tentatively. Her body felt surprisingly relaxed and she smiled softly to herself! She heard the key turn in the door and immediately sank to her knees and assumed Position 1 with her eyes downcast. The click of heels informed her that Mistress S approached. She felt soft fingertips brush lightly across the back of her shoulders and a shiver of desire ran up her spine!

Sue smiled at Kristy’s reaction. The woman was really starting to listen to what her body was telling her and submitting to its needs. She had been right in what she had seen in Kristy’s eyes that night! This was a woman whose most deeply buried need had been hidden even from herself, masked by cold aloofness and a disdain for all around her. Now Sue was starting to get glimpses of the real woman, one who was a true submissive at heart! She looked so appealing with her blonde hair tousled from sleep, kneeling so compliant and demure on the floor in front of her!

“Rise Slave and follow me” she said.

She led the way to the bathroom and instructed Kristy to relieve herself and step into the shower.

Kristy obediently complied. She no longer bothered to worry that she was being observed by another person as she performed those most private of actions. She simply accepted this as part of her new life. Quickly and quietly, she finished up and stepped into the shower, placed her feet apart with her hands behind her head, and awaited further instructions.

“Wash yourself thoroughly, slave and pay particular attention to your ass and pussy!” Sue instructed, turning on the water and stepping back to observe.

Under Sue’s watchful and critical eye, Kristy made sure to clean herself thoroughly, as instructed. She winced as the process aggravated the fresh welts, but carried on determinedly. She also made sure to clean the areas specified by Mistress S, very gently cleaning the tender area around her piercings. Without prompting, she took the enema bag, which was hanging in the shower, filled it and then inserted the nozzle into her back passage. When she was sure it was securely in place, she released the clamp and let the warm water flow into her. She realised with a start, that she had come to enjoy this. There was an almost sensual aspect to the feeling of being so full! She slowly removed the nozzle and replaced it with a black, rubber butt plug which lay within easy reach on the shower shelf. Once it was in place she turned her attention to washing and conditioning her hair.

Unobserved, Sue nodded to herself. Kristy was truly starting to embrace her new status. Sue wondered if she had any idea of the kind of rewards that awaited a truly willing submissive. She thought not!

Finally, with her hair completely clean, Kristy removed the butt plug and let the water flow out. She made sure to rinse herself thoroughly before turning to Mistress S with downcast eyes.

“Mistress, I have finished,” she said softly.

Sue strode towards her. “I shall check for myself,” she said.

She walked around behind Kristy and ran a finger lightly across Kristy’s asshole. Kristy shivered as a thrill of desire shot through her. Next, she very gently ran a finger between Kristy’s thighs. She felt her tense as the action caused some slight pain in her piercings, but she could hear her breathing change pattern. She pulled Kristy back against her, one hand rubbing hard against her shaven pubic mound, the other reaching up to pinch and twist her nipples. Kristy moaned and could feel her pussy getting wet. She leaned back into Mistress S, but as quickly as she had started, Sue stopped and pulled away, leaving Kristy aching and frustrated. She picked up a large towel xslot and threw it to Kristy, instructing her to dry herself off and to be quick about it. Kristy quickly obeyed, again wincing as the action aggravated her welts. When she was finished, Sue handed her some talcum powder, telling Kristy to use it on her body. The powder had a heavy, musky scent, clearly design to arouse the senses! Sue led the way back into the cell.

“Put these on, then place your hands behind your back,” she said, handing over a pair of black hold-up stockings with wide lace tops.

