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Lyn didn’t wake up in her dorm room. Instead she woke up in a bed that was twice the size of her extra long twin sized bed. She couldn’t exactly tell whose bed it was, but it was unusually dark and she didn’t want to leave. Her vision was blurry, her head was pounding and upon sitting up her stomach churning. She drank waaaay too much last night, but at least she was fully clothed.

“Oh nooo.” Lyn moaned cupping her hands over her mouth running through the now all too familiar apartment in search of the bathroom.

“I need a doctor.” She said aloud to herself as she laid her limp body against the firm coolness of the bathtub.

“You look like shit.”

“You don’t have to yell. Call someone. I need help.”

Pierce looked down at her and laughed at her dramatics. She never knew when to stop when she was out drinking, but this was by far the worst he’s seen her as far as being hung over.


Lyn looked up and took a glass filled with a thickish red substance and two

Tylenol, “What is it?”

“Its help. Drink it.”

“What happened?”

Turning his head sideways he says, “You drank too much.”

“I mean did I do anything stupid?”

“Take a shower, you’ll feel better.”

“I don’t have any clothes.”

Pierce pointed to her overnight bag in the corner of the bathroom and turned around to leave.


He turned his head to look down at her pain stricken face waiting for her to say whatever it is that she wanted to say, but instead she said,

“Thank you.”

He winked at her and went to lie down on his sofa. He needed to rethink this whole think with Lyn. There was no doubt that he wanted her. Once was not enough. He refused to let the first time be the last time, but she still wasn’t ready for what it meant to share a bed with him. He needed to make sure she understood where he was coming from. He might not get another chance to tell Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort her.

If he was at least honest with himself he’d take note that he didn’t like seeing her the way he did the other girls. Lyn was different. She was his friend. He was supposed to watch out for her not hurt her. He never intended to treat Lyn like the others; in fact, he never even intended to see her naked let alone fuck her. It just wasn’t something that was supposed to happen between friends, but every since he opened the door and saw the raw desire in her eyes, getting her under him was all he wanted to do.


He was right the shower made her feel better. Better yet that disgusting red drink made her nausea go away.

She wanted to sleep. Her head was still pounding. She also wanted to go back to her dorm, but that meant being closer to Pierce than she wanted to be. She regretted letting Pierce affect her so much, but at the same time she always wondered what it was like and now that she knows she was going to play her cards right around him. They were friends first so admitting to him how she felt wouldn’t be a problem.

She walked out of the restroom with jeans and an oversized t shirt on and her wet hair sticking to her face. She dropped her bag outside of the bathroom and walked towards the living room wincing with every step she took. ‘I’m never drinking again.’ She thought. She turned the corner to see Pierce laying flat on his back with his arm draped lazily over his eyes. She didn’t remember him being shirtless. She always thought he was sexy, but even more so because she knew what he was capable of. She was staring at him again. Just like that first time…

“Come here.” He grumbled sounding even more restless than usual.

‘How did he know I was standing there,’ she thought to herself with a quizzical look on her face.

“I heard you breathing.” Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort He said reading her mind.

She walked over to him and he still didn’t move. She noticed blueprints, contracts and various spread sheets laid across the table, but she didn’t understand them. Being the curious, nosey person she was, she rummaged through them.

“Lyn, how long have you been having nightmares?”

“Not for a while. They started back when you left.”

She was going to ask him why all these papers were all marked Nevada, but before she could get it out, he grabbed her arm pulling her down on top of him. That move did nothing for her headache from hell. Landing on him was like landing on the pavement. It was hard and not bulging.

“Calm down. Listen to me.”

He held her head to his chest. She could hear his heart beating and feel his warmth, which would be more accurately described as blazing heat. It was no wonder he never wore a shirt around his apartment. She never noticed his unusually warm skin before now.


“No. Just listen.” He draped one arm back over his eyes as the other still held her close to his body.

“I crossed the line with you Jaylyn…”

That caught her off guard. Maybe she didn’t have to say anything at all.

“…I never wanted you to see that part of me.”

She knew what he meant by that, but she also knew that he wouldn’t out right say it. He has always been afraid to turn out like his father, that he kept women at a safe distance, which was on the tip of his dick. The only person he let even remotely close was her. Pierce was the most honest person she knew. He always told the truth whether she wanted to hear it or not, this was the last thing she thought she would be talking about with her best friend. She only hoped that this didn’t harm their relationship.

“I didn’t want you to know me like that, Kadıköy Vip Escort but I’m still not going to apologize for fucking you and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to do it again…”

“Cohen?” She cut him off.


“Where did you go?”


“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It was last minute.”

“You still could have called you didn’t have to leave me here with…Johnny of all people.”

“I trust Johnny.”

“I’m not a child.”

“It was for me, not you.”

All of a sudden Lyn was insanely sleepy. The warmth of his body paired with the beating of his heart and the soft rumbles vibrating throughout his chest as he spoke put her minutes away from sleep.

“You’re too overprotective.”

“You are mine. Or have you forgotten?”

“What about Maxie and Allison? Are they yours too?”

“No. Just you.”

“I thought Allison was your favorite?”

“Now she’s Johnny’s favorite. Lyn, you need to know that I am not going to change who I am because of what happened, but you will always be first.”

“Our presentation is due next week.”

She wasn’t quite sure why she ignored his statement, but it seemed like the best thing to do. She never expected him to change for her, but she also never expected him to admit that he wouldn’t. It’s not like she wanted him to change, but every time she got a little close to a man their true colors started to show. With Pierce this was different because he never hid from her who he was. She was beginning to think she wasn’t worthy of a good man. Over the years she learned that the closer her and Pierce were the less chance any relationship she had would actually last. The latest proof of that fact was her and Devin. He really was a good man, but she always put Pierce before him. Their demise was her fault and she wasn’t above admitting that.

“I turned my part in already. We’re excused from presenting it.”

“What? Why?” She yawned.

He couldn’t tell her yet. This one thing would break every promise he ever made to her, but it was something that he needed to do, not just for him, but for her too.

“Cohen?” She was drifting further and further into sleep.

“Later. Go to sleep.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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