Kristy complied. Sue had brought two items into the cell with her, the first of which she now wrapped around the slave’s neck. Kristy found her head being forced up as Sue fitted a high, stiff posture collar around her neck. Next Sue commanded her to cross to the wall and place her hands against it, shoulder high. Kristy complied and Sue proceeded to fit a new corset around her body. As Kristy felt the lacings being pulled ever tighter, she realised that this corset was smaller than the one she had worn all day. The reinforced quarter cups lifted her breasts, presenting the nipples perfectly and despite having to struggle to get her breath as the corset tightened unmercifully around her body, Kristy could feel them hardening. The posture collar prevented her from looking down or she could have confirmed that they were indeed erect! Sue withdrew a small pot of blusher and a brush, and used it to subtly enhance the aureoles around Kristy’s nipples, drawing attention to them. Next Sue took a brush and bands and proceeded to put Kristy’s hair up into a braid that started high up on her crown. Lastly she instructed Kristy to step into a pair of black pumps. The heels were 5″ stilettos and Kristy struggled to keep her balance as Sue knelt to lock their straps around her ankles. The final effect was impressive. The scarlet and black corset cinched in Kristy’s waist giving her a true hourglass figure. Her wet hair was pulled away from her face by the severe braid, accentuating her high cheekbones and all attention was drawn to her nipples prominently displayed for her Master’s pleasure. The shoes gave even more definition to Kristy’s legs and the whole effect left no doubt that here was a woman whose sole purpose was to provide pleasure!

Sue nodded in satisfaction as she regarded Kristy standing before her, eyes downcast and taking shallow breaths as she tried to get used to the restrictions of the corset.

“Tonight you will serve supper to your Master and myself,” Sue instructed. “There will be three courses, complete with wine. You will remain attentive and silent at all times and conduct yourself with grace. Until now your Master has had to train you stringently in the basics of your position. However, He has determined that you are now able to progress to more advanced duties and that is why your training starts tonight. By the end of this week He expects you to be completely accomplished regarding service at table, as he is hosting a dinner party for several friends and you will be expected to perform your duties without causing Him any embarrassment. Is this clear?” Sue asked.

“Yes Mistress S,” Kristy replied with her head bowed.

“As you are now wearing stockings, you may walk behind me, slave” Sue instructed.

She turned and left the cell, with Kristy teetering precariously behind her. The two women walked through the punishment room and library and into a wing of the house that Kristy had never been allowed into before. This was furnished with expensive understatement. Nothing gaudy or flashy, but a quiet elegance that screamed money more loudly than anything Kristy could have dreamed of. She’d had no idea that her Master was so wealthy. He certainly hadn’t give any indication of it at the office! She forced herself to pay attention as Mistress S led the way into the kitchen.

Laid out on the counter were a range of Bain Maries and a soup tureen, all centred over their own burners.

Sue indicated each in turn. “We will start with the soup. When you hear the bell, you will bring in the tureen and will serve from the left side of each person, quietly and smoothly, without saying a word or interrupting our conversation. You will fill each soup plate to the half way mark. When your Master and I nod, you will return the tureen to the kitchen and then kneel quietly beside your Master, obedient to his wishes. Instead of Position 1, you will kneel with your hands clasped behind your back and your eyes downcast. When we are finished, your Master will touch you to indicate that you may take away the plates. You will rise, with your hands still behind your back. Once standing, your Master will indicate that you may clear the table. Do so quickly, quietly and efficiently.”

She went on to explain how Kristy was to serve the main course and the dessert, and also how to serve the wine that accompanied the main and dessert courses. Finally she instructed her to assume Position 1 in the centre of the kitchen until she heard the bell. Kristy complied and heard the tap of heels as Sue left the room to dress for dinner.

How long she waited, she couldn’t tell, but her knees and arms were aching by the time she heard the bell. She staggered to her feet and teetered for a few moments on her high heels, trying to get her balance. Her hands filled with pins and needles as feeling flooded back into them. The bell rang again, xslot Giriş this time impatiently, and she hurried over to pick up the soup tureen and carry it through the serving doors into the dining room.

She swallowed as she saw the look of displeasure on her Master’s face. She knew that he had expected her to appear when he first rang the bell, and that he wasn’t happy that he had to ring a second time. Moving slowly on her high heels, she moved quietly to his left side and proceeded to serve the soup. When the plate was half full, she moved to the side of Mistress S and started to serve. Her heel turned underneath her and a small amount of soup splashed against the side of the dish. She bit her lip, worried at the infraction, especially as Mistress S looked stunning in a deeply cut evening dress of bronze shot silk, her glowing red hair swept up into an elegant chignon. The contrast between the two women was pronounced. One, the epitome of elegance and style, the other, an obvious vessel for sex and usage. David frowned once more and Kristy trembled slightly as she served the rest of the soup with no further mishap. She looked to Mistress S and her Master and when she received their nods, she turn and took the tureen back to the kitchen before returning to kneel next to her master, eyes downcast and hands clasped behind her back, maintaining silence, as she had been instructed.

David completely ignored Kristy as he and Sue ate their soup. He complimented Sue on her outfit, remarking how the colour of her dress complimented her before moving on to discuss the current political situation. Kristy’s legs started to ache from kneeling on the polished wooden floor, but she resisted the urge to shift position. She was painfully aware that she had already committed two transgressions and knew that punishment would follow. Finally, she felt her Master tap her on the shoulder. Stiffly she rose, teetering slightly and moved to take their plates. The dishes rattled slightly as she placed on atop the other, earning another frown from David. Biting her lip, Kristy made her way to the kitchen, placed the dishes in the sink and started to bring out the dishes that comprised the main course. First were the covered vegetable dishes, followed by the meat platter and the gravy boat. She placed all on the table and returned for the wine, which she brought out and stood at the head of the table, ready to be poured.

At a gesture from her Master, she started to serve, taking thinly sliced venison from the platter and placing it carefully on the plate in front of him. As she leaned forward once again to serve from one of the vegetable dishes, he casually reached out and pinched her nipple hard. She gasped and dropped the spoon back into the dish. Her Master’s mouth tightened and he twisted the nipple cruelly until tears sprung into her eyes. Releasing his grip, he gestured for her to continue to serve him, and fighting back tears of pain and humiliation, she did so without further mishap.

She moved to the side of Mistress S and started to serve her. Every time she leaned forward her breasts swung free and by the time she had finished, she was blushing in mortification. Sue lightly brushed a hand over the abused nipple as Kristy poured the gravy and by a sheer effort of will, Kristy managed to keep her hand steady as a bolt of electricity shot through her pussy.

At another nod from her Master, Kristy moved to pour the wine. She poured a small amount of the rich, red Beckman Estate Syrah into the crystal glass of her Master and waited patiently for him to taste it. When he nodded his acceptance, she filled the glass before moving to do likewise for Mistress S. Her duties complete for the time being, she once more knelt quietly by her Master’s side.

Again, David completely ignored her, concentrating his attention on Sue and discussing a wide range of topics, from current affairs through to the cultural opportunities offered by the island. Kristy realised that both her Master and Mistress S were extremely knowledgeable, with sophisticated tastes. She wondered how she could have been so wrong in her judgement, particularly of Mistress S, writing her off as a common cop! With nothing to do but maintain silence and stillness, Kristy was forced to compare herself to these two people who now had complete power over her, and realised that the comparison was unfavourable to her. She had focussed so much on work that she had taken little time or interest in the finer things of life.

She was brought out of her self-examination by a light tap on her shoulder. As she looked up at her Master, he gestured that she should refill their wine glasses. Rising to her feet, again teetering slightly in her heels, she moved to serve more wine, and this time accomplished it without further mishap. She was rewarded with a small smile from Mistress S and a feeling of pleasure washed through her. She once more knelt by her Master’s side awaiting his further instructions.

Finally, he tapped her on the shoulder and gestured that she should remove the dishes to the kitchen. This she did, returning with a light and fluffy Zabaglione, which was accompanied by a 2004 Zinsky Late dessert wine. Again, after serving her Master and Mistress S, she sank to her knees, which by now were crying out in protest, and awaited his further instructions.

After what seemed to her an endless evening, her Master gestured that xslot Güncel Giriş she should clear the table, and addressing her for the first time, informed her that he and Mistress S would take their coffee and liqueurs in the library. Kristy hastened to obey, clearing the remains of the meal away and returning to the kitchen. She set the coffee to brew and placed all the dishes, cutlery and glassware into the dishwasher before setting it running. Once the coffee was ready, she poured it into a silver coffee pot and place it onto a tray together with a cream jug, sugar bowl and two coffee cups. Balancing the tray carefully, she made her way to the library where her Master and Mistress S were sitting in comfortable chairs, chatting together quietly.

Kristy served them with the coffee, then moved to the sideboard to pour brandy into two snifters, warming them over a lit candle, before returning to serve both Master and Mistress. She was about to take her place beside her Master when she was stopped by his raised hand.

“Slave, I’m sure you have realised that your service tonight left much to be desired!” he said quietly.

Kristy nodded, her cheeks blushing as shame flooded through her.

“For this you will have to be punished,” he continued. “For now, return to your cell. Mistress S will be in shortly.”

Kristy once again nodded and made her way out of the library and back to her cell where she knelt on the floor and patiently awaited Mistress S.

Eventually, the click of heels informed her that Mistress S approached.

“Assume Position 3, slave” she was told.

She quickly complied and Sue deftly unlaced the corset before bending and unlocking the shoes. Kristy was almost giddy with relief that she could breathe easily again, but this was counteracted by the pain she felt in her calves as the muscles stretched out once more.

“Remove your stockings,” Sue instructed, and Kristy obeyed as quickly as she could, biting her lips as pain flared in her calves.

Finally she stood in front of Mistress S, naked except for the posture collar.

“On your knees, slave, and follow me to the punishment room,” was all that Sue said, walking out of the cell.

Kirsty sank to her knees once more and crawled after her Mistress. She winced as the cold concrete floor abraded her knees but continued crawling until Sue stopped her in the centre of the room.

“Slave, stand and assume Position 3,” Sue instructed.

Kristy rose to her feet and placed them widely apart with her hands behind her head. Sue moved up behind her and placed cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Locking the wrist cuffs together, she lowered a hook from the ceiling and placed them over it, raising it until Kristy’s arms were draw tight above her head. She then attached the ankle cuffs to rings set into the floor before depressing a switch. Kristy heard an electrical hum, but the posture collar prevented her from seeing the source of the noise. The hum continued until suddenly she felt something hard, and metallic press painfully against her pussy. The hum stopped. Kristy could not look down to see that she was now straddled over a wooden pony, sheathed in metal plate. She raised herself onto her toes to escape the pressure against her pussy and looked pleadingly at Mistress S.

“Please Mistress, don’t do this to me!” she begged.

Sue’s response was to move behind Kristy, pull out a ball gag and force it between her teeth, securely fastening the strap behind her head. She then took a pair of butterfly clamps and attached them to Kristy’s nipples. She then tied a short length of wire to each, tying the other ends to the hook where Kristy’s wrists were attached. This pulled her breasts upwards and distended the nipples. Without another word, she walked out of the room, flicking off the light switch as she did so, leaving Kristy mute and helpless in her wake. Kristy kept on tiptoe for as long as she could, but the extreme high heels had taken a toll on her calf muscles and before long they were burning in agony. She had to bring her heels back down to the floor. As she did so, the sharp top of the pony dug painfully into her clit and pussy and the butterfly clamps tightened further around her nipples, making her whimper in agony. She tried to shift position to escape the sharp top of the pony, but before long was forced to raise herself on tiptoe once more. Again and again, she alternated between enduring the pain of the pony and the agony shooting through her calves. David and Sue watched carefully via strategically placed cameras. When sweat started to sheen Kristy’s body and she showed signs of tiring, they introduced the final twist. As Kristy once more gave in and lowered her heels to ease her calf muscles. This time, when her pussy and clit came into contact with the top of the pony, an electrical current sent a shock up through the rings piercing her clit and labia, whilst another current ran down through the wires attached to the clamps and into her nipples. Kristy cried out against the gag and raised herself on tiptoe as fast as she could. However, it wasn’t long before her calves started to tremble and finally gave way underneath her, causing her to sit heavily on the top of the pony. She cried out in agony at the combination of the sharp edge pressing against her pussy and clit and the electrical jolt that accompanied it running through her nipples, clit and pussy. Sweat was now dripping off her body, which was trembling uncontrollably. David let this process repeat twice more before he turn off the current and indicated to Sue that she should release Kristy from her torment. Sue nodded agreement and rose from her seat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32